Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3 - Huo Xiang 藿香 (3)

    Sure enough, after half an hour, He Suye came out with a packet of medicine. Upon touching, It still was hot. The doctor told her, "One day three times, two days in a row, don’t remember it wrongly again!"

    Shen Xifan frowned, "Doctor He, I'm about to be overdosed by Chinese medicine!"

    He had an expression of, "Why can't patients like you get the point", and said "If you eat this, don't take that anymore, but if you think it's not enough, take both since the two medicines don't conflict!" 

With a pensive smile, Shen Xifan thought, except that sometimes the doctor likes to rush me, everything else is pretty good.

    When she got home, she immediately took the medicine out, it was still warm, and poured it into a bowl. It smelled a little bit spicy, but it was very fragrant. She thought that this medicine was still as sweet as last time, so she did not mentally prepare herself to drink it. After taking a mouthful, she immediately wanted to spit it out -- really very bitter.

    She had to endure nausea, drank it in one breath, rinsed her mouth with plain water several times, and then eased it back. This time there was a faint spicy taste between her lips and teeth, which must be the smell of Huoxiang and ginger, but the spicy and mellow. Later, it makes people memorable.

    As the saying goes, the good medicine is bitter and good for the disease. She had a fever and couldn't produce sweat. She was catlysed by this Chinese medicine. After a while, sweat started forming on her forehead. She was a little pleased, so she climbed into bed and covered the thick quilt and fall asleep.

    She was sweating in the middle of the night, and then touched her forehead. The temperature was as usual. She was happy and grumbled that the Chinese medicine really worked, then turned over and went to sleep.

    When she woke up the next morning, she was refreshed, except that there was sweat on her pajamas, so she went to take a bath. Halfway through the washing, the phone rang loudly. She ignored it. After a while, it rang several times. .

    After getting dressed, she found that Xu Xiangya was calling. She smiled and ignored it. She took out the juice and eggs from the refrigerator, baked a few slices of toast, brought it to the table, and started eating in the warm sunshine breakfast.

    The phone rang again, she picked it up late, and then there was Xu Xiangya's resentful voice, "Porridge, what do you think Yan Heng wants to eat? After asking all the people, I have no idea, I can only resort to asking  you.”

    She was stunned . The bread she was holding fell off, and Xu Xiangya was still unhappy on the other end “Or I’ll buy some dog food and forget about it. When the meal was delivered this morning, the waiter said that he saw breakfast and frowned. After a few bites, he hasn't touched it since."

    Yan Heng is extremely picky, Shen Xifan knows, she asked, "What did you prepare in the morning?"

    "Fried eggs, whole wheat bread, milk, ham and jam."

    She sighed, "Fried eggs should be 8 times raw, preserve core, replace whole wheat bread with milk toast, jam. He only eats white cherry rose jam, milk should be warm, preferably Mengniu brand or Yili brand, and replace ham with mashed potatoes. "

    Xu Xiangya gasped, "Really, f**king fussy!" She was curious again, "How do you know so much rice porridge? It's not on the information?"

    Shen Xifan was confused, "I just found it yesterday, and ll give you a reminder when I come to work."

    Xu Xiangya sighed, "You'd better come here early, the grandfather of cat mouth waits for you to arrange food for him!"

    Back at the hotel, Jing Ge’s foreman came to report, “Manager Shen, things have been handled last night, but Mr. Ling went to the 'Online' meeting in the morning.”

    She rubbed her temples habitually, “Okay. , Prepare the VIP card and in the evening, and go with me there to explain." After a pause, "Does Mr. Cheng know about this?"

    "It has been reported. Mr. Cheng agreed to deal with the plan and asked all employees to take it as a warning." 

Later, Xu Xiangya came to her and sighed, "We are tired from work these days, and we all have a fate of serving people. If we live in ancient times, we will be slaves, and if the  master goes west, we will not dare to go to the east..."

    Shen Xifan holds a cup of tea, "Let’s stop talking nonsense, listen well, he only eats lean meat, pork and beef, chicken; he likes to eat porridge, especially authentic Cantonese porridge; he rarely eats spicy, but as for hot pot, he loves Chongqing spicy hot pot; He like to eat mushrooms and soups stewed with Chinese medicine; He like seafood, but not fish; He like Western snacks, especially cheesecake; For today’s menu is make it around Suzhou delicacy, soup with stew, and mango sago with milk dessert, chicken porridge and some appetizers for supper.”

