Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35.2 - Living Together (2)

Su Jinbei scrunched up her face bitterly and walked back in. She was waddling because of the bruise on her back. Zhou Shiyun had planned to supervise her, but now seeing her posture, he sighed helplessly, “Stand here.” 

He stepped forward and moved her aside. 

“Ah?” Su Jinbei wondered. Then the next second, she saw Zhou Shiyun personally start to help her sort everything. The slender and straight back was facing her, and her clothes were hung in the closet by category. 

“Baby Zhou, actually I think it’s all sorted out, do you have OCD?” Su Jinbei sat on a display cabinet for ties and watches in the middle of the room, and asked leisurely. 

Zhou Shiyun ignored her. 

“Oh, but that’s fine. I like clean boys. My mother used to always say that my room was messy. Now that you’re here, it won’t be messy then.” 

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth twitched, “Tidy things up yourself next time, or else…”

“Or else you’ll throw everything out, right.” Su Jinbei giggled, “Okay, okay, I’ll listen to you, but in all seriousness, if you dare throw them out, I will.” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced back at her, waiting for her to continue. 

Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, and charmingly added, “I will drug you and force myself on you.” 

Zhou Shiyun was startled, and his face suddenly turned black. 

Su Jinbei saw the change in his expression and shook with laughter, “Oh, I’m just kidding, why are you so uptight?” 

Zhou Shiyun turned away with a sullen face, no matter what Su Jinbei said to get a reaction out of him, he only thought of her as air and ignored her. 

After half an hour, Su Jinbei’s clothes, shoes and bags were finally neat and tidy enough to satisfy Zhou Shiyun.

He turned and looked at her, “Go back to your room and go to bed.” 

Su Jinbei stared at the neat closet dumbfounded, “I want to applaud you.” 

Zhou Shiyun was obviously speechless. He wanted to walk out of the closet room, but after one step, there were cries of pain behind him. 

“Baby Zhou, my waist hurts. I can’t get off.” 

She went up fine, but now could not come down… 

He clearly knew she was doing this on purpose, but Zhou Shiyun couldn’t help but turn back. 

“Come and help me.” Su Jinbei reached out to him. 

Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, walked up to her, reached out to support her, “Get down.” 

Su Jinbei was happily helped down, “Oh, right.” She suddenly looked up and looked at him with a smile. 

Zhou Shiyun lowered his eyes, the eyes lingering on him were her glistening ones. Su Jinbei suddenly lifted herself on her tiptoes and kissed his lips hard, “muah!” 

She exerted a lot of strength, and her powerful voice rang through the closet room. 

Zhou Shiyun’s heart skipped a beat. He had no time to react and Su Jinbei had already ran quickly to the door. “I was really touched seeing you maintaining the household so well so I gifted you a kiss as a token of appreciation. Good night.” 

Su Jinbei flashed out of the closet room, and there was a burst of vague laughter from outside… 

Zhou Shiyun stood in place, slowly raised his hand and touched his lips gently, and when he lowered his hand, there was a light touch of pink on his index finger, her lipstick. 

“Meow.” At this time, Wutong popped its head in at the door. Its eyes were sparkling, it looked extremely cute. 

Zhou Shiyun stepped forward and squatted down to carry it. 


Zhou Shiyun’s mouth slowly hooked up, and his tone was a little doting, “There is another troublemaker in the family.” 

“Meow!” Wutong expressed dissatisfaction, what do you mean another, are you talking about me? 

Zhou Shiyun walked out of the cloakroom and stopped when passing by Su Jinbei’s room. From inside came the sound of singing, with unpredictable melody and inexplicable lyrics. 

Zhou Shiyun suddenly felt that having a new addition to his home seemed pretty good. Although she was noisy, chaotic, and did annoying things from time to time, his heart seemed to be much happier than before. 

Just like just now… 

Zhou Shi’s eyes glowed with soft light. Even though she was troublesome, she was his future wife, after all, it seemed all he could do was accept it all. 

Early the next morning, He Di came on time to ring the doorbell. 

The door was opened by Zhou Shiyun, He Di saw his casual appearance at home, “Dr. Zhou, uh… is Jinbei up.” 

Zhou Shiyun pointed to the dining room, “Eating breakfast.” 

