Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 15.2

Chapter 15.2 - The Secret That Can’t Be Told (2)

    Luo Zhi was taken aback, but when she looked up, she was still smiling calmly. Winking at her playfully.

    "Luo Zhi, let's be friends."

    Luo Zhi looked at the perfect light and shadow around her in a daze, a little dreamy: "Ah? Why?"

    "I ask you if you’re willing."

    She didn't hesitate this time. "Yes ." 

"Then... Let's exchange secrets, okay? You have to tell me your secrets honestly."

    Luo Zhi was convinced that the person in front of her must not be a mortal, because she felt that she was bewitched.

    "Ok," she said.

    "To show my sincerity, let me talk first," Tiffany's mother smiled.

 "When I was young, I did something shameful in the eyes of others. Jake and Tiffany's father are not the same person. The common point is that they both can't marry me."

    Luo Zhi was a little surprised in her heart, but restrained her expression, did not show a single trace, for fear of disturbing this brave confession.

    Although brave is always after years later.

    Tiffany's mother concealed everyone's name, place and time, and said solemnly. Luo Zhi felt as if she was at the beginning of an aesthetically beautiful literary film, and time seemed to be an unhurried river that slowly washed through her heart.

    "...To this day, Shiwen's parents still disagree. In their eyes, although I am Tiffany's mother, I am also Jake's mother after all. Whether deceived or not, I am someone who had an affair with a married man. It’s not that I can’t fight for it. It’s just that I see a family falling apart because of me, facing life and death, it always feels there is no meaning. If I willingly continue to persist, I will stick to it. But if I shrink back, it also doesn’t matter. At this age, there is nothing to be strongly attached to.”
    “Parents shouldn’t have been involved in their children’s lives,” Luo Zhi said seriously, “whether they approve or not is meaningless.”

    “The truth is the truth, and life is life.” Tiffany's mother smiled as if it was a matter of no concern to herself.

    "...The old man will always die."

    Luo Zhi didn't know how she could come up with such a cruel and naive sentence. Before she could say anything, the woman on the opposite side was already laughing, with the traces of time showing up in the corner of her eyes, but it was displayed ostentatiously yet very touching.

    "It's great," she looked at Luo Zhi, "You are so young. So good." 

It was at this moment that Luo Zhi realized that even if she considered herself old, she still had the courage and sharpness that young people had. Don't know how to let go, unwilling to retreat, unwilling to be reconciled.

    "Well, my secret is over. Now let's talk about your secret."

    Luo Zhi raised her head when she heard the words, and saw a pair of smiling eyes.

    The moment she opened my mouth, she felt heart palpitations like a roller coaster swooping down from a high altitude. She tried to say a few words and used the logical relationship of "although but even though" all over, but it was still confusing.

    The person opposite smiled: "You can say in chronological order, one by one."

    She scratched the back of her head in embarrassment and nodded.

    "My father died when he was five years old," she said.

    If her life is really《Symphony of Destiny》, the sound of the gong that symbolizes a sudden turn is not simply a big persimmon falling from the sky at all, but the news brought by the sharp ringing of the grandmother's phone.

    When Tiffany came downstairs in the evening, she saw her mother and Juno sitting face to face in front of the French windows, each holding a cup of maroon Pu'er, and didn't know why they were silent.

    Luo Zhi was made to stay for dinner. Jake still didn't know what he was provoked by. She didn’t point out bluntly, but told him: "Don't worry, I will definitely bring your big brother here again."

    As for how this big brother sees her job, she still felt a little tingling pain, but the tingling sensation made her a lot more clear-headed.

    She offered to formulate strict and systematic teaching content in the future. As for the time spent playing with children, it should not be counted as wages. She will stay with them for a while each time.

    "It's not being noble and virtuous, nor is it afraid of being despised. I just think that like this, when I interact with the kids, I can relax more." Luo Zhi explained.

    Tiffany's mother also shook her head apologetically: "I didn't think about it properly. You must have felt uncomfortable before, and you must have had a feeling getting paid for pleasing children. I'm sorry."

    Luo Zhi found that it is difficult for her to dislike or not trust this icy and smart beautiful woman.

    Of course, Luo Zhi finally knew her name, although it was the name she used and changed.