    Xu Xiangya exclaimed, “You’re so amazing rice porridge. You should be the manager of the catering department!” She held her notebook and ran away hurriedly. Then, "Quickly, quickly, I'll go!"

    Shen Xifan laughed blankly. She was not amazing; she just been with Yan Heng for three years, she is naturally familiar with his taste. He is a lover of food, but he is extremely picky. She once cooked for him. How can she not know his likes and dislikes when making soup.

    There was a bitter and spicy taste in her mouth, perhaps the taste of Huoxiang, she still felt spicy and bitter after drinking a lot of water.

    At noon, Yan Heng went to dinner and found that the food the hotel prepared for him was very pleasant, so he praised Xiang Ya. She was ashamed, and explained to him, "Mr. Yan, It is all thanks to Manager Shen from the housekeeping department, you should thank her!"

    Stoped his chopsticks, Yan Heng was stunned. Yes, besides his mother in this world, who else knows his own taste so much? He is very picky about food. Even so, Shen Xifan still patiently cooks for him. She never complained if he didn't like eating. She always said that she was not good at cooking, but why didn't he know how good she was until long after he had left her.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14 - Boyfriend x Girlfriend Part 1

     When Jiang Jun was 18 years old, Yin Zhe had graduated and was studying for his ACCA exam at home. She was still an undergraduate. Each time after class, she would run to his house that he shared with his classmates, to clean the house and cook for him.
     Faye Wong (a Chinese singer that Jiang Jun liked) has married Dou Wei and gave birth to a baby.
  The gossip newspaper had a photo of them sitting in the restaurant looking at each other. 

     Yin Zhe’s family still dislikes her, because she does not have a strong family background and wore a cheap shirt.
     She cooked noodles for him, and he came home late. He complained to her, telling her that his parents forced him to meet a very hypocritical woman while eating the noodles that were no longer warm.
     She knows about their family. Yin Zhe’s mother is the daughter of a tax bureau chief in a northern city, and his biological father is the local deputy mayor in charge of economic affairs and his father was 15 years older than his mother. And he also has a stepbrother living with his father’s ex-wife abroad. His sister was born when he was 4 years old. His biological father was sentenced to jail for financial problems. His mother took all of his father’s properties and remarried another man, who was the culprit that sent his biological father to jail. It turned out that his younger sister was that man's biological daughter. Yin Zhe lived alone at his grandfather's house. His mother didn't pick him up until his grandfather and grandmother passed away. He was 15 years old at that time.
    He is a person who is extremely lacking in family love, although he tried his very best to pursue it.
     Yin Zhe told her that he likes to eat what she cooks, which tastes like “home”.
     She solemnly told him "We will have a home, I will be the mother, you will be the father, we will be loved, and we will have children"
     She told her grandma that she loves Yin Zhe and she will marry him after graduation. She let her grandma meet the boy she loves.
     Grandma smiled and told her not to rush the marriage, and asked her to wait until she graduated before making decisions.

     That year, Yuan Shuai graduated and returned to China. She and his driver went to the airport to pick him up.
     When they reunited, he waved at her, and hugged her. A slim girl was with him and she pushed the luggage cart and walked up to her.   
     The girl said to her "Hi I am Jona"
     She didn't know how she could still greet her happily, talking and laughing all the way home.
     She remembered a line of the poem: [Leave him to the wind and rain, I will stay still] This is a poem recited by her grandfather repeatedly.
     She did not tell Yin Zhe about Qiao Na's return.
     She didn't tell Yuan Shuai about the relationship between Yin Zhe and Qiao Na.
     She didn't say anything and treated Qiao Na as a complete stranger.
    Nothing has changed. Yuan Shuai became the head of GT's domestic office. All-day long, he would be in his office doing his work.
     Qiao Na entered a domestic bank under the arrangement of her father, who was the CEO of a certain branch. She didn't have to do much but had an enviable salary.
     Their lives have nothing to do with her and Yin Zhe.
     Life is carried in according to the original trajectory, without any deviation.
     She breathed a sigh of relief.
     Faye Wong had a concert in Beijing.
     She went to see it with Yin Zhe. She heard Faye Wong’s love with her own ears and saw Dou Wei playing drums behind her. Their daughter has Dou Wei’s eyes and Faye Wong’s lips. Her idol's love has blossomed. What about her and Yin Zhe?
     Yin Zhe attended the ACCA training class and met many new friends. He took her to meet them, blushed and hugged her and said that she was his girlfriend.
   She went to the disco with them and they vented their restlessness of youth like a group of beasts. Someone groped her ass in the process, she broke the bridge of the pervert’s nose with a punch. When she told Yuan Shuai about the incident, Yuan Shuai asked her, “why wasn’t Yin Zhe standing up for her? Why wasn’t Yin Zhe the one breaking that pervert’s nose?” She froze and didn't know how to reply. Yes, he was next to her during that time, even though that person was his friend.
     The newspaper disclosed that Faye Wong and Dou Wei quarreled.
    She participated in the debate contest and won the best debater. Yin Zhe stood aside excitedly waving at her with flowers. Her classmates screamed and cheered for them. He blushed and pulled her out of the auditorium.
   Yin Zhe passed 4 ACCA exams. He is getting busier and busier. He actively participates in training classes. He goes to bars and discos with his friends. But he stopped taking her out again though she wants to go to make new friends. She became a person living in closed doors, she could see and hear what was outside, but she could never touch it. Yin Zhe opened her doors but didn't want to bring her out.
     She participated in the debate contests and won the best debater. The classmates screamed for her in the audience, and she ran towards Yin Zhe holding flowers. He blushed and pulled her out of the auditorium.
     Grandma showed her a copy of the document, which was Yin Zhe’s newly submitted application for studying abroad. The applied school is the one where Yuan Shuai and Qiao Na were at.
    He was going abroad but did not tell her. She was nowhere in his plan.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - DU’s little brother

