Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

 She first met Ji Nanfang in the lobby of the clubhouse. There were a lot of people touting the moon, and he was tall, even in the crowd, he was very eye-catching. Shoushou saw him and was hesitating whether to say hello. He also saw her, stopped suddenly, said with a ”huh", and said, "Shoushou, why are you so thin?" ”


 A group of people laughed loudly for a long time, and some people said, “Nanfang, look at you torturing a little girl. ”


 Some people also knew her and said with a smile: "Don't talk nonsense, this is Nan Fang’s. ”


 Another person called: “Do you still have a sister in the Nan (south)? Is she called the Bei (North) Fang? ”


 Ji Nanfang smiled and scolded the man: "Get out! "Turning around and introducing to those people, “This is Ye Shanshou, my..." ”


Those fox friends and dogs were all well-informed, and someone immediately remembered: 

“Is it the great Ye family?" "Some people complimented half-jokingly and half-seriously: "Yo, we were playing cards with God Kuan yesterday, but we didn't expect his sister to be so beautiful." ”


 Ye Shenkuan is her eldest brother, the eldest son of Ye's parents, and naturally has a wide range of contacts. A group of people immediately recognized the younger sister collectively, and took her to ride a horse together without saying a word. 


 In fact, every one of them has a female companion, and Ji Nanfang is no exception. She is a radiant woman, so beautiful that Shou Shou feels she looks familiar. After thinking about it, she finally remembered that she seemed to be a rising star in the talent competition, but she couldn't remember her name. What's her name? The woman was very generous: "Miss Ye can call me Keru. ”


 This reminded Shoushou and finally remembered that her name was Zhang Keru, so she politely called her: "Miss Zhang. ”

 I just never thought that this Miss Zhang had never ridden a horse before. She was helped onto the horse and yelled from behind. She was about to cry, causing the jockey coach to sweat coldly: "Miss Zhang...Miss Zhang...please relax. If you hold the reins tightly like this, the horse will be more nervous than you. ”

Shoushou didn't find it funny. She was very young when she first rode a horse, and she didn't know what was afraid of. The second uncle took her and a few cousins to the military racecourse, the real prairie, indulging in galloping, that kind of unrestrained, only the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the four fields are vast. The whirring sound of the wind passed by her ears and made people want to sing loudly. In fact, she really sang. Together with a few cousins, she sang "Return from Target Shooting 打靶归来" to "Merry Go Round 潇洒走一回". In the end, her voice was gone, but she was very happy, very happy. There is no way to describe that kind of carefree happiness, and it renders everything easily. Even the second uncle, who has always been unsmiling, joined them in singing “Everyone in the revolutionary army must keep in mind, and pay attention to the three great rules and eight principles.” 

Ji Nanfang kept a very beautiful warm-blooded horse. When he was brought out of the stable, Shoushou only felt that his eyes were shining, tall and handsome, the real Hannover, Germany. In fact, Ji Nanfang, like Ye Shenkuan, eats, drinks, has fun, and is well versed in various things. As far as this pedigree is concerned, it can be counted as a famous breed of the eighteenth generation of ancestors, and it can be regarded with admiration: "Not long ago, I interned on a TV station and did a sports show. I visited several equestrian clubs solemnly, but I never saw such a good horse. ”

  Ji Nanfang just sneered: “Lass, what kind of sports program do you do? ”


 Shoushou was unconvinced: “If you have the ability, you will not allow female athletes to participate in the Olympic Games? Sexist! ”


 This will always be the case. When she stays with Ji Nanfang for more than half an hour, she will start to quarrel. 


 When he was a child, he was willing to let her go a little bit, because she was young and a girl, so he didn't care to quarrel with her at all. When he came back from abroad, she was also in college. During the Chinese New Year, he accompanied his father to pay New Year's greetings to her grandfather. The elders were talking upstairs. He chatted downstairs with a few of her cousins. Occasionally, she talked about Schumacher, he interjected, and the two of them got onto a heated debate. She is articulate, and he responds quickly. The two have been arguing fiercely from the Ferrari team to the thirty-two symmetrical variations of Bach's "Chaconne", and the winner has not yet been determined. In the end, her other cousin Ye Shen couldn't bear it, and laughed out with a "chuckle": “Look at the two of them, do they look like kids? ”

 Ye Shenkuan laughed loudly, and Ji Nanfang couldn't help laughing too, but he was unwilling. The debate was over this time, but when they met again for the second time, the two of them didn't know why, so they started again, and they got out of hand. From then on, as long as Ye Shenkuan saw her meeting Ji Nanfang, he would take out his cigarette case: “You guys are arguing first, I'll go for a cigarette. ”


She became angry for a while. In fact, Ye Shenkuan, Ji Nanfang and their group of people will always treat her as a child. She just started to fall in love with Yi Changning. When Ye Shenkuan knew it, he was very surprised: “Lass, you are still young. ”

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