“Eating breakfast?” He Di glared and muttered, “I’ve always had to wake her up again and again in the morning. All of a sudden she’s awake and eating breakfast already…” 

“Please come in.” Zhou Shiyun left the door and walked back to the dining room. 

Su Jinbei greeted He Di, “You’re here, wait a few minutes for me, I need to finish drinking the milk.” 

He Di, “You can take your time today. I came early because you can’t get out of bed usually. But Jinbei, you are punctual today.” 

Su Jinbei pointed to Zhou Shiyun, “My baby said, it’s good to get up early for breakfast in the morning. He Di, we have to listen to what the doctor says.” 

Zhou Shiyun’s hand holding a fork paused, my… baby? 

He Di had black lines running down her face, this was Su Jinbei? Was this f*cking really the Su Jinbei who could only get up at noon and didn’t get up in the morning, who didn’t even have breakfast in her dictionary?! 

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 1)

     After he waited for Mu Cheng and his group to leave, he returned to the laboratory to wait for the two students. After more than ten minutes, the two children who selected the topic for their thesis and asked him to look at it were late. It is estimated that the two dared to come to Ai Jingchu together because of their mutual courage. 
     After finishing his work, Ai Jingchu was going to go home to sleep, but the jet lags still affected him. The flight was delayed last night, and he finally got home in the middle of the night. He hardly closed his eyes and went to the hospital to see Mu Chenghe early in the morning. It was too cold last night, a lot cooler than a few days ago. He felt that he had a cold and seemed to have a fever. Ai Jingchu ate something made by Aunt Li, went upstairs and lay on his bed. He glanced at the date on the screen of his mobile phone. Tomorrow is January 19th. He has to keep his spirits up no matter what. Thinking of this, he closed his eyes and forced himself to fall asleep immediately. 
     At the same time, Zeng Lizheng and Ma Yiyi were preparing their luggage for Dongshan. 
     Dongshan is about a two-hour high-speed drive from City A. The road conditions are very good. There are many temples on the mountain and a wide range of believers. It is also a famous hot spring village. 
    Every Friday afternoon, the library will be closed early, and all employees will participate in political learning. This time for group activities, the curator pretended to help himself and save time for political study. At noon, he notified everyone to get off work early and sent a car for everyone to take action first. Ma Yiyi was suddenly too busy in the store, so she asked Zeng Li to leave with her colleagues and said that she would drive later. 
     When the large army drove to the resort hotel on the mountainside of Dongshan, it was only after three o'clock in the afternoon. After Sister Wu from the labour union allocated the room, everyone put down their luggage and took their equipment to soak in the hot spring. Zeng Li thought of Ma Yiyi in her heart, so from time to time, she paid attention to whether there were calls on her mobile phone. 
     It wasn't until dinner time that Ma Yiyi called, “I'm OK, finally! ”
     “Where are you now? Do you want me to wait for you to eat? ”
     “No, just prepare the room and wait for me. I have eaten something just now, and now I will go on the highway right away. It is estimated that I will arrive at Dongshan Toll Station at 8 o'clock. "Ma Yiyi replied. 
     “Oh, then I will wait for you at the intersection of the mountain at the foot of the mountain. ”
     “Don't,” Ma Yiyi hurriedly stopped, “if you tell me the way from the bottom of the mountain, I can just drive up. ”
     “No, it's too late. I don't worry if you drive the night car alone and walk the mountain road. " Zeng Li said categorically. 
     Colleagues had their dinner, some have an appointment for an evening game, some are going to soak in hot springs, and some are going to see the night view. Zeng Li didn't bother anyone, so she took her things and prepared to go out alone. 
    It's actually very simple for tourists to go down the mountain. If you don't have a self-driving car, you can take a sightseeing cable car to get off the cliff and you would arrive in more than half an hour. The cable car is open from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening. After Zeng Li asked the hotel staff at the front desk about the timetable of the cable car going up and down the mountain, he hurried over, just in time for others to get off work. 
     Under the mountain is the ancient street of Dongshan Town. 
     It is said that it is an ancient street, but it was actually repaired in the later stage for the development of tourism. The planning in the previous few years was not very good, but it has been quite chaotic until now. There are countless people who run private cars on the street, solicit customers for family hotels, sell souvenirs, and even introduce tourists to high-level monks. As the night fell, a lot of people dispersed, but there were still some lingering around Zeng Li. From time to time, they asked if she wanted to ask the master to take a good look, whether she wanted to live in a shop, or take a car up the mountain, and some people rode motorcycles around on the road to solicit business. 
     Seeing that it was still early, Zeng Li strolled around the town's largest daily grocery store which is just a small supermarket less than 100 square meters. She didn't buy things, she just used it to kill time, so she walked from this corner to that corner, and stood in front of the shelf and read the ingredient list of many products. Later, the boss in the supermarket almost thought she was here to look around, so she simply sent a salesperson to stand next to her and stare at her. In order to prove her innocence, she had to awkwardly pick up two bottles of water and take them to the cashier to pay. 
     When Zeng Li went out with the two bottles of water, she felt that he had bought the worst thing. She didn't bring a bag, she took some change out of convenience, so she could put both hands in her clothes pockets to keep warm, but now she has to hold a bottle of cold mineral water on a cold and windy night. If she just throw it away like this, it would be too wasteful. 
    She returned to the entrance of the town again and waited for Ma Yiyi under the archway that was the only way to go up the mountain. Seeing that the crowd was getting scarcer and scarcer, there were almost no passers-by except for the security guards in the parking lot. At this moment, the mobile phone rang. 
     “Xiaoyu, it's not good! " Ma Yiyi opened her mouth and said anxiously. 

