Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - The Cold Night

                 The car arrived at their destination, the Xishan Villa. Jiang Jun got off as she nervously looked at Yuan Shuai next to her.
     She can vaguely hear the crows cawing from afar, one after another, and their cries echoed in the quietness.
     He hugged her, "Let’s go in". She stopped him in the yard, "I need a cigarette."
     "If you want to die in a worse manner, don’t drag me along with you!" He strengthened her hold on her as he dragged towards the main hall.
     "Chief, I have something to attend to, I’ll leave first." Yuan Shuai said with respect.
     "Eat with us first before you leave." A voice replied.
    Yuan Shuai looked at the women hugging each other, crying in front of him, and sat on the next couch. "Yuan Shuai, thank you for bringing Jun Jun (Jiang Jun’s nickname) back. She is always so stubborn that no one could make her change her mind. So thank you so much."
     "Uncle Zhong (Jiang Jun’s father. Jiang Jun’s surname is Zhong too), Jiang Jun wanted to come back a long time ago but she was embarrassed.” Yuan Shuai replied.
     "Dad, since she is back already, please don't be angry. Later we’ll have her apologize to you." Mr. Zhong faced Grandpa Zhong.
     "We have pampered her too much." Grandpa Zhong picked up his tobacco pipe and knocked on the table. Mr. Zhong quickly handed a velvet bag to Yuan Shuai and signaled him to make a move.
    Yuan Shuai knew what Mr. Zhong meant and quickly came forward, helping the old man refill more shredded tobacco and lit up the match for him.
     "You as well! If you continue pampering her like that, when would she ever grow up?" Grandpa Zhong scolded him.
     "Chief, you know Jiang Jun’s situation over the past few years. She suffered a lot. She endured many things and told me she would not embarrass her family. In fact, she was afraid that you said she was not able to live up to her expectations. She already knew her mistakes a long time ago."
     "Yeah dad, you always say that Jun Jun’s temper was similar to you, and she has your blood running in her veins. You also mentioned that if she lived in the olden days, she would definitely be a heroine." Mr. Zhong said.
     "Don't make excuses for her. I know what my granddaughter's character is. By the way, we already knew what’s going on between you two. Find time to prepare for a wedding. Don't always listen to her."
     "Yes, chief”
    Mr. Zhong stepped forward with a smile, "still calling him chief? Call grandpa."
     "Yes, Grandpa"
     Old Grandpa Zhong smiled and faced Mr. Zhong, "After a few days, ask your Uncle Yuan (Yuan Shuai’s grandfather) and Xiao Yuan(Yuan Shuai’s father) to have a meal together. We need to set a date and discuss about their wedding"
     "Call Jiang Jun in, tell them to start preparing for dinner."
    Jiang Jun's eyes were red, and she was like a little rabbit hiding behind her grandmother.
     "Little fool, it's not like your grandpa will eat you."
     Jiang Jun lowered her head and took small steps towards grandpa "Grandpa, I'm back"
     "Grandpa, I’ve learned from my mistake already."
    She saw her grandmother signaling at her and immediately knelt down with a thump.
     "Grandpa, I'm sorry, I know I was wrong"
     "Grandpa, you can hit me or scold me. I know I’m wrong and have made you upset."
     The old man motioned for others to stand up, tapping on the table with his fingers, "Does hitting or scolding you make you learn? From young, since when did you ever learn your lessons and remember the pain?"
     "I really know mistakes, or should I write a guarantee note? The kind where I need to write with my blood."
     "Zhong Jiangjun, are you feeling itchy and want me to hit you so badly?"
     "Please hit me, grandpa. Or you can send me to Tibet to become a soldier, I promise to defend our country well"
    "Why did I raise you up as such a debt collector?" The old man's hand raised high and fell on her ass with a soft thump. Everyone was finally relieved.

