Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Heartbreak

               Yin Zhe stood at the door of his stepfather's company, wandering, hesitating. Struggling on the edge of advancing or retreating. She (Jiang Jun) clenched his hand and begged him: don't go in, please, don't go in. He shook her hand away and walked in. He was going to beg someone he had despised for many years, for someone who he calls a normal friend (Qiao Na).
     He asked her how can she be so cruel.
     Was she wrong?
     She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. The tears were in her heart and couldn't flow out. He walked out dejectedly after some time and she asked if it was worth it.
     He replied to her that he could not see his friend suffer.
       She asked him: then what about me? You can make me suffer?
  His reply was: what does it have to do with you? She felt ridiculous. How ridiculous she was.
     The person he wanted was never her. She never had a place in that relationship she had treasured.
     It was fate's absurdity, a farce of her own.
     She hated him, hated Qiao Na, hated Yuan Shuai. She called Yuan Shuai, and the secretary said that he had gone abroad.
     Gone abroad, but his phone with the secretary in Beijing?
     Early in the morning, she sat in the cafe below Yuan Shuai’s company, filled out the form carefully, and signed her name on the list of informants. Picking up the phone and wanted to call Yuan Shuai again, she saw Qiao Na walking into the building with her purse. Qiao Na was vain, isn't she? She (Jiang Jun) ook out the completed form and solemnly added a “Zhong” (her last name which represented her family status) before the words Jiang Jun.
     Through the dark brown glass, she watched Yuan Shuai holding onto Qiao Na into the café. Qiao Na was crying.
     She told her driver at home to go to the China Banking Regulatory Commission.
    When she received a call from the director of the Supervision Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, she was sitting opposite Qiao Na.
     Jiang Jun put down the phone and asked  Qiao Na helplessly, “why are you having trouble with me? Do you still love Yin Zhe?”
     “Yin Zhe? He is a good person, but too young. I am not interested in raising a son. I just pursue what I want. You are too young to understand it. You will know how I feel when you grow up.” She replied.
     “Are you not afraid of me reporting?”
       “Afraid? To be honest, your trick was really ruthless, but it doesn't matter now, Yuan Shuai will help me settle it. What can you do? You are just Yuan Shuai’s cousin. Even if you are beautiful, you are still just a chick. Do you think he will leave me for you? Jiang Jun, stop arguing with me, how old are you? How many people have you seen? What can you do? If you treat me as your sister-in-law, why would I cause trouble for you?”
     “Do you really want to be my sister-in-law? But Yuan Shuai's parents won't agree with you and Yuan Shuai’s marriage!” 

       “You can help me! Don't they like you very much? You can say good things about me in front of them.”
     “Why?” Jiang Jun asked.
    ”I won’t ask Yin Zhe out again, you are a great fit for him. I actually want to bring him closer to you together.”
     Qiao Na’s father inevitably faced imprisonment and Qiao Na was taken away by the Supervision Office to assist in the investigation. Yuan Shuai came to her (Jiang Jun). His eyes were bloodshot and filled with anger. He gritted his teeth and took out the photos of Yin Zhe meeting Qiao Na. She told him everything about Qiao Na and Yin Zhe. Jiang Jun hurt Yuan Shuai with truth and when she looked at his sunken cheeks and bleak eyes, all she could say was I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
     Tears fell suddenly, caught her off guard.
     Yin Zhe came to the dormitory to look for her at the time when she least wanted to see him.
     Yuan Shuai sat on her bed, and they nestled together like two injured little animals.
     Yin Zhe turned and left, and slammed closed the door.
     She smiled sadly, someone punished me for you!
     She sent Yuan Shuai off, and saw Yin Zhe squatting at the side gate of the building.
     Yuan Shuai touched her hair and turned to leave. She seemed to hear Yin Zhe say that he was sorry and she returned to her dormitory. Yin Zhe followed her dejectedly.
     The showdown was over, she was too tired. It was to a point of no return.
     “Do you love me?” Yin Zhe asked her
     “Yes.” She replied.

  “Then how about Yuan Shuai?” He asked.
    ”He is my brother. My family.”
     Yin Zhe’s eyes lit up like a child and said “Let’s reconcile. I’m so sad when you ignore me.”

