My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - How can I survive? (1)

Wen Shaoqing didn't see Cong Rong again for several days. When he was off work, he specially bought a piece of tofu and knocked on the door from the opposite unit. He waited but there was no sound behind it.

Wen Shaoqing has been running to the stomatology department recently, and the students under him were discussing it together.

"Teacher Wen went to the stomatology again?"


"How come he has been running to the dentist so often lately?"


"I haven't heard of it. Yesterday I saw him eating lunch in the operating room, his teeth seem fine."

"Is he going to be swapped to the stomatology department?"

"No? I haven't graduated yet!"

"I just saw him talking to He Shuai (Shuai: handsome guy. Referring to He Wenjing)."

Zhong Zhen listened, he suddenly thought. Prof Wen said that he had a person he liked. Would it be Dr. He? ! Last time, Mr. Wen said that Dr. He was his Shi Mei (female junior). Didn’t Shi Xiong(male senior) and Shi Xiong(female junior) always have something between them? 

Wen Shaoqing stopped by He Wenjing's treatment room. She sent off the last patient, took off her mask and asked, "Shi Xiong, do you have a toothache?"


"Then why do I always see you here?"

"Have you ever met a patient called Cong Rong?"

"Yes, I just extracted her wisdom teeth yesterday afternoon and she will come back for a consultation next week."

"Your patient? And the surgery is done?"

"Yes, is there any problem?"

Wen Shaoqing shook his head, "Nothing, I'm going first."

He Ge (Ge: brother in chinese. He Wenjing liked people to address her as brother he, He Ge) looked at Wen Shaoqing and whispered strangely: "Isn’t Cong Rong the cousin of your own student that you introduced? Why don't you seem to not know that she is my patient?"

Cong Rong has finally removed the disaster and drank a few days of porridge. Every time she drank porridge, she would remember the egg custard made by Wen Shaoqing. Looking at the white porridge in front of her, she felt a mix of feelings. Fortunately, the swollen half of her face finally diminished, but she still insisted on staying at Zhong Zhen's house.

Cong Rong thought that she and Wen Shaoqing are just neighbors. Now that she lives in Zhong Zhen’s place, they are no longer neighbors aren't they? But she did not expect that she and Wen Shaoqing had more than "fate", so much more that it caught her off guard.

After renting the house, Zhong Zhen planned to invite friends to come for house warming. He was too busy upon the first few weeks of moving in. Finally, he found a day when he had less lessons and Wen Shaoqing was free as well.

At noon, Wen Shaoqing and a group of students arrived, and Zhong Zhen smiled and opened the door to let them in.

Someone looked at the high-heeled shoes at the door and laughed at Zhong Zhen.

"No, no! I don't have a girlfriend." Zhong Zhen pointed to the closed bedroom door. "My cousin, she was preparing her documents for several days. She came back from the court today and was sleeping. Quiet. If we wake her up, she will explode!"

Wen Shaoqing is not new to Zhong Zhen’s "cousin" from Zhong Zhen’s matchmaking lines, he smiled and said: "Okay."

Zhong Zhen smiled happily, "Prof Wen, please take a seat, I will get you water." After that, he turned and entered the kitchen. In his mind, he was thinking, today is the chance to finally let his cousin and the boss meet! After the boss met his cousin, he certainly would like her cousin more than Dr. He!

The group of students at Zhong Zhen’s house are all graduate students brought by Wen Shaoqing. They are Zhong Zhen’s friends as well and begged Zhong Zhen to show them around.

This house was rented to Zhong Zhen by Wen Shaoqing. Naturally, he didn't need to be shown around, so he sat down on the sofa, and only then did he hear a low voice coming from the bedroom: "Zhong Zhen, pour me a glass of water."

Wen Shaoqing glanced at the bedroom, hesitated a moment, and consciously went to the kitchen to pour water. When he pushed the door in, he saw the person on the bed struggling to sit up, pulling her hair blankly, and finally fell down and continued to sleep.

Wen Shaoqing handed over the glass, "Here."

Cong Rong struggled to get up again, and her eyes were too lazy to open. When she raised her hand to touch get the glass, she also touched Wen Shaoqing's hand, but she didn't know that it was him. After drinking a glass of water and closing her eyes to grab his hand, she sat up, rubbed the man’s head, and said lazily: "Your cousin has been too busy lately, I wasn’t able to take care of you. I will take you out to eat delicious food soon."

Although Wen Shaoqing was confused, he moved very fast. Before Wen Shaoqing responded, she put the cup back into his hand and lied down to continued to sleep.

Zhong Zhen came when he heard the sound from the bedroom, and a group of people stood in the doorway and watched in shock. Wen Shaoqing walked out calmly, Zhong Zhen walked up to him, frightened, "Prof Wen, I'm sorry, my cousin... she didn't do it on purpose..."