     Jiang Jun was wearing a dark purple high-necked sleeveless dress and there were loose strands of hair behind her head. She walked towards DU and sat down beside him.
     "Are you okay?" Sally asked in a low voice.
     "What's wrong?" She subconsciously covered her neck, "You never wear such feminine clothes in the company."
     "You are so bossy, the meeting is starting" she waved awkwardly. She has to buy more turtlenecks in the future.
     "The newcomers have arrived, I will report later"
     "Got it, it’s hard work."
     After the regular meeting, DU called Jiang Jun to the office, handed her a document and she quickly flipped through "This Jay. He has very good qualifications

   “He is a newcomer?"
     "He is my younger brother… we don’t have the same mother...and he doesn't contact me that much."
     He coughed twice, and she replied "Got it."
    DU heaved a sigh of relief and cheerfully said, "We will have dinner together at noon. You can have a chat with him. I am going to let him take charge of things in Beijing. By the way, he was from your school..."
     "Hey DU, are you arranging a blind date for me?" She held her chin and interrupted his chatter "City gate (a restaurant name), a quarter past 12."
     "DU" Jiang Jun walked into the VIP room and saw DU lowering his head to order food. She looked around and saw no one else. "Where is your little brother?"
     He looked at her and laughed out loud.
     She was flustered, then blushed immediately, picked up her purse, and hit him.
     "Okay, I won't laugh anymore" He held her wrist and put a hand around her waist.
     "Sir, here" the waiter opened the door while DU and Jiang Jun looked at the person at the same time.
     Her facial expression instantly changed.
     She thought, why are there acquaintances everywhere?
     "When did you start smoking?" Jay frowned and gazed at her. DU also looked at her, with flames in his amber pupils. He slowly helped her light the cigarette and his actions were fluent and smooth. "Do I still need to introduce both of you?"
     "You better start the introduction. I know him, but it seems like he doesn't necessarily recognize me" She smiled extremely innocently. 
   "OK, Jay, this is my best Director, Juno"
     With a flick of her finger, a piece of cigarette ash broke in the ashtray, and she stretched out her hand "Hello, Jay"
     "Hello, Jiang Jun, I'm Yin Zhe" He held her hand firmly.
     "You and Jay, you guys..." Du said.
     "I dated your brother before, but he didn't like me, that's it"
     "Understood, but I want to assign him to you," DU replied.
           "Up to you."
                "Is that OK?" DU asked.
     "It's okay, just get over the embarrassment, I'm leaving"

     Yin Zhe stood at the door of Jiang Jun’s office, and she motioned for him to follow up.
     He sat on the chair, like a kindergarten child waiting for candy. He always acted like an obedient child.
    Jiang Jun leaned back in the chair and looked at him.
   "I only found out that you work here last year." He broke his silence. She replied, "Jay, this is MH, please remember that I am Juno Jiang, your superior. If you do well, the company will have rewards and promotions. If you make mistakes, I'll fire you. Understood?"
     "Sally come in."
     "My assistant Sally will explain what you should do later. If you have any questions, you can come to me or DU, but I would rather see you solve it by yourself. OK?"
     "Any questions?"
     "No more."

Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2 - Huo Xiang 藿香 (2)

    When she got up the next day, Shen Xifan felt uncomfortable, and her whole body was limp. Lin Yishen sat next to her during the morning meeting and looked at her from time to time. 

When the meeting was over, he asked, "Xiao Fan, why is your face flushed?" Xu Xiangya also came forward to look at her, she touched her forehead, and said, "Oh, you have a fever rice porridge!"

    Finally, Mr. Cheng was also alarmed, "Manager Shen, go to the hospital for a checkup first. You don't need to be on duty today."

    She sighed unluckily, but she didn't dare to neglect. She went home and took her temperature. It was not too high. It was 37.6 degrees, her throat was not sore, and it was unlikely that her tonsils were inflamed. When she was young, she was often sick, all the nurses and doctors at the hospital all recognize her, her physique is much better now, but she also catches a small cold from time to time.

    She still went to the hospital obediently. She didn't dare to say that she had a fever. She was afraid of being isolated as a SARS patient. She went to the outpatient respiratory department. Fortunately, there were not many people, so it was her turn in a while.

    She was a little nervous, "Doctor, will I have SARS?" 

The chief physician told her definitely, "Absolutely not. It's just a cold. The tonsils are not inflamed, and you don't have a cough. You just have a low-grade fever. You just need some cold medicine.” 

She hesitated, “But will the medicine effect be too slow? I’ve been very busy with my work recently!” 

The old doctor very kindly suggested, “You can treat your this particular cold faster with Chinese medicine, why don't you go visit a TCM?" 

In the end, she still went to the TCM internal medicine department, but today there are so many people in the TCM building. They are young mothers-to-be and old women. Shen Xifan had to hand in medical records at the front desk and sit and wait for her number to be called.

    There was a burst of the bitter taste from the Chinese pharmacy opposite, with a little bit of heat in it, and she, who was already full of sleepiness, became even more drowsy, and unknowingly, her body became heavier. In a trance, she remembered that time when she was sick in college.

    At that time, she was still Yan Heng's baby. He spoiled her very much. He followed her and was nervous about her. She had a runny nose, and he was nervous about her constant coughing. As expected, in the winter of sophomore year, she really caught a bad cold.

    She remembered that in those few days, Yan Heng didn’t attend class to accompany her to the hospital for a needle. The cold potion was put into the vein, which made her shoulders cold. Yan Heng used his own hand to warm her hands, and she leaned against him groggy. On his shoulders, she seemed to fall asleep, praying that the medicine dripped slowly; she had no appetite, so he cooked vegetable porridge for her in the dormitory, then wrapped it in cotton clothes and gave it to her, feeding her bite by bite, but he had no choice but to eat cold leftovers in the cafeteria; whenever he leaves, he will kiss her, not minding that the cold virus will be transmitted to him.

    But later, he didn't want her anymore and got together with another girl, she couldn't hold onto his heart anymore. The next day after breaking up with him, she went to the hospital again because of being drenched in rain for a day. This time there was no one to accompany her, so she had to pay for the infusion alone and sent a message to Yan Heng, "I’m sick, can you come to see me?" 

In the end, he only returned, "Shen Xifan, we have nothing to do with each other now, why are you still hopelessly getting entangled with me?" Her tears dripped on the infusion hand, and she muttered in her heart, yes, now I am left alone, but even alone, I have to live well, but why do I still miss the warmth around you when I was sick.

    Shen Xifan was stiff. Only when she heard someone calling her name, she suddenly opened her eyes and found that the corners of her eyes were slightly wet. She turned her head and was startled, "...Doctor He..."

    He was a little surprised, then gently explained to her, "The nurse called you several times, but no one answered. It's noon now and no one is there. I only found you here when I came out. Why? Are you sick?"

    She took an exaggerated breath on her nose, "I have a fever!"

    He Suye smiled, "You cried when you have a fever? Come in, I'll take a look for you."

    Shen Xifan stared at the doctor in a daze, stood up and followed him, his shoulders was wide, it made people feel very reliable.

    "It's just a simple fever." He Suye comforted her, "It's not atypical pneumonia, can you rest assured now? Don't cry anymore"

    She felt sad, "Sorry to trouble you, Doctor He."

    "It's fine, but It’s an exogenous fever. Just take two doses of Chinese medicine."

    Shen Xifan murmured to herself, "Exogenous fever? Ephedra cinnamon soup?"