   “Do you love me, Yin Zhe?” She asked.
    ”Of course, I love you.” He replied 

   “What do you love about me?” She questioned
   “You are very clever and independent. You and I think alike. I am always so transparent in front of you. You can guess what I want to say and do. Although sometimes your actions can be hard for me to accept, although you are right most of the time. Sometimes I am annoyed at you, but I just love you and I'm happy with you.” He answered.
    “What about Qiao Na?” She asked.
       “She is just a friend. She can't manage things by herself and needs my help. Can I not help? She is incomparable to you. She is too fragile. She is as simple and naive, like a flower, and she treats everyone well. But at the same time, she can easily be cheated and hurt by others.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    “I will stop seeing Qiao Na from now on. Don't ignore me.” He shook her arm and took out her favorite CD from his pocket. She smiled weakly. Yin Zhe is the one who is truly naive. How can she let go of such a boy?
    She has long fallen for him and she could no longer tell if she likes the person or she was just used to the feeling of liking him.
     But that was love.
     She is in an endless cycle, she can’t let go and don’t want to let go of him.

Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1 - Rock Sugar 冰糖 (1)

   Due to work, Shen Xifan stayed in the hotel for a long time. The smell of Chinese medicine permeated her office all day long. Lin Yishen would shout every time she passed by, "Great immortal Shen, are you concocting pills of immortality again?" 

Xu Xiangya was curious. "Porridge, what do you do with Chinese medicine every day? Menopause?"

    Shen Xifan frowned, "If I had menopause, you would soon be buried. I am taking medicine for my exogenous cold!"

    Xu Xiangya pretended to exclaim in admiration, "Wow, exogenous cold, you are so professional!”

"It's not me who is professional, it's the handsome doctor." She muttered to herself, and He Suye’s smile and dimple appeared naturally in her mind.

    Who knew Xu Xiangya’s ears were so sharp, and she immediately started gossipping, "Handsome guy? Doctor, who is he? Has porridge finally met the one? Wow, uniform plot, doctor, white coat, so professional!"

    Shen Xifan gave her a white look, "Your level of nymphomaniac is also very professional!" Took out a bag of Chinese medicine and shook it in front of her, "The price of seeing a handsome doctor is very heavy, short-term happiness and then long-term pain!"

    Xu Xiangya curled her lips, "It doesn't matter, I pretend I got sick, and then leave after seeing the person if they give me medicine and I'll just throw it away. Anyway, the patient doesn’t care about the medicine, she cares about the handsome doctor!”

    Room manager Zhang Jie shouted, “Manager Shen, Mr. Ling is back, do you want to go now?"

    She shook her head, "Now he must be busy taking baths and eating. You come to find me at seven o'clock, so that when he finishes his meal and hasn't started work, we won't be bothering him." 

Xu Xiangya suddenly approached. "Porridge, that Ling Troublemaker is actually quite handsome, but he is not a decent man from first glance. It is better than Yan Heng. I think he appears more frequently in entertainment magazines than in electronic publications!"

    Shen Xifan was curious, "That guy hasn't troubled you?"

    "No!" Xu Xiangya leaned close to the Chinese medicine cup and smelled, "It smells so unpleasant, Ling troublermaker is not as picky as Yan Heng, but often flirts and lures our little girls, which makes me love and hate him! "

    Shen Xifan wasn’t happy, drank the medicine from the cup, Xu Xiangya was stunned, and exclaimed, "Talent! Talented! Shen talented!"

    While she was resting in the afternoon, she suddenly received a call from Father Shen. She was very surprised and just picked it up. On the other end was the pitiful voice of Father Shen, "Fanfan, what period is your mother in, he temper is so bad and drastic?"

    "Menopausal syndrome?"

    Father Shen nodded frantically, "Yes, yes, exactly that. I’ve become a poor middle peasant at home. I’m bullied by her every day. If I say a few words to her, she complains. When I say a word, she will say ten words to me, does she even let me speak? Actually, she is the one who said the most!"

    Shen Xifan had to comfort her father, "Dad, it is not like you don't know her temper. It was bad from the start. As a result, the hormone secretion disorder in menopause becomes more irritable. You just fight with her by having a cold war, softly resist, and fight against her. The experience of the Chinese Communist Party in the past three years tells us --- persistence is victory!"

