Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1 - 6th Stop: Hua Tian Village Survivor (1)

Six years later

We see a clear blue sky with white, fluffy clouds and birds flying across the little alleys in the village.  There, in the distance, we see a sea of flowers. In the midst of it, a slender female figure is working busily. She has walked from one end of the sea to another. She’s like a fatherly figure, picking out her children’s shortcomings to ensure their proper growth. She’s also like a mother, giving the flowers the tender loving care they need.  She works from dawn till the evening and her greatest pleasure comes from seeing the flowers blossom with pride.

Suddenly, she felt an itch on her hands. She took the gloves off and scratched her hands a little. Then she stared at her hands. This pair of hands has moved even further away from her dreams of playing the piano. It seems like she has lost her childhood ambition but now, she has another treasure that she can keep and love…

She smiled and muttered to herself, “Therefore, I’m very happy now. What about you then?”

The breeze blew onto the flowers and they allowed for her to lift her face up and enjoy this peaceful and fragrant moment. Is this a response from nature to tell her that he is very happy now too?


“He has changed.”

A man walks into an office and he throws a magazine onto the desk in front of a woman. The woman picks up the magazine and reads the headlines on the cover and looks at the picture of an expressionless young man on the cover. This young man, in a suit, has a sharp expression on his face with his thin lips giving off the feeling of brutality and cruelty.

“He’s actually defending a rapist. Is this really what you want?”  The man asked.

“The accused isn’t just any rapist. He’s a minister.”


“That’s enough. I know what you want to say.” Fang Derong said. “I’ve already told you umpteen of times; this is how Guangxi should really be living. His choice is right. If he wins this case, he will be more popular in future. By then, all the politicians, businessmen and aristocrats would seek his service when they need legal advice and help.”

“You’re right about him being popular and famous. But is this really a choice that he really wants?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Xiaolin signed and said, “You do. You were the one who constructed this life for him. You were the one who convinced him that he was like this in the very beginning. All you wanted was for him to follow whatever you wanted.”

Derong became upset on hearing this remark. “I’m his mother. This is all for his own good! Moreover, I don’t see why Guangxi would be against this. He is on such good terms with me now.”

“That’s because he obeys every command from you now.” Xiaolin frowned. He wanted to continue but Derong’s upset expression made him stopped immediately.

“If you have time for all these, why don’t you try to help me persuade Guangxi and Yiqian to get married soon? The two of them keep emphasizing that they are still young and they want to pursue their careers first. When am I going to see them get married then?”

Xiaolin smiled upon listening to her.  He guessed she was more anxious than the prospective bride and groom. He wanted to reply when his phone rang. He picked it up and his expression changed immediately.

“What’s the matter?” Derong asked out of curiosity.

Xiaolin hung up and hesitated before telling her. “My friend who’s a judge just called. He said Guangxi has just beaten up his client in court.”

“What!?” Derong exclaimed angrily.


“It’s nothing at all. The judge just sentenced me to 300 hours of C.W.O.” Guangxi replied impatiently.

He felt really upset that he couldn’t enjoy his meal properly. Everyone at the dinner table, including his mother, Yiqian, Uncle He and Xiaolin couldn’t stop asking him why he had done that to his client.

Yiqian even made a remark that she really hated people who resort to violence.

Fang Derong said, “Do you know who you’ve just beaten up? He’s a minister.”

Guangxi replied as though it was none of his business. “So what? We won the case. He should be thanking me instead.”

“Guangxi, you…”

Director He thought that it was enough and decided to try to clear up the tense atmosphere. “It’s alright. Anyway, it’s a good thing that Guangxi is going to Huatian Village to do his C.W.O. He can do a favour for me then.”

“What is it?” Guangxi raised a brow.

“It’s a case about the ownership of the land. The villagers have already agreed to sell the land to Huanyu Constructions but some of them have decided to back out now. Can you please persuade and negotiate with them on my behalf?” Director He decided that he should let his prospective son-in-law help him with this.

