Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 32.1

Chapter 32.1 - How Dare You Touch My Person (1)

“Jinbei, why are you here?” Xia Lu stood up in panic. “You, you…”

Su Jinbei stepped forward and looked around. There were five men, Xia Lu was the only girl.

“I should be the one asking you, why are you here.” Su Jinbei lost her usual haughty look, her face dark.

Xia Lu cleared her throat, and said reluctantly and calmly, “Uh, let me introduce you, this is Producer Jiang, this is Director Chen…”

Su Jinbei didn’t want to hear her introduce these people. She looked at Xia Lu and asked, “Xia Lu, is this person your boyfriend?”

“Ah?” Xia Lu froze, “What, what boyfriend.”

“I saw that you guys were so intimate, I thought he was your boyfriend.”

Xia Lu’s complexion changed, “Jinbei…”

“Ah, you are Su Jinbei, seeing once is indeed better than hearing a hundred times!” Producer Jiang was drunk and you could tell from his face, “Truly so beautiful.”

Xia Lu pushed Su Jinbei out, “Jinbei, please go first, I will explain later.”

“Don’t go, sit down and have a drink together.”

Others present also added, “Yeah, yeah, let’s have a drink, pretty lady.”

Xia Lu was anxious, “Jinbei.”

Su Jinbei glanced at Xia Lu, and suddenly sat down where she was, “Okay, let’s have a drink, let’s talk.”

Seeing Su Jinbei sit down, the eyes of all the men present were glittering, and Producer Jiang said, “Xia Lu, why didn’t you tell us earlier, turns out you’re close with Su Jinbei.”

Xia Lu sat down hesitantly, “En…”

“That’s really good. The drama I told you has another character undecided, you two can act together.”

Xia Lu’s eyes lit up, “Mr. Jiang, you agreed?”

“Heh, it’s no problem.” Producer Jiang’s eyes analyzed Su Jinbei, “Of course, you have to help me bring Miss Su over, our drama is lacking a representative.”

As soon as Xia Lu heard it, she subconsciously turned to Su Jinbei.

Her eyes were too expectant, Su Jinbei felt a sharp pain in her heart when she saw them.

She had always known that the entertainment circle was very chaotic, that many people in the circle would cling to others for fame and resources. They would use their bodies or other things, but Su Jinbei never thought that the “many people” included Xia Lu, the Xia Lu who in her heart she thought of as pure and lovely, the Xia Lu who liked to play with her.

“Producer Jiang, right? What kind of drama are you talking about?” Su Jinbei looked at him with a smile.

Producer Jiang said, “It’s an adaptation of a novel by a well-known romance author. It’s a big IP. Whoever stars in it would definitely get famous. Oh, right. The male lead will be played by Yang Shang. What do you think, Miss Su must be interested?

Su Jinbei hooked her lips and smiled, “Big IP, the male god Yang Shang… Then what role are you going to give Xia Lu?”

“Second female lead.”

“Oh?” Su Jinbei said again, “Then since you’re telling me to join you, what role will I be playing?”

“Also a very good character. Sigh, actually, you can take on the role of the female lead, but the female lead role has already been decided, although…” Producer Jiang suddenly reached out and stroked the back of Su Jinbei’s hand, “If you are desperate, I may consider helping you. “

Su Jinbei felt a chill in her heart. The scene of the pervert touching Xia Lu just now lingered in her mind. She drew back her hand abruptly, “Producer Jiang is really a good person, willing to help me take the role for free. I must remember this kindness.”

“It’s not free.” Producer Jiang and the few men present looked at each other. “If you are willing to accompany us, this matter… will certainly be no problem.” 

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Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2

Ji Nanfang was a little dazed. Her fluffy hair was attached to his clothes, almost as soft as a cloud. Maybe if she stretched out her hand, it would disappear. But her face is real, with long eyelashes, like two small curved fans. When you look down in this way, you can see the black velvet-like eyelashes one by one. It's very long and clear as if it was carefully drawn by someone, almost like a fake. In fact, she cried before, and after washing her face, she didn't put on makeup. Her face was very clean and had a girly lustre. He has also seen women without makeup, but he always feels that something is missing, even if they are beautiful, they seem to be a bit discoloured. But she was so clean and so delicate, even her breath was a little sweet, reminding him of her grimace and little red tongue.