    "Goodbye Zhu Yan, thank you." Before Luo Zhi got into the car, she said goodbye to her standing under the defeated rose wall at the gate.

    Diao Lan yu should still be there, but Zhu Yan Changed.

    Luo Zhi lay on the bed at night, feeling much calmer. It turns out that telling a secret is such an important thing.

    In her memory, it seems that only that time in the third year of high school did she have such an impulse. She climbed up to the sixth floor, rushed to the door of Sheng Huainan’s class, stood still, panting, completely ignoring whether the students coming and going around were looking at her, they all became the background suddenly, and there was only that perspective in her vision. The doorway with white light. Her breathing slowly subsided, but her courage also vanished without a trace.

    She turned around calmly and walked to the women's toilet at the corner of the sixth floor. As soon as she entered the door, she met Ye Zhanyan in line. Ye Zhanyan smiled and said to her: "Are you here too? Our fourth-floor toilet is leaking, it is too scary. There were so many people on the fifth floor. It was really annoying to have to climb the stairs when going to the toilet."

    She smiled and said, "Yes. Yes."

    Those secrets were still not told in the end. The women's toilet on the sixth floor gently contained her secrets. A few years passed, and she became more and more silent and calm as if she didn't even have the courage of that moment.

    It takes courage to speak, courage to take responsibility for what you said.

    Because it's a pity not to say it, but after saying it, you are only left with regret. 

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Yin Zhe's choice

     "The SLK acquisition was done by SALLY and you two. SALLY has resigned because of this." Jiang Jun stopped and looked at them. No one was talking and even the heartbeat seemed to stop.      "You two are excellent. But sorry, I hope I can see the resignation letter from both of you within this month" …….      "What do you want me to do?" Yin Zhe looked at her quietly, "Find evidence that JOHN framed Sally and leaked those confidential documents?"      “We must wait" Jiang Jun calmly took a sip of tea and said, "Wait patiently, wait for JOHN to take action. He couldn’t have done it by himself and I am interested in the person behind him." "Are you sure he will look for the person behind him?" Yin Zhe tilted his head in confusion. "Yes, he wants to stay in MH and if I insist on firing him off, he can only ask the person behind him for help. I remembered SALLY asked you to do a Rongda Technology acquisition plan right? We shall use that as a gift for them."      "Understood, I will find a chance to let him get it"      "Very good" she handed him a few documents “amend some statistics and data according to this paper"      Yin Zhe looked at the numbers, his face became extremely pale, he looked at Jiang Jun in a daze and finally nodded, "OK."      "You..." She didn't expect him to agree to this so quickly. Jiang Jun originally planned a long script to convince him." I hope you won't disappoint your brother this time. He has put a lot of thoughts on you" she said dryly.      "I know what he thinks of me, I just don't want you to be disappointed" He tightened his hands on the papers. "Tell me Jiang Jun. Are you doing all of this for him?"      She froze and shook her head with a wry smile.      He folded the documents carefully and put it in his pocket, and said solemnly: "I won't let you down"      "You are not afraid?" She asked.      "What is there to be afraid of?" He asked her back. She is slightly speechless about his attitude and said mockingly: "You are so courageous"      "I just believe in you! Jiang Jun, I believe that you are the only person in this world who will not harm me."      She gave a low laugh, got up, and left. The moment her finger touched the doorknob, she looked back at him: "Yin Zhe, I stopped being a fool a few years back."     Leaving the room, she turned and entered Yuan Shuai’s VIP room.     "You haven't ordered food yet?" She frowned as she looked at the full bowl of cigarette leftovers. "Waiting for you." Yuan Shuai pulled her into his arms. "You little brat, how dare you openly meet your old lover and at the same time asking your husband for advice?"     Jiang Jun kissed him, "Then I won’t tell you next time"     "You dare to do that! You want to revolutionize with some freedom don't you?" He lowered his head and kissed her. Of course, I dare", she struggled to press the service bell, and he smiled thievishly. “I will complain to Grandpa."     "Yo, Xiao Yuan Yuan knows how to tattletale." She squinted at him and smiled as she asked the waiter to bring their favorite dishes in. "Don't drink Coke, you will get stomach aches, get some lotus heart tea" he told the waiter as he closed the door, and said with a serious face, "You comrade is too cunning. You must rely on our party and our army to mobilize the power of the masses to suppress you." He squinted jokingly and glanced at her. "Unless you use your badger game, I will never let you go."     Jiang Jun laughed. After a full meal, they went home.     "Now everyone knows that DU is going to be a “killer” during MH’s senior replacement meeting. You are the killer’s hand. Be careful of yourself. Although you have been promoted to directors, there are still ways that other VPs can remove you." Yuan Shuai leaned on the bed and put his arms around her and said worriedly. "Don't worry, if that happens, I will become your housewife" She yawned nonchalantly and gestured to him to get the bedside phone for her. He smiled, "Oh, I regret helping you. Go and make your tattletale"     Jiang Jun pulled his ears, and he put his head on her stomach. "So did he agree to do it?"      "With the help of you as a dog-headed strategist, how can it not succeed? Where did you get the data by the way?"      "I made it up. I've seen the NPL statistics of the company that Rongda is about to buy. It's easy to fake it. Give me a token of encouragement, c’mere." He wrapped his hand around her neck, and she gave him a small slap. “You abused your husband, I will sue you to the Women’s Federation."      "You should go to the Wildlife Conservation Association." She lay down and covered them in a quilt. Yuan Shuai’s hand wandered playfully under the quilt. She adjusted to a comfortable posture and said pitifully, "I have no energy left."      "You will have it soon" his voice came from her chest. She asked, "Why are you always so energetic?"      "Animals are always energetic, what’s more, I am from the wild." He replied.
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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1 - Fennel Fruit 怀香 (1)