Wen Shaoqing looked a little strange, and he absently responded: "Well, it's okay..."
A group of people looked at Wen Shaoqing's uncertain face, and looked at Zhong Zhen sympathetically. If the boss says it’s okay, it’s actually a big deal!

Zhong Zhen stood in front of Wen Shaoqing and wanted to explain.

Wen Shaoqing suddenly looked at him and asked, "She is your cousin? Is she the cousin you want to introduce to me?"

Zhong Zhen nodded, "Yeah, do you know her?"

Wen Shaoqing didn't answer and turned to the kitchen.

The sympathy on everyone's face was immediately replaced by contempt: Zhong Zhen, you are so shameless! How can you bribe the professor in this way!

"Right," Wen Shaoqing went back and added after taking a few steps. "Remember to say the name first when you do matchmaking."

"Oh." Zhong Zhen was inexplicable. "My cousin is Cong Rong."

Wen Shaoqing gave him a deep look and turned into the kitchen.

Zhong Zhen rushed into the bedroom in a second and vigorously shook Cong Rong, anxiously, "Cousin! Why did you pat my boss' head?"

Cong Rong woke up and pushed away irritably and continued to sleep. She asked sleepily, “who is your boss?"

Standing in the kitchen, Wen Shaoqing poured out a glass of water with the cup that Cong Rong had just used. He took a few sips before recovering, and then lowered his head and laughed silently.

It turned out that she was the cousin Zhong Zhen wanted to introduce him to.

With this, Wen Shaoqing had a strange smile on his face, and no one dared to stay in the house with him anymore. As soon as Zhong Zhen said that he was going out to buy some groceries, the group of students immediately went along with him and left Wen Shaoqing cooking in the kitchen.

Cong Rong woke up to the smell of the food. When he came out of the bedroom and saw someone in the kitchen, he thought it was Zhong Zhen. Without thinking, she opened the door and asked, "what are we having for lunch?"

After taking another glimpse of the man clearly, she was blinded. Why did she go back to the day when she first saw Wen Shaoqing?

In the same house, the same kitchen, even Wen Shaoqing's arm length when he rolled up his sleeves is the same. Is she having hallucinations again?

Wen Shaoqing looked at Cong Rong’s confused and silly expression, and coughed and called out, "Cong Rong?"

First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 2.2


Chapter 2 - Love, like a fire burning in the heart, sometimes warms you, other times hurt you (2)

        After class, a group of girls surrounded Xiong Yifan and gossipped around her: "Huh, How can they not keep to their promises. Didn’t they agreed on voting for you, yet they changed their votes last minute! Disgusting! "

   "Right! We can take a look at those votes and see whose handwritings those traitors are."

   Boys in the class gathered in one place playing basketball. They only wished that the breaks between classes could be longer so that they could play a full match. Hearing those girls, some of them showed guilt. Qi Xiaosong took the first step: "Xiong Ge (Ge: brother, slightly tomboyish girls would be called Ge with their surname at the front), don’t be discouraged, though you were not chosen as the chairperson, you still stand a chance to be the female Sports Representative?"

   Ding Ming listened and shouted at him: "Sports Representative! This job is for nü han zi (女汉子: refers to the type of girl that does manual labor herself rather than ask for or receive help from men). Why don't you choose Xiao Xiong as a Literary Representative?"

   The boys laughed when they heard that. If Xiong Yifan was not nü han zi, then who else was?

   Then they started to make a scene.

   "If Xiong Yifan becomes a Literary Representative, she will start singing Cang Hai Yi Sheng Shao (A Chinese Song)"

   "No, no, you should sing Yu Gong Yi Shan (Another song). ‘Looking at the skies beyond skies, walking path ~~’"

   The boys started a choral.

   A handful of girls began to snicker.

Xiong Yifan looked at those guys, didn’t hesitate to pick up her chair, and attacked the boys laughing at her. Though she has a petite figure, she had enormous strength. Qi Xiaosong tried to fight back, but it was useless. In a moment, he was firmly pressed on the ground under the chair by Xiong Yifan.

   "I will be a Sports Rep with you then?" she asked.

   Qi Xiaosong looked at Xiong Yifan as he smiled and showed off his white teeth. His eyes squinted into two crescents and nodded obediently. His expressions were pleasing.

   After attacking those annoying boys, Xiong Yifan clapped her hands and shrugged indifferently. "Don’t worry about it, don't be angry, it's not a big deal."Xiong Yifan said to the girls. 

   Seeing Xiong Yifan's dominance character, Ding Ming ran to her and threw her arms around Xiong Yifan, screaming, “Xiao Xiong, if only you would be a boy, you can be my boyfriend! Love you so much.”

   Xiong Yifan rolled her eyes. Even her friends wanted her to be a man instead. Is she destined to be macho for life?