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 35.1

Chapter 35.1 - Living Together (1)

Su Jinbei ate until she was about to burst under Zhou Shiyun’s meat attack. She finally surrendered. 

“I’m really full…” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, making sure that she was telling the truth before responding with an “en”. 

Xue Ying silently said, “Jinbei, are you trying to gain weight recently?” 

Su Jinbei shook her head violently, “Of course not.” 

“Then you…” 

Su Jinbei pointed to Zhou Shiyun, “This guy said, my diet will only reduce my metabolism, which is not good for the body, but…”

She stared at Zhou Shiyun and said sullenly, “I can also get full by eating vegetables. They’re healthy too! Zhou Shiyun, you giving me so much meat is unhealthy!” 

Zhou Shiyun calmly replied, “You are too thin.” 

“Although thin! But in the places where there should be meat, I do have meat! See for yourself!” Su Jinbei generously stuck out her chest. 

Beside them, Xue Ying was choked. 

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, “The more meat, the better.” 

Zhou Shiyun meant to gain some weight, but to Su Jinbei it sounded like… 

“You’re telling me my chest is not big enough, they still need to be bigger?”

“Cough, cough, cough!” Xue Ying choked out. 

Zhou Shiyun was stunned for a while, got up, packed his chopsticks and left. 

Su Jinbei frowned and looked at Xue Ying, “He even thought my chest was not big enough? Hello?” 

Xue Ying smirked, whispered, “Men, everything’s not good enough.” 

Su Jinbei, “…” 

After eating, Xue Ying was going home. Although she repeatedly stated that she did not need to be driven home, Zhou Shiyun still drove her home by car. 

First of all, it was because it was late now, it wasn’t safe for a woman to be out and about. Furthermore, it was due to etiquette, Zhou Shiyun was a gentleman who had been educated since childhood. 

On the way, Xue Ying sat rigidly upright, and Zhou Shiyun drove without a word. Feeling inexplicably awkward in the car, Xue Ying had to speak up, “Dr. Zhou, Jinbei said you’re her fiance?” 


“Ah… But Jinbei said that both of you were not present at the engagement ceremony, could this also be considered an engagement? Um, why didn’t you go?” 

Zhou Shiyun paused and recalled a little, “There was something wrong with my patient.” 

“What kind of patient was it that you had to do it yourself?” 

“A very important patient.” 

Xue Ying narrowed her eyes, very important… There were so many doctors in the hospital, was it so necessary that he, who was going to be engaged, go? Could it be a woman?! 

“A female?” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her from the rearview mirror, “A child.” 

Xue Ying sighed, relieved. Jinbei, I almost thought you had a rival. 

Zhou Shiyun continued to drive. Since Xue Ying did not continue to ask, he did not say anything either. In fact, that time, he rushed to the engagement banquet. But when he arrived, they had long wrapped up the event. 

Zhou Shiyun delivered Xue Ying back home. He suddenly remembered that he had owed Su Jinbei an apology for not attending the engagement banquet. Breaking promises was indeed a huge taboo of the Zhou family. 

