My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Prologue



Zhong Zhen drove around the airport twice before seeing Cong Rong pulling the suitcase out of the airport exit. She was wearing a V-neck loose white shirt with bell sleeves, showing off her delicate collar bone. She paired it with dark denim cropped trousers, flaunting her ankles and a windbreaker draped over her arm. She just had a long flight.

In the early spring, the temperature was not high. Zhong Zhen looked at Cong Rong's outfit, shivered fiercely before stopping the car near the curb. He opened the car door and ran over, "Hey my cool-looking cousin! I'm here!"

Cong Rong walked over, smiled while raising her hand to cup and play with Zhong Zhen's head. "Long time no see, Zhong ~ Zhen ~ my little cousin."

Zhong Zhen hates people dragging their voice to call him "Zhong Zhen”(pace: Loyal in Chinese with similar pronunciation as his name). He frowned, struggling out of Cong Rong's hands, and pulled at his cousin’s hair. "why did you cut your hair again?"

Cong Rong shook her sleek and short maroon hair. Few girls can look good with such short hair. It gives her a cool look that complements her big eyes. She put on a cap and howled. "Got it, so many people have been nagging and questioning me about it, I will grow it out after some time."

Zhong Zhen laughed, helped Cong Rong put her suitcase in the trunk, and got into the car and said in “respect”, "Cousin, you are too brave. You didn’t even go visit your home after coming back from overseas and now you are here."

The Cong family and the Zhong family are well-educated with strict rules and more than half of the family members are from a law background. So most of the children abide by the family rules. Only Cong Rong, who appears to be sensible and lovely, likes to take risks challenging the family rules, but often manages to escape from punishment without fail. The excitement Cong Rong has after doing bad things greatly satisfied Zhong Zhen's desire to be mischievous, and over time, Cong Rong was looked up to by Zhong Zhen and marked as his “Goddess”.

Cong Rong fastened her seatbelt, "How could I have been braver than you? That time when the entire family coerced and decided that you should choose the School of Law, but you disobeyed them to study medicine instead!"

Zhong Zhen laughed and scratched his head. "I was thankful Ah Jie(sister in Chinese) was able to help me secretly replace my application form at that time."

Every time Zhong Zhen felt guilty, he will call her Ah Jie instead to sound more affectionate.

"Ha ~" Cong Rong smiled mockingly, and she thought to herself silently. At that time, she was the mastermind of the whole incident that Zhong Zhen had his university application form’s choices secretly changed from law to medicine which is what he wanted to study, so why would Zhong Zhen feel more guilty than her.

Zhong Zhen drove and asked, "Cousin, you are turning to me for shelter aren’t you?"

Cong Rong chuckled, "You? You are working in a high-risk industry and can you even support yourself? Can I still count on you? I have studied here for a period of time for my masters don’t you remember?"

Zhong Zhen turned his head and glanced at Cong Rong. He felt like her temperament was slightly different from when she first stepped into this city. He probed, "Cousin, seriously, why did you come here to study for masters?"

"Me?" Cong Rong tilted her head and thought about the question attentively. "Most of our family members studied law, you know that. I am actually okay with the idea of studying law, but what I can't stand is. … Everyone I met after I started taking core courses is people I know.

When I was in sophomore, the professor was my aunt, your mother. The following year was worse, and my teachers are our uncles and aunts. I thought it would have been better in the graduating year after escaping those devil's claws, but I end up falling into my mother's pit. Isn’t it awkward to have your mother’s name written under the instructor field on the graduation thesis? Occasionally, when speakers are invited to give lectures in class, I will see my dad or your dad, or some uncles from our family, and even the textbooks are edited and written by our grandpa. I don’t want to be a lawyer in the future and face the situation whereby I have to say this to the judge in court: Dad, look at me and uncle, we have been debating for a long time. Would you hurry up with your adjudication? Also, I can’t even cut my hair short. If I don’t get out of this bubble, there will be no chance of me escaping. I will be trapped in this situation for life. "

"Ha ha ha ha", Zhong Zhen laughed for some time and frowned, he pondered for some time, and then suddenly realized, "Oh ~ no wonder you encouraged me to secretly sign up for the medical school, were you trying to use me to test water for you? "

Cong Rong looked at him in despise, "Is it too late for you to realize now?"
Zhong Zhen sighed pitifully, "Cousin, you are so shady!"