Guangxi decided to do Director He the favour. “No problem. It’d be a piece of cake. It’s just some ignorant villagers. I‘m sure I can settle everything very quickly, Uncle He.”

“I know I could rely on you.” Director He smiled. He looked at his daughter and said, “Yiqian, don’t be angry anymore. Pour some wine for Guangxi then.”

Yiqian replied, “I can pour him some wine. But he must promise me not to beat anyone up again. I don’t wish to marry a violent guy."

Guangxi smiled and pinched his fiancee's face. “I got you, darling.” Yiqian gave him another look before pouring him some wine. He raised his glass and smiled but his heart suddenly felt really heavy. His eyes landed on the leather wristband that he was wearing.

“Frankly speaking, the woman owes me in the very first place. I wonder why she’s so agitated about me taking advantage of her. Thank goodness I have you to help me settle and clear up this mess.”

It was this very sentence that caused Guangxi to be really upset and beat up that shameless minister.

He wondered why he was so upset but he couldn’t seem to find the answer…



“So what is it now? Is it a must that we sell our land?”

The villagers of Huatian Village have all gathered at Aunt Hua’s karaoke shop to discuss about the case of selling their land to Huanyu Constructions.

“It’s all because of the grandson of the village heard, Bin!” A villager cursed. “He actually stole the deed and sold it off to others. Even though the land belongs to the village head, we all rely on it to earn our keep. He should seek our agreement before selling it off to others!”

“Indeed.” Other villager said. “We must write in to the government to let them send someone over to clear this up for us… I thought someone mentioned that they’d be sending a public defender over? Why isn’t he here yet?”

Then the village head said, “The people in charge just called me. They are sending him over tomorrow.”

“That’s wonderful. Huatian Village can be saved now!” The innocent villagers roared with joy once they heard the news that someone would be coming over to save Huatian Village.

“Aunt Hua, are you comforted now?” The village’s matchmaker came up and grabbed Aunt Hua. “After the case is over, we can look for a bride for your son. Do you need me to arrange any blind dates for your son?”

“Blind dates, you say?” Another villager interrupted. “You don’t have to do anything. Aunt Hua’s son already has someone in mind.”

“Who says so?” Aunt Hua rebutted. “My Tuoye is very innocent. How is it possible for him to have someone in mind?”

“Aunt Hua, are you serious that you don’t know? Everyone knows that Tuoye sticks around that Liang Mucheng every day.”

“They are just friends!” Aunt Hua replied angrily, banging her fist onto the table. “The Hua family’s daughter-in-law must be someone who’s chaste. How can that kind of unwed mother be our daughter-in-law then?”

Speaking of the devil; Hua Tuoye appeared with a bag of fertilizer. “Mum! What are you talking about? Please don’t insult Mucheng.”

“Mucheng… Mucheng… She’s all you have to say every day!” Aunt Hua became really upset. “I wonder what that shameless woman fed you with that you are so taken in by her.”

“Mum! She’s not a shameless woman, she’s my good friend.” Hua Tuoye decided to speak up for Mucheng. “I’d not care about our ties anymore if you speak of Mucheng in this way again.”

“You! You’re such an unfilial son!"

Hua Tuoye decided that he didn’t want to continue the conversation with his mother and provoke her further. He turned and walked away. “I’d be sending some fertilizer over to Mucheng.”

The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Holiday Trip (1)

The winter holiday is almost here, last time, usually a month before the holiday, Zhou Xiao will begin to happily prepare her things to go home. But this holiday she couldn't afford that energy and joy, she and Zhao Fanzhou hadn't separated for this long --- except for that time he went abroad. 

Moreover, once he got home, wouldn't he see that neighbour Jia Yichun every day? Thinking of this, she had no security. This classmate has really good looks. If she smiled, she would “Looking back a smile hundred flatters", and if she shed a few tears, it would be "pear blossom and spring rain". 