“You’re back.” Su Jinbei was holding the clothes delivered by He Di today, and was headed for Zhou Shiyun’s walk-in closet. 

Zhou Shiyun, “What are you doing?” 

“The dresser in my room is too small to put my clothes in. Oh, and my shoes, too, I’ve put them in your closet.” 

Zhou Shiyun put on his slippers and followed her into the walk-in closet. After seeing the scene inside, Zhou Shiyun froze, “Since when did you have so many clothes and shoes in my house?” 

The closet was originally for his use only, and the color was the same cold tone present throughout the place. Now that there were more clothes from Su Jinbei, the atmosphere of the whole room had been enriched. Of course, this was not the point, anyway, he still had a lot of space here. The point was that the clothes and shoes were all over the place at the moment… 

It was an extremely difficult sight for Zhou Shiyun who had to have things in their proper places. 

Su Jinbei squatted on the ground and put pair after pair of her beloved shoes on the shelf. “The clothes that were originally in the cabinet have been moved here, as well as the clothes He Di sent one after another. I was just thinking that since I’ll be living here later, it was necessary that I have clothes here.” 

“Wait, you’ll be living here in the future?” 

“That goes without saying.” Su Jinbei shrugged. “I had a room booked for extended stays at the hotel but I’ve cancelled that now. After all, we have this home, we don’t need to waste money by staying in a lavish five-star hotel, right.” 

Zhou Shiyun couldn’t refute, she was his fiancee, and his home would indeed be hers. 

Su Jinbei arranged her things for a while, finally hanging all her clothes in the closet and placing her shoes accordingly. 

“I’m exhausted.” Su Jinbei stretched her waist lazily. “He Di didn’t bother helping me at all and only lazed around on the bed.” 

Done talking, she turned and walked towards the door. 

Zhou Shiyun easily dragged her back, “You consider this finished?” 

Su Jinbei was stunned for a while, “It’s… done, though?” 

Zhou Shiyun squeezed his eyebrows, feeling a headache forming, “Go in and sort the clothes, preferably by color too, and the shoes, sort… sort by height.” 

Su Jinbei glared at him, “I spent half a day arranging it, I can’t anymore.” 

Zhou Shiyun leaned in slightly, his light-colored eyes sharp, “Go, right now.” 

Su Jinbei pouted, aggrieved, “Baby Zhou…” 

“If I’m not satisfied with it, I will throw them all out tomorrow.” 

Su Jinbei heart twitched, all of them thrown out?! Did you know how many new edition products from brand names there were here! Did you know how many high-heeled shoes there were here! To throw them out! He might as well throw her life out instead. 

Zhou Shiyun looked at her “I would rather die” face, and said, “Su Jinbei, do you remember what you said on the first day you came here.” 

Su Jinbei asked weakly, “What…” 

“You promised not to mess up the place.” 

“I did not make things messy.” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced behind her, “With the degree of disorder in your things, it looks like a bomb has gone off.” 


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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5.2 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 1)