Cong Rong tapped her fingers lightly on the dash console, "You benefitted the most from this, didn’t you? The biggest beneficiary was you. Wasn’t you the one coming to me crying and weeping, telling me that you would rather die than to study law? Shouldn’t you thank me for granting your wish? "

Zhong Zhen knew that it was unwise to quarrel with his lawyer cousin, he immediately softened his attitude, and began to say his thoughts, "I already thanked you for it a long time ago … And I did not give you in as my accomplice… No wonder, once this incident subsided, you packed your luggage immediately and came here to study your masters! You premeditated this! "

Cong Rong nodded and admitted, "Yeah, I had a premeditated plan. That time, I took the masters exam without anyone knowing and even secretly went for the interview, but I dare not say it even after I received the admission notice, because I didn’t know where my parents’ boundaries were. And it happened that you asked me for help, so I decided to… sacrificed you, and even if our plan failed, as far as it can go, you will be in law school according to the family plan. "

Zhong Zhen decided to change the topic and he asked again, "Then why did you go abroad?"

Cong Rong's lowered her head, brushing the tip of her nose with her fingertip, slowly said, "Oh, because something more terrible happened here."

"Then what made you return now?"

Cong Rong brushed her nose again, "Because I found out something worse abroad."

Zhong Zhen was confused, but Cong Rong seems melancholy.

That year, she deliberately studied her masters in this city, and then met her senior Lin Chen from the same major. Lin Chen was handsome, had a great temperament and talents, and most importantly was very nice towards his junior, Cong Rong.

They have different mentors.

Lin Chen's mentor was an industry leader. And Cong Rong’s mentor was a student of Lin Chen’s mentor. By right, she shouldn’t call Lin Chen “Shi Xiong” (male senior under the same teacher). But everyone just called him “Shi Xiong” so she followed suit.

At that time, there was a popular multiplayer game where not many girls liked it, and she was one of the few who was interested. She was quickly added to a gaming group by Lin Chen. In addition to the boys she knew in her major, there was someone, said to be Lin Chen’s friend, with the gaming ID of Wen Shaoqing, who was living abroad but plays the game very well.

After entering the game and becoming friends, Cong Rong learned who Wen Shaoqing was. Not only was his gaming ID Wen Shaoqing, but his real name was also that.

Cong Rong recalled that back then when she was still studying as an undergraduate, this game has just started to become popular. She asked her little cousin Zhong Zhen to play it with her and she liked that she will always encounter interesting people or things.

Cong Rong was quite talented in games. She peaked her performance in the game back then, never losing any round and met Wen Shaoqing in the game.

Her team battled with Wen Shaoqing and it was the first time she ever lost in the game. Her first loss took her by surprise and she admired his gaming skills.

There were so many people in the game, and most of them were just strangers. You can team up with one today, and team up with another tomorrow. Meeting those you have met before in the game depends very much on fate.

But it turns out that the Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing had more than just fate.

At first, Cong Rong didn't pay attention to it, but later she realized that she would always be in the same arena in the game with Wen Shaoqing, and she started feeling a weird subtle emotion when meeting him.

Wen Shaoqing played the game really well, and his skills and strategy were always better than others. He could cooperate well with any player during team battles.

The game assigns teammates and opponents. Cong Rong hates to be his opponent but when they were assigned in the same team, she felt that he was dependable.

By coincidence, she found that he even posts videos explaining his strategy in a gaming forum. The voice was tuned by voice-changing software so she had never heard of how it really sounded like. Some of the videos were real-time streams where viewers watch him play and explain the game at the same time. When she was free, she would watch it. Even Zhong Zhen realized her addiction and will notify her when new videos are out.

"Cousin, cousin, that man has a commentary video again! Did you see it?"

"Send me the URL. Also, you are taking your college admission examination very soon, I will delete your gaming account if I find you playing games."

"No! Cousin, I won't game before the exam again, please don't delete my account!" Zhong Zhen begs.

In the year when Zhong Zhen had the college admission examination, she was secretly studying for her master’s program entrance exam, so she barely played the game that year, and she gradually forgot about that "enemy cum friend" person in the game.

She has never expected that she would ever meet this person again in such a way after so long.

Now that they’ve got into the same gaming group, they still played as opponents and he had the familiar gaming ID and gaming strategies. Cong Rong felt that the weird subtle emotions that had once faded resurging.

There was once at the end of the game, Wen Shaoqing suddenly asked her: Have we met before in the game?

Cong Rong quickly replied: no.

She did not expect him to remember her as she used Zhong Zhen’s account for their team battles.