What if Zhao Fanzhou suddenly finds that Jia Yichun is much prettier than her? How can she not worry about it? But she did dare let Zhao Fanzhou know her narrow mindedness, it would make her seem so not generous, she was a new woman in a new era.

Zhao Fanzhou is also worrying about the holiday. When he thought of going home, he felt troubled. Not long ago, his family called him to take his girlfriend home. How could he take Zhou Xiao home? How could he let her face his aunt and... his family.

When Zhou Xiao was surfing the internet in the dormitory, Xiao Lu suddenly rushed in from outside with great interest, "We are going to travel."

"Going with your man? Where?" Zhou Xiao asked with interest.

"Yes, We’re going Guilin."

"Be careful, don’t two people go and three come back." Zhou Xiao said playfully.

Xiaolu kicked her when she passed her, "F*** you, I will let him buy a dozen condoms and take it with him."

Zhou Xiao rubbed her feet and said, "No way, so thirsty?"

"Of course, we are two small burning universes."

Their dormitory topic often can make people can't help but feel cold, and it can make a school teacher and professors scared of them until they are foaming at the mouth. Zhou Xiao rolled her eyes: "Your shamelessness is really getting better and better with the passage of time."

After making a face, Xiaolu went to the balcony to dry the clothes. Zhou Xiao sat in her seat and thought for a while and couldn't help but ran to the balcony: "Well, but seriously, you have to be careful with what you are doing. That incident last time has really made me scared. "

Xiao Lu turned around while drying the clothes and said, "Don't worry, if he dares to do anything to me, I'll make him..." She freed her hand to make a scissors gesture. Zhou Xiao fought a cold sweat for her boyfriend.

Zhou Xiao took Zhao Fanzhou's hand while walking on the road, "Xiao Lu is going on a trip to Guilin with her boyfriend."

Trip? It seemed like a good way to not separate during school break, and then he could tell the family that they spent too much time travelling and she didn't have time to go home with him to meet the parents. Zhao Fanzhou suddenly said: "Should we go on a trip too?"

"Trip?" This person really believe in the rain on hearing the wind

"Yeah, let's go on a trip. Do you have any special places you want to go?"

Zhou Xiao looked at him suspiciously for a while and said: "Really going?"


Zhou Xiao began to think about the balance in the bank card secretly, upon thinking of how much money was in it made her head break.

"Where do you want to go?" Zhao Fanzhou asked again.

"You wait until I go back and check how much money is in my bank card."

"I have money, you just have to say where you want to go."

"I know you have money, but it is your money, not mine." Zhou Xiao blurted out.

Zhao Fanzhou glared at her, she stuck her tongue out, and whispered: "I want to spend my own money."

"Regardless of whether you have money in your bank card, we will all go on a trip. If you don't have any money in your bank card, I will lend you. When you have the money, you can just pay it back." 

So overbearing. If she wouldn't go would he tie her and bring her along?

"Well, let's go to Yunnan, okay?" I am not afraid of him, but I am letting him, letting him!

"Okay, we'll go as soon as the holiday starts. I will take care of the airline tickets and the hotel." 

Doesn't this person need to think about it? He made going to Yunnan seem as simple as going to the alley next door.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - Secret Lover