     Ai Jingchu nodded, “So since it's a cousin and not an immediate family member, I won't let them participate in our conversation, okay? ”This is the only question he used all morning to solicit the opponent's opinion. 
     “Yes. ”The cousin said nervously. 
     “The test results you showed me before are not wrong, but I checked with Dr. Wang. It may be that because of the angle of the fetus last time, I did not see the upper palate clearly. The fetus has not only has a cleft lip but also a cleft palate. ”
     When the cousin heard this, although she had prepared her heart a long time ago, the tears that had just dried were wet again, “Doctor, you may not know how difficult it is for me to conceive this child. I had children less than a year after I got married. At that time, my husband and I felt that we hadn't had time to enjoy the two-person world. How could we have a child to drag ourselves down first? So it was aborted without hesitation. At that time, I didn't tell my family that I was pregnant, I was sitting on the bus on the day when I knew about it and I kept complaining about how God made me so unlucky. ”
     The cousin wiped away her tears and said, "Later down the road when I saw that my age was over 30, and my classmates and friends had children, so I started to think about it. But how would I have known that I couldn't conceive no matter what? We both visited all the hospitals and thought about all the methods, but there was no news for more than a year. Later, I thought, did God come to give me my retribution? Did the child I gave up come back to punish me? Now when I went through so much to have a child, it's been half a year, but... you said...”
    In the end, the cousin was choked with sobs. 
     Ai Jingchu looked at her quietly. 
     The cousin finally felt that she was a little gaffe in front of the doctor, so she endured it, stopped sobbing, and asked, “Dr. Ai, do you think the child is really serious? What should we do? If a child is born, it will be cured, right? I can't bear to not have this child, please treat him! ”
     Ai Jingchu said, “In the end, you need to discuss with your family and decide how to make the trade-off. The obstetrician may have told you before about the risks and consequences of induced labour. Then I am going to tell you now if you want this child, what psychological preparations you must have. ”
     The cousin nodded and waited for what he said later. 
     “If the fetus has cleft lip and palate, then he will go to the orthodontics department for a preoperative orthodontic within two months of being born. We will take a model for alveolar shaping and wear braces. At three months, the child will have lip repair surgery, and after half a year, he will have palate shaping surgery. After that, speech correction is required until preschool age, because the child's body is constantly developing and growing, so it is not ruled out that there will be secondary deformities after successful surgery. Once there is a structural disorder in pronunciation or other aspects, you need to go to oral and maxillofacial surgery for a second repair. Around the age of twelve, he will undergo another cosmetic surgery. The last operation for nasolabial and palate repair will be before and after the age of eighteen. During this period, whether the child has deciduous teeth or permanent teeth, the orthodontist needs to observe, monitor and treat the growth and development of the teeth and alveoli. ”
     He tried his best to organize the language as easy to understand, and after hearing the repeated operations, the cousin forgot to cry or ask questions, but just widened her eyes. 
    Ai Jingchu said calmly: "This is currently the most authoritative cleft lip and palate repair procedure in the world. The whole process requires the full participation of cosmetic doctors, maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and even psychologists. Not to mention the pressure on children, it is also a huge responsibility for parents. There have been several operations before and after, and the treatment time is close to 20 years. Once this child is born, parents have an inescapable responsibility for this life. They should do their best to love him and take care of him, rather than saying that if the child has something that makes the parents feel dissatisfied, they will give up on him, or treat him casually, and regret it when their patience is exhausted. ”
     Ai Jingchu didn't remember how many times he had said these words to others. The parents who came to consult him, many of them had vowed to do so, but they were discouraged when they heard it. Some people feel that they can't bear the burden, while others feel that it is too unfortunate for their children to grow up like this. 
     He explained again and again without subjective emotions, not to persuade people to give up, nor to give people hope, but to feel that parents who know that their children are flawed and have to be born, should not be impulsive because of temporary love, bring a lifelong shadow to their children. 
     He has treated many children with cleft lips and palates. Many of them were sent from welfare homes around the world. Some were abandoned before the full moon, and others were abandoned by their families after a short period of treatment at the age of three or four. 
     In fact, the fact that they were abandoned by their mothers may have a much greater impact on them in their future lives than the deformity of cleft lip and palate. 
     After Ai Jingchu said this, the cousin fell silent. 
    Ai Jingchu stood up and said, “You can go back and discuss it with your family. ” He knows that sometimes it is difficult to make decisions, and there are many objective factors that affect the family members, so he doesn't want Mu Cheng and his wife to be present. 
     Before leaving, the cousin said to Ai Jingchu, “Dr. Ai, can I contact you again if I have any questions? ”
     Ai Jingchu agreed: “Teacher Mu has my number, you can call me. ”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 34.2

Chapter 34.2 - Discrimination (2)

“Jinbei, between us, are there still things you need to hide from me.” Xue Ying knew it was no small matter just by seeing her expression, “Is Xia Lu’s situation serious?” 

Su Jinbei put her chin on the pillow. After a long time, she asked with a little frustration, “Ah Ying, how much do you understand about Xia Lu.” 

“Understand? Why all of a sudden?” Xue Ying thought it strange, but still said, “I only knew Xia Lu because of you. Logically speaking, you knew her earlier and you’re working in the same industry, you must understand her better than me. “ 

“…Is that so.” 

“Yeah, but I think Xia Lu is a very cute girl. When you get to know her, you can feel that she cares about her friends and has a good temperament. En… from what I can see, she’s also very diligent when working.” 

“Yeah, Xia Lu is indeed like this.” Su Jinbei sighed, “Tell me, how much did she force herself that she would choose to do such things.” 


Su Jinbei looked at her and finally told Xue Ying what happened yesterday. 

Xue Ying, “How, how is this possible.” 

