Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 10.3

‘Chapter 10.3 - An Unlockable Past (Part 2)

    The other party couldn't hide his feelings and kept asking Zeng Li to convey his gratitude.

    Director Li is well-known in her work unit, and when he makes a speech in a meeting, he needs to spend the first half of his time looking back at the past, and then spend the second half of his time looking forward to the future. After he speaks for a long time, he then thinks of looking at his watch." Yo, time is running out, let's get down to business."

    After finally hanging up her phone, Zeng Li let out a long sigh of relief, stamped her frozen feet, and returned to the living room.

    She froze in place.

    Ai Jingchu actually just sat on the sofa and fell asleep.

    Zeng Li quietly took a few steps closer, and called out tentatively, "Ai...Jingchu." She shouted softly, afraid that he was just closing his eyes and slumbering, but also afraid that he was really asleep, and she might accidentally disturb his sleep.

    He was motionless, breathing evenly and long.

    Maybe it was the effect of the medicine, maybe it was because he was really tired, she waited silently for a minute or two, and found that he really slept soundly.

    His head was slightly raised, leaning on the back of the sofa, against the background of the orange light, the outline of his eyebrows exuded a dazzling beauty from the inside out. With one hand in front of him and the other on the armrest, he closed his eyes with a thick layer of eyelashes, much more amiable than when he was awake.

    Zeng Li didn't know what to do.

    Finally, after a long thought, she went into the bedroom and came out with a thick blanket.

    The corner of the blanket swept across the coffee table, and accidentally kicked the bag that Ai Jingchu put on it to the ground, and something rolled onto the carpet, making a muffled sound, Zeng Li hurriedly raised her eyes and looked at Ai Jingchu.

    Fortunately, he was not affected.

    After carefully picking up the things, she bent over and cover the blanket in her hand on him, and the hand he put on the arm of the sofa was out of the blanket because it was stretched farther. The fingertips were neatly trimmed, there were no extra nails, and even some places were cut too much and were slightly deformed. The fingers are very white and all the nail seams are extremely clean.

    Hands used to save the wounded.

    Are all men who need to work using their hands like this?

    Zeng Li thought for a while, then moved the hand on the armrest to his lap. Maybe her hand was too cold, which disturbed him. His brows wrinkled, he took his hand back from Zeng Li and put it on the near side, tilted his head but didn't wake up.

    After doing all this, Zeng Li took her things, turned off the light, and slowly closed the door.

    Zeng Li didn't fall asleep for a long time after she went back.

    She have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than her own, and she couldn't fall asleep till late at night. She was lying on the bed, looking at the curtains for a while, and the ceiling for a while, and she didn't know how long it took to close her eyes. In a daze, she had many dreams again. Those dreams were fragments, fragment after fragment, layer by layer, like a black shadow grabbed her, dragged her, and forced her to be unable to breathe.

    She kicked her legs under the quilt suddenly, and she was woken up by herself.

    Zeng Li looked at the time, and opened the curtains, the snow had stopped, and the horizon seemed a little gray.

    In the end, she simply packed up and went out.

    The sunrise on Dongshan Mountain is a well-known sight. Because the mountain is covered by heavy snow, the road has not been opened to traffic, but the cable car has opened. Dongshan Hotel is still a short distance from the top of the mountain. You can take the cable car or climb up by yourself.

    Probably because of the snow last night, there were not many people watching the sunrise, only a few groups of people.

    Zeng Li happened to meet a few colleagues who were going to watch the sunrise when she went out. She didn't dare to walk the mountain road alone, so she bought a ticket to the top of the mountain with them.

    The cable car is very large, and one car can hold more than 20 people.

    Along the way, everyone was very excited and kept taking pictures in the cable car, but Zeng Li stood quietly in the corner by herself.

    At the end of the cable car, everyone got off and ran towards the cliff to view the view, not paying any attention to the other direction Zeng Li was walking.

    Instead of walking with the crowd watching the sunrise, she bypassed the courtyard wall of Dongshan Temple on the top of the mountain and continued to walk towards the small mountain there. The snow on the top of the mountain was so thick that it barely covered her calf, and the altitude was high, so she struggled to walk and was a little out of breath.

    But she still walked faster and faster, and in the end, she couldn't lift her legs, and she fell into the snow.

    She fell face down, her cheeks against the snow, and she didn't want to move for a long time.

    After a while, she heard someone shouting over the cliff, and it seemed that dawn was about to break.