He shook his head suddenly, and suddenly felt the urge to slap himself, and stretched out his hand to wake her up without thinking: “Shoushou, don't sleep, I'll take you back. ”

She opened her eyes bleakly, looked at her watch, and only felt thirsty to sleep: “It's almost three o'clock... I'll just take a break here. ”

“That won't work. "He has an arrogant attitude, “I'll take you home, there are no guest rooms here." 

“Then I will sleep on the sofa. ”

“No way! ”

“Then I will sleep in your bed. "She is inarticulate, but her thinking is still clear, “You sleep on the sofa." ”

“No way! ”

“You are very annoying. ”She muttered, squeezed herself deeper into the warmth, and fell asleep again.

When she woke up, her feet were a little swollen, because she was wearing jeans and slept all night without even turning over.

Shoushou thought for a while before remembering where she was.

Ji Nanfang's bed is very large. In fact, because the bedroom is large, it is more than fifty square meters, and it still has curved windows on the entire side, facing the empty skyline. Without curtains, Shoushou opened her eyes and saw the blue sky outside the window, with clouds slowly flowing past, so low that it seemed to be within reach.

She lay there for a while before she got up. The master bedroom and bathroom are also very large, with many mirrors, which look a bit empty. Like the bedroom, the main colours are black and white, which makes it look a bit deserted. Because the quilt was too warm, she slept dryly. After washing, she went downstairs. It was also very warm downstairs. The double-layer glass was covered with fine white mist as if it was covered with a layer of screen curtains. Ji Nanfang was wrapped in a blanket and slept motionless on the sofa. She felt naughty, walked to the sofa on tiptoe, then stretched out her hand, and was about to scream, when he suddenly opened his eyes: “What are you doing? ”

She was taken aback, he almost scared her soul away, so she patted her chest and said, “It scared me to death. ”

“Who told you to have bad intentions?” He sat up and scratched his hair. In fact, his hair was not messy, but he was wearing pyjamas, which was somewhat different from his usual appearance. Shoushou was angry to be scared by him, and deliberately despised him: "It turns out that men who don't dress up can't meet people.”  (illa: She is implying that when he doesn’t dress up he looks bad)

He didn't want to fight with her: “Wait a minute, I'll take a shower, change clothes and take you home.”

She didn't want to go home, so she asked him to take her to the west of the city. After the car stopped, he looked at the building and frowned: "Where is this place? ”

“Dormitory, divided by the administration office.”

“Haven't you graduated yet?”

“I'm in an internship. It's not convenient to run around. The administration office took care of me and gave me a room. ”

His car is too expensive, there are already passing neighbours looking back, and she hurriedly wants to get out of the car: “Third brother, I'm leaving.”

A word rushed to his mouth and rolled, but he swallowed it in time.

Seeing her open the car door, he couldn't help but catch up with her: “Be careful and take care of yourself. ”

But before he could say much, she had already run far away. In the late autumn dawn, she was covered with faint sunlight, leaping lightly, turning her head like a fawn, and answering him crisply: "Ugh! ”

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 1)

During the Chinese New Year, it is the winter vacation. In addition to the duty personnel and the inpatient department, most of the remaining departments of the Stomatology hospital will also be on vacation. Therefore, Ai Jingchu told Zeng Li last time that if the braces have no unexpected condition, then the next follow-up time will be after the new year, the day before the 15th of the first month. 
     In the first few days, Zeng Li obediently followed the doctor's instructions and carefully drank a lot of porridge. Later, when she saw Ma Yiyi eating braised rice by herself, she was really fond of good food, so she tried to chew two chicken wings. After eating, she found that there was actually no problem, so she boldly started to break the rules one by one. 
     Dou Dou said, “Sister Small Fish, don't be careless. There are also people in my dormitory who have their teeth repaired. I heard that if the braces is knocked off once, it will delay the treatment time for several months. ”
    Zeng Li said guiltily: “Don't scare me, is it true? ” She is getting older, and the delay she can't afford is the treatment time. Last time she heard Zhou Wen say that it takes a minimum one or two years, and maximum three or five years. The treatment time for adults is longer than that of children. She wanted to hit the wall and die at the time. 