Tang Tang sat at the corner with her best friend Zhang Mengting, turned her head, and looked at Xiong Yifan. They exchanged a glance and she turned to watched Qi Xiaosong happily clapping with the boys around him, as if they were celebrating something, she heaved a sigh.

   How innocent she was, how innocent...

   Sure enough, Xiong Yifan lived up to the expectations and was selected as a Sports Rep. It is a pity that Xiong Yifan is completely unhappy because she is recognized by the whole class as a “nü han zi”.

When she walked on the podium to make a speech, she glanced at the crowd, and then slapped the table with both palms, almost snarling, saying: "Brothers and sisters, let’s thrash the other classes in this year’s inter-class sports competition!"

"YES!” some screamed

   "What is our chant?"

   "We’ll win!"

   The whole class cheered, boosting their morale, and the loud voice they made was enough to make others on the campus turn to look at them. Even the students playing football on the playground could not help but look at the year two Class (2).

   Ding Ming smiled happily like a blooming flower. This is Xiong Yifan's indignant and powerful character was why Xiong Yifan is friends with almost everyone.

   She was like a sun that shines bright and mellow light, no matter how cold the weather is, as long as she is there, people will feel a little warm.

   During gym class, students walked out of the teaching building in small groups of twos and threes and walked into the gymnasium.

  Qi Xiaosong catches up with Xiong Yifan, placed a hand on her shoulder, and asked "Wanna play basketball? One to one match."

  The boys cheered from behind to cajole Xiong Yifan into playing. She smiled contemptuously and turned to look at the boy who was two taller than her. She couldn't help but ridicule, "You have nothing but height. Sure then, I am not afraid to challenge you."

   Seeing Xiong Yifan agreeing to the match, Qi Xiaosong grinned widely and nodded, hands made an OK gesture, and organized the class to line up into 2 rows to prepare for the gym class. Xiong Yifan went to the Sports equipment room to get equipment needs.

        In the stadium, another class lined up at the same time. When the sports teacher saw Xiong Yifan, he immediately greeted her.

   "Xiao Xiong, let Mr. Xu, your gym teacher, know that I will need two students from your class to lead a freshman to the exercises." The physical education teacher wore loose sportswear and talked to her while warming up. Their conversation was casual, unlike teachers and students.

   Every physical education teacher in the school seems to know her. During the first year of the High School Sports Games, Xiong Yifan participated in several competitions and she broke the records for several of them. Many people nicknamed her as one with "developed limbs but a simple mind".

        "Okay, how about I get you the exercise lead in our school? She is the best looking girl in our school!" Xiong Yifan replied casually to the teacher, just like talking with her classmates. She then pointed at the Sports Equipment room with a smile , "Teacher, I'll pick up the equipment I need first, then I will help you tell Mr Xu!"

  "Sure, go!"


Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13.2 - The Zhou Family (2)

    "Eh, what are these, did you bring them?"

    Several wooden sandalwood boxes were placed on the coffee table, which at first glance looked very valuable.

    "It is my brother's wish, I hope grandpas and uncles and aunts will like it." Zhou Shiyun was facing Su Jinbei, but the words were for everyone.

    In fact, Zhou Shiyun rarely attends such occasions because he is not good at doing things that are humane. However, the etiquette class that started from a young age has not been taught in vain. Even Zhou Shiyun, who is the most derailed of the Zhou family, can do things “by the book" when he wants to do it. 

Grandpa Su first spoke, "Zheng Xian has the heart, this white jade chessboard and jadeite are genuine and precious goods, I have been looking for them for a long time."

"It is good that Grandpa is satisfied,"

    Zhao Xueyan said. It’s too polite of you to bring so many things as soon as you come here."

    "It is what I ought to do." Zhou Shiyun said shallowly.

    Su Yundong opened a box in front of him. Inside the box was a set of seven blue and white pastel cups. At first glance, it was an ancient antique. Su Yundong glanced at Zhou Shiyun, and every gift he gave was aimed at one person. Her dad loved to collect these things.

    The Zhou family really understands their family, really very well.

    Su Yundong said, "Young Master Zhou, I heard that you come to take my sister this time. This is also your older brother’s intention?"

    Zhou Shiyun looked at him and said, "Miss Su and I have been engaged for a long time. The Zhou family should have done it a long time ago. It is a bit improper to pull her away right before New year."

    "No, no, it's very proper." Zhao Xueyan hurriedly said, "Seeing that you two have such a good relationship, I'm happy, you guys, you two should definitely go back and visit your grandma”

    Su Jinbei rolled her eyes secretly. Who was the one who always urged her to return home when she was not home, now who is the one who is sending her away so happily and excitedly?

    At this time, the man in black who came with Zhou Shiyun whispered, "Young Master, it's time to go."

