Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 4)

    “Are you okay? " Zeng Li followed and asked. 
     “I'm okay. ” He replied. 
     Every time she has a cold, she has a cough and a runny nose. Occasionally, she has a fever once or twice when it is very serious. Once it burns, she feels dizzy, her hands and feet are sore, and she walks as if she is going to fall down at any time. How bad does that feel? Very bad
     She was a little worried about Ai Jingchu, but because of the difference between men and women, and because they were not familiar with each other. For Zeng Li's character, asking her to ask “does it matter” is already her limit. So, she stood up in silence and did not pull him to ask again, consuming his energy in vain. 

     She slowed down, and he slowed down cooperatively. 
     Fortunately, after turning a corner, Zeng Li saw the long-lost lights of the hotel in front of her. 
     “We reached! ”Her mood became joyful. 
     Hearing this, Ai Jingchu raised his eyes and looked at the bright place. 
     The two walked to the gate, and the security guard on duty looked at them in disbelief. 
    Dongshan Hotel has four courtyard houses, divided into southeast, west, and north. The north building is the main building, with a courtyard garden and entertainment area in the middle. Behind the south building is a hot spring, and behind it is a single-family villa.
     Zeng Li asked, “Our units all live in the West Building, which side do you live on? ”
     Ai Jingchu said, "Let’s go to the West Building. ”
     He followed her to the outside of the downstairs entrance hall of the West Building. On the first floor was the bar and entertainment room, and there seemed to be many people inside. A short, stocky man in his 30s and 40s came outside and saw Zeng Li when he went out and went down the stairs. He greeted him and said, “Xiao Zeng, I was talking about you just now. Where did you hide? ”
     “Director Li. "Zeng Li smiled. 
     “Hurry up, everyone is playing cards inside. "After speaking, the man went to the other side. 
     “They are all your colleagues? "Ai Jingchu asked, looking at the figures coming and going inside. 
     “That's right. "Zeng Li then walked forward, took a few steps, and found that Ai Jingchu did not follow. 
     “Since you arrive, then I will go back. "Ai Jingchu stood a few steps away and said to her. 
     “Thank you.”
     He nodded and returned the same way. Zeng Li looked at his back and felt that he was going further in the wrong direction, and he was heading outside the hotel. 
     “Teacher Ai, where do you live? "Zeng Li chased after him suspiciously and asked. 
     “Dongping Temple,” he said. 
     At this moment, Zeng Li was stunned. 
    She never asked him whether he was going to drive up the mountain or where he lived. Because the uncle said that he was going back to the mountains, the hotels in the entire Dongshan Scenic Area that took the road were able to accommodate people. Except for the Dongshan Hotel, she couldn't find a second one, so she didn't mention it, she didn't ask, and she never doubted it. 
     Never thought that he would not go to the same place with her. 
     Dongping Temple. 
     Zeng Li knew this place, even if she only remembered it roughly before, she could clearly know the section of the road just now. Because she counted the first altitude marker in the car, which said “1800 meters” at the fork in the road, to the right is Dongshan Hotel, and less than 500 meters to the left is Dongping Temple. 
     Ai Jingchu had actually arrived at that time. 
     But he didn't say anything and drove her up the mountain until the car couldn't get in. He had a high fever and yet still walked with her in the snow to her destination until he pass her over to her colleague. 
     For a while, Zeng Li had mixed feelings and had a thousand thoughts. She didn't know what to do. If she asks to send him back or asks him to stay. It seemed that he would not agree. 
     Finally, Zeng Li said, "You wait for me, and I will get you an umbrella. ”
     After speaking, she quickly ran into the West Building and pressed the elevator button. The elevator stopped on the fourth floor and did not come down. In a hurry, she ran up the stairs by herself. The West Building has six floors, and she lives on the sixth floor. She climbed up in one breath, took out the room card, opened the duffel bag on the dressing table, pulled out the umbrella she had prepared, and then ran down the stairs without closing the door. 
     When she returned to the place where Ai Jingchu had just stood, he was no longer there.