If it weren't for two teeth that had been pulled out, she would definitely leave immediately. Three or five years? Doesn't it mean that if she gets married in two years, she will have to wear braces when she wears a wedding dress and have children? Zhou Wen also solemnly comforted her: “You don't have to worry too much about this. You must take it off during pregnancy, because your teeth are loose during pregnancy and you are prone to periodontitis and you are not suitable for treatment. However, I haven't met anyone who is still orthodontic after pregnancy. Maybe Teacher Ai has experience. "Zeng Li couldn't be at ease. 
     Ma Yiyi smiled and said, “Ai Jingchu glued it up with his own hands, how could it fall off? It is estimated that the diamonds are not as hard as your braces. ”
     After Dou Dou's advice, Zeng Li didn't dare to anyhow eat anymore, but on Saturday, it happened to be the anniversary of the website's New Year's Dinner, and Zeng Li had to go. 
     The activities of the day were very lively, an outdoor stage was set up, and a radio host was invited to host a program. The interval between literary and artistic programs was interspersed with an inventory and summary of the major events of the website last year. 
     First, the women's section, the literature section, the real estate section, and the self-driving cycling section played, and finally, the social hot club where Zeng Li was in, served as the finale. 
     Their club and the educational club planned two activities together in the middle of the year and at the end of the year. One was to build an extracurricular library for children in the mountains during the summer vacation, and the other was to start raising money for winter clothes in the autumn. When she went to the mountains in the summer, everyone temporarily became interested after seeing the current situation of the children. 
    The matter of donating the library was proposed by Zeng Li. At that time, the club master wanted to launch a meaningful public welfare event and asked everyone to make suggestions. Zeng Li remembered that she had followed the curator to the following townships and cultural bureaus to inspect the construction of rural cultural undertakings with the local leaders. 

To be honest, only superficial efforts have been made, when conducting the inspections, some nearby farmers and residents were invited to the library to sit and read books pretentiously. The magazines and books inside are lacklustre. Think about what would happen to small villages in remote mountainous areas. 
     It happened that the city library was about to engage in a similar event and needed media and social support. Zeng Li contacted the library for the club. 
     “Jia Small Fish. ”A man called Zeng Li's screen name behind her back. 
     Zeng Li looked back and saw that it was the moderator “Blade” who managed the “City Lookout” section with her. "Blade" was originally named Ning Feng, he was not fat or thin, had a usual flat hairstyle, and took the name of an unusually tough vest. 
     “Lao Ning, what's the matter? "Zeng Li asked. 
     “The reporter from the Education Club wants to interview you. "Ning Feng said. 
     “Interview me? " Zeng Li was surprised and became nervous all of a sudden. 
     A young female reporter came out from behind Ning Feng, smiled and said to Zeng Li: “Just a casual talk. ”
     “I... I... you interview them, I have nothing to say. ” With that said, Zeng Li wanted to hide. 
     “Let's do a special topic, everyone has been interviewed, you can also say a few words, do me a favour! ”
     “I can't speak well. ”
     “It's okay, we have to edit it in the end. If it's not good, we won't broadcast it. ”
     Hearing this, Zeng Li calmed down. 

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 31.3

Chapter 31.3 - A Chaotic Morning (3)

While eating, Zhou Shiyun found that although Su Jinbei said it was delicious, she really didn’t eat much. She would only raise her chopsticks a few times and stop eating.

“Are you full?” Zhou Shiyun finally asked.

Su Jinbei pouted, “Not yet.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I like it.”

Zhou Shiyun was a little puzzled, “Then why aren’t you eating.”