    Zhou Shiyun raised his hand and looked at his watch. "It's getting late, we have to go first."

    Zhao Xueyan, "Go go, hurry and go as soon as possible."

    Zhou Shiyun stood up, bowed slightly to everyone, and then looked at Su Jinbei

    Zhao Xue Yan paused and pulled Su Jinbei to the side, and whispered in her ear, "Don’t cause trouble at the Zhou’s."

    Su Jinbei cast sidelong glances at her, "Mom, how do you think I can even cause trouble?"

    "Show them that you are a well-bred young lady, don't embarrass the Su family."

    Su Jinbei played with her hair. "You don't need to worry about it. How can I as a young miss of the Su family not deliver?" After turning around, Su Jinbei grabbed Zhou Shiyun's arm, "Let’s go, my dear fiance."

    Going out, the two got in the car.

    In the back seat, Zhou Shiyun pulled her arm away by her clothed sleeves. Su Jinbei doesn't mind either, it's much better than the situation where he avoided her before she even touched him.

    "Going to Beijing this time, what do I have to do?"

    The driver and manager in the front row were silent.

    Zhou Shiyun said his eyes looked straight ahead, "Just seeing the family." 

"Oh, the legendary meeting of parents, that's true, since the engagement banquet didn't work out, they didn’t even see me in person."

    Zhou Shiyun paused and said nothing.

    Su Jinbei continued, "Knowing that you have a lot of rules in the Zhou family, I think you should tell me first so that I will not embarrass myself when the time comes." 

Zhou Shiyun looked over at her, "Don't worry, no big issue, just follow me."

    Su JInbei raised her eyebrows. It sounded so warm and friendly. When she was just about to speak up, Zhou Shiyun continued again, "But, your clothes won't work. After getting off the plane, the steward will bring you to change your clothes."

    Su Jinbei glared angrily. Does he mean she doesn’t look good?

    "Sorry, what you are wearing today is..." Zhou Shiyun couldn’t find an adjective, and finally said, "Grandma is more traditional." 

He said sorry even though he didn't have any intention to apologise in the first place. Su Jinbei looked down at herself. Today, her neckline is relatively low, the strappy high-heeled is a bit too seductive, and the naked long legs in the winter are indeed a bit …. cold.

    But for Su Jinbei, it is how she normally dresses!

    "Does the tradition mean you want me to cover myself up to my chin?"

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, "It's not that exaggerated, just around the neck."


   After travelling from south to north, Zhou Shiyun really took her to change her clothes after the plane landed.

    In the dressing room, Su Jinbei looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a handmade Su embroidered cheongsam, and her feet were in exquisite but conservative short high heels. This kind of dress seemed to be different from the way she looked when she first came in. She looked like she travelled back a century.

    "Miss, please come with me to get your hairstyle done," said the man beside him.

    "Ok." Su Jinbei walked out of the dressing room and sat down in front of the mirror.

    In order to cover Su Jinbei's excessively charming aura, the hairstylist gathered her long curly hair up, and finally decorated her hair with a pale blue jade hairpin, adding a graceful and elegant touch.

First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2 - Love, like a fire burning in the heart, sometimes warms you, other times hurt you (1)

        Students waited anxiously at the bus station in the early morning.

   Despite it being the end of summer, there is still a hint of coolness in the morning. The air is slightly humid from the rain as it was a rainy season. The grass and trees emitted their fragrance, accompanied by the scent of the last few blooming flowers.

   Xiong Yifan tightened her school uniform, held her pancake in hand, blew on it a few times. Filling her mouth with it, her face bulged like a greedy mole.

   Beside her stood her friend Ding Ming. Compared with Yifan’s whose thin and tiny, Ding Ming's is curvier, her face is round, her eyes are big, and she is lovely. Ding Ming held a cup of soy milk and sucked it bit by bit, while she looked around to check on the coming bus.

   The two exchanged their breakfast to try each other’s food while they chatted from time to time.

  Not far behind them stood a young man at his teenage, wearing a new piece of uniform from the same school as them. The girls in the station would cast their eyes from time to time on the teenager. Among the group of students, the boy stood to outstand easily from the rest. It was probably because he had an extremely handsome face and fair skin. He tried to avoid everyone's gaze as he lowered his head slightly, and his long, thick eyelashes cast a shadow underneath those dark eyes. 

   His expression was extremely melancholy as if thinking about something, which made people wonder why he was so troubled. Actually, he just wanted to ask where to get those pancakes, but he was afraid that Xiong Yifan would misunderstand his intentions as flirting...

  He hesitated and contemplated deeply.

   The bus slowly stopped at the bus station. It was packed like sardines but it didn’t put down the will of passengers at the bus station to get on board. Instead, it ignited their spirit as they swarmed to its entrance, fearing that they would be abandoned by it.