    "Is it useful?" Father Shen hesitated.

    She gave her promise, “If it’s useless, I’ll step in. In this house, I’m not the only one who has the same voice level as her. I’ll go home and persuade her the next day. Now I’m very busy at work and I’ve been literally living at the hotel. Bear with it."

    Father Shen hung up after a few more words. She sighed. She also wanted to stop her mother's bad temper and dispel the idea of ​​arranging blind dates for her everywhere.

    After seven o'clock, she went to find Ling Yufan. This time she wore extra clothes, thinking that it would be too unworthy for her to catch a cold again.

    She knocked on the door for a long time before someone answered. Ling Yufan wore a thick sweater. He was a little impatient to speak, "What's the matter with Manager Shen? Could it be you want to ‘personally”' compensate me this time?"

    His face was a little pale, but it showed a sickly red colour, and the gold-wire glasses reduced his power by more than half. He didn't look like a flirt, but a human.

    Ignoring Ling Yufan's provocation at all, she formulaically explained her intentions. Before she could finish her words, Ling Yufan suddenly grabbed her by the hand. She was taken aback, struggling to let go, leaning slightly, "Mr. Ling, please conduct yourself, I'll leave first!"

    Ling Yufan smiled, "I’m just joking, you don't have the looks for me to become unable to restrain myself.”

    She gave him a vicious glance, "Mr. Ling, good night!" She left and didn't look back. After leaving, Ling Yufan's uncontrollable laughter came from behind.

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2 - Caught off guard (2)

    She took Tiffany in her arms, "Miss, calm down."

    Tiffany cried loudly in her arms, Luo Zhi held her in one hand, and reached out into the backpack behind her and took out the tissues with the other hand. Kneel down and wipe her tears carefully.

    "My brother ignored me. I didn't go to the United States to play with my mother in order to accompany my brother. He is always ignoring me, saying that others like me and don't like him, saying that we all laugh at him, and saying that he is not his mother's birth... "

    Luo Zhi had a tingling scalp, she didn't want to continue this topic.

    "Is my brother fighting with his classmates, so he anyhow got angry at home?" 

"No, he was upset at home and went to the class to vent his anger."

    Tricky, the girl cried more tears, her brain was still clear.

    "My brother also quarrelled with Uncle Shiwen. He threw away all the things uncle gave us. Uncle is so good to us. My brother is..."

    Luo Zhi coaxed so well, not wanting to inquire about anything, but her brain began to imagine irresponsibly. Is their mother about to remarry, and this little boy started to lose his temper?

    Suppose Uncle Wen... She remembers that the albums Tiffany showed her were basically pictures of a family of three enjoying the family, and it was fun all over the world. The only picture of her mother and a young man on the coast was very unforgettable ---- seeing the picture only thought of one word, a pair of jade.

    No intimacy, just standing side by side. The handsome man’s dark grey shirt was wrinkled by the sea breeze, but Tiffany’s mother had crisp short hair, still leaning on the railing softly, and the corners of the white skirt were flying up and smudged by the setting sun, as beautiful as an immortal woman.

    Tiffany's mother had told her without shying away that she was divorced and raised two children alone.

    "Tiffany talks a lot, she is always idling, clever, but clever in trivial matters. As for Jake, I am very sorry towards him, there are women everywhere in this house, and I don't have time to care about him. I rarely let him know or experience anything, so his personality is a little like Jia Baoyu. He only played with girls when he was in school. I wanted to find a boy to be his tutor, but I’m not at home all year round. As you know, it’s not very convenient. I hope you don’t spoil him but teach him more rules and values and make him a little boyish. In fact, when I was in the United States, a good friend of mine once wanted to change him, but he failed."

(illa: Jia bao yu is a male character in The Dream of Red Mansions, in love with his cousin Lin Daiyu. He would rather spend his time reading or writing poetry and playing with his numerous female relations)

    Luo Zhi remembered that Jake, who was already in the fifth grade, was clamouring to listen to her story. Initially, she wanted to tell a scary little story to scare him.

    "Suddenly a light flashed across the woods. Marianne followed carefully, and suddenly saw—"

    "What?" Tiffany was careful, not daring to listen.