“If I could, I wouldn’t want to believe it either.” Su Jinbei said. 

Xue Ying saw Su Jinbei blaming herself and patted her on the shoulder. “This is her choice. It has nothing to do with you. You don’t need to take her words seriously, she was agitated when she said it. Look at me, I’ve known you since high school. If I felt inferior by your side, wouldn’t I have gotten depressed a long time ago?” 

Su Jinbei glared at her, “Is this you comforting me?” 

Xue Ying nodded affirmatively. 

“Come on, she won’t want to do it again after this time. Didn’t you say you asked for someone’s help to change her entertainment agency?” Xue Ying suddenly froze, “Wait, just now you said you enlisted Dr. Zhou for help. Hey, how much of a fuerdai is he that he can get involved in such matters?”

“He himself doesn’t have much control, he might have to ask his brother to do it.” 

Xue Ying narrowed her eyes, “Jinbei, he helped you so much, even pulling out all the stops when it comes to your friends. Has your relationship developed to this level of intimacy?” 

Su Jinbei blinked and looked at Xue Ying seriously, “Ah Ying, did I forget to tell you something?” 

Xue Ying, “What is it?” 

“About Zhou Shiyun… He is actually my fiance.” 


She was scolded by Xue Ying the entire afternoon. In the end, she endured until Zhou Shiyun came home. 

Su Jinbei ran to Zhou Shiyun’s side, slippers pitter-pattering against the floor, “Baby Zhou, you’re finally back, that woman is going to nag me to death.” 

Zhou Shiyun froze for a while, looked behind her to see Xue Ying, and then nodded indistinctly. 

Xue Ying quickly greeted him back politely, and flicked Su Jinbei a glance! Nag her? She was already showing mercy by not killing her. To only just now reveal the fact that she was already engaged since childhood, unbelievable! 

“What did you buy?” Su Jinbei automatically ignored Xue Ying’s eyes and focused on Zhou Shiyun’s hands. 

Zhou Shiyun, “Dinner.” 

Su Jinbei made seductive eyes at him, “I knew you would miss me, who is at home on the verge of death, ah… Food from Tian Xiang Ju, how did you know I wanted to eat food from there.” 

Of course, Zhou Shiyun wouldn’t say that it was because she mentioned it before, he just carelessly said, “It was nearby.” 

Xue Ying saw that the young couple was about to eat and was going to go back. “Uh, Dr. Zhou, Jinbei, I will go back first.” 

Su Jinbei, “Isn’t your Hubby Gao traveling on business? You have to eat alone when you go back anyway. Join us.” 

Su Jinbei assumed the tone of a female lead character. Xue Ying coughed softly. If Su Jinbei was alone, she would definitely have stayed, but this Zhou Shiyun… looked cold and definitely not hospitable. It would be wise of her to retreat first. 

“It’s okay, there is food at home.” 

“Just stay, don’t you like to eat food from here too?” Su Jinbei said to look at Zhou Shiyun, “Baby Zhou, what do you say.” 

Zhou Shiyun nodded. His gaze towards Xue Ying was absolutely not amiable, but it was absolutely polite, “It’s getting late. Ms. Xue should leave after dinner. I’ll send you back.” 

Xue Ying was overwhelmed by this unexpected favor and waved her hands repeatedly. 

But Su Jinbei wouldn’t let her refuse, and she was dragged forward with one hand, “OK, let’s eat.” 

The three of them sat down to eat, while Wutong was lazily eating high-quality cat food beside the table. 

Su Jinbei ate chopsticks after chopsticks of vegetables, and rarely moved towards her beloved meat. Xue Ying had long been accustomed to her habits. After all, this was how Su Jinbei controlled her diet the past few years. 

Zhou Shiyun, on the other hand, wasn’t, and put a chopstick-ful on her plate, “Eat meat.” 

Su Jinbei stared at the mouth-watering rib, staying silent for a moment, and obediently ate the dish he had given her. 

After a while, he gave her another piece of meat. 

Su Jinbei continued to eat. 

Yet another piece… 

Down the stomach. 

Xue Ying, who was staring at them from the side, was stunned. In the past, she forced Su Jinbei to something and ended up getting lectured long and hard about not knowing how to maintain her body, you are what you eat… Now when someone else did it she didn’t even make a sound! This was discrimination, blatant discrimination! 

