Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1 - Rock Sugar 冰糖 (1)

   Due to work, Shen Xifan stayed in the hotel for a long time. The smell of Chinese medicine permeated her office all day long. Lin Yishen would shout every time she passed by, "Great immortal Shen, are you concocting pills of immortality again?" 

Xu Xiangya was curious. "Porridge, what do you do with Chinese medicine every day? Menopause?"

    Shen Xifan frowned, "If I had menopause, you would soon be buried. I am taking medicine for my exogenous cold!"

    Xu Xiangya pretended to exclaim in admiration, "Wow, exogenous cold, you are so professional!”

"It's not me who is professional, it's the handsome doctor." She muttered to herself, and He Suye’s smile and dimple appeared naturally in her mind.

    Who knew Xu Xiangya’s ears were so sharp, and she immediately started gossipping, "Handsome guy? Doctor, who is he? Has porridge finally met the one? Wow, uniform plot, doctor, white coat, so professional!"

    Shen Xifan gave her a white look, "Your level of nymphomaniac is also very professional!" Took out a bag of Chinese medicine and shook it in front of her, "The price of seeing a handsome doctor is very heavy, short-term happiness and then long-term pain!"

    Xu Xiangya curled her lips, "It doesn't matter, I pretend I got sick, and then leave after seeing the person if they give me medicine and I'll just throw it away. Anyway, the patient doesn’t care about the medicine, she cares about the handsome doctor!”

    Room manager Zhang Jie shouted, “Manager Shen, Mr. Ling is back, do you want to go now?"

    She shook her head, "Now he must be busy taking baths and eating. You come to find me at seven o'clock, so that when he finishes his meal and hasn't started work, we won't be bothering him." 

Xu Xiangya suddenly approached. "Porridge, that Ling Troublemaker is actually quite handsome, but he is not a decent man from first glance. It is better than Yan Heng. I think he appears more frequently in entertainment magazines than in electronic publications!"

    Shen Xifan was curious, "That guy hasn't troubled you?"

    "No!" Xu Xiangya leaned close to the Chinese medicine cup and smelled, "It smells so unpleasant, Ling troublermaker is not as picky as Yan Heng, but often flirts and lures our little girls, which makes me love and hate him! "

    Shen Xifan wasn’t happy, drank the medicine from the cup, Xu Xiangya was stunned, and exclaimed, "Talent! Talented! Shen talented!"

    While she was resting in the afternoon, she suddenly received a call from Father Shen. She was very surprised and just picked it up. On the other end was the pitiful voice of Father Shen, "Fanfan, what period is your mother in, he temper is so bad and drastic?"

    "Menopausal syndrome?"

    Father Shen nodded frantically, "Yes, yes, exactly that. I’ve become a poor middle peasant at home. I’m bullied by her every day. If I say a few words to her, she complains. When I say a word, she will say ten words to me, does she even let me speak? Actually, she is the one who said the most!"

    Shen Xifan had to comfort her father, "Dad, it is not like you don't know her temper. It was bad from the start. As a result, the hormone secretion disorder in menopause becomes more irritable. You just fight with her by having a cold war, softly resist, and fight against her. The experience of the Chinese Communist Party in the past three years tells us --- persistence is victory!"

    "Is it useful?" Father Shen hesitated.

    She gave her promise, “If it’s useless, I’ll step in. In this house, I’m not the only one who has the same voice level as her. I’ll go home and persuade her the next day. Now I’m very busy at work and I’ve been literally living at the hotel. Bear with it."

    Father Shen hung up after a few more words. She sighed. She also wanted to stop her mother's bad temper and dispel the idea of ​​arranging blind dates for her everywhere.

    After seven o'clock, she went to find Ling Yufan. This time she wore extra clothes, thinking that it would be too unworthy for her to catch a cold again.

    She knocked on the door for a long time before someone answered. Ling Yufan wore a thick sweater. He was a little impatient to speak, "What's the matter with Manager Shen? Could it be you want to ‘personally”' compensate me this time?"

    His face was a little pale, but it showed a sickly red colour, and the gold-wire glasses reduced his power by more than half. He didn't look like a flirt, but a human.

    Ignoring Ling Yufan's provocation at all, she formulaically explained her intentions. Before she could finish her words, Ling Yufan suddenly grabbed her by the hand. She was taken aback, struggling to let go, leaning slightly, "Mr. Ling, please conduct yourself, I'll leave first!"

    Ling Yufan smiled, "I’m just joking, you don't have the looks for me to become unable to restrain myself.”

    She gave him a vicious glance, "Mr. Ling, good night!" She left and didn't look back. After leaving, Ling Yufan's uncontrollable laughter came from behind.

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