Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3 - Wheel of Fortune (Part 1)

     She was so amused by her idea that she couldn't help laughing, and turned her head inadvertently, only to see the nameplate of the attending doctor nailed to the wall. The silver-grey sign is printed with bold black characters, three characters, preceded by “Ai”, with a blank space between the last name and the first name, followed by “Jingchu”. 
     She opened her mouth slightly in surprise, and when she didn't know what to do, she heard Zhou Wen say, “Teacher Ai, the patient Zeng Li, who was transferred over by Teacher Li transferred, is here. ”
    She watched the man who had turned his back to her take the medical records handed over by Zhou Wen with his hand, turned around, and then walked towards her step by step. He was wearing a white coat, and the collar of his gray and black plaid shirt was exposed. The central air-conditioning in the hospital is fully turned on, so they don't wear coats when they work, but Zeng Li is wrapped in a down jacket and scarf. This makes her a little bit hot, and the palms of her hands are sweaty. 
     He stood still and asked, "How old is she? ”
     “Twenty-five. ”
     “Why do you suddenly feel like fixing your teeth? ”
     “Uh...” This stumped Zeng Li. 
     Zhou Wen smiled and took the words, “Your mother was really interesting last time, saying that she still couldn't find a boyfriend because her teeth were delaying her. ”
     Zeng Li glanced at Zhou Wen in a cold sweat, but didn't expect Ai Jingchu to withdraw his gaze from his face to look at her. The gaze moved from her chin to her nose, eyes, forehead, and finally fell back to her mouth. He said lightly: “The forward protrusion has little effect. ”
     Zeng Li was taken aback, and couldn't hear whether it was that the “protrusion” of the teeth had little effect on her appearance, or that the teeth had little effect on the “way” to find a boyfriend. But he is a person with a strong cold field, so she dare not say more. 
     At this time, Ai Jingchu took an unopened pair of rubber gloves from the console and put them on his hand. Because there was no extra treatment bed, she could only stand like this and be checked. Fortunately, Zhou Wen helped pull a stool over, he was sitting and she was standing. He took out the flashlight from his chest pocket and told her to open her mouth. 
     At the same time, Zeng Li was praying hard, hoping that there was no residue left between her teeth after eating just now. 
    After a while, Ai Jingchu turned off the flashlight and said, “I have seen your medical records. In fact, the anterior protrusion is not too obvious, and it has no effect on your lifestyle. You can not do treatment, but since you have the will, and Professor Li has already admitted you, then we will continue. My plan is the same as that of Professor Li. I will extract the teeth first, but the following two can be kept first. We will take a look after the operation, and then we will make a decision. ”As he said, he turned around and asked Zhou Wen to give her a list of teeth to be extracted, but when he looked back, he saw that Zhou Wen had been called away by other patients, so Ai Jingchu had to write it by himself. 
     He asked with a pen: "Your name is called—”
     “Zeng Li, the  "Li 鲤. ” of "Li Yu 鲤鱼" (Romuse: Carp)
     “Menstrual period? ”he asked. 
     “...no, not. ”
     An hour later, Zeng Li came out of the surgical extraction room biting a cotton ball to stop the bleeding. Because she was a little dizzy, she sat down on a chair in the outpatient hall. On the wall on one side of the registration office, there were several rows of names and photos of experts from the institute. Zeng Li found Ai Jingchu at a glance. As usual, Ai Jingchu was always wearing a white coat with a straight face. 
     At this time, there were still many patients waiting in long lines next to her waiting to register. 
     “I am registering for Ai Jingchu's outpatient." Someone took the money and lined up in front of the window and said loudly. 
     “Professor Ai is full today. ”The person in the window replied with a megaphone. 
     “What about the afternoon? ”
     “He’s full all day. ”
     “Then I'll register for tomorrow. ”
     “Tomorrow is Thursday, Professor Ai will only attend the outpatient clinic on Wednesday and Friday. ”
     “No way, I have to wait two days after coming so far? ”
     “Are you still registering? If you are not, next pls. ”
     “Register, register, you can register other doctors for me. ”

     Those answers and inquiries were drowned out by other noises. 
     She suddenly understood why Zhou Wen told her to rest assured, because the doctor was Ai Jingchu. 
     As a result, the tooth extraction was not as painful as Zeng Li had expected, and at night she went to “Carol's” as if nothing had happened. 

Carol's is a coffee shop opened by Zeng Li, Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying. In fact, Wu Ying paid the money, but she was very busy working in the hospital, so Ma Yiyi usually took care of it. Zeng Li came to help when she was free. The coffee shop is very close to the east gate of A University, so the customers are mainly students. 

The four walls of the shop are covered with green wallpaper, which gave a nostalgic vibe. A small blackboard is hung on the outermost side. Like most student shops with pretty bourgeoisie, it is a place for customers to leave notes. 

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