Intense Love/ Fall in Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 - Chapter 1.1

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Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor novel English translation


Chapter 1.1: Car Accident

The first season of the gourmet talk show "Delicious Sunday" has officially ended. According to official statistics, the show has exceeded 700 million views, and the hot topic on Weibo was visited 2 billion times. It has seized the Mainland variety market with its spicy and unique style.

    Due to the rave reviews in the first season, the second season soon began shooting. The filming of the first episode of the second season on “Delicious Sunday” started on a Tuesday in October.

    The guests invited in this issue are the current hot fresh meat, Xu Jiawei, who has appeared in various popular variety shows after his hit ancient costume fantasy drama. Of course, the production team of "Delicious Sunday" will not lose this piece of sweet content.

    Instead, it should be said that Su Jinbei will not lose this piece of sweet content too.

    As the sole host of the show, Su Jinbei's right to speak on "Delicious Sunday" is not to be fathom with. After all, the show became popular due to her unique style.

    Knowing that there is a second season, Su Jinbei did not hesitate to propose to the producer to invite Xu Jiawei.

    As for why she has to invite Xu Jiawei …

    Because the speed of Su Jinbei's change of "husband" is proportional to the speed of watching TV series, just a few days ago she watched the costume drama starring Xu Jiawei, so currently she has been crazy over him.

    At seven o'clock in the evening, the filming ended.

"Everyone worked hard, I will treat all of you to supper." Su Jinbei said to everyone, but her eyesight was boldly fixed on Xu Jiawei with, "Jiawei, let's go together."

    Xu Jiawei was a little sorry, " Sister (Older) Jinbei, I have an appointment at night. So sorry, II’ll treat you to a meal another day."

    "Eh, please don't call me older sister, I'm only one year older than you." Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, and her beautiful peach blossom eyes expressed sadness. "No matter what, I am still quite disappointed. I thought I could eat with my idol today, looks like it is not happening "

    Xu Jiawei, "Sister JinBei so sorry …"

    "It's okay, then you should hurry quickly go" Su Jinbei patted his shoulder and turned to leave. Xu Jiawei paused slightly, his eyes stopped on her slim and slender back figure for a moment.

    This is the first time he saw Su Jinbei with his own eyes. Just now, her bold questions for him on the show shocked him. He was solely focused on thinking of how to answer her questions and paid little attention to her appearance. 

    Now interacting with her behind the scenes, watching her amorous look, and he had to be honest, he was amazed. He has worked with so many female celebrities, but he has to admit that Su Jinbei's appearance is so much more superior.

    "What you looking at Jiawei, let's go." The agent stepped forward and said.

    Xu Jiawei snapped out of it, nodded at his agent, and left.

"JinBei." Seeing Su JinBei enter the lounge, her agent He Di took her coat and put it on her. "Should I send you straight back to the hotel in a while?"

    Su Jinbei sat down on the sofa, gathered her coat, and lifted her slender, straight right leg over her left leg, giving off a very lazy air "I told everyone I’ll treat them to supper, you go with them, I will go back myself"

    "Ah? Then why don't you go."

    "Hey." Su juibei look over from the corner of her eyes. "I offered to treat everyone for the sake of having supper with my family* Wei Wei. Now that he's not going, I don’t have a reason to go"

   “What do I do with you.” He Di rolled her eyes, then ridiculed again, "You're an engaged woman please remember to restrain yourself."

    Engaged woman?

    Su Jinbei bounced off the sofa and stared at He Di mercilessly, "What engaged woman, I am still a single noblewoman!"

    He Di shrugged. "Then who was the one who got engaged last month?"

    "That's just an engagement!" Su Jinbei thought of her engagement and felt that eight lifetimes of energy had been drained from her. "Anyway, don't mention it.  If others hear of this, I have no choice but to kill you."

    "Okay, I certainly don't want others to know, I am just mentioning it when there are just the two of us." He Di said mysteriously, "JinBei, seriously, your extended family is weird, you don’t even know how your engagement partner looks like. "

Su Jinbei snorted, "How he look like have nothing to do with me, even if he look like a pig, I couldn’t care less. Anyway, this marriage is exactly what I want. I can continue to live by myself, and not interfere with that person."

    "Huh, but even if now he doesn't interfere you now, are you sure that he won't interfere you in the future? I don't believe that he doesn't know how you look like, and with your appearance, what man wouldn’t be tempted?” 

    Su Jinbei's beautiful brow frowned, and every time this was mentioned, she felt angry.

    She knew her marriage to that person since childhood, and just last month, her family suddenly made them get engaged. She was very reluctant. Later, the group of people in her family used the threat of not allowing her to continue in the entertainment circle and said that they would even freeze all her resources and connections. How can she endure this! But she knew that her grandfather and her money-loving mother definitely has the ability to do it.

    Therefore, for her future freedom and dreams, she reluctantly agreed to be engaged, anyways, the engaged Su Jinbei is still Su Jinbei, she only needs to be herself, and not care about other things.

    But who knows, just when she was about to enter the engagement banquest, she suddenly heard that the prospective groom didn't even come! Not coming! She came, yet he dare not come!

    Zhou Shiyun! She has listened to his name for more than two decades and the name that haunted her ears from birth! This damn man dared ditch her!

    Su Jinbei's angrily left the banquet, her self-esteem was severely hit. However, even though the prospective groom and prospective bride did not show up, and the engagement banquet still went on in a luxurious and low-key manner…

Therefore, Su jinbei is indeed an engaged woman at the moment. But with the exception of her agent, He Di, no one in this circle knew about it.

     "Okay, don't mention this person, isn't it nice to be a young master from a conglomerate family but he still insisted on being a doctor, so I think he is just a weirdo." Su Jinbei said impatiently.

     He Di choked, "Aren't you the same? You could have just been a young lady from a conglomerate family but you still insisted on entering the entertainment circle."

     Su Jinbei, "… Hey I am different from him."

     He Di squinted at her, "Oh … is that so"

     Su Jinbei rolled her eyes at her and took the bag next to her, "Enough, I'll go back first."

     "Ok, drive carefully."

     "I know."

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