Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 2.1


Chapter 2.1 - Good Times (1)

The moment Bai Li pushed the door into the room as usual, Luo Zhi just put away her diary and picked up a pen to continue to calculate mathematics and statistics. A huge noise sounded from behind her, and she used to it so she didn't look back. Bai Li sat on the bed, and she was crying in her breath.

    Unable to end the eight o'clock file. Luo Zhi sighed. Girls like Bai Li will always be sad and never give up.

    The phone beeps and Bai Li starts dialing.

    "I will tell you one last time, I know you are annoyed by me, but I will still say the same thing, tomorrow if you see me walking on the road with a boy talking and laughing, then tell you that he someone I deem as my Brother, would you not care ?! "

    Maybe you will care. Luo Zhi fiddled with the nib, but you care about him because of love, he cares about you because you are domineering.

    She found that she couldn't concentrate on her homework and listened to Bai Li's phone intermittently, thus thinking of the question intermittently too.

    Eavesdropping on others has became a habit of hers.

    Luo Zhi read Sherlock Holmes in elementary school, and then began to pay attention to the details of people's shoes, hair and nails around her, from it she judge the career, personality and behavior of the person. But now that she think about it, it's a poor imitation, and she gave up in a week due to the many failures which cause her to lose interest.

    However, eavesdropping is a bad nature.

    It is easier change mountains and rivers than to alter one's
character—or rather, dogs can’t change to eat shit, she thought.

    Luo Zhi only likes to see people from behind. Or because when she first came to know of the world, she saw a prosperous back.

    Everyone needs to build a database of the world in their minds, and the content does not necessarily have to come from personal experience. Luo Zhi likes to read the joys and sorrows of others, though this method it avoid messing with her nerves. In many cases, in a passing seconds, the stranger's expression and a piece of dialogue is enough for her to chew with interest for a long time.

    Chew the conclusion without asking right or wrong. Anyway, she was neither a magistrate nor a busybody.

    Bai Li put down the phone and finally cried out.

    "Stop crying, it's been ten minutes." Luo Zhi looked at her watch and said while writing.

    "I am unhappy, extend the time today."

    Luo Zhi frowned slightly and looked back at her. Bai Li said to her that she should not cry for more than ten minutes every time she cries. "A truly elegant soul is wrapped up with moderate softness and stregth", know when to stop, and conduct oneself well.

    Luo Zhi heard the remarks and only smiled from corner of her mouth, and then kindly reminded her again, it has been ten minutes, pay attention to grasp the scale and don’t become disdainful.

    Jiang Bai Li has many "women's guidelines", and the small rules of "ten minutes" are just one of them. These and the Tarot cards guide Jiang Bai Li's life.

    Although Luo Zhi once questioned, what exactly did those rules do in her life.

    "You never pratice."

    "Who said, I--"

    "Don't give me an example, that is not practice, that is just cosplay."

    Luo Zhi remembered that when she went to pour Bai Li's trash bin, she saw some scattered cigarette ash around. She clean it for a long time before finally cleaning it completely. Jiang Baili is not a sturdy girl on the edge, nor does she like smoking, but just that period she suddenly became fascinated by some heroine from a novel. It is a pity that people are smoking on the long bar of the bar under the dim lights, but she herself, while in the middle of practicing, was pitifully thrown out of the dorm by Luo Zhi who just entered the door .

    Luo Zhi believes that this failure will not cause trauma to her. After a while, she will pretend it is very painful to quit the smoking addiction and become addicted to playing alcoholism.

    There is not much difference between watching Baili and watching TV. The only regret is that she cannot change channels at will. Luo Zhi thought that if there is a remote control, she will immediately turn off the TV.

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