    "It Must Be A Fairy!" Jake exclaimed excitedly.

    Fairy... She was choked on the spot from barbie lover Jake.

    Luo Zhi looked thoughtfully at Tiffany, who still did not stop talking, knowing that the crux of the whole thing was not on her, so she did not comfort her, but just patted her on the back and let her complain. That's right, just cry.

    Luo Zhi didn't want to enthusiastically figure out the ins and outs. The less you know about the employer’s family, the better.

    Turning his head and taking a look, Sheng Huainan was squatting and talking to Jake.

    Luo Zhi didn't seem to have fully realized the important fact that she was alone with him, and they were in this romantic amusement park.

    The autumn afternoon sun was shining on her body, and a beautiful little girl with red lips and white teeth was snuggled in her arms, looking at Sheng Huainan from a distance who was consoling a fussy little boy with a smile and a good temper.

    The scene looks like a young couple mediating disputes with their children. She had never expected such a scene.

    She don't know how long she stared stupidly, Sheng Huainan seemed to feel her fixed gaze, turning his head to look at her, Luo Zhi hurriedly lowered her head, her ears were scorched like a flame, and she knew what colour it was without looking in the mirror.

    She seldom blushes, but when she is shy, her ears burn crimson almost immediately.

    "Luo Zhi, let's go, you take the two of them to play the Flying Ants first, and I will line up for Jake at the Sun god car game. It is estimated that I will be in line for more than an hour. You can see if there are any small rides that you want to play. You can come to me again after playing all. Keep in contact through the phone."

    He walked over and said to Luo Zhi, but there was a narrow smile in his eyes as if laughing at her embarrassment just now.

    After speaking, he lowered his head and asked Jake, "Well?"

    Jake nodded gently.

    "Then go and apologize to your sister."

    Jake returned to his original shyness and tweaking. With Sheng Huainan's repeated encouragement, he walked over and said to Tiffany, "Don't cry, I was wrong."

    "What did you tell him?" Luo Zhi asked Sheng Huainan, tilting her head.

    "Our man's secret, right?" He looked down and smiled at Jake, sheepishly.

    "Thank you." She felt a little sorry.

    "You're welcome, go to the Flying Ants, I'm going to line up."

    Luo Zhi took Tiffany with her left hand and Jake with her right hand. She walked a few steps forward and looked back hesitantly. Sheng Huainan's back was still prominent in the crowd.

    Sheng Huainan also turned his head suddenly and met her gaze.

    Her head "buzzed" in a mess, smiled widely in his direction, turned her head back and walked forward hurriedly.

    He never looked back. In her three years of high school, he has never looked back like this without reason.

    "Juno, do you like Big Brother?" Tiffany peeked at her before wiping away her tears.

    Luo Zhi didn't scold her for being too talkative, but asked blankly, "Huh? Is that obvious?"

    "Your hands are sweating." Tiffany smiled thiefly.

    Jake let out a sigh of relief and looked at them both with contempt.

    “Women are lame."

First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.4


Chapter 4.4 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (4)

        Yan Ke’s face showed displeasure as he stood on the side of the high jump field, and was urged by the physical education teacher continuously. He reluctantly got into the jumping position and stride across the pole, his legs inevitably hitting the horizontal pole.

   The high jump is not a 110-meter hurdle, he would never make it through and act handsome at the same time!

  Xiong Yifan trot towards him and stopped beside him, encouraging enthusiastically: "No, try this, you should drive your knee and late arm up for more height. When you're at the peak of your jump arch your back, look at my posture, it is done like that."

   She demonstrated the right posture, at the same time teaching Yan Ke how to fall on the mat without pain. Yan Ke looked at her with hands on his hips, pouted his lips, and scorned, "That mat... is too dirty."

   As soon as his voice fell, Xiong Yifan was in a lost for words, and then felt that she was stupid to even demonstrate the actions to him.

   Yan Ke squatted aside, watching other people practice.

   "That's how high jumps are, you just have to close one eye on the map, or do you try running before taking off? It will be better if you run."

   "The girls in our class nominated me to come for this. Otherwise, who would want to waste time participating in this kind of thing?" Yan Ke snorted impatiently, then glanced at Xiong Yifan.

  Xiong Yifan felt that she had said something wrong, bit on her lower lips like a child caught doing something wrong.