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.1 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 4)

     Zeng Li's cell phone buzzed, she took it out of her pocket, and when she saw it, it was a text message from Ma Yiyi.:
     Then came another one, which was sent by Ma Yiyi.:
    Zeng Li glanced at Ai Jingchu while looking at her mobile phone, fearing that Ai Jingchu would not pay attention to her, and might leave her behind. 
     “Are you catching the sunrise tomorrow? ”she asked. 
     “As long as it's sunny. ”
     Zeng Li raised her eyes and looked around, feeling that she had to wait for the sky to clear, and there was little hope. At this moment, the branch of a tree in front of them was broken in the middle of the road, and they had to go around. 
     There was a thick layer of snow on the branches, and Zeng Li couldn't help but stretched out her hand and squeezed it in her hand. She walked very long with Ai Jingchu, and she was still sweating a little because of the uphill slope. At this moment, she didn't feel frozen while holding the snow. On the contrary, she found it interesting. 
     Ai Jingchu glanced sideways and saw the small movements in her hands. 
     She squeezed the handful of snow in her hand, and finally, it became an ice ball the size of a ping pong ball. 
     Zeng Li took it to the front of her nose and sniffed, then opened her mouth and took a bite. 
     That thing really froze the teeth and melted when it touched the tip of the tongue. It was cold and cold, without any taste. 
     Ai Jingchu glanced at her without stopping, "You...”
     She pursed her mouth and smiled embarrassedly. 
     He observed her for two or three seconds, then turned his head and continued walking forward. 
     Before Zeng Li threw away the snowball, she buried her head and took another sip secretly. After taking two steps, she suddenly heard a very subtle, subtle boom. 
     She was a little strange because the voice seemed to come from her mind, not thoughts, but real thoughts. She stopped and recalled carefully. It was a very strange feeling as if a string was broken, or a screw had fallen off. 
    She remembered the braces in her mouth nervously and checked it with her tongue. Not right. But she checked again with anxiety, only to find that the metal nail of the front tooth was loose. 
     Her stagnation made Ai Jingchu look back at her in doubt. Then, he saw Zeng Li who was standing on the spot, touching the appliance of her front teeth with her hand, with a bad expression on his face. 
     He walked back. 
     “Teacher Ai. "She looked at him with a look of great difficulty. 
     “Which one? ”He wanted to remind her just now that the sudden heat and cold would cause the steel wire to break, and sure enough. 
     “Front teeth. ”
     She was wearing flat-bottomed boots without high heels. Standing with her mouth open like this, Ai Jingchu still needed to lower his head to adjust the height difference. 
     He adjusted the aperture of the flashlight, looked at Zeng Li's mouth, and then found that the upper left bracket of the appliance that should have been glued to the teeth was loose, and the thin iron wire connected to it was also broken. 
     “Is there anything else? ”he asked. 
     “I don't know. ”
     He couldn't wash his hands and disinfect them, and he didn't have disposable rubber gloves, so he didn't dare to touch her mouth to check the condition of his mouth. He could only look at it with the light of a flashlight. The height between him and her is not appropriate, and the angle of vision and the light are somewhat biased. Even if he moves the flashlight, it will not help, and he is afraid that the strong light will hit her eyes and make her uncomfortable. So, he had to raise his hand and gently lift her chin with his index finger, and then tilt her to the upper right, now it was a little better. 
     His fingers were very hot, which was Zeng Li's only feeling except that she felt uncomfortable on her neck and back with her mouth open. 
    The skin is next to the skin, not the kind of warm touch, nor the dampness and heat of climbing mountains and sweating, but his body temperature is really hot so Zeng Li began to wonder, could it be that he was suffering from a high fever? 
     “Only one should have fallen,” he said. 
     “What should I do? ”
     “Re-stick next time. "Ai Jingchu retracted his hand and let her go. 
     “You have a fever. "Zeng Li said hesitatingly. 
     “Yes. "Ai Jingchu gave a faint response, then turned the aperture of the flashlight away, followed the road ahead, and continued walking as if nothing had happened. 

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7.3 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 3)

 He took another sip. 
     Before long, the second sign appears —2000 meters above sea level here. 
    As the mountains got higher and higher, the snowflakes would no longer melt when they fell to the ground. The dots of white piled up on the leaves of trees and grass, and the range became larger and larger and finally spread to the road. 
     Although Zeng Li has no experience in riding a car in the snow, she has learned a little bit from TV, the news, and the mouth of the driver who drove the black car just now. As the snow accumulated thicker and thicker, her mood gradually changed from curiosity to nervousness, and she forgot to continue counting the altitudes. 
     Finally, Ai Jingchu slowly pulled the car over and stopped, looked at the snow road in front of him and said, “I can't drive up anymore, it's not safe. ”
     Zeng Li was stunned and had no idea, “Then what should we do? ”
     He raised his hand and glanced at his watch, then sighed lightly, “Let's walk, it's not far from the hotel. ” After speaking, he got out of the car, walked to the back of the car, took out a flashlight from the toolbox, and tried it all. 