  Ding Ming was gathering her strength as she picked up the suitcases and seeing she faced difficulty in handling them all, Xiong Yifan patted on her arm. Ding Ming understood her intentions and nodded. Xiong Yifan stuffed the remaining pancake into her mouth at one go, threw away its plastic bag, and wiped her hands clean on her school uniform. Swiftly, she tightened the heavy backpack already on her back and picked up the Ding Ming's suitcase.

   Ding Ming fished out the bus card from Xiong Yifan's pocket and said, "I will help you tap your bus card."

  The two got on the bus smoothly, indifferent about the other passenger’s shocking gaze.

   The young teenager opened his eyes wide and watched the two of them get on the bus. For a moment, he was left behind at the end of the queue. His movements were a bit slow, like an actor who was unable to get into his character and followed behind the queue without any “combat” power. The bus door closed in front of him. He thought that he was destined to have to wait for the next bus but all of a sudden, he heard Xiong Yifan's voice, "Bus uncle, wait a minute, there is still a student at the door. If he misses this bus, he will be late!"

   "Look at it, the bus is already full!" The driver's voice was loud like Xiong Yifan’s.

   "It's okay, I can try to pull him up."

  Xiong Yifan put down the suitcase and squeezed herself to the bus door. When the door opened again, he pulled the teenage boy into the car and stuffed him into the crowd. There were complaints surrounding her, but Xiong Yifan smiled brightly, just like a dazzling sun: "Everyone, let’s be considerate. Life is not easy for anyone."

   The elegant young man was pulled into a state of extreme embarrassment. The bus moved before he could standstill. When he looked up, Xiong Yifan had squeezed back beside Ding Ming, and Ding Ming was holding her to help her gain her balance. She didn't look at him again, and he also didn't have a chance to thank her.

   "Bus Uncle, let’s go, hurry, there is a green light in front!" Xiong Yifan shouted again, and the driver laughed.

  The teenager smiled and looked at his wrist covered with red fingerprints. It was as if he was wearing a red agate bracelet. Until the car drove to the school gate, the red mark did not fade. It was either because his skin was too delicate, or the girl has enormous strength.

   It was long before the teenager realize, that if he asked Xiong Yifan where he could buy pancakes, not only would she not misunderstand his behavior as flirting, she might even agree to help him get one next time.

   Xiong Yifan is a kind-hearted and kind-hearted, as well as a stranger.

   Not to mention, he definitely is a "stranger" to her.

   Sunlight shines into the classroom through the window, leaving mottled shadows on desks and the floor, just like a net interwoven between late summers and early autumns, which makes the atmosphere of the year two high school class, Class (2) even warmer.

   Xiong Yifan was sitting at her desk, staring at the "正" (zhèng) word on the blackboard. Her hands under the desk tightly held into a fist, making her fingertips turn slightly pink.

   She was aware of the many glances from her classmates at her from time to time and she smiled as naturally as possible at them. Yet, from the corner of her mouth, there was a trace of disappointment.

   Ding Ming glared angrily back at those casting glances at her friend which made them turn back immediately. Unfortunately, the situation could not be changed.

   Standing on the rostrum, Tang Tang, their class chairperson, wrote the word "正" with a marker pen. Her name made her seem like a sweet and loving woman.

   She is recognized as the hottest girl in school. Her skin is fair like crystal, her eyes are dark but clear, and she looks clever. Her facial features are extremely exquisite on her palmed sized small face. Her slender and fit figure makes one wonder if she is a model as not many can look good wearing the school uniform in plain blue and white.

   Although she was thin, she was curvy.

   Xiong Yifan is thin too, but she has no curves on her body.

   Perhaps, that was the difference.

   Xiong Yifan was also a candidate for the class chairperson. At first, she thought that Tang Tang was chosen to be the chairperson in year one because no one knew each other and they picked the one who looks better. Now that they are in year two, everyone was able to tell that Xiong Yifan was the one helping Tang Tang to deal with the internal matters of the class because Tang Tang could not cope with it alone. In addition, Xiong Yifan has been friends with all of her classmates, so she thought she would have been chosen as the chairperson this time, but… it turns out that she was way behind of Tang Tang in terms of votes. The person who promised to choose her previously chose Tang Tang instead. Most of them were guys.

   This made Xiong Yifan sigh even more: appearances determine fate.

   The voting session ended with a clear winner.

  Tang Tang looked at the voting results and smiled lightly. She said: "I am the chairperson again. I hope in this new year, we can take care of each other."

   Everyone applauded, and the form teacher smiled encouragingly.

   Xiong Yifan smiled but felt bitterness flowing in her heart. She has no one to share her feelings with at the moment.

Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.1 - The Zhou Family (1)

Everything Su Jinbei knew about the Zhou family of the imperial capital came from Zhao Xueyan. Zhao Xueyan once told her that Zhou's family business has been passed down for centuries. Whether it is business or politics, profound influence was accumulated with each generation.