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Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 4.4

Chapter 4.4

 She was very happy and forwarded these posts to Yi Changning to see. In fact, he brings a bit of American style, the senior executives under him are almost all the original team members he brought back from the United States. They are all young people. The entire corporate culture is free and lively, so female employees openly drool at the boss on BBS. 


 After breaking up, he went back to the United States, and the homepage of her browser remained unchanged. Every time she opened it, it was his company's website. There is no other hope, just taking a look at the webpage related to him, is good enough for her. The familiar LOGO, the full-page business message, occasionally mentions his name. Every time she sees the words “Yi Changning” or “Cheney Yi”, she will always be startled for a long time. She always habitually clicks on the BBS in the upper right corner, but it is always a “ding” sound. 


 Clicking over and over again, the system rejects always sounded in her ear, and the small box pops up over and over again: “Sorry, you don't have permission to request this page. ”


She should have uninstalled the agent software a long time ago and cut off the last trace of contact between them. He was so cruel that he pushed her away, and then left her alone forever, wandering without a direction. 


 When she came back from school that day, she received a call and arranged a business trip the next day. Although she was an intern, the director took great care of her, but she volunteered and asked to run the field with the column team because she was afraid that she would be idle. In the past few months since breaking up with Yi Changning, once she had free time, she would feel uncomfortable. 


She went out with the column group on Mondays. By the time she came back, it was already the weekend. The days went by very quickly, she was tired. Often upon reaching home, she would immediately fall asleep, which made her less troubled. 


 However, there are exceptions. On this day, the column group came back from Shenzhen and it was almost dusk when they left the airport. The boss said in the car: “Someone will hold a reception for us tonight. It's Mr Wan from Wanteng. He insisted on inviting us to dinner over the phone, I tried my best to reject him but to no avail. ”


 When it came to Mr Wan, the photographer Xiaosun couldn't help but become a little incoherent with excitement: “That poem, is it the one who wrote the poem, Mr Wan?" ”


 “It's not! ”The boss said, “This is a group activity, and no one is allowed to ask to take a leave. Brothers, we are to share happiness and suffering with each other. ”


 The few people in the car were all happy immediately, and they laughed in admiration. “Hey, you didn't go to the last interview with Mr Wan, it's a classic. "Xiao Sun said to Shoushou Feifei, 

As soon as Mr Wan appeared, he said, 'Don't look at me as a businessman. In fact, I have a literary heart." 'Then with a wave of his hand, he asked the secretary to give each of us a collection of his poems. Not to mention, the collection of poems is beautifully made, all imported coated paper, bronzing cover, and a commemorative coin of Wanteng Group is embedded on the back cover. The preface written by the vice-chairman of the All-China Federation of Literature and Art is said to be limited to 30,000 copies. He would not give it to normal people...”


 Shoushou smiled a little absent-mindedly, listening to her colleagues giggling and telling jokes. The twilight was heavy, and the street lights were lit up one by one as if someone had sprinkled countless beads and chains to light up the entire city. It was a bright night and the first bloom of freshness. 


Mr Wan ordered a large luxury package. Not only did he send a secretary to wait in the lobby, but he also personally stood at the door of the box to greet her. He was really enthusiastic. The team leader introduced: “This is Xiao Ye, an intern in our group.” In fact, as soon as she got off the plane, she was travel-worn. She casually added on a white fleece jacket on the car, and she also had a pair of white casual flat shoes on her feet. She has short fluffy hair and looks like a high school student. Her eyebrows are lighter and look like a white lotus. She called out politely: “Mr Wan." Mr Wan suddenly felt that his eyes lit up, and he held her hand and said, “You're welcome, you're welcome, my name is Wan Hongda, the magnificent Hongda, and the prosperous Da. It would be too courteous to call me Mr Wan." ”


 Shoushou has a slight cleanliness pet peeve, not to mention how awkward it is to be held by such a person. Fortunately, the leader said from the side: “Let's go in and talk, Mr Wan, let's first go in and talk. ”


 Only then did Wan Hongda let go. Fortunately, the order was for a large luxury private room with a large table. Shoushou deliberately picked the position farthest from Wan Hongda and sat down next to Xiao Sun. Wan Wanhong could be regarded as a person who had seen big scenes. After seeing this situation, he was not surprised. When he talked about his family history during the meeting, his face was even smiling from ear to ear, talking nonstop. 

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