    Shen Xifan's gaze was attracted by a spider. She was a little shortsighted, but unfortunately, she forgot to take off her glasses during the inspection.

    The supervisors are a little nervous. This picture is very weird: Manager Shen in the dark blue professional suit posing like a thinker, staring intently at a certain corner, looking far away as if she was looking forward to something until Jie Zhang suddenly realized "Ah! There is a big spider!"

    Shen Xifan nodded in satisfaction, "Could it be that our hotel's ecological environment is too good? Even spiders want to come here?" 

The guest room foreman Jingge sincerely said, "Manager Shen, it's my negligence."

    She nodded, "I will come to check again at five o'clock in the afternoon. Remember, everywhere, I won’t find it bothersome."

    Back in the office, she turned on the computer to check the department’s accounts, and just after reading two lines. Suddenly, the computer cut off with a "pop", she carefully smelled it, did the computer burn? Look at the indicator light on the water dispenser, oh, the power is out!

    The engineering department personnel called immediately, "Manager Shen, there is a large-scale power outage in this city, so the hotel generator is activated. However, due to the large range of electricity consumption, the administration building will temporarily not supply power. I seek for your understanding ." 

Shen Xifan said "Sure, Thanks for your hard work."

    She put on her clothes and went out and called her father. Father Shen said that it seemed that there was a large-scale power outage in the east of the city, and her home was in the west of the city, and the power supply was still normal. She sighed with relief, "I’ll go home a little later tonight.” 

The lobby was a bit chaotic. It may be because the elevator suddenly stopped during the power outage. Although it was only a moment, some guests were frightened. A little girl was frightened and kept shouting "Mom".

    Ding Wei, the lobby manager, explained the situation. Fortunately, the guests were understanding and the scene was quickly under control.

    Shen Xifan squatted in front of the little girl and asked, "Kid, where is your mother?" The little girl was teary and said intermittently, "I just...she was still here...the power went out...it was messy...I was squeezed here. ...Then mother was gone..."

    She had to take the little girl to the security guard, call out the surveillance video in the lobby, and let her recognize, the little girl was clever, pointed to a woman who was not tall and said, "There she is!"

    Shen Xifan motioned to rewind the video. When the woman turned around and faced her, she was stunned, Gu Ningyuan?

    She pointed to the screen and asked, "Little friend, are you sure this is your mother?" 

The little girl nodded, "My mother suddenly said that she needed to go out. I don't want to stay at home alone, so I secretly got into her car and followed her here, but when I got here, my mother disappeared in the blink of an eye."