     "Okay, it's time for dinner" Jiang Jun knocked on the bathroom door.
     Yuan Shuai opened the door and hot mist gushed out. He pulled her into the bathroom, pressing her on the door, lowering his head and asking viciously, "What are we eating?
     "What do you want to eat?" She giggled, "eat you?" His fingertips rubbed her lips back and forth and she opened her mouth and bit his finger, which made him chuckle.
    He put his lower body between her legs and kneaded her chest vigorously. "Little bastard, what did you do when I was not here?"
     "Hmm~~" Jiang Jun groaned, "You were on the magazine cover!" She grabbed him.
     "Ouch, your happiness for the rest of your life depends on him!" He let go of her and she said, “quick, I’m starving to death."
     "Consolation prize" Yuan Shuai leaned over, pouting to kiss Jiang Jun, holding her face and kissing her lips heavily, "Dress yourself, Little Yuanyuan!"
     No one spoke during dinner as usual, except for the occasional sound of utensils hitting.
     After dinner, Yuan Shuai washed the dishes, Jiang Jun wiped the table and went into the kitchen to help. He washed the dishes one by one and handed it to her as she dried the water and placed each of them in the disinfection cabinet in the nearby pool near the sink.
     "How are things over there?" she asked, "No problem, just waiting for approval." He paused, "I don't need to be in Beijing all the time anymore."
     "That’s great, it’s not convenient for me to be visiting you in Beijing all the time."
     "How MH?"
     "It's still the same" she shook her head. "Young people nowadays can't bear hardship. In the past when we were ‘facing war’, we faced ‘bombs’ like ‘firecrackers’ and fought against the ‘enemies’ even when we heard ‘explosions’." Jiang Jun imitated the way Yuan Shuai's grandfather talked. "Your skin is itching huh? (when someone has itchy skin, it's saying that they are doing naughty things and needs to be beaten)" he smiled and splashed water onto her face. "My grandfather was mentioning you to me, telling us to settle down and have a baby."
    "............ ."
     "How about you quit your job and rest at home for some time, we can have a baby next year?"
     "Do you want me to help you with your company?"
     "It’s more important to be the mother of my child" Yuan Shuai hugged her, "Jun Jun, I’m afraid that our child’s classmate will call me grandfather in the future."
    Jiang Jun didn't answer his words, she held his neck and leaned into his arms.
     They haven't seen each other in a week and Yuan Shuai was a little out of control, and it hurt her. Biting his shoulder, Jun Jiang gasped and said, "Don't leave marks, it's ugly."
     "You are mine, you are mine," he said fiercely. "Say, you are mine. Say it and I will give it to you."
               "You are mine." She cried and laughed. "Can't you be mine?" He retaliated and pulled at her most sensitive area with his fingers. "I'm yours, it's yours, please."
     He plunged fiercely into her, hitting her again and again as if he is tearing her apart. 

     "Let's go buy clothes together" Yuan Shuai helped Jiang Jun apply concealer on her neck and complained, "It’s ugly to use this."
    Jiang Jun rolled her eyes, and said with an angry tone, "stop pissing me off."
     "What time can you get off work at night?"
     "We can go shopping in the afternoon. I don’t want to meet acquaintances."
     He bit her ear in dissatisfaction, "You really treat me as a secret lover."
     "JUNO someone gave you flowers." The secretary smiled and came in holding a bunch of white roses. "Hurry up and find me a vase." She looked at the words on the card and smiled. It was from Yuan Shuai.
    SALLY pointed at the rose on her desk and waved her hands exaggeratedly. "It's true, I didn’t believe at first. Oh my God, you received flowers? Who is that capable to be hitting on you?"
    Jiang closed the folder with a snap, “You thought I wasn’t straight?"
     "No, it's just a feeling of coldness, haha" she promised, "Who the hell is it to let our queen fall in love"
     "Secret." She fiddled with the delicate rose and beamed like a flower.

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13.2 - Meaningless Joy (2)

    Everyone in the car was silent, and the two children leaned together and fell into Luo Zhi's arms, sleeping soundly. Sheng Huainan in the front passenger seat left only half of his face to Luo Zhi. She looked at the buildings flying by outside the window, and her wet clothes made her shiver again. She could hear Sheng Huainan's cell phone vibrating from time to time, and the slight pressing of the keyboard sound when he responded to the text messages made her ears feel slightly itchy.

    Later, Sheng Huainan silently sent Luo Zhi back to the dormitory. The atmosphere between people seems to be the most fragile thing in the world, it will become deformed from just a light pull.

    "I am very happy today, thank you for helping me so much." Luo Zhi said politely.

    "You’re welcome. I like those two kids very much."

    "By the way, what did Jake say to you?"

    "Nothing, just some uncomfortable matters. His mom dislikes that he is not manly enough. I think he seems to hesitate to talk about it with me since he doesn't really know me after all, the kid is still quite clear in his heart." 