    She tried to roll over, sat up, and walked forward again.

    Finally, she saw the long-lost huge concentric lock sculpture. The chains around the sculpture, and even the handrails made of iron chains on the edge of the cliff, are all copper locks. As long as there is a gap, the place is full of locks, layer after layer, overlapping, and the original appearance of the chain can hardly be seen.

    She walked over, then squatted down and flipped through the locks.

    Almost every lock is engraved with "Forever together, a hundred years of harmony".

    But she was looking for something beyond that.

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2 - An Unlockable Past (Part 2)

    She followed him into the administration building, and then took the elevator to the sixth floor.

    He opened the door with his room card, and Zeng Li hesitated for a long time on whether to go in or wait for him outside the door.

    However, as soon as the door opened, she heard Ai Jingchu's cell phone ringing. Probably he was in a hurry when he left, and he didn't take his cell phone with him. The phone continued to ring from the bedroom, and he didn't know how long it had been ringing, so he had to walk in quickly to pick it up.

    Zeng Li was just standing outside the door when someone came out of the elevator and saw Zeng Li standing at the door. The man walked all the way to look at her curiously, his undisguised eyes looked at Zeng Li all the way until he took out the room card and opened the room next to Ai Jingchu, and walked in, then he disappeared behind the door.

In the middle of the night, a woman stood in front of the expensive suite in the executive building with her hair disheveled. The door was open, but she didn't go in or leave. Zeng Li felt that the other party was definitely trying to figure out her career.

    She looked up at the ceiling, gathered up her courage, took two steps inside, and quickly closed the door.

    Only the lights in the living room and bedroom were on, and Ai Jingchu was standing in the bedroom talking. Zeng Li glanced inside, the snow-white quilt was wrinkled, and he was really called up from the quilt just now.

    Ai Jingchu heard the door closing and walked out of the bedroom to see what was going on while talking on the phone.

    Zeng Li stood in the living room and looked at him.

    He pointed to the sofa and motioned Zeng Li to sit first.

    Zeng Li found the disassembled medicine box and the thermos cup she gave him on the coffee table.

    Then, he said, "I'll go back early tomorrow morning." and ended the call.

    He hung up the phone and went to dump the remaining water in the thermos cup, washed it, wiped it clean, and put it back in Zeng Li's bag. The two were about to talk when Zeng Li's phone suddenly rang.

    As soon as Zeng Li answered, it was Director Li's call.

    "Xiao Zeng, you haven't rested yet, have you?"

    "No, Director Li, how is the child?" Zeng Li said.

    "Dr. Ge prescribed some medicine and let him eat and sleep. His mother is watching over him."

    "That's good."

    "I went to find you just now, but I couldn't find it. I heard Xiao Wu say that you and Doctor Ai are acquaintances, right?" Director Li asked again.

    Hearing this, Zeng Li couldn't help but glance at Ai Jingchu, who was also looking at her.

    Learning from the previous experience, she dared not hold the phone in front of Ai Jingchu again and talk about him on the other end of the phone. Moreover, Director Li is different from Ma Yiyi. He is a leader, so she can't just hang up because of inconvenience. So, she smirked at Ai Jingchu, pushed open the glass door, stood on the balcony, and continued to fight.

    Seeing that Zeng Li didn't answer for a long time, Director Li said, "I met you in the yard when you just came back from outside, the person right next to you is that Doctor Ai?"

    Zeng Li was looking back and saw through the glass that Ai Jingchu, who was under the indoor heating, took off his coat and put it on the back of the chair. After that, he sat down on the sofa and waited for her.

    When she heard Director Li's questioning, she wailed in her heart. When Ai Jingchu took her to the West Building, he just met Director Li, and he didn't even say a word, how could he remember it?

Now that she had to admit it, she turned around and replied, "Yeah, haven't I been seeing my teeth these days? He's my attending doctor, it is a coincidence."

    "Oh, I didn't expect that earlier, I didn't have time to say hello."

    Zeng Li gave him a sloppy look with laughter.

    "He is the benefactor of our whole family, and we must thank him."

    "We should."

    "So, since you know Dr. Ai, you must pass on my gratitude to him. You can make an appointment with him for me, and you must invite him to dinner another day, and the whole family will thank him in person..."