    "What's your name?"

    "Zhou Siqi."

    Shen Xifan breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was not "Yan" or "Dai". It's just that this little girl is six or seven years old, how could she be Gu Ningyuan's daughter, there is no similarity between her eyebrows and her eyes, perhaps, she is not her own biological daughter.

    "Auntie will help you find your mother now, so you can obediently stay here with security guard uncle, don't run around here, okay?"

    "Auntie!" the little girl begged timidly, "Later when my mom finds me, can you tell her not to hit me? , Si Qi is so scared! "

    Gu Ningyuan, how many years had she not thought of this name? That memory has been deliberately ignored by herself. Digging it out abruptly after three years, and it was still painful, just like a clot that has just clotted, lightly touching it, it will continue to bleed.

    Yan Heng is fickle, but can't bother him. If she was Qiqiao and Linglong she would also not jump willingly, but even if she was smart, in front of love she will become a helpless fool. He will only love you and spoil you very much. In front of him, you are a princess, but he has a deadline for everyone. If he thinks it is no longer novel, you are expired. Then, just like canned pineapple, it will be packaged and delivered to the trash can.

    Yet he is so good. It corrodes the mind like a drug, corrodes the heart, and then penetrates into the skin, taking it inch by inch, slowly, unable to stop, and finally, every drop of blood in the body clamours for his goodness. He is like a drug addiction which has no medicine.

    However, Shen Xifan asked in her heart, Gu Ningyuan, this time you came to Yan Heng, do you want a poison or an antidote?

    Although she doesn’t need to go to Guning Court personally, and she has been deliberately avoiding Villa F, but she doesn’t know why, maybe it’s unwilling, maybe it’s unsettled feeling, maybe there are more reasons, she was no longer the little girl in the past who hid and cried when she saw Yan Heng with another girl, but she what she exactly wanted now, she herself also don't know.

    After the unforgettable first love ended, three years later, when the man and the woman met again, she didn't know what expressions and words should be used, but in many cases, everything did not need an explanation, and there was also no way to explain it.

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Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7.3 - 7th Stop: The Taste of Jealousy (3)

Xiaole was missing again! Mucheng looked around frantically but she just couldn’t seem to find her son.

Where did he go again? She was very angry and worried. She realized that she had been “playing” hide and seek with her son frequently ever since Guangxi came. Xiaole became more playful because he had Guangxi to back him up whenever she was lectured him for his playfulness and disobedience.

She started to wonder if he was having fun somewhere with Guangxi now.

“Xiaole, didn’t I warn that you umpteen of times that you’ll have to have your shots of crystals whenever there’s a need to?” Mucheng muttered under her breath. She decided that it was getting dark soon and she should go out and look for him instead of waiting frantically at home.


Xiaole skated pretty smoothly while Guangxi expressed his approval. This child does have a hidden talent for skating. It only took him an afternoon and he already could grasp the basics well. “Xiaole, I’ll be letting go of your hands now.”

“Okay.” Xiaole nodded. He trembled a little while trying to move forward after Guangxi let go.

“Well done! Xiaole, you’ve almost mastered it.“ Guangxi smiled and applauded for him.

Xiaole was just getting pleased when he suddenly felt dizzy. He fell onto the ground. Fortunately, he had safety guards on his elbows and knees and that prevented him from getting bruised.

Guangxi thought he fell because he lost his balance. He said, “It’s alright. Stand up right now.”

“Okay.” Xiaole struggled as he tried to bring himself back onto his feet but he got dizzier instead.

“What’s the matter? You are a boy. You should be brave. Come on; be up on your feet now.” Guangxi frowned as he walked up to Xiaole. It was then he realized that Xiaole was covered in cold sweat and his face as pale as a sheet. He felt his heart strings being tugged. “Xiaole, how are you feeling?”

“I…” Xiaole was too weak to even speak and he fainted in Guangxi’s arms.

“Xiaole!” Guangxi panicked. He was lost and decided to rush him home immediately. On his way home, he met Mucheng who was worriedly looking for Xiaole. He immediately knew something was amiss.

“Give him to me.” She said, while taking out the needles from her bag. She immediately gave Xiaole an injection.