  They went to the dining hall with a smile. Yuan Shuai followed behind her and saw Jiang Jun proudly gesturing a YAY at him.
    After the meal, Yuan Shuai left.
    Jiang Jiang was escorted to the small meeting room for a “trial”. "You have made enough trouble outside, it's time to settle down. Yuan Shuai is a good kid. It's rare that someone would care for you so much. You and he should settle down quickly."
     "Grandma, I’m still young..."
     "When I was your age, I already had you going to the elementary school!" Jiang Jun’s mother, Mrs. Zhong said.
     "Mom, no one at my age will get married. It’s too early."
     "You are a girl. You are just fooling around now."
     "Grandpa, I am not fooling around! I am working hard and improving every day, you have always educated me not to be like those good-for-nothing kids from a wealthy family and must have the desire to make progress."
     "Don’t be impolite" Mrs. Zhong glared at Jiang Jun. 
  "I didn't use the name of our Zhong family to seek attention, I just wanted to gain achievements using my own effort." Jiang Jun retaliated.
     "It’s definitely okay to work, but you need to get married too." Mrs. Zhong explained.
     "Yeah, I'm anticipating for my great-grandson. We are old already. How long can we wait? If you really feel sorry for grandma, hurry up, get married, and have children."
     "I don’t want children. If grandma has a great-grandson, you won’t pamper me anymore.."
     "What nonsense!" Grandma said.
     "Zhong Jiangjun, is your skin itching again?" Grandpa Zhong’s voice was strict.
     She saw the old man glaring at her and she ran over. "Grandpa ~ Isn’t it better that I come back to accompany you every day. Why do you want me to get married so soon?"
    The old man squeezed her nose hard, "naughty girl, I'm eager to send a troublemaker like you away."
     "Forget it, let's discuss it later. You should stay with me at home these days and accompany us" Grandpa Zhong continued.
     "Yes, Chief!"
     It was late at night, she was lying in bed and could not sleep. She was tossing and turning, so she took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to Yuan Shuai: You asleep?
     Very soon, she received his reply: Not yet. Are you done with your trial?
    She replied: Yes, what are you doing?
    Yuan Shuai: Lying down on my bed. You?

  She replied again: Me too.

  Her phone rang immediately, she quickly picked it up and glanced around guiltily.
    "Why, they all fell asleep" She whispered a low voice and a soft laugh was heard from the other end of the phone, "Are you in the room yourself?" He asked, lowering her voice. 

   "Even a bomb would not be able to blow off your house, foolish girl!" He suddenly raised his voice and laughed. "Ha, I hate you..." She finally realized that she didn’t need to lower her voice and laughed with him. 

 "Do you miss me?" He suddenly asked. She buried her face in her pillow and whispered "Yes". She missed him, very, very much.
     She put on her clothes and walked downstairs like a thief, and forced the guards on duty to open the gate for her.
    She ran in the cold night, her body and soul eager to be loved by the man.
    His car was parked at the garden’s exit. The car avoided the street lights and silently lurked in the shadows.
  She pulled open the car door, he leaned on the steering wheel to look at her but could not see her expressions and her eyes. She pounced and entangled with him and he cupped her face and kissed her deeply. The car speeded like lightning and she caressed him, forcing him to beat several red lights. He carried her on his shoulders, strode into the room and they kneeled on the bed, kissing like wild beasts.
  "Call my name" He gasped and looked at her, his sweat dripping onto her face, she was under him and their fingers intertwined. "Yuan Shuai" she looked at him bewitched, her body arched. "Again", "Yuan Shuai", "Again", "Yuan Shuai!"

Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3 - 甘草 Licorice (3)

    Back at the hotel, Xu Xiangya came to the office and complained to her, "Porridge, there is a woman who is too troublesome! Saying that our steak is not well cooked, still has blood, and she obviously said she wanted a medium!"

    Shen Xifan glared at her, "Don't call me porridge!"

    Xu Xiangya sighed, " I'm not here just to complain to you about this, but I saw that there seems to be a very picky VIP guest today, I don't have any ideas for now so I came to ask you."

    Shen Xifan laughed, "There are still people you can't handle-- " took the information and looked at it. 

Suddenly, "Yan Heng, the CEO of Zhongyu, um----I don't have his information as well..." 

Xu Xiangya made a fainting action, "I am just complaining about it for a while, work is hard, getting a salary is harder, but it’s even harder to wait on people!” 

Shen Xifan waved the information, “Look at it closely if there is a mistake, but you’re going to lose your head!” 

Xu Xiangya fake laughed “haha”, “ We’ll see!"

    Five days later, "MT" President Ling Yufan moved in. Before this, Cheng Manager has repeatedly instructed that this is the VIP among the VIP, must not have any slight mistake. Ling Yufan is the third youngest member of the Ling family, responsible for the electronic field of the Ling family. Behind it is the full support of the Ling family financial group. "MT" seems to be the leader of the IT industry. Ling Yufan is also a talented person. He has a PhD in electronics and a master of business from Harvard.

    Later, she realized how hard to handle this person was.

    Not to mention the evildoer nature of this life, those peach-eyed, straight-eyed souls exuded an evil spirit all over his body. If she hadn't had a few years of cultivation, she would have regretted that she was not able to resist the powerful magnetic field.

    This young master has a lot of rules, which is simply overwhelming. It looks like he is deliberately looking for faults. From living in the presidential suite of Jingge to the villa, he constantly complains about the equipment and hygiene. Sometimes she wants to wrap him on the quilt and stifle him to death.

    Moreover, he seemed to be unkind to her, and she could feel that kind of alienation and disdain.