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 - An Unlockable Past (Part 2)

"What's the doctor's last name?" The mother was a little worried at the end, but questioned the doctor who came from the sky, "Do you really have experience? What school did you graduate from? What is the title? Is he an official teacher of University A? "

    Zeng Li couldn't help standing at the door and said, "Sister-in-law, I know that doctor. He is a professor of Dentistry at University A. It will take several days to get a number to see him. I promise, he is really a good doctor, you can rest assured.."

    In a short time, Ai Jingchu appeared with the manager Wen.

    He walked in a hurry and didn't notice Zeng Li in the corridor at all.

    Ai Jingchu entered the door and saw the child lying on the observation bed, comforted by his mother.

    He said coldly, "How can he lie down on his back? What happens if the blood chokes in his trachea when he cries?" Although he didn't make it clear who he was speaking to, there were only a few people in the room, the parents of the child surely did not understand, she definitely didn't understand, it was obvious that Ge Yi was negligent, she was embarrassed when she heard the words, and hurriedly changed it.

    When Zeng Li heard this sentence outside the door, she couldn't help shrinking his neck.

    Really a vicious person.

    Wu Wanxia asked, "Are all experts and famous doctors more temperamental?"

    Zeng Li smiled noncommittally, she was embarrassed to speak ill of Ai Jingchu behind his back.

    "You said just now that you knew a doctor, you were referring to him, right?"


    "So young, so handsome, it's worth it despite him being a little fierce." Wu Wanxia sighed.

    Although the infirmary has limited conditions, basic emergency equipment is still available.

    Ai Jingchu looked at the child's condition and said calmly: "The metal is inserted into the child's mouth and jaw, fortunately, it is not deep, and it can be pulled out, but it is not easy to stop the bleeding in the mouth, so we need a few stitches. It is better to go to the hospital if you can, but if you can't get down the mountain right now, this can also be carried out here."

    "No problem?" the child's mother asked.

    "No problem." Ai Jingchu replied with an unmistakable tone.

    Ai Jingchu carefully washed his hands, disinfected them, put on gloves, asked the child's father to hold the child in his arms, and asked Ge Yi to take an anesthetic. As soon as the child saw this scene, he was nervous and began to cry and struggle desperately. Zeng Li was worried when she heard it from a distance, but Ai Jingchu was unmoved and said to the parents, "We can't do general anesthesia debridement, we can only let you hold the child firmly." Then he gives a little anesthesia to the relevant parts of the child's mouth.

    Although the needle was extremely thin, it was painful, and the child twisted.

    The child's father added strength, the other hand controlled the child's chin, and the mother also held the child down, pressing it tightly in the father's arms.

    After a while, Ai Jingchu stretched out his hand and squeezed lightly, the fork was pulled out, and the blood from the wound gushed out. Zeng Li saw that his eyes flickered slightly, his face was terribly pale, and shook his head slightly in the meantime.

    Ge Yi covered the hemostatic cotton with pliers, and then disinfected and debrided it.

    It is estimated that the anesthesia has taken effect, the child did not feel much pain, and the crying gradually subsided, Zeng Li couldn't help but poked her head in.

    She saw that Ai Jingchu was doing stitches, the wound was inside the mouth, and the lighting was limited. As the child choked, his mouth would open and close. Under such circumstances, Ai Jingchu buried his head engrossed in it, his left and right tweezers alternated quickly, and a bloody thread was pulled up, Zeng Li didn't dare to look at it, and retracted her head again.

    The whole process was quick. After explaining some precautions and handing them over to Ge Yi, Ai Jingchu walked out of the infirmary.

    When he went out, he looked up and discovered Zeng Li.

    Just now Director Li saw that the child was fine, and asked everyone to go back to rest while expressing thanks in four dialects. Only Zeng Li was left waiting there.

    Zeng Li nodded at him as a greeting.

    "You are here too?" Ai Jingchu was a little surprised.

    "It's a colleague's child," Zeng Li explained.

    "The child is fine, for the time being. I'll go back to the hospital in the city tomorrow to have a further check on him."

    Zeng Li saw that Ai Jingchu's face turned from horrible white to flushed against the background of the light, and she remembered that he must have had a high fever that has not subsided. She remembers him saying that he would doze off immediately after taking the medicine, so maybe he just took the medicine and was sleeping warmly when someone woke him up.

    "Thank you for helping the child." Zeng Li said.

    She didn't know how many times to say thank you to him in one night.

    "举手之劳 Small matter." He still replied, but his tone sounded hazy.