Guangxi stared blankly at her. “What are you doing?”

“Can’t you see for yourself? I’m giving him an injection.”


“That’s because Xiaole has Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 (Diabetes Type 1). He has to be administered with insulin whenever there’s a need for it!” Mucheng raised her voice. She was very upset and burst out in front of Guangxi. “That’s why I said that Xiaole can’t be running around as he wished. He can’t do vigorous exercises too. Do you know what you’ve just done? You nearly killed Xiaole!”

Guangxi was shocked. He finally understood why she was so overly-protective over Xiaole. He thought that it was because she was too anxious as an unwed mother. But now, he knew that there was a very good and heart-wrenching reason why she was so.

Guangxi felt his heart ached. “… I’m really sorry.”

Mucheng ignored him and turned around. She then cradled Xiaole in her arms.

“Let me help.” He said.

“That’s no need for that!” She rejected his offer. “He’s my son. I’ll carry him home on my own.”


Perhaps he should apologise to her again.

After they were back at home, Guangxi watched as Mucheng tended to Xiaole. He felt apologetic but she was so cold that he didn’t know how he should break the ice between them.

Admittedly, it was his fault that Xiaole had a relapse. But he didn’t do it purposefully. Did she have to take him as an enemy?

He felt unjust and upset that she gave him a cold shoulder. He, Ren Guangxi had never had to apologise to anyone for the past 6 years. He also never had to be humble in front of any woman. But this woman made him break his entire pattern.

He guessed he had to admit that she was one of a kind.

His hand phone rang and Guangxi picked it up in frustration. “Hello, who’s that?”

“Why is your tone like this? Are you upset?” The other party sounded shocked.

“Oh. It’s you, Yiqian.” He tried to control his emotions. “Aren’t you in the States for a conference? Are you free enough to call me now?”

“I’m back already.” Yiqian smiled. “I decided to call you for a chat before I report to the hospital. How are things going for you at Huatian Village?”

“Things are fine here. What about you?” Guangxi asked while he rubbed his eyes.

“I’m fine. I had quite a fruitful experience in the States.” Yiqian shared with him her experience in the Sates while he listened to her patiently. Occasionally, he asked a few questions and replied hers. “Why do you still sound so depressed? Is it because the case that my father entrusted you isn’t going well?”

“Are you talking about the case regarding the land ownership rights? Don’t worry. The villagers here really trust me and they have decided to entrust me with the case too. I’ll try my best to settle it for Huanyu Constructions. Please help me tell him that he doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

“There’s no need for that. My father trusts you the most.” Yiqian said, smiling.

They hung up after a while. Guangxi stared into space for a moment. Then he turned around to see Mucheng standing at the doorway of his room. She had a stern look on her face.

“I see. You’re here for Huanyu Constructions. Why did you have to say that you’re here for C.W.O.?”

Guangxi realized that Mucheng had heard him. He felt guilty and became anxious as he saw the look of disapproval on her face. He wanted to explain but the things he said didn’t sound so. “If not why do you think I’m at the countryside now?”

“Despicable!” Mucheng threw the clean sheets that she brought to change for him onto the floor. “Let me tell you this; no one in Huatian Village will sell their land. We all earn our keep from this land.”

“Money can do magic. I see that you guys have been really fickle-minded? Is it all an act to raise the price of the land?” He chided.

She stared back at him. “Do you think we’re like you rich folks and we have all the time and strength to play such games that you people do?”

“We never know.” He rebutted.

“Despicable! Shameless!” She was terrible upset. “I guess you defended that rapist because of his status right?”

“That’s right. He was a minister. It’s better to defend someone famous than some nobody.” She was already despising him and yet he just couldn’t bring himself down in front of her. “Why? Is there something wrong with that?”

“You…” Mucheng was extremely disappointed. She thought that he might have done that because he was in a predicament.  But it turned out that it was all for money and fame… She had actually loved this man before! “Move now! Get out of my house now! I don’t welcome people like you!”

“What did you say?” He looked extremely upset too.

“I said, I don’t welcome you here. Please move out of my house now.”


 He’ll do as she pleased! Did she think that he like to live at her place?