Su Jinbei bitterly said, “I’m half full, I should stop eating. You know I get fat easily.”

Zhou Shiyun frowned, “Do you gain weight easily?”

“Yeah, do you know how hard it is to keep in shape?” Su Jinbei sighed. “Besides, I’m a public figure. It’s so easy to tell if I gained weight.”

As soon as she finished talking, Su Jinbei had a piece of meat on her plate. Zhou Shiyun calmly withdrew his chopsticks. “Cutting down on meals is the most insensible way to lose weight. Your body won’t get enough nutrients if you don’t eat and your metabolism will slow down thus making you gain weight easier.”

Su Jinbei, “Are, are you sure?”

Zhou Shiyun raised an eyebrow, “I am a doctor.”

“That’s true.”

“Eat, what you need is exercise, not dieting.” Zhou Shiyun radiated a doctor’s halo, his whole posture expressing to “please follow the doctor’s advice”.

Su Jinbei groaned, “I usually exercise, but I have been slacking recently.” She whispered into his ear, “Do you believe that I even have abs?”

Zhou Shiyun’s hand holding chopsticks paused. He believed her, she unveiled it in front of him yesterday… No, it was unveiled in front of Wutong, and he had seen it, so he naturally believed her.

But when Su Jinbei saw his reaction, she thought he didn’t believe it, “I’ll let you feel, it’s quite toned.”

Zhou Shiyun was scared stiff that she would suddenly lift her clothes again. He thought in a trance that she was still the same as last night, and she wasn’t sober yet.

“Eat your food.” He warned.

Su Jinbei snorted softly and muttered, “I’m telling the truth…”

Zhou Zhengxian was very satisfied with the private whispers of the two. His poker face brother was finally enlightened, he could finally relax.

Later, Zhou Shiyun placed chopsticks after chopsticks of food for Su Jinbei, which she ate with mixed feelings.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Su Jinbei said and opened the door to go out. There was a waitress standing outside the door. Su Jinbei asked for directions and walked toward the bathroom. She had drunk too much juice just now.

The restaurant’s layout was a bit confusing. After Su Jinbei came out of the toilet, she couldn’t find her way back. She walked back to the general area of her room and pushed the door of a room that seemed to be hers. Halfway in, a person suddenly called her “Miss!” from behind.

“Excuse me, are you a guest of Room 302?” It turned out to be a waiter. Su Jinbei was confused for a while. This waiter was not the waiter of their room.

“Ah, I’m sorry I seem to have been mistaken. I don’t remember my room number.”

The waiter said politely, “Then you can tell me the name of the person who booked the place.”

Su Jinbei thought for a while, “Zhou Zhengxian.”

“Ah, it’s Mr. Zhou.” The waiter seemed familiar with him, “Our boss specifically told us to serve Mr. Zhou well. He is in Room 306.”

“Is that so, thank you.” Su Jinbei was about to leave. Suddenly, a familiar voice came from the box, “Mr. Jiang, won’t you drink one more glass? Don’t tell me you’re already drunk?”

The man’s rough voice sounded, “There’s a beauty by my side, I’m already drunk even without the alcohol. Come, come, pour me a glass. I will drink if you pour.”

The woman’s delicate voice turned slightly stiff, “Mr. Jiang…”

“Miss?” Seeing Su Jinbei not moving, the waiter called out strangely.

Su Jinbei did not answer, turned her body sideways, looking through the gap of the door.

Xia Lu…

Her good friend Xia Lu was sitting next to a fat man, and the man’s groping hand roamed around her thigh!

Su Jinbei’s feelings could no longer be described as shocked. She slammed open the door of the room and stood directly at the door, “Xia Lu?”

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Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1

Who is tapping on my window

Who is stirring up these melodies

That forgotten time

Gradually rises again out from my heart

The memories of cheerful scene

Slowly came to my mind

(illa: Song is Forgotten Time 被遗忘的时光 by Cai Qin)


There seems to be a little sound of the rain outside the window. In fact, it rarely rains in autumn in this city, but there is a slight sound on the window, perhaps the wind.