    The two of them walked out of the corridor of the infirmary in the north building together. At the fork in the road, Ai Jingchu said to Zeng Li, "Stand in there and wait for me. I'll bring the bag and return it to you."

    The bag in his mouth refers to the one that Zeng Li gave him just now. If he doesn't return it to her now, he doesn't know when it will be delayed. If she needs it urgently, it will be troublesome.

    Zeng Li remembered that there were other people's things in the bag, " I'll go get it with you, anyway, even if I go back, I won't be able to sleep for a while."

    Ai Jingchu silently agreed.

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9.3 - An Unlockable Past (Part 1)

    When she arrived at the hotel, the front desk said that there were no standard rooms and big bedrooms, and only business suites and above had vacancies. From the start, the price of this kind of exclusive business hotel in this scenic spot was not very friendly to the average person. Zeng Li looked at the Arabic numerals above and really felt a pain in her flesh.

    Ai Jingchu took out his wallet without saying a word.

    Zeng Li suddenly felt guilty. If it weren't for her, Ai Jingchu had returned to Dongping Temple and slept with a roof over his head. How could he have been tortured here?

    At this moment, a clear female voice called out tentatively: "Senior brother?"

    Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li looked back at the same time.

    After confirming that it was Ai Jingchu, the other party greeted him with a smile and said, "Senior brother, didn't you say you live in Dongping Temple?"

    "There are some problems, I can't go back temporarily, so I will stay here for one night." Ai Jingchu replied while watching the waiter register with his ID card.

    The visitor was named Ge Yi, who was Ai Jingchu's colleague at the medical school. Because she also returned to China after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she habitually called him senior brother. 

Ai Jingchu always felt that if it was a student, they can only call him a teacher, honor the teacher and respect his teaching. For others, he could be called Dr. Ai or Ai Jingchu, even his close friend also calls him a senior brother, it depends on the power of the opposite party.

    Ge Yi's father is one of the shareholders of the Dongshan Hotel. She happened to meet Ai Jingchu at the Dongshan toll station in the afternoon and found out where he lived. She originally invited him to play, but he said that he had other things and refused. She didn't expect to meet again by chance at night.

    The waiter returned the ID card to Ai Jingchu after registration, and then asked Zeng Li, "This lady, I need your ID."

    Zeng Li suddenly became embarrassed, blushed, and said, "We...we're not together."

    "She has a room." Ai Jingchu replied.

    The waiter nodded and began to explain the deposit, room fee, etc. to Ai Jingchu, and then Ai Jingchu handed the credit card to the other party.

    Seeing this, Ge Yi said to the waiter, "No need, I'll ask Manager Wen to take care of the bill later."

    "Don't bother." Ai Jingchu still insisted on handing over the card, but the waiter didn't dare to take it.

    Zeng Li stood on one side, it was Ai Jingchu's own matter to solve, however having someone call him a senior brother, allow him to avoid a four-digit bill and suffer losses, she felt more at peace, thus she said goodbye hastily and slipped back.

    Back in the West Building, most of her colleagues were still playing cards in full swing. Some of the children who were frantically surrounding the elevator just now had been coaxed to sleep, and there was a fat boy who was still jumping up and down tirelessly. That little fat boy was Director Li's son, and he was known to be notoriously mischievous.

While taking off her scarf and hat, she entered the elevator and was about to go back to sleep. 

She open up her mobile phone in the elevator and saw that it was only slightly after eleven o'clock, yet she felt like a century had passed.

    After taking a shower, she fell asleep because she was too tired. Not long after she fell asleep, she heard a noise in the corridor, accompanied by the crying of children and adults.

    Originally, she was confused and didn't want to pay attention, but there was too much movement. When she didn't know who passed by her room, she was caught by her doorknob and bumped hard.

    "Who can drive? Who can drive?" someone shouted.

    "We have a car at our hotel, but we can't drive down."

    Zeng Li finally put on her clothes and got up, opened the door, and saw Director Li holding his child and several people standing at the elevator entrance diagonally opposite. All the guests came out to see, and many of Zeng Li's colleagues were also anxiously surrounded... Zeng Li got closer and was stunned when she saw the child in his arms.

    The little fat boy actually had a stainless steel fork stuck in his mouth.

    He was held up to the sky by his mother, while Director Li squeezed his chin with his hands, fearing that he would bite back because of crying or discomfort. The child was crying loudly, but the mouth was clamped, making them cry even more distressing.