     Zeng Li then got out of the car and didn't know how cold it was outside until her feet landed. 
     Ai Jingchu locked the car and walked in front of the road with a flashlight. Without an umbrella in the car, Zeng Li put the hat on her down jacket over her head. Her hair was plump and long, tied into a high ponytail, and her hat was unstable, so she had to put her hair down first and put it on both sides. When she had done this, she found that Ai Jingchu had already walked several meters away. She was frightened and hurriedly stumbled to follow. 
     “Teacher Ai! ”She called him breathlessly. 
     He turned his head. 
     “I want to walk in front of you. ”
     He stopped and let her go first. 
    When she was a child, Zeng Li went home at night. There was a section of black road that had to be passed through. There were no lights or people on the road. She couldn't see her fingers. Adults could only use flashlights. Even if it is a large group of people walking together, Zeng Li must walk among everyone. She was timid and extremely afraid of the dark. At times like this, she imagined that something would quietly take her away from behind. The more she thought about it, the more creepy she felt, and she had to run to the front of the team in horror. But she was also afraid of the front because maybe a monster would come from the dark. If everyone turned around and ran back together, then she would go from the first to the last.……

     Later, Wu Ying frightened her: “In fact, the person in the middle is the worst. If someone comes who will eat people, the one in front is walking too fast, the preparations have not been done, and the one behind has not followed up, and the people in the middle are relatively packed, one by one, one by one… ”
     But now, there are only two people, she and Ai Jingchu, and she would rather choose the front and leave the safety of her back to him. 
     The main road is the main road. Although there is snow, it is not too difficult to walk. She was in front, and he walked behind with a flashlight. The light of the flashlight shone just behind Zeng Li, pulling out a long shadow on the snow ahead. 
     It was a very quiet snowy night. 
     It seemed that apart from the breathing of him and her, and the crunching sound of stepping on the snow, there was only the sound of snow falling. 
     Suddenly, Zeng Li's ears caught something strange in the woods, and her fear made her freeze. 
     She said, "Listen. ”There was something that sounded whining as if someone was crying. Thinking of this metaphor, Zeng Li's heart began to feel frightened. 
     Ai Jingchu also stopped. 
     “What's the sound? ”
    Ai Jingchu distinguished, “It should be an owl. ”
     General Zeng Li continued to walk suspiciously but felt that the voice seemed to be right in front of her. After taking a few steps, she couldn't take it anymore and walk beside Ai Jingchu. 
     In the past, when she felt scared, she sang in a low voice, but because Ai Jingchu was on the side, she couldn't help but pay attention to her image, so she spoke instead. 
     Zeng Li suddenly remembered the call just now. 
     “Do patients often call you during breaks? ”I talked for more than half an hour. 
     “Occasionally. ”
     “That person... what happened to her child? ”It sounds so sad, I cried on the phone. 
     “It's a pregnant woman, the fetus is more than six months old, and she was found to have a cleft lip and palate. ”
     “Huh? "Zeng Li asked, “Is that what everyone calls cleft lip?" ”
     “Yes. ”
     “What to do? ”
     “At first she wanted the baby to be born, but later her family objected. ”
     “Did she give up? ”
     “Yes,” he said. 
     “If the child is born, can he be cured? ”
     “It depends on what the standard of ‘good’ is. Just like you come to fix your teeth, if you only ask for 80 or 90 points for the result, maybe you will get 100 points in the end. Conversely, it means that you never feel that you are not perfect enough. ”
     The topic seems to be a bit heavy. 