Guangxi packed his belongings that night and left for the village head’s house in his convertible that was already being repaired. He didn’t care if the village head was willing to take him in or not; he insisted that he wanted to stay and that was it.

The village head was shocked by his upset expression and agreed to it. He slept on the king-sized bed that was specially prepared for him. But he couldn’t sleep at all and tossed and turned till dawn.

That woman had really made his blood boil. Who did she think she was when she spoke to him in that manner? And why was he so hurt by what she had to say? The problem was; he really cared whenever she judged or reprimanded him. It made him feel like a death row criminal who was going to burn in hell whenever she did that. This was totally absurd!

He jumped off his bed and started to kick the walls in an attempt to vent his anger. The noise he made all night had led to the village head’s family thinking that there was an evil spirit knocking at their door that night.

After that day, he continued to provide his services daily. But he always wore a face when he was there and was so stern that the villagers all avoided him and decided that it was definitely not a good time to get any legal advice.

That was what he wanted anyway so it didn’t matter to him even if everyone kept their distance from him. Then, things changed one evening when Guangxi heard from the villagers that there was a typhoon that was coming. He was shocked.

“I heard that it may be here at midnight. How much of your flowers have you harvest already?”

“It’s almost done. I got a few temporary workers to help me with it. How’s yours then?”

“I’m almost done too. But I heard Mucheng’s in a pretty bad shape. She can’t afford temporary workers so she has to do everything herself.”

“Can she handle it?”

“There’s nothing she can do even if she can’t. Everyone’s so busy; there’s no one available to lend her a hand now…”

Guangxi frowned upon hearing that. He felt a little worried as he looked out and saw the weather changing.

What was the problem with him? Why was he so worried for that woman? It’s her own problem if she can’t manage to harvest her crops in time. He could use this as an opportunity to tease her.

It began raining as he thought of that. Guangxi decided that he couldn’t sit around anymore and pretend he didn’t care. He stood up suddenly and went out.


Oh no!

Mucheng looked at the weather and saw that the rain was getting heavier.  She had a premonition but there was no other way out than working faster.

If only Tuoye was around; he’d be able to help her look for temporary workers that could help her with this. She wondered if he had already found the village head’s grandson…

It seemed like she could only depend on herself then.

A strong wind blew and it stung Mucheng’s face. She held on strongly to the box containing the flowers she had just harvested lest they became damaged.

The wind nearly blew her over. She lost her balance and almost fell into the soil. Fortunately, a pair of strong arms grabbed her in time. That person then cuddled her.

“What on earth are you doing here in such weather?” That person cursed.

She lifted her head and she saw Guangxi’s face with a look of disapproval on his face. She was speechless for a moment.

“Let’s go now. Go home with me now!” He started to drag her.

“No, I can’t do that. I’m not done yet…”

“Can you just leave them alone? It’s just an inevitable loss.”

Why must he make her angry by making it sound so simple? “Do you know that I’m tight on cash now? I need to pay for Xiaole’s school fees soon.”

“You….” He hesitated and suddenly realized that she had a heavy financial burden on her.

“Let go of me.” She said and shrugged him off. “I must at least put some plastic sheets over them even if I can’t harvest the rest. In that way, I can save more crops.”

He stared at her silently and he couldn’t bring himself to drag her away. “Let me help you.”

“What?” She was stunned.

“Didn’t you hear me?  I said, let me help you!” He shouted back at her, his expression showing that he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. “Where are the plastic sheets? I’ll move them over now.”

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 15.1

Chapter 15.1 - The Secret That Can’t Be Told (1)

    In the afternoon at Tiffany's house, Luo Zhi explained to Tiffany's mother that Sheng Huainan was very busy, but would treat the two children as his own siblings and frequently come to play with them.

    She saw Tiffany looked disappointed, and Jake walked into his room angrily, ignoring her. Suddenly, the body and mind are filled with fatigue.

    She accompanied them for more than half a year, and he only shared one day at Happy Valley with them.

    He frustrated her in this way. Use superiority, use affinity, use his excellence and busyness, use his carelessness.

    Although she was inferior everywhere, she still loved him. He grabbed her hand, and she didn't even refuse.

    This situation is terrible.

    Luo Zhi finally couldn't laugh, nor did she conceal her fatigue, and sat at the table without talking.

