Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2 - Wheel of Fortune (Part 1)

    Zhou Wen said, "Don't be afraid, today I will only pull out two on one side. ”
     Zeng Li continued to ask, “What about the other side? ”
     “It depends on the situation. If the situation is good, it usually takes a week of break.”
     Zhou Wen wrote the list and asked, "I will perform tooth extraction on the second floor. Hey, by the way, are you in your menstrual period? ”
     Zeng Li didn't understand, “Huh? ”
     “If you can't extract your teeth during your menstrual period, the bleeding will be more serious, are you? ”
     “No..." After Zeng Li blurted out, she hurriedly corrected with a stammer, “Yes, yes, yes...." ” It seems that she is holding onto a life-saving straw. 
     Zhou Wen glanced at her, took the list back, and said, “Then there is no other choice. I will talk to Teacher Li, we will do it next time. Anyway, Teacher Li is in the clinic every Monday and Wednesday morning, so you can just come directly after your that one is over. ”
     Then Zeng Li ran out of the hospital as if she is fleeing. 
    However, she couldn't stand her mother's unceasing pester. After two months, she went to the hospital with a determination to die. Along the way, she was thinking about how to explain to Zhou Wen and Professor Li about the two months that she disappeared. 
     “After my big aunt (Romuse: Period)  finished, I forgot about it, and when I remembered it, it came again for the second time. ”
     Or: "Classmate Zhou Wen, I'm sorry, my big aunt has been here for two months. ”
     That is too tragic. 
     She thought about the reason for a long time, and finally made up a reliable reason, and resolutely walked to the hospital. 
     When she climbed to the orthodontics department on the sixth floor, she found that there was no one in the huge clinic room on the right. She looked left and right through the glass in the corridor, but she didn't see anyone in a white coat. She hurriedly walked in and found that even the nameplate that Dr Li had hung outside the cubicle was gone. 
     She paid more than 10,000 yuan, so they won't abscond with the money, right? 
     It happened that a nurse came in and asked Zeng Li, “Who are you looking for? ”
     “Professor Li, won't he u be attending the clinic today? ”
     The nurse looked at her, “Are you Teacher Li's patient? ”
     Zeng Li nodded. 
     “He went to Africa for medical assistant. He left temporarily at the end of last year, and all his patient was handed over to Teacher Ai." As she said, she pointed to the clinic on the opposite side. 
     “Oh, thank you. ”
     Zeng Li walked to the opposite door without thinking about it and found that there were many patients. There was a treatment bed in each compartment. One patient and one doctor were busy. There is still one who is idle, just sitting on a stool, with his back to her, communicating with two people, not close enough to hear. 
    She didn't know who she should bother to ask now. When she was about to retreat, someone suddenly walked in from the corridor and asked, “Are you Zeng Li?" ”
     Zeng Li looked back and found that the girl who called her was Zhou Wen. 
     She said hello embarrassedly, “Dr Zhou. ”
     “Hey, why haven’t you been here for so long? I thought you were scared away by me last time. " Zhou Wen smiled. 
     “No, I went on a business trip and didn't have time. "Zeng Li hurriedly explained. 
     Zhou Wen said: “Teacher Li went to aid abroad, and all the patients under him were transferred to Teacher Ai, but there were too many patients, so they were divided into parts. Don't worry, you are still under Teacher Ai. We observed your film and medical records in class that day. ”
     “En. ”
     “You can wait for a while. Teacher Ai has to see every patient in person. He is communicating with their family members over there. ”

     Zeng Li thought this teacher's surname is really good. How lovely, you can adapt it into “Five stresses, Four Beauties and three loves”. You love the school, the profession, and the teacher. 

(illa: Ai - Love)

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