    He Suye laughed "Puff", "You can't take that, that medicine is too strong, if you sweat too much, with your body so weak, you won't be able to take it." He paused, "How did you know that this prescription was available?"

    She was a little embarrassed, "I used to do a Chinese medicine translation material when I was in school, and at the time I found it after flipping through a lot of books, so I naturally have a deeper impression."

    He Suye took a pen and began to write prescriptions, and read as he wrote, "Honeysuckle (金银花), Forsythia suspensa (连翘), Douchi (豆豉), Dandelion (蒲公英), Thorowax Root (柴胡), Milkvetch (黄芪), Siler (防风), Poria (茯苓), Huo Xiang (藿香), Pinellia Tuber (半夏) , ginger (生姜), red dates (红枣), that's enough."

    She pointed out  "Huoxiang" and said, "I like this name very much!"

(illa: Huo Xiang is Korean mint)

    He Suye nodded, "Huoxiang-aromatizes turbidity, appetizing and relieving vomiting, help heat relief, used for fever, cold, dampness, and stuffy chest" Then he added, "In fact, Huoxiang is also an ornamental plant."

    She didn't know how to answer this conversation, so she nodded and took the prescription to leave.

    He Suye stopped her, "You still have a fever, how about this, go pay the bill first. I'll go to the pharmacy to decoct the medicine for you. Then you don't need to come to pick it up in the afternoon. Can you wait for half an hour?"

    Shen Xifan was stunned. Why is this doctor so kind? She had to mechanically say thank you, "I really trouble you, Doctor He!"

First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.3


Chapter 4.3 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (3)

  That one short reply hit Xiong Yifan immediately. Her impression of him being a cute and obedient guy instantly collapsed. It turns out that he is not as cute as he looks. This irritable text message made her at a loss for words and she did not know how to reply to him. Usually, people would be angry if they received this reply, right? Xiong Yifan still responded very nicely: "Well, then I can rest assured."

   After sending, she waited for a long time until she fell asleep on the bed with the sheet mask still on her face.

   Yan Ke appeared in her dreams with a serious expression, asking why she didn't reply to the text message. She was so scared that she woke up from her sleep and took out her phone under her pillow, but didn't see any incoming text message. She felt disappointed as she removed her mask on her face. She was disappointed because of Yan Ke's coldness, and also because of that dream. She suddenly realized that Yan Ke actually didn't care about her feelings. Replying or not replying to her text message, it all depended on his mood.

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  Because of this matter, she had insomnia for the first time in her life as she tossed and turned on her bed.

   Some people say that the reason why a person is having insomnia is that he (she) has appeared in other’s dreams. Xiong Yifan questioned herself if she would appear in his dreams, but playing an evil role in his nightmare, and she could not help but feel sad about it. She fantasized that Yan Ke was within her reach, and locked herself in the quilt as if the quilt was his arms, holding her tightly. She was finally able to sleep soundly. Unfortunately, it was not long before she was awakened by Ding Ming.

  Xiong Yifan, with obvious dark circles, appeared in the exam room soulless, and quickly caught Qi Xiaosong's attention. He stood nervously beside Xiong Yifan and checked on her. He could feel that recently, something was wrong with Xiong Yifan. She would be abnormally happy or abnormally sad sometimes. She wasn't such an emotional person before, she was a silly and easy-to-understand girl every day.

   "I’m okay... I’m okay..." Xiong Yifan repeated several times, just like a broken recorder, but Qi Xiaosong was still reluctant to leave her alone.

   Until the teacher came in, Qi Xiaosong stretched out his long arm and patted Xiong Yifan's head: "Xiao Xiong, eat with me at noon. I will wait for you in the cafeteria. If you can't find me just call me."

   Xiong Yifan styled her hair rather helplessly and felt that Qi Xiaosong was surprisingly naggy today and said, "How come you are so persistent today, so suspicious... But if you are treating me to dinner, I can think about it."

   "You eat so much every meal, who can afford to treat you?" Qi Xiaosong left with his bag in a smile, and when he went out, he wanted to go back and say something to her but was pushed away by the form teacher. When the two left the classroom together, they could hear the voice of their form teacher from behind: "There are first-year students here. Don’t be so intimate and be a bad role model before them."

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   Qi Xiaosong explained to the teacher, but Xiong Yifan could not hear what he was saying. She was sitting on her seat, trying to see if the pen was able to write smoothly, and the invigilator teacher had already started to collect the phones from the students. She gave Yan Ke a glance and found that he did not make a move to hand up  his phone, and she did the same.