"Oh. They also like you very much." 

There were another few minutes of silence.

    "By the way, I have to apologize to you for what happened last time. Are you offended?" Sheng Huainan said suddenly.


    "Zhang Mingrui already told me. He likes you very much."

    Luo Zhi felt a little thump in her heart and did not speak for a few seconds.

    "He likes me, but are you apologizing?" she said slowly.

    In just a few minutes, the smiling and undefended sister Juno in the amusement park slowly cooled down and turned into Luo Zhi.

    "...... No, he said it is the kind of liking from the perspective of a good friend, and even said I was messing around by trying to be the matchmaker, I sure made you upset."

    "Oh." She paused, "No, I am also very pleased to know him."

    "That good."

    "But let's forget about the matchmaking thing."


    She felt her phone vibrate, took it out, and saw the new message received on the screen.

    Ding Shuijing’s text message —

    "You are always like this, Luo Zhi, you always despise the life those who think they are operating a lively and rich life."

   Last time, such a complicated and hypocritical sentence could also make Ding Shuijing write a letter on a calculation paper and send over—it's finally over now.

    It's all over, fake or genuine friendship, and the amusement park felt like a sunset that never sets.

    When Luo Zhi was about to enter the building, Sheng Huainan suddenly said to her in a somewhat hesitant tone: "Luo Zhi, I think we can become very good friends."

    She suddenly understood why women who were cheated by men always seem to be hysterically yelling "How did you treat me back then", and tried to ask for an unrealistic justice ------- because she too wanted to ask, back then why did you hold my hand in the amusement park?

    She straightened her back, turned her face, smiled and said, "Really?”

”You are a very fine and great girl." His smile was polite, but his tone was hesitant as if he didn't know what to say in order not to hurt her. There was a pang of condescending guilt and pity in his eyes, and this look made her feel offended and unpleasant.

    "I know I'm fine." She laughed.

    Good enough to be qualified to be held by you, but not good enough to keep you holding.

    Sheng Huainan was stunned, frozen there, not knowing what to say.

    "Thank you anyways." Luo Zhi finished speaking and swiped her card to enter the door.

    Thank you for giving me a big basket of meaningless joy.   Bastard

Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2 - Rock Sugar 冰糖 (2)

    Out of Zone C, Shen Xifan was annoyed and kept twisting her fist. Suddenly, she was a little surprised just now when Ling troublemaker caught her, the palms of his hands were hot. Thinking about it again, it seems that his face is not normal today, and he probably also caught a cold.

    She is secretly happy, and the player will be played. God is fair. Ling troublemaker, you can repeat the mistakes of Shen Xifan. Of course, she comforts her evil thoughts, and this is God’s punishment for your frivolousness and for bringing misfortune to female compatriots.

    She slept well all night, and when she was preparing to work, full of energy, misfortune came from the sky. Don’t know who pulled a white horse and called her to appraise it at night.

    At the morning meeting, Shen Xifan had been inattentive, memorizing a few words, and then wrote two characters of "Bo Le (talent scout)" in her notebook. She returned to the office and wailed, "Why is there no prince for me to appreciate a bit? If it's not a dark horse, or a White Horse, I don't do Bole, who will do Bole!" 

I decided to spoil mother's plan. This time, this person is too fake and serious. His eyes are like Bai Yansong, but his face is like Wu Mengda. My mother whispered from the side, "This person's strength is that he is a certified public accountant, who can settle accounts very well!"

    Shen Xifan thought, in fact, he was sent by you. Be an undercover agent who is in charge of your daughter's finances and economy. Don't think I don't know.

    In appearance, Shen Xifan does not discriminate against him at all, but this successful man has extraordinary self-confidence and repeatedly promotes how to spot false accounts clearly. She also shouts cooperatively from time to time, "Wow, you are so amazing! I admire you so much! "

The accountant man became more proud. Finally towards the end, he finally left out a heartfelt truth: "Actually, I just want to find someone who is good to my mother. I am too busy to take care of her."