    "What happened? Wasn't he okay just now?" Zeng Li asked Wu Wanxia, ​​who was also anxious next to her.

    "I heard from Sister Yuan that everyone finished playing cards and gave Pang Dun'er a cake. He ran around with a fork and fell when he returned to the house."

    Everyone escorted the child downstairs with the hotel staff, but they were still helpless and called 120. The hospital said that the road was blocked by snow, the ambulance could not come, and the hotel car could not drive.

    The hotel also has an infirmary, but the doctor on duty, like Dr. Wang in their library, is an ordinary internal medicine doctor who is quite old. It's fine for him to cure a cold and have a headache, but she dare not say anything else.

    "I'll carry my son down the mountain." The child's mother said tearfully.

    "Aren't there any other doctors?" someone else asked.

    The man in the infirmary shook his head.

    Zeng Li suddenly said, "Yes." She thought that Ai Jingchu, a dentist, must be helpless, so she didn't open her mouth initially, but when she saw the child, she felt that she should not let go of every tiny hope. What if he can help?

    Hearing Zeng Li's words, all eyes were on Zeng Li.

    And in the next second, the hotel manager also thought of something and suddenly said: "There really is one..."

    Before he could finish speaking, another voice rang out, "I'm a doctor."

    Zeng Li heard the news and looked around, and the person who came was Ge Yi.

    Ge Yi asked someone to move the child to the hotel infirmary, and while turning on the lights for inspection, she said to Manager Wen next to her, "Please go and call the guest in Room 608 of the Administration Building."

    Out of duty, Manager Wen hesitated: "It's too late, will he be..."

    Ge Yi said, "It doesn't matter, you can just tell him the situation."

    The child's mother burst into tears, "Doctor, what's wrong? Is the child serious, or are you unwilling to help?"

    Ge Yi said: "I am a surgeon at the Medical College of University A, and the guest in Room 608 is my colleague. He is an expert in maxillofacial problems and has much more experience than me. It is definitely more appropriate to leave it to him. You can't be careless about children, right?"

    Ai Jingchu has been studying oral and maxillofacial surgery, and later turned to orthodontics. Ge Yi's teacher had taught Ai Jingchu, and he was full of praise every time he mentioned him. He especially liked to say that his acupuncture during the operation was flawless.

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2 - An Unlockable Past (Part 1)

    "Go away! Go away! Don't catch me!" she begged as she struggled.

    "It's me, Zeng Li, I'm Ai Jingchu!" He clasped her wrist tightly, not daring to let go, for fear that she would fall down the steep cliff on the side of the road in a panic.

    This sentence was finally heard by Zeng Li, she calmed down a little, turned around, and asked in a trembling voice, "Ai Jingchu?"

    "It's Ai Jingchu." He breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Alive one?" she asked again.

    This was a sentence that made Ai Jingchu cry and laughs.

    His flashlight was left on the stone bench. Her flashlight had just been thrown to the ground and rolled several meters away. The two of them were panting in the dimly lit darkness. he was unable to show her if he was real and alive, so he helplessly grabbed her hands and put them on his face, "I promise, it's alive."

    Zeng Li hurriedly touched him with her hands. His cheeks were really hot, he had a chin, and he was breathing. She even leaned forward and sniffed with her nose to distinguish his breath.

Gradually, she calmed down, took out the phone from her pocket tremblingly, and used the light from the screen to make a final confirmation. After seeing Ai Jingchu's face clearly, her tense heartstrings finally let go, and she finally release her tears and cried.

    "Ai Jingchu, why are you scaring me? Do you know that I was almost scared to death by you!" She cried.

    "I’m wrong." He apologized.

    He really didn't think about it that much, he shouldn't call her directly.

    After confirming that she was calm, he dared to let go of her and then turned back to get his flashlight and what she had thrown on the ground.

    She wiped away her tears and didn't want to cry anymore, but she still had lingering fears and couldn't hold back her tears.

    He returned her flashlight to her and asked, "What are you doing here?"

    It was unimaginable, he never dreamed that the person he met on the road was actually Zeng Li.

    "Looking for you."

    "Look for me?" Ai Jingchu asked rhetorically.

    "You sent me back with a high fever. I just let you go. It's too bad of me. I brought you a cotton coat and hat, as well as cold medicine, antipyretics, antipyretic patches, and hot water.", Zeng Li wiped her tears with the back of her hands and sleeves, took off the backpack behind him, and handed it to Ai Jingchu.