  The teacher stood on the podium and briefed them on the rules before starting the exam.

   Yan Ke answered his papers in an orderly manner. Ten minutes after starting the test, he was like a magnet, exuding a magnetic field, attracting students around him to want to glance at his test papers, but would never get a chance to. Xiong Yifan always wanted to take out her mobile phone to check for new text messages, but she never had a chance to. This situation continued until the end of the exam. Xiong Yifan screamed in distress after the end of the exam and Ding Ming comforted her.

  Yan Ke leaned on his chin, looked at the two of them, and suddenly rolled his eyes at them, ruining the elegant image.

   This girl, the tomboy, has a voice that is...too loud, and her voice doesn’t sound pleasant, just like the sound of the old steel mill clanging with other metal and it sounded annoying.


  The semester exam ended, Xiong Yifan's relationship with Yan Ke made no progress at all.

   Along with it were the Sports Games, which was Xiong Yifan’s forte.

 She was a sports school student in her middle school, and she was a sports specialty student in high school, after the college entrance examination, she also had to use this forte to enter the university. Every time before the Sports Games, Xiong Yifan will be as busy as a typewriter, completing all tasks mechanically. She was so loved by the sports teachers that she was called by the teacher to tutor other students' sports as soon as she showed up, and she was responsible for letting them know the essentials of each sports matches.

   But... she is not good at playing shot puts. Therefore, she rationally chose to leave and wander around the venue and inevitably saw Yan Ke.


Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2 - High-Grade Nanny (2)

    The call just now was from the United States. Tiffany's mother asked if she could take her two children to Happy Valley tomorrow. Luo Zhi refused. There must be a lot of people in Happy Valley during Holiday. The two children have played in Disneyland in Tokyo and Hong Kong. They shouldn't have much interest in Happy Valley. Not to mention security, she is afraid of accidents. Luo Zhi felt a little strange when she repeatedly requested on the phone.

    "Auntie, has something happened?"

    Luo Zhi felt awkward every time she called her auntie. She looks too young to be mortal. But the two children call themselves sisters, and she can't mess up the seniority

    "Luo Zhi, actually Jake got into trouble. He was preparing to run away from home and was discovered by us. He has always been very fierce to his classmates and his sister. Initially, I said you don’t have to come over these days as I want to bring them to the United States, but he wouldn’t go with me. Now only Jya is watching them at home. I am sorry to trouble you every day. Can you accompany them to play and relax tomorrow, please? They have been in Beijing for a year, but they haven't gone out much yet." 

No matter how strange Luo Zhi felt it was, she felt bad to refuse.

    "Then tomorrow morning, 8:00 alright. I remember Happy Valley should be open at nine o'clock, it is better to go earlier, or else there’s nothing to play, can only queue up."

    "Well, tomorrow at eight in the morning at the east gate of your school, Xiao Chen will pick you up. He shall accompany you and can help take care of them. In fact, Jake doesn't want to take his sister with him but just wants to come out alone with you. They are always quarrelling now, do help me to persuade them."

    "I'll try my best, don't worry."

    Luo Zhi stood dazedly at the east gate and blew in the cold wind. She just went to bed a little too late at night. She was looking through the "Thirteenth Story" she just bought. She didn’t expect that her old habit came back and she became obsessed. She didn’t go to the bathroom until I finished reading it, much less skipping lessons.

    The car lights flashed twice, and Luo Zhi opened her slightly closed eyes and saw Tiffany's small hand waving on the back seat.

    "Juno, here!!!"

    Luo Zhi had no intention of accepting the eyes of everyone outside the east gate, and hurriedly lowered her head to get into the car door.

    She tried her best along the way, trying to find out what the two children were disagreeing about. No matter how she probed at it, Tiffany would give a mischievous look just like normal, while Jake was silent and very rarely replied.

    "Juno, Franzisca said that the red bean double skin milk is very delicious, next time you come and make it for us? Brother likes to eat it too, right?"

    Jake looked out the window and mumbled vaguely.

    Without traffic jams, you can see the tall rockery and various high-altitude amusement facilities of Happy Valley from the window in less than half an hour. Xiao Chen went to the car, Luo Zhi took the two children out of the car first, and told him to wait for him under the red balloon at the main entrance. Jake suddenly said loudly, "Uncle Chen, if you follow us in, I won't play."