    She was really tired.

    "Drink some tea. An old friend went to play in Yunnan and brought me some old Pu'er. He was afraid that I would not know how to make tea, so he specially brought me a purple clay pot. I used boiling water to make it first. After a while, I washed the dust and poured it out. I added honey and iced it. Although it's autumn, I still prefer cold things, do you mind?"

    Luo Zhi returned to life after the other person talked for a long time. "Huh? Oh, I don't mind, I like cold things too. Thank you."

    She took the glass, the maroon tea was a bit dark, she tasted it. It was bitter but not astringent, and it tasted unexpectedly nice.

    "Do you like tea?"

    "I don't know." Luo Zhi shrugged.

    "Do you like coffee?"

    "I don't know."

    Luo Zhi was a little embarrassed to see that the other party was looking at her with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

    "It is like this. if I drink tea, it is Lipton tea bags with hot water; as for coffee, it is always Nestle that I casually brewed when I stayed up late K-booking (reading), so I don't know if I make tea and make coffee seriously like you every day, would I like to drink tea or coffee."

    Tiffany's mother laughed.

    "You always look like you have loads on your mind and don't like to talk, but sometimes you are so frank, which makes it hard for me to accept."

    Luo Zhi didn't know when she allowed her to see through her. They don’t seem to meet often, and they rarely chat.

    After all, she is a woman who has lived ten years longer than herself and a woman who is not simple, it is probably normal for her to see through her in a glance.

    "I have loads on my mind?" Luo Zhi sipped the cup in both hands.

    "It seems that you have some secrets that you can't tell."

    Later when Jay Chou's new film "Secrets That Cannot Be Told" was released, Luo Zhi once again remembered her secret that was exposed. Although her secrets are not as beautiful as those described in Jay Chou’s narcissistic movie.

    "I think... it can be counted as it, but it's not impossible to tell." She did not refute.

    "Not impossible to tell, then what is it?"

    "No one asked, so I didn't told anyone." Luo Zhi remembered after speaking, someone actually asked. Just the questioner, one who was carrying a wine bottle like a witch with red eyes, and the other stupidly immersed in the sorrow of his girlfriend running away with the handsome boy, how could she tell them.

    When she finished drinking, the other party asked if she wanted another drink.

    "Sure, can I have another cup? I can answer your question now. I like drinking tea."

    Tiffany's mother smiled, and the sunlight came in through the French windows, tinting her smile golden. Luo Zhi suddenly remembered the photo on the coast, the short-haired woman in the soft sunlight. Even though her hair is very long now, she still looks like a pure and lovely girl.

    "Then drink something hot." She sat down in front of the tea tray and began to boil the water.

    "By the way...Is it okay if I don't call you "auntie" in the future?"


    "I feel a little guilty. You look only a few years older than me."

    "Really?" She blinked and when she blinked, she looked even younger, "Thank you. Then we shall ignore all the talk about generational matters. The two of them call you ‘sister', you can also call me ‘sister'."

    "Sure." Luo Zhi I feel that if she were a man, she would have fallen in love with her now.

    "But, do you know what my name is and what work I do?"

    Luo Zhi shook her head.

    "You're in Happy Valley, and you coaxed the kids well, but you didn't ask why they were throwing a tantrum, did you?" 

"I didn't ask, but Tiffany did said something. She kept crying, so I didn’t really understand what she said." 

    "Then how did you coax Jake?"

    "I didn't coax him. It was the brother he told you."

    "Interesting. The boy didn't ask what was going on from start to finish. You two really made me feel relieved."

    She put down the teapot: "Everyone who sees me as a single woman living in such a big house and raising two children will want to know who I am, why I am so rich, and where my husband is. Even if they don’t ask, they will also inquire about it behind my back. I will tell you that I am divorced, do you believe it? You don’t seem to have any interest in it at all.”

    Luo Zhi smiled calmly: “It’s not that I am not interested. If you are willing to say, I will naturally listen. But my interest is not strong enough till I need to inquire about it."

    "Only interested in wages?"

    She continued to nod frankly.

    Tiffany's mother smiled, poured the rest of the tea soup on the toad-shaped tea pet, lowered her head and said casually, "But...I know something about your family. The trustee told me a few words."