   "Why don't you go to the gym to teach the other students?" Yan Ke asked.

   "There is no shot put place in the gym."

   "Your voice is too loud, I can hear it in the teaching building, I can't study when I hear your voice. Also, your voice really doesn't sound nice."


   Xiong Yifan almost cried after hearing Yan Ke’s harsh comment. She was called out to the field by the physical education teacher to help the students train for the sport event. She responsibly did her job and coached everyone. She sacrificed several days of self-study time, but… not only was she not appreciated, but she also met Yan Ke’s harsh words. The anticipation and happiness in the heart after talking to someone she liked was transformed into ashes. Yan Ke could always easily play with her mood just with a few words.

        One who has fallen in love with someone unsuitable for them would never be sympathized even if she gets hurt a hundred or a thousand times.

  Just like how Yan Ke ignored Xiong Yifan even when she was crying.

  Ding Ming, who was standing not far away, could not hear what the two of them were saying, she went to Qi Xiaosong and asked him: "What do you think of the guy next to Xiao Xiong?"

  Qi Xiaosong just finished the long-distance running. He smelled sweaty, gasped, and looked up at Yan Ke, and the gesture of the two chatting with each other. His expression changed, and then he smiled and said, "He is my sister's boyfriend."

   Hearing this sentence, Ding Ming's expression changed immediately, staring at Qi Xiaosong seriously, with a horrified look.

   Qi Xiaosong was surprised by Ding Ming’s horrified gawk, and added, "80%...He is."

   "What do you mean by 80%?"

        "He is my sister's piano partner. The two of them grew up together. Their relationship has always been good. They also won prizes together. And he has been to my house as a guest before. My parents liked him very much and called him Xiaobai(bai 白 is white in Chinese, meaning his skin tone is fair)... "

   Ding Ming opened her eyes wide, pupils trembled slightly, and asked with her voice slightly unnatural, "Have your sister mentioned to you explicitly that they are dating?"

   "She didn’t explicitly say that they are dating. But they’ve always been with each other for so many years. They will probably get together when they go to university."

   He took out his mobile phone, opened his album and selected a photo, and showed Ding Ming. It was a photo of his younger sister and Yan Ke. They wore white short-sleeved tops and blue school uniform pants. At first glance, you can tell that they are junior high school uniforms. The two people were holding the trophy and certificate in their hands, with smiles on their faces, pure and flawless, pure like water.

  Qi Xiaosong, like her younger sister, is a slender person.

        Ding Ming saw Qi Xiaosong’s sister in high school before and she was tall and slender. Although she is not as good looking as Tang Tang, she is also quite a beauty, with long hair and big eyes, her dimples will show when she smiles, and she likes to stick to her brother. She even has a good relationship with Xiong Yifan. She and  Qi Xiaosong are twins but she delayed her entry to high school to specialize in piano.


The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

When I woke up the next day, everyone in the dormitory looked a little uncomfortable. They were probably embarrassed about what happened last night. While brushing her teeth, Tao Ling looked at Xiaolu holding the drinking cup in her hand, hesitated and said, "I'm sorry, I broke your cup. I will buy one for you later."

"No, I know you were unintentional." Xiaolu smiled awkwardly.

Zhou Xiao happened to be collecting the towels and looked back at them: "Oh~~Now it’s a scene of smiling and enmity~~" Tao Ling pushed her, Xiao Lu gave her a look, "Say, yes, later I'm going to stunned and kill you, and see if you can't turn over when you sleep!" Everyone laughed, and quickly forgot last night’s unpleasantness..

Zhou Xiao, who needed to rush to class in a hurry, hesitated whether to climb into bed to get her mobile phone. Seeing her roommate was in a hurry, she hurried away.

At twelve o'clock in class, she ate a little and hurriedly ran to the International Students Department. She and Li Duyou had an appointment at one o'clock for class.