Subsequently, in order to prevent Wen Shaoqing from realizing or recalling her old account ID, she used Zhong Zhen's account every time. She had never played with him using Zhong Zhen’s account in the past… how would he have suspected that they actually met in the game before… Had he paid attention to her in the past and thus remember her gaming strategy?

The bond within the gaming group strengthened and everyone soon became good friends. But wondered who Wen Shaoqing was as they had never seen his face before.

During the game when someone asked him to play together at night, he would answer: "I am busy with my job tonight and can't play."

Sometimes he will also leave the game halfway, excusing himself by saying: "There was an emergency, my boss called me again."

When others asked him what he was doing, he would reply: "I am doing laundry, trying to wash away the bloodstains on my clothes.."

When he was praised for his skill, he will reply: "It may have something to do with my job. My fingers are more agile and its probably because I practice it so often when I am using a knife."

When Wen Shaoqing was absent, everyone will ask Lin Chen about what this mysterious gaming expert is really up to?

Lin Chen will always smile but say nothing.

Cong Rong also had doubts. Although she thought it was absurd, she asked Lin Chen, " Is Wen Shaoqing in gangland like what others suspect?"

The fact is she does not discriminate. Being a lawyer, she doesn’t mind getting to know people from diverse backgrounds.

Lin Chen's answered, "What do you think?" Cong Rong stopped asking after some time.

She never expected to see Wen Shaoqing in person but all thanks to Lin Chen, she finally met him in real life.

It was early spring, flowers bloomed across the city, fluffy white clouds drifted slowly. She met Wen Shaoqing for the first time in such a beautiful season.

That day, Lin Chen arranged a lunch party in his rented apartment near school. She happened to have a class that day and has to hurry over once her class ends.

While waiting for the lift at the lobby of Linchen ’s house, a boy stood next to her wearing a pair of white trousers with one hand in the pocket. The other hand was carrying a few bags of groceries.

Since she was studying law, Cong Rong will take note of details like dressing, appearances, and gestures to train her interpretation skills.
She slowly maneuvered back and stopped slightly behind the boy, before staring at him unscrupulously.

The hand carrying the grocery bags was slender and clean, and his nails were round and well-cut. His phone rang suddenly, and he took it out from his pants pocket to pick it up.

"Yea, I’ve bought what you need. I am at the lobby already"

His voice was so deep, yet it sounds gentle at the same time. Cong Rong can only see his side profile, and his voice matched his fair skin tone. His facial features look sculpted and she can see light passing through his fine eyelashes, casting a faint shadow underneath.

The lift door opened. He took a step forward and stretched his hand to hold the lift door before turning to face Cong Rong.

Cong Rong got a clear view of his face now. He has a prominent jaw curved gracefully around his good looking face and under the perfect dark brows was a pair of mesmerizing eyes that look strikingly good. He was so attractive and captivating.

Cong Rong was stunned by his appearance, and he gestured her to enter the lift first. Cong Rong froze for a moment and quickly entered the lift and jabbed on the buttons

The boy entered the lift but did not press any floors to go.

Cong Rong stole a glance at him uncontrollably, is he going to the same floor like me?

Cong Rong stepped out of the elevator and the footsteps of the boy followed hers until she has arrived in front of Lin Chen’s unit.

"How the hell you took so long?" Lin Chen complained as he opened the door. Realizing it was Cong Rong in front of the door, he explained with a smile, "…I wasn’t saying that to you."

Cong Rong turned to the boy behind him. Oh.

Upon entering the house, Lin Chen smiled and draped a hand over the boy’s shoulder and introduced, "This is Wen Shaoqing, my good friend."

Wen Shaoqing, someone who was mysterious in the gaming group and no one has ever seen him before.

Cong Rong couldn't help but scrutinize him closely. He doesn’t look like he is from gangland. He looks so elegant.

After seeing the surprised expressions on everyone’s face, Lin Chen added with a smile, "He is studying medicine. He took his undergraduate studies in our school and he is now studying abroad. But his job is indeed similar to gangland isn’t it. They are all considered to be of high-risks. "

Everyone sighed at the sudden realization. He was a medical student. No wonder he said he had bloodstains on his clothes and used knives.

Wen Shaoqing and Lin Chen glanced at each other and smiled. Cong Rong read his expressions, he can be much more rebellious then how he looks.

Wen Shaoqing prepared lunch in the kitchen while the rest were chatting happily in the living room. As the only female, Cong Rong tried to help out in the kitchen as she continued to observe Wen Shaoqing.