    On the last day, "Center Universe" President Yan Heng moved in. GM Cheng told in advance that Yan Heng is the son of his long-time friend, and he intends to set up a branch here and plans to develop cloth for new products in Ancient South China Hall. Yes, it is the great patron of Ancient South China Hall, and he must be properly hosted..

    This guest was personally received by Mr. Cheng, so she was overjoyed.

    She walked down the administration building and was about to inspect the regular maintenance of the Jingge villa area. Suddenly a girl ran over and shouted, "Supervisor, it's not good!"

    She was shocked when she saw Xiao Li from the senior suite. alarmed, she busily asked, "What's happened?"

    "A foreign guest suddenly collapsed in the guest room, the manager on duty has already gone, GM Cheng is now getting ready to receive the guest, saying you should go have a look."

    Fortunately, the foreigners only had low blood sugar and fainted temporarily, and everyone present was relieved. After handling this matter, Shen Xifan had to return to the villa area from the front hall.

    But when she was in the front hall, she saw a Mercedes Benz stopped and two people came out, one was GM Cheng, and the other was Yan Heng. She was looking at it with curious eyes, but she was stunned, standing at the front desk, unable to move half a step.

    Who is Yan Heng? He is Dai Heng!

    After three years of absence, he has become much more mature, his youthfulness faded, his face is still so handsome, his gestures have become extraordinary, and he is different from the past.

    Three years, can really change many things.

    Yan Heng was her first love. They broke up three years ago and then went on separate journeys. She originally thought they would never meet again in this life, but meeting him here, isn’t her life a bit ironic?

    He also looked at Shen Xifan, and cast his gaze slightly to the side, her eyes met, her head "booming" completely blank, GM Cheng seemed to be aware of something, looked at Shen Xifan, then Yan Heng. That's our room manager, Manager Shen."

    He toned his tone and didn't cover it up deliberately. "Just think she just looks familiar. Uncle Cheng, let's go first." 

When he left, he didn't forget to take another look at Shen Xifan and then went in the Elevator, when the door closed, the two of them passed by again.

    Shen Xifan sighed softly and returned to the villa area, but she did not notice Lin Yishen standing on the stairs not far from her, curling her lips, smiling helplessly.

First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.5


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (5)

   The young teacher couldn't make the decision to let her leave the exam room. With some hesitation, Xiong Yifan volunteered to go out and look for the headmaster. But the new invigilator told her to stay in her seat, explaining that the students should not leave the exam venue yet. As time passed, the young teacher left to seek for help from other teachers in other exam venues but did not return.

  Xiong Yifan thought: why didn’t he just make a phone call? Why must he look for other teachers like a headless fly when a phone call could solve the problem? This teacher... is he reliable? The most important thing is... students' mobile phones should be handed to the teacher voluntarily before the exam, otherwise they will violate the discipline of the examination. Xiong Yifan's cell phone was not handed up to the teacher, but she dared not to take it out for if she was seen with a phone, she might be handed over for disciplinary actions.

   Xiong Yifan was anxious, holding a cup, and helped Ding Ming get a cup of hot water again. She went up to Ding Ming to ask about her condition but Ding Ming told her to get back to her seat to avoid troubles. If a teacher finds that Xiong Yifan is walking around in the exam venue, she would be punished. Although Xiong Yifan went back to her seat obediently, Ding Ming's pale face and lips made Xiong Yifan worry.

       Ten minutes passed, and no one came back to their exam room, as if those invigilators who went out has fallen into a deep black hole, and could not find a way back. The people in the class began to lose their patience. Some people predicted an unforeseeable incident has happened. Various versions of suspense stories were discussed.

   Xiong Yifan decided to do something about it. In this process of being left hanging, every minute and second seemed like torment and she could not bear it anymore. She got up, walked to the podium, and turned on the class computer. She then connected it to the stereo. Then, in front of the entire group of students, she surfed the Internet, searched, found a song, increase its volume to the maximum, and then quickly returned to her seat.

  The music emerged all of a sudden from the school building, just like thunder, which shocked the rest of the people. The examination room was supposed to be quiet, but the silence was broken abruptly, like a blue sky suddenly having a tint of red. Nice but abrupt.

   Sure enough, within five minutes, a teacher came in, and seven or eight more followed behind. She successfully attracted teachers back into her class but at the same time, she was anxious because she is in deep trouble.

   The form teacher of class (2) came in after some time. After entering, she scanned the crowd and saw Xiong Yifan staring at her stunned. She immediately understood what Xiong Yifan did. She turned off the music first, calmed the teachers who were about to get angry, and persuade them to leave, and then lean on the podium desk as she glanced at the students.

   The form teacher was a slender person, and her figure was as good as a model. Of course, if she looks better, she would be on the T-stage.

   "Xiong Yifan, stand up." 

