Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Preface


Preface: Their family's Child

Dear Diary:

    Can people manipulate their memories?

    If not, where do the self-deception and comfort come from?

    If it is possible, why are we able to remember many important events, but only a few minor details? It was so vivid that she could not ignore it, yet later down the years, the face of the protagonist slowly became blurred.

    Did I really saw him?

    Did I really felt my mother clenched my hands and slowly said: "Luo luo, look, that little boy is their family's child."

    Their Family's child.

    The red flying debris of the firecrackers and the tacky and colourful ribbons floated among the noisy vocals. I didn’t remember any guests, but I always remember vaguely a face of an aunt who leaned over and asked us these little children — is the bride beautiful? Do you want to be a bride in the future?

    Everyone's eagerly said, yes.

    But these insignificant small movements, smells, words, were like a soft hand that gently clenched at my heart. At that time, all the feelings were revived with these minutiae, as if at this moment the soul was still living in the short body, pushed by the crowded guests, struggling through the noisy joy, to piece together a fresh and contradictory world.

    The world in my eyes at that time was still full of chaos and insignificant bits and pieces.

    It's those things that don't matter.

    It is precisely those unimportant things.

    What I haven’t forgotten for so many years, are not those things, but simply that one person.

    ——From Luo Zhi's diary

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