    This time , Shen Xifan made a more admiring and amazed expression, "Wow! You are so smart, how do you know that I am short of money and want to apply for a babysitter? How much money do you offer a month?..."

    Sure enough, the blind date was spoiled again!

    Being scolded by her mother all the way back to the hotel, she feel very happy, and on the surface, she still pretends to be sad and regretful. Mother Shen scolded her from the restaurant to her hotel. When she went upstairs, she scolded her through her mobile phone until it went out of battery. . Shen Xifan only now deeply felt how difficult her father's situation was, so the next afternoon, she came to the hospital with a passion to save menopausal women.

    But her motive is definitely not simple. It’s just that she doesn’t always see He Suye every time she takes the medicine. She can only see He Suye when she is in line to see the doctor, she can even see his dimples when he laughs, listen to his gentle voice, she feels that she is foolish, but the reason is not all due to herself, at least that handsome doctor accounts for half of it.....

    Facing Shen Xifan, He Suye was already used to keeping his calm in the face of the unexpected.  From insomnia to fever, if the girl suffered from stomach pain, abdominal distension, edema, and wasting, he could accept it calmly, and there was also no need to hide his dimples in front of her. But maybe it's still better to leave a bit of a doctor’s demeanor.

    But Shen Xifan froze for a long time and couldn't say why. He Suye was puzzled, it was so hard to tell what was wrong.

    Finally she blushed and asked, "How to treat menopausal syndrome?"

    He Suye's eyes widened and turned back to the cover of the medical record, "25 years old? Entering menopause ahead of time?"

    She waved her hand quickly, "It's not me, my mother."

    "Oh" He Suye said , "Why don't you let your mother come here in person?"

    "I don’t dare I!" Shen Xifan get a headache even when he mentioned this, and then she talked endlessly without getting to the point, completely forgot that the person opposite was He Suye. "My father is now being oppressed and can't say anything. I am contaminated by the harassment every day. Who else is in my house dares to mention this to her, it's totally a slavery society. You tell me which woman chatter in your ears endlessly, calling your phone until your battery runs out, and practically every day tries to find some flowers (guys) to fix you, and repay a kindness by stabbing one in the back.. …Doctor He, am I talking too much?"

    He Suye laughed, his eyes filled with smiles, "No, no, I just sympathize with you very much, pity that you have nowhere to vent your frustration and has to go the hospital to give vent to anger."

    She murmured, "What do you say i should do? Can you prescribe a medicine now?"

    He Suye shook his head, "This I am not very sure, but I can give you some dietary prescriptions. You go back and try. The lotus seeds, longan meat, rock sugar, boil in boiling water to make porridge, then add rock sugar to consume, or use black fungus and rice to make porridge, add jujube, add rock sugar, these two recipes have has the effects of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin, nourishing stomach, and replenishing qi."

    Then he took out a blank sheet of paper, "I will write it down for you, in case you forget it again."

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Strangers

                  The cigar burnt her fingers when Jiang Jun finally came to realization.
     She picked up the phone and answered it.
    Even if it was not a good time now to tell him, explaining the situation about Yin Zhe to Yuan Shuai was the best way out.
     "Girl?" Yuan Shuai's lazy voice could be heard from the other end. She bit her lip and took a deep breath, she said "Yin Zhe is in MH."
     The rhythm of his breathing sound was the same as hers.
     After waiting for a minute, Yuan Shuai slowly asked "In IBD as well?"
     “Then?" He asked.


   An old Hong Kong film called "Green Snake" (about a green snake who assumes human form interferes with the romance between her reptilian sister, a white snake and a hapless man) was being aired on the TV. Jiang Jun came out of the shower and put on a cotton nightdress. She combed the knotted curly hair while watching TV. Her comb went through a dead knot as she pulled roughly to get it through, she heard the green snake on the TV asking the white snake, "Sister, is it worth your thousand years of cultivation for a man?"
     Jiang Jun threw the knotted hair she pulled out into the trash can and said, "It's worth a shit, I regret to death!"