  Xiong Yifan stood up and lowered her head, looking very obedient.

   "Explain." The form teacher was unable to understand why she wanted to attract attention in such a high profile manner.

        Xiong Yifan looked up at the form teacher and realized that she was not angry. Xiong Yifan heaved a sigh of relief, "Ding Ming has a stomachache, I wanted to buy her medicine, but unfortunately, no teacher was here and I could not leave the class without a permission.”

   The form teacher looked over at Ding Ming who was in pain and walked over. Taking a thorough look at her, she understood that Xiong Yifan’s actions were not to cause trouble. After all, the exams were over. It was indeed abnormal to not let the students leave the examination venue after handing up their scripts. 

        She nodded, then walked over to Xiong Yifan and whispered softly, "an incident happened outside of school, so now all the students in the school are to stay in the school building. The school gate is locked. Now, go to the infirmary to get some medicine for Ding Ming first, and come back immediately."

   Xiong Yifan nodded and was about to leave the class when the form teacher stopped her again, "I need you to help me change the water on the water dispenser. It was too heavy for the female teachers to do."

   As soon as she said that, everyone suppressed their laughter but giggles could still be heard.

   Xiong Yifan thought: why couldn’t you find a male teacher instead. Xiong Yifan felt slightly embarrassed.

   Xiong Yifan has no choice but to agree and then walked out with heavy footsteps. She clearly saw Yan Ke chuckling, and his shoulders were shaking uncontrollably. She was ridiculed by Yan Ke which made her wanted to dig a hole to hide.

  Ding Ming saw Xiong Yifan’s red face and decided to help her. She signaled back and forth at her form teacher and the form teacher eventually said again, "that boy sitting there thinks its funny? Since this is the case, you can help her too."

   The boy she was referring to was Yan Ke.

   Ding Ming’s mood immediately brightened. Is it possible that the teacher was able to read her mind? This is so interesting. The students in her form class have always liked her so much because she was always so cute and understanding.

  Yan Ke was surprised at first. He hesitantly got up, nodded, and followed Xiong Yifan out.

   The aura in the classroom suddenly changed. The eyes of all the girls in year one class (2) followed Yan Ke as he walked out of this classroom.

   "let’s go." Yan Ke walked to Xiong Yifan and said softly.

   This is the first sentence Yan Ke said to Xiong Yifan. After many, many years, Xiong Yifan can still clearly remember how good his voice sounded at that time, enchanting her and echoed in her mind for days and nights.


Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 - 甘草 Licorice (2)

    The document reads, "The task of the housekeeping department is to arrange rooms. The housekeeping department has the closest connection with the front office. The housekeeping department needs to obtain guest check-in information from the front office at all times, familiarize with the guest history, collect guest suggestions, and take special care for VIP rooms. Pay special attention to checking the room status regularly; assist in alleviating the check-in pressure at the front office. The shift schedule should ensure the full manpower of the morning and mid shifts. Pay attention to the inventory of various rooms in the computer system and feedback to the front office in time for convenience The front office department makes overall adjustments to sales at any time and cooperates with the catering department to do a good job in-room service, inventory and supplement of food and beverages in the minibar of the room, help alleviate the huge pressure on breakfast the next day, and coordinate with the catering department when appropriate diversion of meals."

    She flipped through the information. This time, there seemed to be a lot of VIPs, and the task was quite arduous. She cursed and complained in her head.

    While she was still complaining, she saw the food and beverage department manager Xu Xiangya push open the door, holding piles of information, the distribution of pieces of information felt like distributing freebies to roadside hawkers, "Come, come, go back and study it well, pleasant cooperation."

    She immediately rolled her eyes.

    But she couldn't go home again at this time, sitting in the office, writing plans and sorting out various materials. Shen Xifan rubbed her temples and remembered the Chinese medicine lying in the kitchen, so she had to go back and get it during her dinner break.

    As soon as she came back, she found the public relations manager Lin Yishen looking for her, saying that a boss from the IT summit had arrived, a week earlier than expected.

    Indeed, changes always go beyond plans.. She went back to the office to search for information in a mess. Fortunately, Lin Yishen was quite helpful. The person on duty in the catering department happened to be Xu Xiangya, so she pushed the catering item to her, and she only had to be responsible for the guest room.

    She asked the front office manager and the security office to book the waterfront villa of Jingge. She was worried and went to check the sanitation and facilities in person, and the supervisor who followed her was also nervous, for fear of making a mistake.

    At a little over nine o'clock, Boss Duan was accompanied by President Cheng into the Gunan Palace, Shen Xifan stood aside and trying to uplift her spirit.