There is no aristocratic family clan that does not know the Zhou family, but what the world understands about the Zhou family is only surface-level. Their power is deep-rooted, and it is not obvious to ordinary people. If it weren't for the previous generation of Mrs. Zhou and Mrs. Su accumulating life and friendship under the battlefield, the two Zhou and Su families, one south and one north, would have had no intersection.

    Zhao Xueyan told Su Jinbei that Old master Zhou saved her grandfather when he was young. At that time, her grandfather joked that he would marry his daughter to his son in return for gratitude. This was a joke, but Mr. Zhou took it seriously. The two brothers have a good relationship, it wasn’t a bad idea to strengthen it by a marriage between the families.

    However, the Zhou family is a very traditional family. There are many rules for marrying relatives. The traditions passed down by the ancestors of the Zhou family never changed easily. The children and grandchildren of Zhou's direct family are all paired by the fortune-telling master by calculating their birth date. If their fates were not aligned, there is no way of entering the Zhou Family.

    Unfortunately, Grandpa Su didn't have a daughter at the time, and neither did the birthdays of the Daughters of the Zhou family and the sons of the Su Family aligned. This matter would have ceased there, but Mr. Zhou did not give up.

    Many years later, Grandpa Zhou tried the birthdates of their grandchildren again. Su Jinbei, the granddaughter of the Su family, matched his second grandson Zhou Shiyun, and judging from the divinatory diagram, it roughly means: In perfect harmony, companions for a long time to come (琴瑟和鸣,与伴长久之)

    Because of this, Su Jinbei and Zhou Shiyun were engaged. Many years later, the elders of the Zhou and Su family thought of each other as relatives, although the two protagonists seemed to be outside this situation.

    Aristocratic family members always arrange for their children and grandchildren to marry the right people within the circle. In many cases, marriage is not the decision of the parties. In this world, power and assets can always make people do many things they are reluctant towards. Su Jinbei has always known this truth, but knowing does not mean that she will acknowledge it. So from a young age, she would roll her eyes at the thought of the superstitious matchmaking of the Zhou and Su Family. What century is it now, who still does such arranged betrothal of children?

  Towards the Zhou family, who are very traditional and even have a lot of shackling rules, Su Jinbei has always maintained a respectful attitude and kept her distance. In these years, when her mother Zhao Xueyan or grandpa went to visit the Zhou family, Su Jinbei was unwilling to follow even if she died.

    However, after seeing Zhou Shiyun, she felt that her attitude had changed a little. In Su Jinbei's vain mind, after knowing that her own fiance has such looks, it was a pity not to tease her fiance.

    "Sister, it's five o'clock now, and brother-in-law is almost here. Why are you still not coming out of the room?" Su Jianan leaned on the door, full of doubts.

    Su Jinbei had put on exquisitely makeup, and her red lips were gorgeous, and she turned around and asked, " Jianan, do I look good in this?" 

Su Jianan laughed, "How come you ask me this question today? No way, maybe it's because my brother-in-law is coming, you feel uneasy so you lost your confidence? "

 "Nonsense." Su Jinbei yelled, "Just recently I have been interacting with him day and night, how can I not be confident in front of him?"

    "Oh~ is that so."

    Su Jinbei gave him a glare. "Forget it, a little kid like you won’t understand"

    Su Jianan smiled happily. "Fine, I don't understand. I’ll go downstairs and wait for my brother-in-law."

    After saying, the person was gone. Su Jinbei glared at the door, and then her mouth bent up slightly again. Her brother calls him brother-in-law, pretty smoothly, it was nice to hear.

    Half an hour later, when Su Jinbei struggled between wearing her nude 8 cm high heels or strappy 10 cm high heels, the housekeeper at home knocked on her door, "Miss, Mr. Zhou is here. "

    Su Jinbei hurriedly put on the high-heels with straps. "Wait a moment, I’m coming."

    Su Jinbei turned around the full-length mirror a few times to make sure it was perfect before opening the door.

    When she walked down the stairs, she heard the voice of her mother's mother. Zhao Xueyan affectionately addressing him by “Shiyun”; as if she was very familiar with him.

    The living room scene gradually appeared in front of her. There are a lot of people, except for her big brother Su Xianyan who is not there, everyone else is here, even Su Yundong who is always partying out.

    However, Su Jinbei's eyes immediately looked towards Zhou Shiyun sitting on the sofa. Today, he changed his white doctor robe and wore a black knee-length coat with a white shirt. Casual but his simple dressing made him look very good.

    Strict, cold, and quiet like a statue.

    "Zhou Shiyun, you are here." Su Jinbei greeted first. She walked slowly to the living room and sat down beside him casually. "Very punctual."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded slightly, his eyes fell on her feet. on. He frowned slightly and thought to himself that she was still disobedient and wearing high heels again.