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 3)

“Yea. ”
     “Are you accompanying your girlfriend to Dongshan for vacation, or are you also here for a club activity like me?" ”
     “I’m not. ”
     He solved her three questions in three word, so she turned her head and did not ask again, nor did she continue to talk to him and bring contempt upon herself. 
     The female singer was still singing the song in her unique hoarse voice, and the wiper in front of the glass was also swaying rhythmically in front of her, but the air in the car was slightly different from just now because of the smell of tobacco on his body. . 
     After a while, he said, “I came with my family, staying for a few days. ”
     It was pitch black outside the window, and there was nothing to see except the vegetation lighted up by the car lights. On a foggy and rainy night, it was too frightening. Occasionally when the car drove into a corner, it would suddenly encounter a cloud of white smoke intertwined with rain and mist blocking the road in front of it, which frightened Zeng Li several times. The scene resembled the kind of wild place infested by fox immortals and ghosts described in Land of Liaozhai.
     Ai Jingchu looked ahead calmly with his eyes, still driving the car steadily. 
     After turning another corner and reaching a fork in the road, Zeng Li saw a sign on the top right—1800 meters above sea level. 
     Slowly, the rain seemed to slow down, and the speed at which it hit the windshield decreased, but the raindrops turned into large pieces. After a while, Zeng Li suddenly has a realisation when she saw the scenery next to her, it was not rain, it was snow. 
     “It's really snowing, I haven't seen heavy snow yet. "Zeng Li put her face on the side window and looked out of the car curiously. As soon as she exhaled from her nose, the glass was covered with a mist. After wiping it with her hands, she looked out again. 
    Ai Jingchu glanced at her and said nothing. 
     Zeng Li said to himself alone, "Is the snow on the mountain heavier?" ”
     At this moment, Zeng Li's cell phone rang, and it was Ma Yiyi who called, and Ai Jingchu turned off the stereo. 
     “Xiaoyu, have you gone back? "Ma Yiyi asked. The sound of Zeng Li's mobile phone handset was not loud at first, but it seemed unusually clear in this quiet and small space. 
     “I reached way earlier." Zeng Li said, “ in the hotel room." ”
     “Is the colleague who drove you back a man or a woman? "Ma Yiyi asked with a grin. 
     Zeng Li thought, if it weren't for her, could she be in such a difficult position? Turns out she is still interested in looking for gossip? In order to quickly extinguish Ma Yiyi's boring imagination, Zeng Li planned to answer “It's a woman.” 
     Ke Zeng Li glanced awkwardly at Ai Jingchu next to her. She bet that he would be able to hear every word they said clearly, so she reluctantly explained: “Male. ”
     “Handsome? "Ma Yiyi chased after her desperately. 
     “Oh. "Zeng Li responded casually and pretended to be calm, but her heart was about to collapse, and she wanted to strangle her on the spot. 
     “You just say ’oh', is he handsome or not? " Ma Yiyi pushed her to a desperate situation. 
     “Is your grandma okay? "Zeng Li wanted to change the subject desperately. 
     “It was scary. She went to the toilet alone, but she couldn't get up when she sat on the ground. When we called her, she didn't respond, only stared which scared my parents to death. As a result, she was sent to Wu Ying’s hospital, and they calmed down as soon as they saw the doctor. The doctor asked her about her condition, and she said she didn't hurt anywhere. ”
    “Then will you come tomorrow? They arranged for you to live with me in the afternoon, and I will be alone if you don't come. ”
     “I'll go if you introduce me to a handsome guy. "Ma Yiyi's mood is the same as her grandmother's condition, and she has improved significantly. After listening to Zeng Li's hesitations, she continued, “We agreed before, don't eat alone (illa: not to feast on handsome man alone) ”
     “Bah! "Zeng Li barely cut off the phone. 
     Zeng Li was so guilty that she could hardly imagine Ai Jingchu's expression. 
     She, Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying often get together to comment and point fingers at the appearance of men, but those are all girls' private conversations. Who would have thought that the client would sit next to them? 
     While Zeng Li was thinking a lot, Ai Jingchu coughed. At first, he still coughed twice, but then he coughed continuously for a long time, and even the car was forced to stop. 
     Zeng Li said, “Did you go to buy cold medicine just now? If you have any, eat it first. ”
     Ai Jingchu calmed down and waved his hand, “Go back then eat, or else I will fall asleep. ”
     “Oh. “Zeng Li didn't know how to answer. After all, he was the doctor. She suddenly remembered, "Then you drink water and moisten your throat." "After speaking, she unscrewed the lid of the mineral water she had been holding in her hand and handed it to him, and added, “It shouldn't be cold.” ”
     Ai Jingchu took it and drank two sips. 
     Sure enough, it's not cold at all. 
     The water was covered in her arms all the way. It had been a long time since it touched her body temperature, and it was very warm. 

