Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3 - Huo Xiang 藿香 (3)

    Sure enough, after half an hour, He Suye came out with a packet of medicine. Upon touching, It still was hot. The doctor told her, "One day three times, two days in a row, don’t remember it wrongly again!"

    Shen Xifan frowned, "Doctor He, I'm about to be overdosed by Chinese medicine!"

    He had an expression of, "Why can't patients like you get the point", and said "If you eat this, don't take that anymore, but if you think it's not enough, take both since the two medicines don't conflict!" 

With a pensive smile, Shen Xifan thought, except that sometimes the doctor likes to rush me, everything else is pretty good.

    When she got home, she immediately took the medicine out, it was still warm, and poured it into a bowl. It smelled a little bit spicy, but it was very fragrant. She thought that this medicine was still as sweet as last time, so she did not mentally prepare herself to drink it. After taking a mouthful, she immediately wanted to spit it out -- really very bitter.

    She had to endure nausea, drank it in one breath, rinsed her mouth with plain water several times, and then eased it back. This time there was a faint spicy taste between her lips and teeth, which must be the smell of Huoxiang and ginger, but the spicy and mellow. Later, it makes people memorable.

    As the saying goes, the good medicine is bitter and good for the disease. She had a fever and couldn't produce sweat. She was catlysed by this Chinese medicine. After a while, sweat started forming on her forehead. She was a little pleased, so she climbed into bed and covered the thick quilt and fall asleep.

    She was sweating in the middle of the night, and then touched her forehead. The temperature was as usual. She was happy and grumbled that the Chinese medicine really worked, then turned over and went to sleep.

    When she woke up the next morning, she was refreshed, except that there was sweat on her pajamas, so she went to take a bath. Halfway through the washing, the phone rang loudly. She ignored it. After a while, it rang several times. .

    After getting dressed, she found that Xu Xiangya was calling. She smiled and ignored it. She took out the juice and eggs from the refrigerator, baked a few slices of toast, brought it to the table, and started eating in the warm sunshine breakfast.

    The phone rang again, she picked it up late, and then there was Xu Xiangya's resentful voice, "Porridge, what do you think Yan Heng wants to eat? After asking all the people, I have no idea, I can only resort to asking  you.”

    She was stunned . The bread she was holding fell off, and Xu Xiangya was still unhappy on the other end “Or I’ll buy some dog food and forget about it. When the meal was delivered this morning, the waiter said that he saw breakfast and frowned. After a few bites, he hasn't touched it since."

    Yan Heng is extremely picky, Shen Xifan knows, she asked, "What did you prepare in the morning?"

    "Fried eggs, whole wheat bread, milk, ham and jam."

    She sighed, "Fried eggs should be 8 times raw, preserve core, replace whole wheat bread with milk toast, jam. He only eats white cherry rose jam, milk should be warm, preferably Mengniu brand or Yili brand, and replace ham with mashed potatoes. "

    Xu Xiangya gasped, "Really, f**king fussy!" She was curious again, "How do you know so much rice porridge? It's not on the information?"

    Shen Xifan was confused, "I just found it yesterday, and ll give you a reminder when I come to work."

    Xu Xiangya sighed, "You'd better come here early, the grandfather of cat mouth waits for you to arrange food for him!"

    Back at the hotel, Jing Ge’s foreman came to report, “Manager Shen, things have been handled last night, but Mr. Ling went to the 'Online' meeting in the morning.”

    She rubbed her temples habitually, “Okay. , Prepare the VIP card and in the evening, and go with me there to explain." After a pause, "Does Mr. Cheng know about this?"

    "It has been reported. Mr. Cheng agreed to deal with the plan and asked all employees to take it as a warning." 

Later, Xu Xiangya came to her and sighed, "We are tired from work these days, and we all have a fate of serving people. If we live in ancient times, we will be slaves, and if the  master goes west, we will not dare to go to the east..."

    Shen Xifan holds a cup of tea, "Let’s stop talking nonsense, listen well, he only eats lean meat, pork and beef, chicken; he likes to eat porridge, especially authentic Cantonese porridge; he rarely eats spicy, but as for hot pot, he loves Chongqing spicy hot pot; He like to eat mushrooms and soups stewed with Chinese medicine; He like seafood, but not fish; He like Western snacks, especially cheesecake; For today’s menu is make it around Suzhou delicacy, soup with stew, and mango sago with milk dessert, chicken porridge and some appetizers for supper.”

    Xu Xiangya exclaimed, “You’re so amazing rice porridge. You should be the manager of the catering department!” She held her notebook and ran away hurriedly. Then, "Quickly, quickly, I'll go!"

    Shen Xifan laughed blankly. She was not amazing; she just been with Yan Heng for three years, she is naturally familiar with his taste. He is a lover of food, but he is extremely picky. She once cooked for him. How can she not know his likes and dislikes when making soup.

    There was a bitter and spicy taste in her mouth, perhaps the taste of Huoxiang, she still felt spicy and bitter after drinking a lot of water.

    At noon, Yan Heng went to dinner and found that the food the hotel prepared for him was very pleasant, so he praised Xiang Ya. She was ashamed, and explained to him, "Mr. Yan, It is all thanks to Manager Shen from the housekeeping department, you should thank her!"

    Stoped his chopsticks, Yan Heng was stunned. Yes, besides his mother in this world, who else knows his own taste so much? He is very picky about food. Even so, Shen Xifan still patiently cooks for him. She never complained if he didn't like eating. She always said that she was not good at cooking, but why didn't he know how good she was until long after he had left her.

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