Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 1.1

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Chapter 1.1 - Wheels of Fortune (Part 1)

Zeng's mother has always reminded Zeng Li that there are three professions in this world that women cannot marry: police, teachers, and doctors. 


     Ma Yiyi was surprised when she knew about this, “Why? Aren't they all good son-in-law candidates in the hearts of mothers-in-law? ”


     “My mother said that the police profession can't take care of his family and it's dangerous, and teachers always have young female students who daydream over them. From generation to generation, after a class graduates, the next one will come. One after another. Doctors...” She thought for a while, “She is biased against doctors. ”


     “What prejudice? ”


     “She thinks that every time she goes to the doctor, as long as it is not an emergency, the doctor will think it's no big deal, and their expression is cold, and...”


     “What else? ”


     Zeng Li smiled, “Also, she said that she doesn’t understand the words written by a doctor. ”


     Ma Yiyi was happy. 


     Zeng Li buried her face, plucked the straw from the coke cup under her eyelids, and smiled. In fact, there are other reasons, but she didn't say it. 


     On the second Wednesday after New Year's Day, she and the director asked for leave to go to the affiliated hospital of A University for a follow-up. 


     After several failed blind dates last year, Mother Zeng summarized the shortcomings of Zeng Li's whole body from top to bottom and came to a conclusion: other than being too thin, the person has irregular teeth, which affects her appearance. 


     There are two large front teeth in Zeng Li's upper row of teeth. In Ma Yiyi's words, she is like a rabbit when she smiles, and then there are the tiger teeth on the right, which are a little more prominent on the two sides. The neighbouring teeth collectively took a step back. It's a bit like being betrayed by the surrounding teeth. 


     When she was a child, she didn't like to laugh. When she smiled, others stared at her mouth, which felt very awkward. 


    Later... Someone said later: "When you grow up, maybe you will smile like Wang Zuxian. ”


     Zeng Li rarely watched TV and movies and didn't know who Wang Zuxian was, so she didn't know whether to praise her or hurt her at the time. 


     Finally, Mother Zeng came to a conclusion: she wanted to take her to get her teeth straightened. 


     “Mom, have you ever seen someone wearing braces at my age? It's embarrassing! ”When Zeng Li said this, she had already been pulled into the corridor of the hospital by Mother Zeng. 


     Mother Zeng didn't refute this time, but nodded her chin wordlessly and asked her daughter to take a look over there. Zeng Li followed her mother's gaze and saw several posters of orthodontic knowledge posted on the wall of the opposite corridor. One of them showed a white old lady wearing braces. 




     Facts speak louder than words, and Mother Zeng easily won without speaking half a word. 


     That Dr Li is an expert outpatient clinic doctor, and there are so many people waiting to see him, she lines up until noon. Zeng Li didn't know if he was introduced by an acquaintance of her mother, or if he had good medical ethics. Dr Li was very kind to people. 


     The Stomatology department of the School of Medicine of A University is one of the best in the country, and many people come from all over the country. Because it is a teaching unit, expert outpatient clinics are all filled with postgraduate students, and each clinic is comparable to a step-up classroom. After Zeng Li's examination, Dr Li looked hospitable and explained the entire treatment process in detail in front of Zeng's mother. A female student on one side said, “Your daughter is beautiful. After her teeth are fixed, she will smile perfectly. ”


     Hearing this sentence, Zeng's mother was overjoyed and quickly clapped her hands, urging Zeng Li to pay the bill and sign it. 


    When Zeng Li came back with the payment receipt, Dr Li said to the female student just now: “Zhou Wen, you can make a list and ask her to extract her teeth first. ”


     Zhou Wen asked, "Which one do you extract? ”


     Dr Li said, “Left 4 right 4, pull up and down.” Then he received the next patient with a kind and kind attitude. 


     Zeng Li asked tremblingly: “What is left 4 right 4? ”


     “Start counting from the middle gap of your teeth, the fourth on the left and the fourth on the right. ”


     “Up and down? ”


     “Well, up and down. ”


     Zeng Li suddenly felt a little dizzy, but her mother stared at her after paying the money and left when she felt that everything was set, leaving her there alone with a limp calf. 

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