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - What I Most Wish to See (1)

 Luo Zhi didn't speak, glanced at her quickly, her eyes gradually cooled down, and the opposite Zheng Wenrui still kept her posture against the table, giggling.

    "Liar." She said again.

    Luo Zhi frowned, and immediately turned around to tell the boss to check out. Zheng Wenrui suddenly said loudly, "She's not worthy! Liar!"

   Her hands which were halfway in the air, shrank . “She”? Anyway, the "she" isn't referring to her—Luo Zhi felt a little more comfortable, but she was still worried that Zheng Wenrui ,who was fooling around, would attract everyone’s attention. She continued to call the waiter to check out, but the business was very good at this moment, and no one noticed her.

    "It's all an act, it's all an act."

    "It's no use shouting at me." Luo Zhi couldn't help but want to tell her to exercise a little restraint.

    "She's coming back, She regrets it. I only knew yesterday, She regrets it." Zheng Wenrui's tears fell like it cost no money, Luo Zhi suddenly understood why the two of them appeared here tonight.

    "She” has come back. So the hopes that had been slim in front of Zheng Wenrui turned directly into despair.

    Luo Zhi originally wanted to tell Zheng Wenrui, "Even if she comes back, the person you like already rejected you, this is originally a two unrelated matter", but ultimately stopped herself from saying it. Just now Zheng Wenrui cried and complained for a long time, resentful people have always persuaded her to retreat and give up as soon as possible, how can she still hit the gun.

    Luo Zhi's silence did attract Zheng Wenrui to stare at her with red eyes, saying, "What do you think?"

    "I have no thoughts."

    "I don't believe it. Liar."

    Luo Zhi finally admitted to herself today, it was stupid to agree to eat with her.

    "Say it, tell me, I know you are not without thoughts, don't you like him? He is so good."

    "So I should like him?"

    "Don't you like him?"

    Luo Zhi was slightly dizzy. After so many years, someone finally asked her clearly if she liked Sheng Huainan. However, this question was actually asked by a drunk person, and still in the noisy barbecue restaurant full of oily smell, it really made the scenery.

    She naturally would not answer. A question almost blurted out, "Who is he?"--- Anyways, Zheng Wenrui has been concealing and not saying who is the object of her crush, she can simply ignore the other party and then quickly go to check out and retreat. 

But she abruptly swallowed the question back into her stomach..

    Just now, Zheng Wenrui asked her if she was a classmate of his ex-girlfriend. She gave an affirmative answer without hesitation. Obviously, she admitted that she had guessed the object of her crush through Zheng Wenrui's description. It would be impossible if she pretend to be stupid again.


    Luo Zhi gathered her senses and looked seriously at the girl with red eyes waiting for an answer, and suddenly felt a chill in her back.

    Is this person really drunk?

    "Do you like him?" Zheng Wenrui still clenched.

    Luo Zhi's cell phone rang at that very moment, and her heart fell back into her chest, and she picked up the call without looking at the screen.

    It’s Baili. I forgot to bring the key, and the head of the building is no longer open for me to borrow a spare key.

    Luo Zhi seized the opportunity and chatted for a while before hanging up. The person on the other side collapsed on the table again, and the topic just now ended with no definite answer

Zheng Wenrui still did not wake up when she was at the checkout. Luo Zhi paid the money, woke her up, and dragged her out of the restaurant. Zheng Wenrui leaned her heavy body on her, reeking of alcohol, continually whispering nonsense to her. Luo Zhi walked forward slantingly and stiffly, feeling that she was so utterly unlucky.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - Punishment

        Seeing Yuan Shuai leave, Juno suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her heart. She pushed away DU, and hurriedly followed him. She vaguely heard DU’s voice calling her, security guards were blocking him from entering but she could not care. She really couldn't care more.
   She rushed into the room, Yuan Shuai sat on the sofa in the living room, head buried under the pillow. She ran to pull him up, he looked up, almost like a stranger, she shivered. She tried to hug him but he ducked and walked into the room without turning back.
She walked into the bathroom blankly, rinsing herself over and over again with cold water until her skin felt numb and almost turned bluish. He kicked the door open and hugged her from behind, and his sharp teeth biting on her neck fiercely. She looked up, eyes cold, desperate, and lost. He helped her turn off the shower, wiped every drop of water on her with a towel, every inch of skin barely with any expression. He was quiet, without a trace of desire.
   They hugged and lay on the bed together. He felt her every exhalation of breath. He pressed his face to her chest. A warm sensation of liquid slowly penetrated her skin. One drop by one drop, it sinks into her heart. It was uncontrollable, pain erupted from within, and their blood boiled, roaring for relief.