    She came prepared. Just now, after she made up her mind, she went back to the room and took the cold medicine that was always in her luggage. She also asked for some medicine from Dr. Wang from the medical office of the unit, and borrowed from a close male colleague the clothes and hat for Ai Jing Chu to wear, she, wrapped in a thick scarf and hat, chased out in the wind and snow.

    Ai Jingchu was stunned for several seconds before taking the bag in her hand.

    In order to catch up with him to pass him these things, she actually walked so long all night alone.

    When she came just now, although she never mentioned that she was afraid of the dark, when she walked in front of him and then walked side by side with him. Ai Jing saw and knew in his heart. But such a timid girl actually walked alone in the wilderness at night in order to give him these things.

    How scared should she have been, and how much courage did she have to come here? So much that all he did was call her name and yet she got scared to the core.

    What a silly girl.

    She came here for him, doesn’t he have to send her back again?

    Ai Jingchu looked at her and didn't say a word for a long time.

    Zeng Li seemed to see what he was thinking, and she waved his hand hurriedly and said, "Don't worry about me, just go forward and I'll go back by myself. If you arrive at Dongping Temple, send me a text message to report your safety."

    He was at a loss for words for a while.

    "I'm not afraid, I came alone just now, and it's easy to go back alone now." When she said this, she smiled reluctantly, the tears on her face had not dried, and she turned around.

    Ai Jingchu stared at the back of her leaving, and suddenly felt that something seemed to gather around his heart, and then slowly dispersed to his limbs through the blood.

    He stood in the same place, and after a thousand thoughts, he sighed softly.

    "Zeng Li." He stopped her.

    She stopped, turned, and looked at him strangely, waiting for his next sentence.

    "There should be vacancies in the hotel now, right?" he said.

    Zeng Li was a little puzzled and didn't understand why he suddenly asked this.

    "Go to the front desk and ask."

    "Let's go." He stepped in her direction.

    "I really don't need you to send me back again, I don’t want to cause you trouble." Zeng Li said.

    "It's none of your business, I can't walk anymore." Ai Jingchu said.

    Zeng Li opened her mouth when she heard the words. She didn't expect his condition to be so bad, but after thinking about it in her heart, she was too embarrassed to say anything to show her concern for him. There is a difference between men and women, enough is enough, and if you talk about caring too much, it will make people feel that you are crossing the line, and she can't do it.

    She won't know if she came here alone to practice courage or what, but she wasn't as frightened as the last time.

    "What were you doing there just now?" she couldn't help asking him. Sitting alone on the side of the road, blinded by the dark lights, aren’t you scared?

    He wanted to answer honestly: smoking. But after thinking about it, he said, "Resting."

    The logic is correct because he can't walk, so he took a breath.

    "I thought you were looking at something."

    "That's right," he said.

    "Look at what?"

    "There is a grave by the roadside."

    "Grave?" Zeng Li had a black line on her face, "Isn't it a soil bag?" There was no monument.

    "I see paper money and incense wax."

    Hearing what Ai Jingchu said, Zeng Li suddenly remembered the women who were doing business at the foot of the mountain just now, claiming that they could not only consecrate the light but also see practice geomancy and so on. She said that Dongshan has had good Feng Shui since ancient times, and is buried here can be good for three generations.

    At that time, she was still wondering, Dongshan had no cemetery, how can you do this? thinking about it now, is it possible that you buried your family here in private?

    Zeng Li suddenly lost the courage she had just now, and was even afraid of her reckless behavior of chasing him alone. She looked around and suddenly felt a little cold on the back of her neck. She hurriedly stopped and looked back, but there was nothing behind her except the pitch black.

    "Aren't you afraid?" Zeng Li asked.

    "What are you afraid of?"

    "Graves, there are ashes, maybe dead people were buried right...here." Zeng Li felt that her tongue began to tremble.

    "Actually people..."

    "Stop!" Zeng Li hurriedly stopped him, not daring to continue listening.

    She was really dizzy, how could she discuss with a senior doctor who teaches medicine that the dead are not scary? He must be the kind of person who can sit and eat meat without spitting bones while looking at a broken corpse!

    When the word "corpse" popped into Zeng Li's mind, she couldn't help but looked around again and leaned tightly in the direction of Ai Jingchu.

    The distance between the two instantly narrowed a lot.

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