Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1

“Shou Shou. "Ruan Jiangxi seemed determined, and finally told her, “Yi Changning is back." ”


 Shoushou's expression was much calmer than Jiangxi expected. After a while, she asked rhetorically, "Is it?" ”


 “I met him at school yesterday and he came back to attend a seminar. "Ruan Jiangxi sighed a little, “After three years, he doesn't seem to have changed at all." ”


Three years-so long, and so short: it's so long as if it's gone forever, and all the past and past are nothing more than long smoke and dust, rushing up, choking people without heads and brains, and breathing is difficult; it's so short as if it was just yesterday, everything is so clear and vivid that it is almost impossible to face. 


Three years ago, she was so lazy and unambitious. And Jiangxi is a good student with excellent character and grades in school, and he must be at the top in everything, and this was indeed the case. Whether it is a professional class, a basic class, or even the school's most traditional and booed “Guangyuan Spring” party, Jiangxi can easily get thunderous applause. And she mixed up big classes and copied homework all day long, and Ruan Jiangxi occasionally became angry and uncontested: “Shoushou, what will you do in the future? ”


 Shoushou smiled and said, “Get married as soon as you graduate and then let Yi Changning raise me. ”


 Ruan Jiangxi was so angry that he cursed her: “What if Yi Changning doesn't want you anymore? ”


 “How could he not want me? ”


 She was so confident, but she never thought that he would make a prophecy in one word. 


 When she broke up with Yi Changning, she had no demeanour and was so embarrassed that when Shoushou thought of it later, she would laugh at herself. She was considered a vixen once in her life. He just grabbed Yi Changning's jacket and cried loudly, no matter what he said, she just wouldn't let go. 


Finally, she called Jiangxi. When Jiangxi arrived, she was still sitting there alone and weeping. In a place like that, although the waiters didn't squint, she knew she was embarrassed, but Yi Changning ignored it so unfeelingly. What else did she need to worry about? 


 Jiangxi didn't say a word, dragged her away, stuffed her into the car, and while driving, he hate iron for not becoming steel and said, “Shoushou, are you doing this much for a man? He doesn't want you anymore, and you become like this? ”

(illa: hate iron for not becoming steel: to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement)


 And she couldn't say a word, she just cried, crying all the boxes of tissues in the car in Jiangxi. Jiangxi drove her back to his apartment, threw her a set of pyjamas, and then said, “Cry if you have to cry. When you get out of the bathroom, if you snort again, I will throw you home right away. ”


 She cried in the bathroom for a long time that day, maybe an hour, maybe four hours, because in the end, the water in the bathtub was completely cold. She was so cold that she caught a cold and never recovered. First, she had a fever. After several IV drops, she didn't have a fever. She just coughed. She coughed intermittently for two or three months, and she couldn't find anything wrong. Although this illness is not a serious illness, the whole person has lost weight. 

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