She was absent-minded during class. Li Duyou was reading a text by himself, and suddenly stopped, "Teacher, you are not listening." "Ah? Sorry, I'll listen carefully." Zhou Xiao was a little embarrassed

After the class, Li Duyou said that he wants to invite her to dinner, but she was really not in the mood to socialize with him now, so she found an excuse to push it off, and her excuse was also funny-I have something on. 十万火急 ( most urgent) ,火烧眉毛 ( the fire burns one's eyebrows) ,迫在眉睫 ( imminent) ,千钧一发 ( a thousand pounds hangs by a thread)……..until she left the classroom, she still heard Li Duyou muttering inside, fire...brows...thread. So, to deal with foreigners is to bomb them with great idioms, let them feel the profoundness of Chinese culture, make them feel inferior, and make them feel inferior to go back and blow up their country.

She saw Zhao Fanzhou when she got out of the Foreign Students Department building. She wanted to pretend she couldn't see and walk away. She moved her feet a few steps and walked towards him again, "What are you doing?"

"Why don't you answer my call?"

"You didn't call two days earlier. I forgot to bring my mobile phone today." Her tone was already showing weakness. Zhao Fanzhou stretched out his hand to hold her, and she struggled twice and let him hold it in the end.

She dug her nails hard into his hands.

"What are you doing? It hurts."

"Who told you to wait until today before coming to find me."

"Wait for you to cool your temper."
She squeezed his hand very hard again, "You try again next time. See if i will even acknowledge you if it's more than three days."

He lowered his head and approached her: "Understood." 

A week later, Zhou Xiao heard that the Student Union had proposed to strengthen exchanges with international students, so he made a "one-for-one" plan to let students who are interested in learning other languages ​​and international students pair up to teach languages. Li Duyou and a beautiful girl who learned Korean were put in a group, and they had to go to the language corner to communicate every day, so the class with Zhou Xiao ended, just like that the extra income was gone. 

How can the members in the student union butt their nose in people’s business? It was a matter of cutting people's money. She secretly cursed the people of the student union in her heart, completely forgetting that her boyfriend was also a member and the vice-chairman of the student union.

At the end of the last class, Li Duyou had to invite her to dinner. Not long after they sat down in the restaurant, they just happened to see Zhao Fanzhou, who was celebrating the smooth opening of the "Group of One" activity with students from the Student Union. Zhao Fanzhou and others murmured a few words and joined Zhou Xiao and Li Duyou.

During the meal, Zhou Xiao faintly heard someone at the student union table saying that Xiao Zao said that he wanted to come out to celebrate. This restaurant was also suggested by him. But he actually left when he arrived, and it turned out he went for a date... She looked at Zhao Fanzhou in amazement, Zhao Fanzhou shrugged, his face suspicious

The meal was so boring that all three people at the table didn't know what to say. After eating, Li Duyou suddenly said, "Teacher, I'm going back, and I will find you in the future. Bye bye." Zhou Xiao was confused by him and had to say, "Ok, bye."

On the road back to the dormitory, Zhao Fanzhou was in a good mood, suddenly said he wanted to buy her flowers, startling her, they dated for so long, she had never expected him to give her flowers, in his words, flowers are strange grass. Anyway, she also felt the smell of flowers was very stinky, so she let him be. 

But today he actually says that he wants to give her flowers?! Fine you want to give, I’ll take
Zhou Xiao carried a large bunch of flowers to the balcony of the dormitory, but couldn't find a place to put them. She always felt something was wrong, but she can't tell why. It seems that it is something related to Zhao Fanzhou and Li Duyou. Forget it, finding a place to put this big bunch of flowers is the top priority.

(illa: Our Fanzhou’s methods to keep love rivals away are so high class. Our lost Zhou Xiao doesn't even know! HAHA)

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14 - Boyfriend x Girlfriend Part 2

     Her grandma asked her what she wanted to do about it? She instinctively replied that she wanted to go together with him!
     She pretended to not know about his plan to go abroad and asked him if he had any plans to continue his studies, Yin Zhe said let's talk about it later, but who is he planning to lie to?
   Yin Zhe used facts to tell her who his plan was. When she stroked his MBA coursebook with her fingers, she found Qiao Na’s name written in both Chinese and English. 