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 3)

The drawer was opened, and there were several file bags and a cigarette inside. 
     He bent over and poked his head in, bringing in a trace of cold moisture. Then, he reached out and passed by Zeng Li and took a box of cigarettes from the drawer. As a result, he was so close to her that she could inhale the cold air he exhaled. She saw the roots of his hair and moles on the skin behind his ears. 
     Ai Jingchu got up and returned to his original position, took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, then took out a lighter from his pocket and slowly lit it. In the whole process, he used one hand, but he was very proficient and experienced. 
     Gradually, Zeng Li saw that the rain had wetted the mass of road under his feet. He smoked one cigarette after another, sometimes he was talking, sometimes he was listening silently. Occasionally he would talk for a long time, and the smoke between his fingers would burn so freely. The little mars were obviously dark, and there was a little light. After it burned into a piece of ashes, he would lower his head and flick with his fingers. 
     Finally, he hung up the phone, but the cigarette in his hand hadn't been burned out, so he stayed where he was and smoked it quietly. In the end, the phone rang again on the way back to the car. This time, the conversation was very concise and ended in a few words. 
     He opened the door and returned to the car, and said to Zeng Li “ Sorry for the long wait.” As soon as he opened his mouth, the air in his throat suddenly alternated between hot and cold, coughing several times in a row, and his fingers on the steering wheel were already red from freezing outside. 
    Zeng Li couldn't help but say, “If you have a cold, it's best not to smoke. You are even a doctor.” She didn't know why she blurted out these words. She was a little bit complaining, a little concerned, and a little incomprehensible. This care may be for his rescue late at night, or it may be warm-hearted and casual persuasion, but she regretted it as soon as she let it out. 
     Ai Jingchu didn't answer, so he moved his frozen fingers and put down the handbrake. After the car had moved a few meters, he suddenly said: “The doctor will also say that it is best not to smoke when you are a woman. ”
     Zeng Li turned her face to look at him abruptly, surprised for several seconds, and then slowly turned her head, her cheeks flushed. 
     He is talking about her. 
     When did she first learn to smoke? It seems to be New Year's Day in freshman year. The three of them in their dormitory and several classmates went to the square to count down for New Year. It was already one or two o'clock in the morning on the way back to school, and they couldn't get a car, so they made an agreement to walk all the way back. Halfway up, while walking and panicking, Wu Ying taught her to smoke. 
     In fact, at that time, Wu Ying was also half-assed. Wu Ying said to her, “Just take a sip and spit out the smoke. ”
     “Where did you spit it out? Nose or mouth? "She asked curiously. 
     “Mouth, how uncomfortable it is to use your nose. ”
     “Oh. ”She learned to do it again but choked back tears. 
     Ma Yiyi said, “Your rebellious period has come a little late, right? ”
     Unexpectedly, the person who brought her into the industry quit later, but she grew to have this secret hobby, but she smoked very little and was very discreet, and almost undetected by anyone. 
    Once, on Wu Ying's birthday, she called a lot of classmates and colleagues to eat and sing. That day, she was in a very bad mood, so she quietly walked to an empty box next door and lit a cigarette. She didn't know that Wu Ying came out to find her halfway. When Zeng Li heard her voice, she was so frightened that she hurriedly threw away the cigarette butt. After Wu Ying entered the door, she asked curiously, “Why are you here alone and not turning on the lights?" " Zeng Li replied in shock, "I'll am just casually sitting down." 
     This is the closest she has been to exposure. 
     And this little secret was actually discovered by Ai Jingchu. 
     She really smokes very rarely, and she gargles her mouth every time she finishes smoking. For orthodontics, she also cleans her teeth, so there should be no smoke stains on her teeth. Every time she goes back to check her teeth, she is even more cautious about oral hygiene. If there is really a flaw, there will only be one time, it will be the day he came to the library to return his books. 
     Zeng Li pondered for a long time and didn't know how to explain it, because after all, the impression was already so bad. But then she thought, why should she explain it to him? So, she held a mentality of non-destructiveness and simply said nothing. 
     There are songs on the CD one after another. One of them is "Looking Back Again 再回首" performed by Hao Lei. Zeng Li also played this version at Carol's, but she did not have a deep impression. 
     Such a familiar song on such a night road, listening to it gave rise to a whole new type of emotion. Some emotions have accumulated in Zeng Li's heart, and she must find someone to talk to, so she changed her old restraint and broke the silence: "Teacher Ai, you don't seem to be married yet, are you? ”