     Newcomers must go through a 2-month assessment before they can officially join the MH’s IBD department.
    DU put Yin Zhe in a group with another rookie, JOHN.
    Jiang Jun talked privately with all the newcomers, especially JOHN. She carefully studied JOHN's resume and secretly sighed that DU was cruel to his brother (because JOHN has very good work experiences and Yin Zhe can hardly compare to him).
     She handed some work to Yin Zhe and JOHN, glanced at them looking at each other, and asked sternly, "any problem?"
    JOHN asked her with the unique shrewdness of a Shanghainese, "Our workload seems to be a lot more than the other colleagues? What if we can't achieve the company's required results?"
    Jiang Jun ignored him and looked at Yin Zhe: "JAY (Yin Zhe’s English name), what do you think?"
     Yin Zhe faced her provocative gaze like a fighter and said without hesitation, "I will complete the work you gave me."
     "GOOD!" She smiled, satisfied with his reply.
    Jiang Jun acknowledges herself to be strict and not soft-hearted, but compared to DU, he was a lot more stern and cold-hearted as she is.
     "Someone complained to me that you used power for personal gains during the interview and reported private enmity to deliberately wipe out talents with excellent grades." DU knocked her head with a cigar. "Miss Jiang, please explain."
 She patted her chest in fear and said sarcastically, "I'm so scared, someone who can do such a stupid thing like reporting the incident to you is really a talent. I can't afford her." May, her friend in HR has already told her about Qiao Na’s complaint email two days ago and told her to be more careful. 

    Qiao Na, Qiao Na, you're really everywhere.
    "The MH year-end reception should set up an award for best actress and for sure you can win the award every year" DU jokingly said

     "Then you are the best director of the year for the blockbuster" Jiang Jun smiled bitterly and said, "Your brother is seriously being tortured by the work we gave him, and you seem fine with that? "
    "I have no choice, he has fallen into your hands? Didn't you avenge your personal grievances on him?" DU squinted his eyes maliciously and continued, “ His supervisor is his ex-girlfriend that he broke up with, tsk tsk, I guess he won’t live long under your supervision."
     "DU, you are getting more and more humane, don't go to extremes, MH already has enough gossipers."
    DU smiled extremely slyly, "Is that gossiping? I thought I am minding my own family business, isn’t it? JAY told me that you are his girlfriend and he broke up with you because of a misunderstanding. That’s not bad, I don’t want you to be my sister-in-law anyway."
    "Shut up, DU, I really don't want to mention it." Jiang Jun stood up and walked out, but DU pulled her back. "Hey, I just want to tell you to forget about the past and be better for yourself." He looked at her sincerely, "If you don't want to work with Jay, then I will tell him to leave, it is better for him to leave than making you unhappy."
    Jiang Jun stared at DU in shock, "That's your brother!"
    He shrugged his shoulders indifferently, "So what? He’s a stranger having the same bloodline as me, and I won't treat him badly."
     "Thank you, but the same goes for me me, Jay is just a stranger to me now."
    DU sighed and let go of her, "When will put your guard down just once?"
     On the way home, Jiang Jun turned to Chen Men Wai (a restaurant) to buy Yuan Shuai's favorite side dishes. Thinking that he should be on the way home now, Jiang Jun hummed and sat in the doorway waiting for the takeaway happily.
     "Jiang Jun" Yin Zhe walked out of a private room. She nodded at him and smiled politely.
     "Are you alone?" He walked over and sat down next to her.

   "Take away"
     "Let's eat together, brother is here too."
     "No need" she looked at her watch impatiently, why is it so slow?
     "You are much thinner than before"
     "I'm as good as DU," he said inexplicably, with a very firm tone, Jiang Jun looked up at him, and smiled coldly, "make sure you pass your internship stage in MH first," She told him clearly, "You don’t have the right to say this yet."
     She picked up the lunch box the waiter handed and left.