    Duan Zhen was quite satisfied with the dinner. He even said a few good things. He also led Mr Cheng to talk about his family and said that he hadn’t eaten snacks in his hometown for so many years. This time he finally got his wish. Xu Xiangya has passed the test.

    Later, when he led him to the villa area, the boss Duan was a little surprised, "The general manager really surprised me, and really understood my taste!" 

Mr Cheng called Shen Xifan, "It was arranged by our room manager, and I have no credit!"

    Duan Zhen praised her, with awkward mandarin, "Manager Shen is very meticulous, I am very satisfied, very satisfied!"

    Shen Xifan carefully cut open the Chinese medicine package, poured it into a cup to heat up, the catering department sent dinner and supper, she almost gobbled up and choked on herself several times. She also picked up the wrong cup and accidentally took Chinese medicine as water, almost making her vomit out her meal.

    It still smelled of licorice, sweet, just like her mood, although she was tired, she was still very happy.

    Thinking of organizing information at night, she picked up a packet of instant coffee. The doctor told her to quit coffee, and for the sake of her own body, so she threw it down again.

    She started silly thinking of the Chinese medicine doctor who had dimples when he smiles. He was extremely patient with her. Such effectiveness of the medicine also partly due to his effect. She was a little uplifted and a little relieved, studying the information with twelve points of spirit.

   For several days, various company bosses and high-level executives have also moved in. Fortunately, they are not very picky and accept circumstances with goodwill. Shen Xifan's arrangement is reasonable and has won a lot of praise. 

    Habitually went to get Chinese medicine, and found that there was no more. She checked the schedule, there will be no VIP again today. She gave some orders and ran to the hospital to get the medicine.

    The Chinese Medicine Building was still so deserted. At a glance, she saw the handsome doctor walking towards the pharmacy and asking, "Are there any Squama Manitis (穿山甲) and Glue of Tortoise Plastron (龟板胶) ?"

    They shouted, "Just arrived!"

    Suddenly, the doctor turned around and was slightly surprised when he saw her, "Why do you only come to get the medicine now?"

    "I haven't finished it until now!" Shen Xifan was also surprised.

    "You don't eat one packet a day, do you? I remember that the dosage I wrote to you was two packets a day?"

    "Ah-------I forgot!" 

The doctor was a little unhappy. After all, they all had a headache when they encountered disobedient and self-righteous patients. , He looked at Shen Xifan and asked, "Are you busy lately?"

    Shen Xifan nodded, "I am busy day and night, and when I sleep, I am afraid of unexpected sudden events." 

"How is your sleep now?”

    " It’s much better!” Shen Xifan was a little excited, “Although it’s still hard to fall asleep, I don’t have insomnia all night.” 

The doctor smiled, “That’s good, remember that the medicine is two packs a day, the effect is not obvious if the amount is small, don’t forget to take the medicine again." Then he turned around to leave..

    Shen Xifan hesitated for a moment, but still couldn't help asking, "Doctor He, is Su Ye a  Chinese medicine?" 

The doctor stopped, turned around, he looked very handsome when he smiled, like a young person, and there was a hint of naughtiness in the gentle voice, " Su Ye, to be exact, it is perilla leaf, which is warm in nature, pungent in taste, relieves the appearance of cold, promotes qi and soothe the stomach. By the way, in winter you can drink a little ginger onion sesame leaf drink, 15 grams of Fistular onion stalk, fresh ginger and 10 grams of sesame leaf, decocted in water, seasoned with brown sugar, it can dispel the wind and cold, warm the lungs and relieve cough. If you are not used to drinking it, you can also cook perilla leaf porridge." 

The nurse on the opposite side called him, and he smiled, "I’ll go first if there is any question, you have about taking medicine, feel free to ask me."

    Shen Xifan scratched her head and meditated in her heart. I just wanted to know why you are named after a chinese medicine.

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.1 - Not to discriminate between Passer-by (1)

    Luo Zhi walked slowly towards the dormitory building and saw Gobi standing at the entrance holding a large bouquet of roses.

    The other party also saw her, and she nodded politely to say hello. Gobi smiled very generously at her, "Beauty, is Baili in the dormitory?"


    "No wonder she didn't answer me on the phone. Then you can help me pass these flowers."

    Luo Zhi nodded and reached for it. After the flowers were handed over by Gobi, she didn't expect her to be caught, but the other party did not let go.

    "I hope she won't be mad at me anymore. This is the first time in my life that I stupidly stand below the girl’s dormitory holding a flower, if she doesn't appreciate this, then I am not doing this anymore." 

Luo Zhi released his grip, took a step back away from this handsome face and said, "Then I'll go upstairs and tell her to come down to see you."

    She was about to leave, and Gobi said quietly behind her, "You are the most boring girl I have ever seen."

    Luo Zhi did not know whether to laugh or cry and entered the building.
 without saying anything.