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 2)

   The visibility outside the window is extremely low, and there are many corners and sharp corners, so he drives very cautiously, and he will be very careful at every sharp bend where he can't see the road ahead. She doesn't often get motion sickness, but when she gets to the mountain road, she has tinnitus and hiccups, especially when she is in Wu Ying's car. 

Wu Ying had a reckless personality. When she saw that there was no one next to her and no car, she drove fast and slammed on the brakes when she turned a corner. Once, Wu Ying dropped her mobile phone, and she actually bent over to pick it up while driving. She was so frightened that Zeng Li yelled, “You are crooked! There is a car coming from the opposite side, quickly give way! ”

    When Wu Ying looked up and asked“ "Where is it?" I didn't see it.” By the time, the other party had already run past behind him. 
     Zeng Li said angrily: "Fortunately, people saw you. ”
     In the words of Ma Yiyi's unethical words, it is: If she gets a terminal illness one day, then buy high-value insurance first, and then take Wu Ying's car. In this way, her parents will have insurance companies to rely on for the rest of her life, and it will be worth it. 
     However, Ai Jingchu's calmness and solemnity are completely contrary to Wu Ying. 
     They have not spoken, and the music in the car appropriately obscured the silence. 
     At this moment, the singing in the stereo suddenly stopped and turned into a bell, and the DVD navigation display on the console indicated that there was an incoming call. Ai Jingchu glanced at the number on the screen, pressed the call button at hand, and picked it up. 
     “Hello,” he said. 
     “Hello, Dr. Ai, I am Xue Xiaomei. I looked for you yesterday, Mu Chenghe's cousin. ”
     Ai Jingchu's mobile phone is bound to the car Bluetooth, so the sound of the call is transmitted from the stereo hands-free, and Zeng Li can also hear it clearly. 
     Zeng Li heard the woman's voice with a heavy nasal sound. She had either caught a cold or had just cried. If she hadn't called “Dr. Ai” first, she would have thought that the other party was here to ask Ai Jingchu for love debts. 
     The man said again: “Regarding the children, my husband and my mother-in-law have something they want to consult you in person. We...” At this point, the person on the other end of the phone did not continue to talk and seemed to be crying. 
     Zeng Li glanced at Ai Jingchu secretly. 
     Ai Jingchu said, "Mrs. Xue, wait a minute, and I will call you later. ”
    After hanging up, Ai Jingchu pulled the car over and stopped, then opened the door and got out of the car, walked under a tree, and dialled the phone back. 
     He was standing in front of the lights, so Zeng Li could slowly observe his every move. 
     Most people who answer the phone while standing will pace up and down while talking, or change the support point of their body to their left foot for a while and to their right foot for a while, but Ai Jingchu is different. He just stood like this, neither changing his centre of gravity nor moving his steps, straight and motionless. 
     The place he chose happened to be the densest part of the foliage. The surrounding ground was wet by the rain, and only his circle was dry and light-coloured. 
     At first, a cloud of white mist appeared in his mouth when he opened his mouth, and gradually the cloud of heat disappeared. 
     The car did not turn off, and the wipers, heating and sound were still working. Zeng Li was sitting in the warm car while he stayed in the cold night. 
     Suddenly, he glanced up at Zeng Li, just in time to meet Zeng Li's gaze at him, and then walked towards Zeng Li. 
     Zeng Li thought it was strange that even if he was ready to get in the car after speaking, he would go to the door on the other side instead of coming to her. What is he going to do? Seeing him getting closer and closer, Zeng Li suddenly remembered what her uncle said, “The heart of the defence is indispensable” Could it be that she was wrong and trusted him in vain? Does he want to circle her while talking on the phone, or dump eight pieces of corpses in the wilderness? 
     Ai Jingchu stopped in front of Zeng Li's door and knocked on the car window. 
     Zeng Li pressed it open suspiciously. 

