Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28.1 - Coffee Beans (1)

After reading the articles on the hot search list, Su Jinbei went on to read the comments on her own Weibo profile.

The comments were obviously overwhelmingly ‘favorable’. But other than these ‘abnormal fans’, she could see that she indeed had fans who really supported her. Su Jinbei was very caring towards the little cuties who liked her.

In order not to worry everyone, Su Jinbei uploaded on her Weibo which had not been updated for a long time.

Love is unrestrained. Thank you, everybody, for giving me space. I’m doing very well, you can rest assured~

The post had no accompanying picture, so Su Jinbei randomly took a picture of a wall in the room. Only a clock was hung on the gray wall, but the photo looked inexplicably aesthetic. Su Jinbei uploaded the photo and posted.

After posting on Weibo, Su Jinbei got up from the bed. It was currently 7:30 in the morning, she hadn’t slept the entire night.

“Click.” A slight push of a door could be heard. It was because when she opened the door, Zhou Shiyun had also just come out of his room. Su Jinbei froze in the doorway with one foot out the door.

“You’re up,” Zhou Shiyun closed the door, and walked over calmly, “What do you want to eat in the morning.”

Su Jinbei stared into his eyes, searching. But in those eyes, she couldn’t find anything abnormal. Damn it, looks like she was the only one pulling an all-nighter last night!

Hold up, how could she lose to him, being suppressed was not her style.

“Do you have everything I want to eat?” Su Jinbei gathered her long hair, leaning against the door making flirtatious expressions. Of course, she had no idea that her dark circles at the moment made her look a little out of sorts.

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her panda eyes, “Toast, coffee, fruit.”

“That’s it?” Su Jinbei frowned, “I didn’t have a choice in the first place.”

Zhou Shiyun turned to the kitchen and said lightly, “If you want to eat something else, we can buy it but wait till I finish eating.”

“Forget it.” Su Jinbei followed behind him. “I won’t be picky as I’m intruding your home. I will eat whatever you eat.”

So Su Jinbei watched Zhou Shiyun open the refrigerator, take out some spread and put toast into the toaster… His movements were fluid like water, unhurried and leisurely. To be honest, this was a sight for sore eyes for Su Jinbei early in the morning.

Zhou Shiyun made coffee as he was waiting for toast. After putting the coffee beans in the coffee machine, he suddenly turned his head to look at a certain someone, “You… do you want to go out first.”

Su Jinbei leaned against the kitchen counter, her eyes staring straight at him. Zhou Shiyun became self-conscious because he kept being watched like this.

Su Jinbei shook her head casually, “It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

Zhou Shi’s eyebrow twitched, “But the fact is, you’ve done nothing but stand around.”

Su Jinbei blinked slowly, “I will, I just haven’t started yet.” As she spoke, she reached for the coffee beans in his hands, “I’ll do the coffee, you’re in charge of the toast.”

Zhou Shiyun strongly suspected that Su Jinbei didn’t know how to do it at all, so he didn’t let go of his hand, “Forget it, you can go out.”

She was looked down upon again… Su Jinbei went to grab his coffee beans, frustrated and unwilling, “I can do it.”

Zhou Shiyun silently raised the coffee beans.

Su Jinbei, “… I really can! Why don’t you believe me!”

Su Jinbei went on her tiptoes to get it, but she couldn’t touch it at all! She had never felt short before, but today was the first time her height had been threatened.

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes and jumped up hard!

“Swish.” She managed to grab hold of the coffee beans, and then… she was wrapped in Zhou Shiyun’s embrace.

Su Jinbei leaned into his arms with her feet in the air, and his hands were held around her waist to prevent her from falling. The posture was intimate, like a couple playing around in the kitchen in the morning.

Su Jinbei was stunned for a while, and smelled the fresh scent of soap on his body, faint, with a hint of mint.

Several seconds later, Zhou Shiyun released her, then reached for the coffee beans that were about to spill over and said with a long heart, “You should get out.”

Su Jinbei, “…”

Over the next week, Su Jinbei lazed around in Zhou Shiyun’s house. She didn’t care about the matters outside and since she wasn’t taking up any work, she was like a pet waiting for her master wanting to be fed.

And Zhou Shiyun was still busy as usual in his own routine, going back and forth between home, hospital, home. From Su Jinbei’s perspective, Zhou Shiyun’s life was extremely boring. Sigh, fortunately, she had come to rescue him.

This day was the “Crisis City”’s end of filming ceremony. Su Jinbei finished filming the movie early, other actors finished filming one by one after. Today was the official ceremony and the event took place in this city.

“This is so annoying, it’s rare that you got time off from work yet I’m going out.” Su Jinbei fiddled with the several sets of clothes sent by Xiao Wai, complaining with a sour face.

Zhou Shiyun was beside her reading books, calmly replied with ‘en’.

“What ‘en’? Could it be you’re also as sad as I am.” Su Jinbei leaned forward in front of Zhou Shiyun, her thick eyelashes blinked. Zhou Shiyun looked at the shadow on top of his book and slowly raised his head.

She came to him so casually again, extremely wantonly, her body emitting a subtle scent that was hard to brush away. Zhou Shiyun’s eyes finally fell on her lips, a pale nude color, unlike the usual bright red.

He suddenly remembered their entanglement that night. These past few days, the image would suddenly pop into his mind, fervently, shockingly breaking his more than twenty years of peace. He didn’t know why it happened, one moment of distraction, a prolonged period of unrest.

But to be fair, it felt good.

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