        She turned over and looked for his lips eagerly. He hesitated. The next moment, his slender arms completely surrounded her, his tongue entwined hers tightly, and his handheld her, the tip of his tongue in her throat. She arches her body, and with his patient touch, their bodies combined. She let out a painful scream, he lifted her body to hold them closer together. They are so intimate, they are meant to be together, her body is so warm and soft and fits him perfectly. She wrapped around him like a vine and let him do what he wanted. She moaned like a kitten, he was bringing her to their happy land. At that moment, she was over the clouds, bright fireworks bloomed from within. He pressed against her body, calling her name crazily.
  She leaned in his arms and told him what happened to her in MH in recent years. Before that, she never talked to him about her work in MH. Although he has been paying attention to the woman named Juno, DU's right-hand man. GT has headhunted her several times offering a high salary but she rejected them. She has perfect appearance, perfect business ability, perfect character, perfect interpersonal skills, no relatives, no close boyfriend, no close girlfriend and they privately call her IBD queen.
   Juno was a strange woman to him, and his hands moved up and down her arms. Is he wrong?
At that time she was just a little girl, she lived in the garden of Eden they built for her, she called him brother, she fell in love with a strange man but he could not stop her from loving that man, he hated her, he hated that man, He hated the love they had.
   She wants no wings, no crown, just to be Eve. His family ruined her garden of Eden, he ruined her love, and he anticipated the moment she fell from the cloud, whether she will become a fairy or a demon.
   This is the punishment for her betrayal, and only then can he take her away.
He persuaded her to enter his work circle, he connected the two apartments they stayed in, he invested money to open a restaurant with her, he was familiar with every hobby in her life, the only thing that was unexpected and not in his plan was that she chose MH at the end of her MBA internship. Not only that, but she also chose the cruelest department. 

However, no newcomer can pass the DU’s devil-like test. Even a veteran with more than 2 years of work can’t complete what DU wants. In a world-class investment bank, there is no humanity, only interests, and they can only get to this position with hardship. 

In GT, he can help the woman he loves to adapt to her work slowly, but there is no reason for DU to do it? Maybe one month or more, his baby will be kicked out of the MH. At that time, he will comfort her like before and encourage her to let her be free from any harm under his protection.
  In the beginning, he watched her walking into the study room every night with her head low. He wanted to help her but she rejected him. She only slept for two or three hours a day. At night, she would yell in her dreams, "DU, you are a bastard."
  He never persuaded her to give up, because she never gives up until the end.
He really didn't expect that there was so much potential in her tiny body. He really didn't expect that DU would actually protect her, changing her into the person she is now, Juno. He almost lost her.
He bit on her earlobes angrily. She has already fallen asleep, she woke up and pinched his thighs in dissatisfaction. This chick always holds grudges. He continued to torture her earlobes, "Do you know why I named you Juno?” Holding her earlobe, he whispered. 

"Damn you!" She couldn't sleep because he was noisy. She sat up and pulled his ear. "You said I was born in the year of Zhu [Pig in chinese] and loved to sleep, so you called Juno (Similar to ZHU, pig in Chinese), I regret it now!! "She imitated her grandma called her English name in Southern dialect which made him laugh until his stomach hurts. He took out a hand and rubbed her face hard, "Is this the goddess' name?"
  Who cares to be a goddess! "She ignored him and turned to lie down, he closed his eyes and hugged her to sleep and time passed by. 

        Back to that sunny afternoon, he followed his grandfather into the mysterious red wall and saw her. She sat alone on the rockery in the yard, with thin ponytails, holding the doll and looking at him curiously.
  She said, "You are the grandson of my Yi Nai (grandma’s sister), is that considered as my brother?"
   She said, "Yi Nai is gone, will you come to my house in the future, okay? I ask my grandma to be your grandma"

   She said: "We have to play with each other in the future, OK? You are a father, I am a mother, this is our baby"
   She called him brother, she was his non-blood-related cousin.
   His English name is Zeus, Juno is the sister and wife of Zeus in ancient mythology.
(Flashback ends) 

  . . . . . . . He was relentless with his questions and said, "You haven't explained it to me, what happened today?"
   "What?" She tried to curl herself into a ball with a quilt. "Here". He pulled off her shield and bit her neck. 

        "Mosquito bite"
        "I forgot"
   "Then I will bite"
   "We only kissed" She covered her mouth before he covered them. He dragged her over and let her lie on his lap and spanked her butt.
   "‘Only’ a kiss? what else do you want to do?"
        "What else did you do?"
   "Nothing, really"
   "Lying.” He spanked her a few more times. "If you continue to hit, I will bite your “little brother”"
  He hit her a couple of times more "Hurry, he's waiting for you already"
   "No... well..."
   "What about this?"
   "What about this?"
   "Well, don't bite hard... it hurt"
   "Where else?"
   "Here, look here, and here, you see what you want to do."