His cooking skills were splendid. He quickly made a few dishes and everyone praised for his cooking skills. After a fulfilling meal with fruits as dessert, Wen Shaoqing went back to the kitchen.

The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up neatly, revealing sturdy arms, and after washing the cutleries and chopsticks, he began to wipe the oil spots on the stove.

Cong Rong was amazed at the amount of concentration he has to work on such trivial tasks.

A cooling breeze blew in through the kitchen's half-open window, lifting the hem of Wen Shaoqing’s white shirt.

Cong Rong was with him the whole time while he was cleaning the kitchen. He took off his apron, folded it neatly, and put it aside. He rolled down his sleeves and looked at her. He laughed softly without any warning.

"Cong Rong, we have met before, in the game." He spoke with conviction.

A nervous shiver running down her back. She must have been mesmerized by him. Or else how could she experience such excitement just by meeting someone whom she acquainted a few months ago?

There is a faint but lovely smile showing in his eyes, as the warm spring breeze blew, she heard the soft pounding of her heartbeat…

The smile was deeply planted into Cong Rong’s memories. It was unmovable to the extent that When Lin Chen confessed to her one day, she blurted that she didn’t like lawyers.

"So what do you like?" Lin Chen asked in a straight forward manner.

She remembers that her answer was that she likes doctors.

Despite having so many doctors around the world, Lin Chen knew it at once.

The funny thing is, Wen Shaoqing has returned abroad to continue his studies long ago and they only saw each other once. They did not even have a serious conversation before. How could she have … liked him?

Wen Shaoqing has no knowledge that he was “confessed” to, but Cong Rong’s rejection and reply may have badly impacted his brother-like relationship with Lin Chen, without him even knowing.

Cong Rong knew that she may have unknowingly created tension between the two and quickly signed up as an exchange student to go abroad to study, in fear of the awkwardness she has caused.

She knows that Wen Shaoqing is best friends with Lin Chen. The synergy they had when they were playing games is far beyond what ordinary friends will have.

When she was overseas, she did not even dare to contact Lin Chen, nor did she dare to ask for follow-ups after the incident.

But when she was studying abroad, she will recall from time to time the memories when she met Wen Shaoqing for the first time, his smile and his lingering scent beneath the warm sunshine.

Cong Rong knew that the spring breeze not only lifted the hem of his shirt but also created a spark in her heart.
(End of Recall)

Zhong Zhen waited in silence and Cong Rong never spoke again. He turned to his cousin while waiting for the traffic light, "Cousin?"

Cong Rong was pulled back to reality and swept her sight around the interior of the car. "This car looks good. Who did you borrow it from?"

Zhong Zhen immediately smiled, "Not bad eh? I borrowed it from my boss!"

Zhong Zhen is now studying masters in the medical school. Cong Rong thought that mentors guiding master students should be quite old already.

"Why do older people like cars of such a style?"

Zhong Zhen laughed, "He’s not an old man! He is a very young professor! A few years younger than you, young, handsome, professional, and has good skills! Most importantly he is charismatic! He studied in a medical school in North America! The medical school in North America is the hardest to get in! "

Cong Rong was surprised, and it happened that she also knew someone who had also been admitted to the most difficult major in one of the best universities in North America.

Zhong Zhen raised her hand and waved in front of her, "Cousin? Cousin! What are you thinking?"

Cong Rong recalled, "Oh, I'm wondering why such an intelligent person is willing to accept you as a student."

Zhong Zhen jumped immediately, "Cousin!"

"Haha, kidding." Cong Rong immediately put on a serious expression. "Actually, I was wondering… if you have saved the world in the past to be able to get into the same school with him."

"…" Zhong Zhen decided not to talk to this cousin along the way.

Cong Rong looked at Zhong Zhen with a smile and patted his head again before turning to look out of the window.

The kid was finally quiet. She definitely didn't want to hurt his feelings with words intentionally, but she needs some solitaire as she felt a surge of panic racing through her.

When Zhong Zhen was describing the professor, she thought that it resembles Wen Shaoqing. If Wen Shaoqing had been studious, it would be possible that he becomes a professor now.

Cong Rong opened the window allowing soft wind blew in. She has to let herself calm down.

Wen Shaoqing’s is indeed knowledgeable. But Cong Rong would never have guessed that these bits and pieces of knowledge were gained through repeated punishments to copy and recite books because of his mischievous acts when he was a child.

But soon, Cong Rong will learn about it.