    Luo Zhi knew that taking Xiao Chen was originally the result of a compromise between the two children and the adults in the family, but he turned hostile. Anyway, Xiao Chen is not their mother, so he was at wit’s end. He coaxed left and right, but Jake still did not let go.

    In the end, Luo Zhi winked at him-it was enough to follow them slowly in the distance, anyway, they most likely will spend most of their time in the queue today.

    After entering the door, Luo Zhi took them straight to the Ant Kingdom, where there are relaxing rides that children like, as well as a children's restaurant and a 4D cinema.

    Children seldom complain about each other like adults. The two kids screaming at Disneyland are still very excited. Jake's interest is also high. Tiffany sits on the little frog happily and screams, waving her hands to make Luo Zhi Take pictures of them underneath.

    Time was spent this way until noon, after watching a 4D children's movie called "Ant Kingdom" that made Luo Zhi laugh and cry, they sat down in the small restaurant and prepared to have lunch.

    Luo Zhi left them in their seats, picked up her wallets and went to line up. Jake still yelled in the back, the ice cream should be mixed with vanilla and chocolate!

    "Damn, you really want our big group of people to squeeze in with the kids to eat, what a way to destroy humanity!"

    Luo Zhi, who was in the line, turned back to look at the yelling person with some impatience. She didn't expect to hear a familiar voice.

    "Is there any other way? There are fewer people here than there just now, and there are more types of lunch. You are so temperamental. Didn’t you whisper and say you want to try playing the ant train when your younger brother and sister said that the ant train is cute?"

    Everyone is creating a disturbance, many parents have already watched the group of young people who suddenly broke in with their guarded and surprised eyes.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Jealousy

  Back in Hong Kong, their relationship seems to have changed significantly. Yuan Shuai calls her countless times every day, and he will send messages relentlessly asking her where she was or what she was doing when she missed a call.
     Every night he madly makes love with her, demanding it without a limit.
     She searched on the Internet, it is said that this happens for people who have just fallen madly in love. She smiled and secretly wanted to go home as early as possible and accompany him to do everything he wanted to do with her. She liked the way he was in her body, like a suckling beast, greedy and cute.
    She shifted the focus of her work to domestic businesses. The preparation of GT China branch reached a critical moment, and he needed to stay in Beijing very often. He begged for her accompany, so she kept going to Beijing for business trips but unexpectedly sealed deals with several big businesses there.
     The work in Hong Kong did not allow her to be distracted. The new employees were about to be brought in, and she must make sure that all the arrangements were well managed. Airplanes became her home as she travels back and forth between Beijing and Hong Kong.
    DU thought she was trying her best to help him conquer the world and depended on her even more.
     She felt guilty, she just wanted to stand behind Yuan Shuai as Juno to help him realize his ambitions. As for DU, she admired him, was grateful to him, and could only help him seal more businesses diligently, hoping to arrange everything as soon as possible so that she could leave MH with a peace of mind.
     Yuan Shuai asked her to resign several times. Even if she cannot work in GT, she can stay with him.
     She refused. She didn't want to be idle. Only work could enrich her and make her feel that she is a part of this society. She hated emptiness and loneliness, so she wanted to be a hardworking bee.
     She told Yuan Shuai that once the new branch is settled, she would resign immediately, but before that, she would continue her work in MH. She promised DU to help him form the best team. She is a person who keeps her promise.
     She didn't understand why Yuan Shuai had a cold war with her. He didn't say so she didn't ask. They had always been like this before. They gave each other space and respected each other's privacy.
    DU showed her gossip news of the title [GT executive and high-ranking beauty caught holding hands while dating, the first foreign branch in the mainland has a bright future] attached with photos of Yuan Shuai and a woman entering and leaving a restaurant.
     "What do you think?" DU looked at her.

                She replied, "why are you still sitting here? Hurry up and book a plane ticket to Beijing. No more girls will be left for you if you are late."
     "You are really a talent, how dare you force your boss into a badger game?"
     "On behalf of my colleagues at MH Future China Branch, I thank you. This is an honor. Not everyone has the potential to play this role."
     "Thank you and next! Okay, let's talk about real business, it seems like we have to take action soon. New employees will come in next week. The documents are here. You can look through it if you have time. If not, SALLY will help you confirm it."
                "Shall we have a meal together?"
     "Nope, I am meeting someone."
     She returned home and threw the magazine she bought on the floor. Yuan Shuai's smile on the cover page was disgusting. She cooked a bowl of noodles for herself, thinking that she hadn't spoken to him for 4 days, should she take this opportunity to vent?
     She dialed his private phone with a vicious smile. He only answered after a long time, and his background noise was noisy.
     "What are you doing?" She asked loudly.
                "Chatting with friends" he was also yelling. 

