Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Joy

 The child was sweating profusely from playing when Luo Zhi received the call.

   “I’m about to enter the entrance of the platform, come here."

    She took their hands and suddenly wanted to say: "Go, let's go find Dad."

    This thought shocked her, but she has never been this bold to imagine that her love is reciprocated, the sweetness almost overwhelmed her.

    When they arrived in a hurry, Sheng Huainan raised his head and gestured at them.

    After entering the door, there was a queue under the platform and they waited for another 20 minutes. Tiffany and Jake gathered together to whisper. Luo Zhi was very excited to talk to Sheng Huainan about various experiences in the amusement park that day.

    "The ticket inspector didn't know that I was queuing with the kids. When I was about to pass, he stretched out his hand and said directly to me:'Sister, don't tell me that you want to take on the little frog. If you can take it, you can't be happy or jump up.'..."

    She didn't know why she said so much as if she couldn't stop the brakes. But seeing him smiling happily, she wanted to continue talking. Sheng Huainan is very tall, Luo Zhi is not considered short among girls, but still has to look up at him slightly, her neck was a little sore, and the queue is still moving unhurriedly.

    Finally, she had nothing to say, she let out a sigh of relief, and smiled a little embarrassedly at him: "Sorry, I can't stop talking." 

Sheng Huainan thoughtfully took out a bottle of mineral water from his bag and handed it to her: "Drink my water if you don't mind, you are probably thirsty"

    She didn't know whether she should play high-altitude relay without touching the bottle mouth, or drink it directly. The hand holding the bottle body tightened, and the plastic slumped in.

    Throwing her thoughts aside, she drank it straight away.

    When returning it to Sheng Huainan, she found that Sheng Huainan also blushed suspiciously.

    "I like to hear you talk. You are more lively than usual today, and you are less irritating." He said, reaching out and rubbing her hair.

    Time seems to freeze. She stared at him in astonishment, and he dodged his eyes and said, "We’re going upstairs soon."

    They finally followed the stairs to the high platform. Every time the turntable of the Sun God car swooped down from a high altitude, it would pass by less than fifteen meters in front of them, bringing a violent wind, screaming from near to far, and then closer and then further away ---- Luo Zhi felt Tiffany's little hands are covered with sweat.

    Luo Zhi bent down and asked in a low voice, "Should we not play, let the two of them go play by themselves." However, Tiffany tremblingly said, "No, I will play if my brother plays."

    She hugged Tiffany and said: "Okay, we are not afraid."

    Jake was much gentler. Luo Zhi could see that he was also quite frightened, but he still said to his sister calmly, "You don't need to accompany me. If you don't want to play, then we won't play."

    "Brother is afraid? "

    "Who says I'm afraid?!  "

    Luo Zhi smiled to see them being noisy, she heard Sheng Huainan suddenly say”Are you afraid of it, what if...... "

    ."Every time I come here, I will play this"

    “Really ?" He raised his eyebrows and smiled at her.

    The turntable galloped down again, and the wind blew Luo Zhi's hair onto Sheng Huainan's face.

    Sheng Huainan saw that Luo Zhi suddenly stretched out her hand and squeezed Jake's arm.

    "It hurts! What are you doing!"

    Luo Zhi stuck out her tongue: "Does it hurt? It seems I am not dreaming."

    Then she lowered her head and smiled so vividly.

    "It's really not a dream." 

The four people sat in a row, and the staff put the safety facilities on them and buckled them.

    The bell rang.

    "Really not afraid?"

    Luo Zhi's shoulders were fixed too tightly, she could barely turn her head and saw Sheng Huainan's smirking face.

    "Actually... a little nervous." She stuck out her tongue embarrassedly.

    The moment the machine started, her left hand was suddenly covered with warmth.

    Her hand trembled slightly, but without hesitation, at the moment she flew to the sky, she turned her hands over and clasped his hand and held it firmly.

    The screams of Tiffany and Jake pierced Luo Zhi's forced calm face. She screamed with them.

    She was not afraid. She was just happy and didn't know how to express it.

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