   She was naive to think that if she doesn’t mention or question him, no one would know. Everything will be just as usual, Jiang Jun, you are simply an idiot!
   She followed Yin Zhe and watched him receive a few books from Qiao Na with joy, watch Qiao Na fall into his arms, watch him wipe off Qiao Na’s tears with pity, watch him make funny faces to make Qiao Na laugh.
     Yin Zhe and Qiao Na. Her boyfriend and Yuan Shuai’s girlfriend. She walked up to them. Qiao Na stood up and smiled and said it was a coincidence. She ignored her. Yin Zhe's face looked so happy and bright. She remembered Yuan Shuai, who had come to see her not long ago, who had lost a lot of weight, dark circles under his eyes. He told her that Qiao Na might be seeing someone else.
     She tried to smile brightly, and she held on Yin Zhe’s arm and asked, "What are you and my sister-in-law talking about?"
     She and Qiao Na met frequently and held hands when shopping, showing the affection of sisters.
     They talked about everything. She managed to fish out information from her to satisfy her curiosity, and she also understood what she wanted to know.
     They went shopping, listened to Qiao Na talk about how Yuan Shuai loves her and watched Qiao Na spend a year's income an ordinary man makes without blinking.
     "Brother Yuanyuan treats you so well! You are so happy" Jiang Jun always said.
     Qiao Na gave her a silk scarf, Jiang Jun pretended not to recognize the brand and looked at the price tag dumbfounded.
     "This is Princess Diana's favorite brand. I give it to you on behalf of your brother."
     She received it, waited for her to leave, and threw it into the trash can. She doesn’t want the things Qiao Na gave, and Qiao Na should take her hands off hers.
   Yuan Shuai came to her, still frowning. She knew it was because of Qiao Na. She hugged him like before. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. "Are you happy?" He asked her. She looked at their shadows and replied "I was..."
     Qiao Na, you were so cruel!
     She and Yin Zhe quarreled for the first time in 2 years.
     Yin Zhe questioned her about her relationship with Yuan Shuai, he said, “don't think I know nothing”.
     She had a terrible headache and said without thinking, "You only know to care for Qiao Na!"
    He was stunned for a moment, and she rushed out, and ran on the field, like a spinning top, she wanted to stop, but the whip was in the hands of others.
     He found her, looked at her like a wronged innocent child, he said, "There is nothing between me and Qiao Na"
     She replied "I treat Yuan Shuai as my brother."
     She believed him. But what had he done?
     They began to quarrel a lot, for Qiao Na, for Yuan Shuai, and for her identity.
     She didn’t know what Qiao Na had said to him behind her back. He actually thought she was the child bride of Yuan Shuai’s family. After 50 years of liberation, a family of generals who had participated in the revolution for many years would raise a child bride? She didn’t know to laugh or cry.
     She asked Qiao Na to meet and told her straightforwardly that if she wanted to be together with Yuan Shuai, then she should learn some respect.
     Qiao Na sneered and asked her "Why do you think you are?"
     A fox will eventually show its tail, if it is a ghost, it must be afraid of the sunshine. It is not surprising that Qiao Na, a daughter who has a father embezzling public funds to buy stocks would behave like that.
     She took Yin Zhe to Yuan Shuai's house and introduced Grandpa Yuan, Uncle Yuan, and Aunt Yuan that he was her boyfriend.
     Yin Zhe begged her for forgiveness seeing her relationship with the Yuan family and strolled with her back for 2 hours.
     She urged her grandma to see him, and her grandma agreed to arrange a meeting.
     Yin Zhe was helping Qiao Na pay off her debts. He would never say no to others except to her(Jiang Jun). He helped Qiao Na sell all kinds of jewelry and clothes, and borrowed money everywhere for her.
     She stopped him, Yin Zhe said that they were friends, if Qiao Na asks him, he must help her. He said that even if others cannot understand him, she(Jiang Jun) should.
     Yin Zhe said that Qiao Na broke down because of her bastard “brother”, and Yuan Shai didn't even bother to ask.
     She coldly looked at the diamond pendant he held in his hand at least.
     She coldly told Yin Zhe that Yuan Shuai was not a bastard, but a fool. A rich fool.
     Yuan Shuai should have known that she was the one behind everything. 
     She wanted to tell Yuan Shuai several times about what kind of person Qiao Na was, but she could not say it out. She was afraid to hurt Yuan Shuai and Yin Zhe.
     Actually, she doesn't want to hurt anyone, but she has no other way.
     Her love seems to be fighting a tough battle. There is no winning or losing, only harm.