                "Are you coming back soon?"
     "I'm not finished yet, are you coming over?" He seemed to have found a relatively quiet place. "I can’t leave yet, will you be back on the weekends? I bought a lot of vegetables."
     "I try my best, have you eaten yet?"
     "No, waiting for you to eat together!"
     "Silly girl, you..." "Here you are, who are you talking to so sweetly?"
     Suddenly a woman’s voice sounded on Yuan Shuai's end, and Jiang Jun subconsciously matched her voice to the face in the magazine, "My wife, I will be back soon…” she heard Yuan Shuai reply. He continued, “... Let’s talk later. Have a good meal and I’ll call you again."
               She threw the phone down after hanging up, squatted by the magazine with the noodle bowl, and looked at the cover of the magazine again. "Here you are, who are you talking to so sweetly~" Jiang Jun pinched her nose and mimicked the way the woman talked. "We are sweet together so you better get lost."
       Jiang Jun lost her appetite.

        Yuan Shuai called her sometime later.
     "I still have some arrangements tonight, I will be back tomorrow." He said.
     "It’s okay, it's too tiring for you, I have to work overtime tomorrow too" She replied.
    "....... ."
     She continued, "focus on your work, don't worry about me."
     She hung up the phone, pondered for a while, and called the secretary in.
     It was almost midnight when she walked out of the airport and when she turned on her phone, a call came in immediately.
     "What's the matter with you, why did you turn off your phone?" Yuan Shuai was worried.
    "..." She didn’t reply.
     "What are you doing? Your background is noisy, are you still outside?"
    "........." She still didn’t reply.
             "Where are you?"
    "... Xiaoyunqiao please." He heard her say after she got in the taxi. 

                "You are here to find me, aren't you! The address is XXXXX." He laughed.
     She hung up the phone, looked down at the text message she had just received and was in a good mood.
                "Why are you wearing so little?" When the taxi stopped, Yuan Shuai greeted her, "let’s go in, hurry!" He paid the fare and brought her in. 

               "HI, Juno, haven't seen you for a long time" She was immediately recognized as soon as she entered the place with people greeting her.
     Yuan Shuai took her to the place he was at.
               "Even Juno is here. Zeus, you are influential..." LK's executive director said in a half-drunk manner. "Let me introduce some new friends to you." Yuan Shuai had an arm around her. "This is Liu Dan, the beautiful department head of the XX department."
     The woman smiled and hit him on the shoulder. The real person looks better than in the magazine. She looked at Liu Dan, "Liu Dan, this is Juno Jiang, the Juno they always mentioned."
                "Hello" she stretched out her hand, but Jiang Jun just nodded slightly and turned her face to take a drink and gave a pat to the LK director. "No wonder DU asked me to come over and help him reserve a seat. He won’t be left with any drink if he is late!"
     She smiled as raised a glass of whiskey at the two female accompanies who had totally different styles.
     "Who dares to snatch things with you..."
    Everyone was chatting happily, and Liu Dan suddenly asked "Yuan Shuai, let’s go dance."
     Who are you talking to so sweetly? It turned out to be her. Jiang Jun took a sip of her whiskey again, Red Label tastes good but the lemon flavor was a bit too much.
     She slipped to the bathroom and smoked a cigarette. When she came out, she saw Yuan Shuai standing in the safe passage diagonally opposite the door smirking at her.
     "You gangster!"
     She walked over to the sink.
     When she came back with her makeup done, she heard Liu Dan asking him, "Why don’t I see your wife here?"
     "She is in Hong Kong" He replied.
                  "She is not afraid of you finding other girls? She is so confident?" Liu Dan seemed to be slightly drunk, "they said you were "the beauty and the beast", how long have you been together." 

                Jiang Jun looked at them uncomfortably. She walked to him and Yuan Shuai put his hands on her shoulders, and glanced at Liu Dan, " I am afraid to bring her out as it can undermine your confidence." 
     After Liu Dan leave, Jiang Jun pushed him away as she said, "chatting with beautiful women is much better than chatting with you"
     "Seriously, just tell me if you are jealous." He showed his white teeth, reached for a match, brushed his arm across her chest, and looked at her brightly.
     "I miss you so much." He sucked her tongue and teased her with his fingers. The stairwell was dark and yellow, she stroked his raised desire, "me too..."