Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2 - Caught off guard (2)

    She took Tiffany in her arms, "Miss, calm down."

    Tiffany cried loudly in her arms, Luo Zhi held her in one hand, and reached out into the backpack behind her and took out the tissues with the other hand. Kneel down and wipe her tears carefully.

    "My brother ignored me. I didn't go to the United States to play with my mother in order to accompany my brother. He is always ignoring me, saying that others like me and don't like him, saying that we all laugh at him, and saying that he is not his mother's birth... "

    Luo Zhi had a tingling scalp, she didn't want to continue this topic.

    "Is my brother fighting with his classmates, so he anyhow got angry at home?" 

"No, he was upset at home and went to the class to vent his anger."

    Tricky, the girl cried more tears, her brain was still clear.

    "My brother also quarrelled with Uncle Shiwen. He threw away all the things uncle gave us. Uncle is so good to us. My brother is..."

    Luo Zhi coaxed so well, not wanting to inquire about anything, but her brain began to imagine irresponsibly. Is their mother about to remarry, and this little boy started to lose his temper?

    Suppose Uncle Wen... She remembers that the albums Tiffany showed her were basically pictures of a family of three enjoying the family, and it was fun all over the world. The only picture of her mother and a young man on the coast was very unforgettable ---- seeing the picture only thought of one word, a pair of jade.

    No intimacy, just standing side by side. The handsome man’s dark grey shirt was wrinkled by the sea breeze, but Tiffany’s mother had crisp short hair, still leaning on the railing softly, and the corners of the white skirt were flying up and smudged by the setting sun, as beautiful as an immortal woman.

    Tiffany's mother had told her without shying away that she was divorced and raised two children alone.

    "Tiffany talks a lot, she is always idling, clever, but clever in trivial matters. As for Jake, I am very sorry towards him, there are women everywhere in this house, and I don't have time to care about him. I rarely let him know or experience anything, so his personality is a little like Jia Baoyu. He only played with girls when he was in school. I wanted to find a boy to be his tutor, but I’m not at home all year round. As you know, it’s not very convenient. I hope you don’t spoil him but teach him more rules and values and make him a little boyish. In fact, when I was in the United States, a good friend of mine once wanted to change him, but he failed."

(illa: Jia bao yu is a male character in The Dream of Red Mansions, in love with his cousin Lin Daiyu. He would rather spend his time reading or writing poetry and playing with his numerous female relations)

    Luo Zhi remembered that Jake, who was already in the fifth grade, was clamouring to listen to her story. Initially, she wanted to tell a scary little story to scare him.

    "Suddenly a light flashed across the woods. Marianne followed carefully, and suddenly saw—"

    "What?" Tiffany was careful, not daring to listen.

    "It Must Be A Fairy!" Jake exclaimed excitedly.

    Fairy... She was choked on the spot from barbie lover Jake.

    Luo Zhi looked thoughtfully at Tiffany, who still did not stop talking, knowing that the crux of the whole thing was not on her, so she did not comfort her, but just patted her on the back and let her complain. That's right, just cry.

    Luo Zhi didn't want to enthusiastically figure out the ins and outs. The less you know about the employer’s family, the better.

    Turning his head and taking a look, Sheng Huainan was squatting and talking to Jake.

    Luo Zhi didn't seem to have fully realized the important fact that she was alone with him, and they were in this romantic amusement park.

    The autumn afternoon sun was shining on her body, and a beautiful little girl with red lips and white teeth was snuggled in her arms, looking at Sheng Huainan from a distance who was consoling a fussy little boy with a smile and a good temper.

    The scene looks like a young couple mediating disputes with their children. She had never expected such a scene.

    She don't know how long she stared stupidly, Sheng Huainan seemed to feel her fixed gaze, turning his head to look at her, Luo Zhi hurriedly lowered her head, her ears were scorched like a flame, and she knew what colour it was without looking in the mirror.

    She seldom blushes, but when she is shy, her ears burn crimson almost immediately.

    "Luo Zhi, let's go, you take the two of them to play the Flying Ants first, and I will line up for Jake at the Sun god car game. It is estimated that I will be in line for more than an hour. You can see if there are any small rides that you want to play. You can come to me again after playing all. Keep in contact through the phone."

    He walked over and said to Luo Zhi, but there was a narrow smile in his eyes as if laughing at her embarrassment just now.

    After speaking, he lowered his head and asked Jake, "Well?"

    Jake nodded gently.

    "Then go and apologize to your sister."

    Jake returned to his original shyness and tweaking. With Sheng Huainan's repeated encouragement, he walked over and said to Tiffany, "Don't cry, I was wrong."

    "What did you tell him?" Luo Zhi asked Sheng Huainan, tilting her head.

    "Our man's secret, right?" He looked down and smiled at Jake, sheepishly.

    "Thank you." She felt a little sorry.

    "You're welcome, go to the Flying Ants, I'm going to line up."

    Luo Zhi took Tiffany with her left hand and Jake with her right hand. She walked a few steps forward and looked back hesitantly. Sheng Huainan's back was still prominent in the crowd.

    Sheng Huainan also turned his head suddenly and met her gaze.

    Her head "buzzed" in a mess, smiled widely in his direction, turned her head back and walked forward hurriedly.

    He never looked back. In her three years of high school, he has never looked back like this without reason.

    "Juno, do you like Big Brother?" Tiffany peeked at her before wiping away her tears.

    Luo Zhi didn't scold her for being too talkative, but asked blankly, "Huh? Is that obvious?"

    "Your hands are sweating." Tiffany smiled thiefly.

    Jake let out a sigh of relief and looked at them both with contempt.

    “Women are lame."

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