Shou shou felt that she was about to fall asleep, and looked wearily. The wall was full of pyramid-shaped sound-absorbing cotton, like a kind of chocolate that she had eaten when she was a child. One by one, the small tips protruded, but the entrance was warm and soft, with the unique creamy aroma of cocoa butter.

Ji Nanfang sat on the other end of the sofa, lit a cigarette, and the faint white smoke diffused, his eyes were a little erratic.

“You must be thinking of your old lover.” Shoushou was slightly pitiful, and looked a little bit like she was sighing, “This song is really melancholy." ”

He was indeed a little silent tonight, but when he heard her say this, there was a look of laughter on his face: “What nonsense are you talking about? ”

The heating was too warm. She originally wore a pair of his slippers, which were too big, so she simply kicked them off, curled up her feet, and put them on the sofa: “Every time my eldest brother thinks of that sister, he listens to a vinyl disc called 《Kinderspiele. He met her in Hong Kong. At that time, eldest brother was scouring for discs in the disc shop. He and sister took a fancy to this one disc at the same time. They both were at a stalemate, even the boss couldn't help it. In the end, he offered a high price and bought it. The elder sister was so angry that she didn't expect that after the elder brother bought it, he gave it to her on the spot, and the two met like this. It's so romantic, like a movie, right? ”

He dusted off the soot and asked, “What happened later? ”

“Later-” her eyes rolled, “you know everything later. Humph! You don't try to trick me into betraying my eldest brother and then laugh at him with this material. ”

He smiled: “It's boring, you see through my attempts so easily. ”

She felt very relieved like she felt like staying with her brothers when she was a child. She went to England when she was twelve years old. At that time, it was Ye Shenrong who accompanied her across the ocean. He was also studying in the UK at that time, and they were like two kids in a foreign land. It really felt like they were dependent on each other in a foreign country. Although it is rich in material resources, it is actually very lonely in spirit. Although there are many classmates and friends, they are also very lively together, but it is different. In fact, since she was a child, her parents were busy at work, and she rarely asked about her. If she had any troubles, she would tell her brothers. Her father ranked last, and all of her uncles gave birth to sons. Only her father gave birth to a daughter like her, so since she was a child, her brothers took good care of her.

Cai Qin is still singing over and over again, in a low and mellow female voice: “The slowly falling drizzle keeps hitting my window, only the silent and speechless me, thinking back to the past from time to time...”

The surrounding effect is so ideal, that you can almost hear Cai Qin's every breath, every breath, her voice is like a drizzle, with a slight coolness, gradually penetrating into the bottom of her heart.

Shoushou held her cheeks, and Ji Nanfang seemed to be gone, because the soot in her hand had accumulated for a long time, and she didn't move.

“Ji Nanfang...”

“What are you doing? ”

“You really didn't think of anyone? "She took his arm and shook it gently, “No, it's impossible. You must be thinking of a certain sister, so you are in a daze like this." ”

“I’m really not." He stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair, “Don't talk nonsense, lass." ”

“Don't mess with my bangs.” She is a little unhappy. It turned out that she had always had long hair, but she finally cut it off not long ago. It was cut extremely short, fluffy like a dandelion.

Because Yi Changning said that she liked the look of her long hair, she cut her hair.

This kind of rash act, what is the use of it, she will never see Yi Changning again.

They listened to several CDs, and in the dead of night, Shoushou was really tired, so sleepy that she couldn't open her eyes. At first, she staggered, occasionally talking to Ji Nanfang, and finally gradually leaned on his arm and fell asleep.