    “It's hard to say how often you will have surgery after you are born. It depends on the child's weight and status. ” While answering the other party's question, he motioned to Zeng Li to open the drawer of the co-driver's car in front of him. 
     She obediently did so.

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Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 2)

He doesn’t know if doctors avoid medicine or something. It has been annoying to see a doctor and take medicine. Just like many doctors in the respiratory department, when they go to work to see patients, they keep telling patients that smoking is harmful to their health and that they must quit smoking. Then they get out of work, but they come up with a box of cigarettes to smoke happily. Therefore, he had arrived at Dongshan at noon, he was not prepared to drive out after dark, but his colds were getting worse and his body temperature had not dropped for a long time. He was afraid that he would have a high fever in the middle of the night, which made the old man worried, so he reluctantly went to town to buy medicine. He didn't expect to get pulled from behind just after he left the pharmacy. 

     He was taken aback for a moment, and he still didn't realize what was going on. 
     Zeng Li recovered, quickly shrank her hand, loosened his clothes, and stammered to correct his name again: “Ai... Teacher Ai. "She explained immediately, “I heard the old man at the gate of the mountain say that you want to drive up the mountain. Can I take a ride?” I waited for my friend to go to Dongshan Hotel with me, but I missed the time. ”
     She continued a little incoherently: “I was going to take a taxi, but no one wanted to go up. I called you twice over there, but you didn't hear me, so I was in a hurry, afraid that you would leave, I... I...” In fact, what she almost said was: I can give you the fare. 
    Fortunately, before the brain twitched, Zeng Li closed her mouth in time. She glanced at his car, four circles, “Olympic’s brother"- Audi. When taking a taxi in City A, the starting price of an ordinary car is eight yuan. If you meet Volkswagen or Pentium, it will increase by two yuan because of the good car. Zeng Li pondered by herself, there is no Audi in the rental market, and she doesn't know how much the starting price should be. 
     At this moment, he took the key out of his coat pocket, pressed the remote control lock, and then said lightly: “Get in the car.”
     Zeng Li opened the rear car door and sat in the back row. Usually, in addition to taking Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying's cars, she likes to sit in the back of many people's cars. She has to wear a seat belt in front of her, and she can't stretch her limbs, so even if she takes a taxi, she likes to sit in the back row. So, Ai Jingchu drove in front, and she sat behind the driver's seat. 
     As soon as she looked up, she could see Ai Jingchu's eyes from the rearview mirror. 
     He too
     After the car moved, Zeng Li remembered that she had forgotten the most important thing, and hurriedly added to Ai Jingchu in the rearview mirror: "By the way, Teacher Ai, my name is Zeng Li. ”
     “I know. ” When he said this, he was turning the steering wheel to move the car, staring at the mirror earnestly, without looking at her, and without any waves. 
     When she arrived at the mountain gate, Zeng Li asked Ai Jingchu to stop the car for a while. She ran to thank the uncle and reassure him. 
     The uncle said, "As long as you get back. That young man has a kind face and is a good person at first glance. ”
     Zeng Li smiled and looked back at the car, wanting to see how this cold-looking man-made Uncle feel that he was kind. Unexpectedly, as soon as her gaze fell on him, he also happened to look over, and Zeng Li immediately moved her gaze away, not daring to look at him again. 
    When he said goodbye, the uncle said anxiously: “But little girl, you must be vigilant, even if it is an acquaintance. I have written down the license plate. You can also write down our phone number. If anything happens, call me. ”
     Zeng Li happily responded, but she didn't agree in her heart, because she knew that Ai Jingchu was really a good person. 
     When she returned to the car for the second time, Zeng Li struggled in her mind, hesitated to go around to the other side, opened the passenger door of the co-driver, and sat down beside Ai Jingchu. 
     “All done? "Ai Jingchu asked. 
     “All done. "Zeng Li nodded. 
     The heating in the car was fully turned on, and there was still music on the stereo. He probably turned it on while waiting for her. He hold up the gear, stepped on the accelerator, and the speed slowly increased. After half a minute, the alarm sounded. 
     “Seat belt,” he said. 
     “Oh. "Zeng Li just remembered this, and quickly fastened it. 
     It was still raining outside, and it fell on the car window thinly, making the line of sight slowly hazy layer by layer, and then disappeared without a trace as soon as the wiper scratched. 

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