    “It doesn't matter, my background is not shameful."

    "If I was as clear-headed as you when I was young, many things might not have happened."

    Luo Zhi didn't speak but just smiled.

    "Have you ever wondered why I told you this?"

    Luo Zhi thought for a while: "It may be that I was in a bad mood, you are helping me solve it, or it may be that I was getting fired, or maybe because you... have nothing to do right now." 

Just idling.

    She didn't know why she was so unscrupulous today, maybe she was really stimulated by Sheng Huainan, so she had no qualms.

    "Except for the second point, you are right about everything else. Why should I fire you? And, needless to say, I'm really bored." The other party was amused.

    "Then are you really bored?" Luo Zhi grinned after speaking, and she became more and more presumptuous.

    "Yeah, I also have secrets, and I have no friends." Her voice lowered, "People with secrets feel lonely. It is normal."

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Workplace

    This time, the new recruits of IBM included elites from various domestic banks with strong capabilities, especially Yin Zhe and JOHN. They have adapted to the high-intensity work rhythm and managed to stand out from the rest.      "I have read your proposal and it is not bad. I have marked the parts that needs modification. Keep up the good work." Jiang Jun handed the folders to Yin Zhe and JOHN. "Next, your work focus will be to help Sally with the SLK's case. I hope to hear good news from you"     JOHN said: "We will try our best."      Yin Zhe said: "Yes, we can do it."     Jiang Jun smiled but said nothing, ‘you all better make it work! "She thought, "What's the matter with the SLK case?" DU glared at Jiang Jun. "What the hell did they do? And what are you doing? Collecting flowers and going on dates every day?" He glared at her with his hands on the desk." Juno, I will not interfere with your private life, but please don't let it affect your work!"     She looked at DU coldly. "First, you have no right to interfere in my private life. Second, you know exactly what was the reason behind this leaked information. Third, your plans didn’t work out. Don’t put the blame on others."     "Very good." He threw the document folders in front of her. "Take a good look. Do you think it will be fine just by convincing SLK to not sue SALLY? We had to take a $500K loss, I told you to watch them, what were you doing? "     Jiang Jun glanced at the file, "I'm working on this matter, it's only $500K. I'm filling up the loss for Sally. I will play the role of a bad person anyway. Those people deliberately set this trap for SALLY and it's impossible to avoid." She laughed and shook her head. "You assigned JOHN as a partner for JAY and asked me to hand the SLK project to them. You were waiting for this, aren't you? You killed three birds with one stone, why are you angry about it?"      "Forget it, do it as you want, but someone has to be the scapegoat and SALLY is inevitably the one. You try to find more evidence that JOHN is the one behind it."      "Got it."                 ......      "Juno, I’m sorry," SALLY said.      Jiang Jun smiled bitterly, "Not to me!"     SALLY handed her all the documents and said, "I'm sorry Juno, I caused you so much trouble. I really wanted to go to Beijing with you. I am so dumb aren’t I?"     Jiang Jun was speechless. She just gave the girl who had worked with her for more than 3 years a big hug. Although she tried her best to resolve the problems after SLK’s confidential information was leaked, she still caused a huge loss to the company. As the direct person in charge of the case, SALLY has to carry the blame. Jiang Jun really wanted to keep this lovely girl in the company. After all, this situation is directed towards DU and her, but still, SALLY must be responsible for her negligence.     She handed SALLY an envelope and sent her away.      "Let JOHN and JAY come to my office in half an hour." After Jiang Jun told the secretary and smoked a cigarette after another.      They can't frame DU and her, but what about the others? The first is SALLY, but who is the next one?      Her phone rang. She picked it up and the other end sounded. "Girl"      It’s Yuan Shuai. Sadness engulfed Jiang Jun and she replied, "brother Yuanyuan" she sobbed and collapsed in her seat with no energy left.      "Who bullied Junjun, I will kill that person," Yuan Shuai said in a nasty voice. "............”      "MISS JIANG, JAY and JOHN are here," The secretary told her. "Let them in" she hung up the phone, and her eyes showed her determinism.      If you want a nasty battle, I am all ready for it.