    "A cold beauty is different from a big ice cube. Your level is still not enough, in order to capture, one must let loose. You still need to practice more to use it well. The current state is not passable."

    She laughed out loud and said without a word, "Who wants to capture you?" 

When turning, she heard a low "shit" coming from behind.

    She remembered Jiang Baili's experiences of crawling on the bed and crying after fighting with all kinds of girls over Gobi. Comparing it with the pride that Gobi said he had to put down in order to bring her flowers, she felt a bit bitter for Baili.


    Her vocabulary is a bit weary, but since she said it in her heart, it is fine as long as she understands it.

    Back at the dormitory, she woke up Baili. Before she even finished talking, Baili already picked up the facial cleanser and rushed to the bathroom to dress up.

    Luo Zhi sat at the table and opened the envelope. There was still only one piece of calculation paper in it, one side was the letter and the other was the messy analytical equation.

    "Luo Zhi, I will only write to you on the calculation paper that I grabbed off my fingertips. You don’t care anyway. It really saves money, other people write to me on beautiful hard paper, but I don’t even receive a calculation paper from you. I haven’t seen you, can you at least reply me a letter?! 

To be honest, I really want to know, in your heart, have you ever cared about people like us?

    I really want to know.

    You are very similar to another person I know. You don’t care about anyone. It makes me feel like I’ve never existed before. That person is so kind to everyone, so good that I misunderstand that it was love.I really don’t know if it matters to others, but that person really doesn’t love me.”

    Luo Zhi froze for a few seconds and read the letter again.

    She would like to ask, what does she mean by "people like us”?

    Ding Shuijing has always been exquisite, soaked up in fiction magazines every day, but with a little hard work, her grades maintain in the top ten of the class, and her popularity is very high, whether it is her top grade or Ye Zhanyan kind of famous popular beauty or even that Xu Qiqiao, a gossiper and poisonous tongue, Ding Shuijing can become close friend with them and listen to the complicated thoughts of others.

    Luo Zhi rarely said anything to her. Although she would smile at her when they met, she would symbolically complain to her that the few math questions were difficult to do or the history teacher took the trouble to give so many papers or the likes. The two people can still take the road home every day, many people regard Ding Shuijing as the few friends of the arrogant and indifferent Luo Zhi  - but she is not, and both of them know that clearly in their hearts.

    The university application form is filled with the top major and school that she can enter based on her grades. Ding Shuijing will also be able to be free and unfettered at university, even more so than nerds like Luo Zhi. Yes, that was what everyone thought-------- until Ding Shuijing somehow dropped out of school to learn Art.

    That day, Ding Shuijing wrote the first letter to Luo Zhi, and Luo Zhi knew the news that everyone knew. Her letter was full of grievances and confusion, and her tone was desperate as if Luo Zhi was the only life-saving straw in her spiritual world.

    Of course, there is still a little hidden secret ---- "I think I can finally prove that I have not escaped or ridiculed anything, although the person I care about may not wait for my proof." But Luo Zhi did not go into details into the meaning of this sentence.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Go Home

              After the work was over, Sally, who came to Beijing for the first time, forced Jiang Jun to tour around Beijing. DU joined her. Sally pulled her up before the sun came up just to see the flag-raising ceremony. On the morning of December in Beijing, the north wind was strong and it made it freezing to go out. In the cold, she glared with red noses at the two people wearing thick padded coats touring the city. She was wearing thick scarves and only her eyes were showing.
     "Why didn’t you buy the thick coat for me too" The coldness made her teeth tremble. "You didn't say you want it" DU’s innocent eyes sparked in the winter wind. 