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 1)

     She raised her head and looked at Ai Jingchu's side face again. He was definitely the kind of exemplary beauty in Zhou Wen's mouth. 
    At this time, there was a reader who wanted to borrow a book, so Zeng Li returned to her seat and moved Ai Jingchu's book to the side to continue working. There were a lot of people coming and going, borrowing and returning, and everyone was silent. 
     After some more time, Zeng Li calmed down and looked in the direction of Ai Jingchu. There was a row of tall iron bookshelves separated from them, and Zeng Li could see half of Ai Jingchu's figure through the row of uneven books and journals. 
     In the huge reading room, it seemed that there were only two of them left. There were no footsteps or human voices, and they could only faintly hear the music of the playground in the park downstairs. As time passed, the sunlight slowly moved the angle of illumination on him. 
     If this is seen by Ma Yiyi's mother, it accurately depicts her usual saying: "How can a mother raise her son so well? It's really a blessing from eight lifetimes of cultivation!” Young and promising, a fine-looking man, famous overseas returnees, as well as highly educated and good careers, every line is a ring of light. 
     Zeng Li smiled, a little self-deprecating, opened the computer's browser again, and entered the local forum “Dadi Network” where she often went—she was one of the moderators of a section called “Urban Lookout”. She can surf the Internet at work and is free most of the time, so she applied for a position as a moderator in this place where she often goes. She usually deletes advertisements, organizes the posting order of the forum, and can get to know some online friends. 
     Some time ago, the post about Teacher A was overwhelmed other topics. She didn't show up for two consecutive days, nothing big, so she opened some new top posts at random. One of them was news to gather the whole forum AA netizens to eat New Year's Hot pot together. 
     At this moment, Ai Jingchu stood up and walked towards Zeng Li with the book in his hand to go through the formalities of borrowing books. 
    He was standing and she was sitting, with a table separated from each other. 
     She looked at the computer, hesitating, not knowing if she should say hello to him. She has always had a bit of communication barriers with unfamiliar people, and she always hovers between saying and not saying. She was afraid that if he didn't recognize her,it would be rude to speak rashly; she was also afraid that he had already recognized her, but she deliberately pretended not to recognize him, it is even more rude. What's more, if the doctor-patient relationship continues for a long time in the future, it may be more difficult to get along. 
     So, Zeng Li raised her head and reluctantly raised the corners of her mouth, “Dr. Ai, what a coincidence. ”
     Ai Jingchu lowered his head, his eyes flashed across her face, a little puzzled. 
     Zeng Li sighed secretly in her heart, he indeed didn't know her. She wears a dark blue suit with dark stripes as a uniform for work, and her hair must be tied into a bun at the back of her head. It is as ugly as it can be. She looks ten years older and she is completely different from her usual self. Besides, every time he saw her, she opened her mouth wide, and her face was distorted and deformed for a long time. He normal looks at hundreds of patients a day, so he probably couldn't tell who was who. 
     She knew it's better to save the trouble
     But now she is in a state of one who rides a tiger, and it is even more strange not to explain, so Zeng Li stood up and introduced himself, "I am your patient. "As she said, she opened her mouth and showed her braces to prove it to Ai Jingchu. 

(Romuse: One who rides a tiger - get into a position from which there is no retiring) 
     As soon as Ai Jingchu saw her braces, he faintly spits out two words: "Zeng Li. ”
     As her name is spoken out by him, the final sound will be longer, lowered down and then raise up, which has a strange texture. His voice is still a little hoarse, but it is much better than yesterday. Fortunately, he has recovered well, otherwise, he will really disappoint many young people. 
     He really has a voice that people will never forget. 
    Zeng Li smiled shallowly in response. She suddenly felt that the person in front of her was very interesting. He couldn't remember the appearance of the patient, but he could clearly remember the dental condition and medical records of each patient. Only when he saw the braces could he remember who it was. 
     Perfect professionalism. 
     When the conversation reach this point, it became abit cold. 
     Zeng Li hurriedly picked up the book and card and handed them back to Ai Jingchu, “Please continue with what you are busy with, I’ll be going back to work. ” One sentence can be regarded as a farewell towards the end. 
     Ai Jingchu took it and left silently. 
     After two or three days, Zeng Li felt that she seemed to have adapted to the existence of braces. It was not as terrifying as some people said. It was certain that the skin of her mouth was a little bit worn out, but her gums were not red and swollen. 

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