    Sally tugged at her with her hand and in the freezing cold weather, Jiang Jun could even feel the coldness of Sally’s gloves. "Sorry, it wasn’t me who bought it. Du bought it from yesterday during your interview. You can't wear mine because you are too tall."
     He definitely did it intentionally.
     "Okay, sorry, I can share half of mine with you." DU opened his zipper and wrapped her in his arms.
     She is angry, this is a conspiracy!
     Sally blinked at her to tease her. Jiang Jun wanted to push him away, but his hold was too tight. Now she really didn’t have the energy to budge. She thought: forget it, nothing has happened between us. I will settle accounts with him after Sally leaves.
    The sound of steely footsteps came from not far away. She concentrated on waiting for the national anthem to play. She pushed him away, straightened her body, and sang along in a low voice.
      The anthem played ~~~
    At this moment, she worshiped the red flag that danced in the wind.
    The ceremony was over, Sally leaned over with tears on her face, "Juno, you know I always felt that I am a Hong Konger, and today I realized that it was such a proud thing to be a Chinese."
     Jiang Jun was still looking up at the national flag and she said: "You know, I took my oath to join the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League here."
     A square handkerchief was placed on her face, and the tears were quickly dried. He looked at her solemnly, holding her and Sally into his arms.
     They lined up to visit the Memorial Hall, carefully reading the inscriptions of the martyrs. She proudly told Sally and DU that she used to stand here as an excellent young pioneer, guarding the heroes who sacrificed themselves.
   It’s her home country. She had been wandering abroad for too long. Fortunately, they came back, and the tall flag that’s always there signaled the direction of their home.
     "Any specialties here, don't tell me about roast duck, I’ve already tried it many times."
     She and DU glanced at each other, and he said, "Or would you take us to eat authentic cuisines?"
     She was dumbfounded because she didn’t know too. Fortunately, they are considered half a foreigner to Beijing, so they can easily be fooled.
     She decided to take them to the only place she knew better, Xidan. She remembered the mutton skewers and stew there that was delicious.
     There was a tacit understanding to not call a taxi. They followed the red wall of the barge to the place where she had lived for many years. Many people took pictures outside the south gate.
     "So cool!" Sally took photos madly at the guard patrolling, and looked curiously at the door, "Juno, what is behind this wall?"
     "You break in to take a look. If you manage to return without getting killed, then tell us what you found out" DU joked.
     Behind the wall is the South China Sea. Behind the South China Sea is the North China Sea, and the North China Sea is connected to the South China Sea. Sally ran up to take a photo and called her to take pictures together, but she shook her head to reject.
     This gate is a monument. Like some courtyards, it represents the absolute rights and majesty of this country.
    Under the left and right attack of DU and Sally, Jiang Jun still took a picture with them for the first time at the front gate.
    Xidan had changed a lot. After asking the taxi driver, everyone went straight to the old street of Dongzhimen.
     "Why is this street called Ghost Street?"
     "Because in the past, this was a cemetery, the crayfish you are eating grew up eating corpses"
     Poooooh. She saw Sally rushing to the bathroom, DU patted her head and said, "naughty girl".
     She peeled the spicy crayfish slowly, who asked them to eat like a glutton so quickly that she was almost left with nothing to eat?
     "We will go back tomorrow, you can stay for a vacation" DU started
     "You should make a decision. In the future, your work focus would be in Beijing, and you wouldn’t spend much time in Hong Kong"
     "Take care of yourself." He continued.
     "You too, and please take your oily hands off my hair" She complained
     "DU, we have an agreement, our relationship must remain the same as before. What would Sally think about us? Even if she won't say it, what would others think..."
     His finger touched her lips.
     "Don't worry, leave everything to me. You just have to work at ease and take a good rest. Don't reject me. I can't control myself, but I know the limit and I will never embarrass you."
    She wanted to say something but saw Sally come back. So she kept quiet.
    The next morning, she sent them away, and a black car was already waiting at the hotel. It's time to go home.
     She opened the door and found Yuan Shuai sitting in the car, looking at her with a smile.
     "You are so afraid of me running away? You don’t trust my self-discipline?" She said
     "Your performance determines the attitude of people and the country towards you. If you put down your gun, I will not kill" He joked
     "Hurry up, hand me your passport, wallet, and cigarettes." He continued.
     "Brother, even the snakehead is not as ruthless as you". She complained.
     "Your grandfather is even more ruthless, he even brought along his crutches. I have been wondering why the old man wanted a crutch at home when he is so healthy. I bet it is prepared for today, how far-sighted."
     "Aren't you not ‘killing’?"
     "Yes, not killing. Maybe just make you crippled or something, don't be afraid. If your leg is broken, I will carry you around. If your arm is broken, your grandma will feed you. If both your arms and legs are broken, your father and mother will support you."
     "My parents are back?"She cried
     "Yes, you shall wait for the public trial" He replied
     "Let's run away, really, right now..." she pleaded desperately.

The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 13

love equation

Chapter 13 - Quarrel

When Zhou Xiao was about to run up the dormitory building, Zhao Fanzhou finally caught up with her. He grabbed her hand hard and gasped a little, "What's wrong with you?"

"Let go, I don't want to talk to you now." She said, pulling her so hard, does he think he is playing an idol drama!

"At least give me a reason." Why does she need a reason, she is simply in a bad mood, just unreasonably making trouble, her period is coming, can't she be unreasonable?

"You've been giving me a sour face from the start till now. Is this reason enough? If it's not enough, you walk away just to receive a phone call from another girl in front of your girlfriend. Is this reason enough?" Still dare to say she is unreasonable! She was just casually speaking, and not one but two reasons came up.

"When did I gave you a sour face? I was just thinking about something. I answered the phone outside because it was too noisy inside, and Jia Yichun was my neighbour!"

"Neighbor? I'm fed up with your neighbour. You are more tender to your neighbour than me. Forget it, I don't want to quarrel with you. Just let me go back."

"How long are you going to be entangled in her problem? I have said before, we grew up together, she is like my sister."

"Forget it, except for the time when I met her on the school road, did you ever intend to introduce me to your ''sister” ?'

He was silent for a while: "I thought you didn't want to know her." Actually, he really didn't want them to know each other.

"As you please, I now say that I don't want to talk to you. I am fine if you don't understand. Let me go and I want to go back."

He hesitated before letting go: "When you calm down and let's talk again." Why does this person like to talk so much? So annoying if he likes chatting that much, why doesn't he become a professional chatter!

She glared at him and turned her head to go upstairs. When she walked, she used great force, stomping on the stairs imagining it as his face.

Zhao Fanzhou didn't even turn around to see her head up, he was also angry. She was the one who was late. She stayed with the handsome guy for an afternoon and she was the one to agree to meet him again tomorrow. Why should she lose his temper? Sometimes women are really unreasonable. He is too lazy to bother about her and needs to go back to solve more important things.

When the light went out, Zhou Xiao looked at the phone again, there was no text message, and there was no missed call. She was so angry that she pressed the shutdown button hard.

Fine, it has been two days, he still has not contacted her, is he now competing who has more patience? So angry, can't he just coax her! Did she overdo it, all she did was just hang up his phone, um... seemed to have to bite him... she was just too angry, but he didn't have to be angry for so long, right? She also didn't use too much force... seemed like it was quite hard... but such a big person, he wouldn’t die from just a bite!

Zhou Xiao rolled up and down on the bed, and Tao Ling, who slept in the bottom bed, was not happy: "Zhou Xiao, do you have lice in the bed, you have been rolling for so long, you don’t want others to sleep?" 

Nowadays, Tao Ling has been sharp with her word, everyone has been yielding to her as they felt sorry for the pain she went through, and Xiaolu almost quarrelled with her this morning. Zhou Xiao made an "ok" and stopped moving. Tao Ling is still continued being unreasonable: "Sometimes you at least have to think about the feelings of others. Because you cannot sleep, you don’t have to make others accompany you to not sleep..."

"Are you not ending?" Xiaolu suddenly jumped out and said, "Don't think everyone is letting you, mean you can overdo it"

Tao Ling's voice suddenly increased: "What do you mean?"

"Don't be noisy, go to sleep, and I have class tomorrow." The room manager tried to smooth things over

"If she hadn't been tossing and turning, would I have said anything?"

Well, now comes back to her again, Zhou Xiao sighed: "I’ll stop moving,I wasn’t aware just now, you guys go back to sleep."

"Zhou Xiao, why are you so polite to her, the one who should be sorry is her rotten boyfriend, why should we give her face?" Xiaolu seems to have been triggered today.

"Zhu Lu! If you have any opinion about me, you can just say it, stop being eccentric!" Zhu Lu is the Xiaolu's real name, and it also means a pig and a deer. They usually laugh at her calling her a zoo. This name is why everyone calls her Xiaolu 小鹿 (illa: Fawn in Chinese).

"I have an opinion about you. Am I not straightforward enough?"

"Where did I provoke you and how did I provoke you?"

"It is obvious, isn't it? You just show us a stinky face every day. You broke the phone yesterday because it disturbed your nap; you broke my mouthwash cup this morning. You didn't even say sorry, and still complained that my gargle cup was placed too outside; in the afternoon you dropped the head of the room's clothes on the floor but you still didn’t pick it up ...... do you think we need to bear with everything you do"?

"Did I tell you to bear with me? I'm just in a bad mood..." Tao Ling's voice began to cry.

"You stop crying in front of me, what is it now? Am I bullying you?" Xiaolu's voice also began to choke a little.

Alas, if this wasn’t also her dormitory. Zhou Xiao really wanted to take a bag of melon seeds and watch the play while sitting at the side.

"Both of you shut up for me!" The usually soft and weak head of the room suddenly snapped.

"Tao Ling, you have been too much lately. The one that should be sorry is your boyfriend, not us, we accompanied you to buy birth control pills, cried with you, accompanied you to go for abortion... as have done as much as we can as your friends, If you still want a more people who are sorry for you, you move out for me; and you, Xiaolu, Tao Ling has experienced so many things, it is normal for her to be in a bad mood, why do you have to bicker with her?”

If it wasn’t this atmosphere, Zhou Xiao really wants to stand up and clap hard and long, you such a genius, she literally is China's, Martin Luther King.

After being scolded by the head of the room, neither of them dared to speak. After such a quarrel, Zhou Xiao also forgot about the matter with Zhao Fanzhou. The dormitory was quiet, and everyone fell asleep with their own concerns.