Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 - Chapter 1.2

Our main couple have yet to meet in this Chapter but it will happen very soon!!! This is just an English translation, original Book written by 六盲星 Liu Mang Xing

Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor

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Chapter 1.2 Car Accident

Su Jinpei drove the car from the filming site back to the hotel.

    Just when she was about to park the car into the parking space, suddenly a man wearing a cap and face mask walked up to the side of her car. Su Jinbei was startled, and reflectively picked up her high heels and face it towards the co-driver's seat to prepare to knock whoever comes in.

    "Knock Knock Knock" The man suddenly knocked on her car window.

    Su Jinbei slightly restrained her expression, held her mobile phone, ready call the police. Nowadays, there are too many bad guys robbing people.

    Just when she was about to press the call button, the man took off his glasses, "Sister JinBei, it's me."

    Su Jinbei froze for a while, "Xu Jiawei?"

    "Open the door quickly." Xu Jiawei looked anxious.

    Su Jinbei opened the car door, "What's going on?"

    Xu Jiawei jumped into the car and hurriedly said, "There is a paparazzi waiting in front. Sister Jinbei, can you please send me out of the garage."

    Although Su Jinbei is still a little puzzled how Xu Jiawei appeared here alone, but despite this, this is still a request from her current favorite Xiao Xian Rou, how could she bear to not accept.

    So Su Jinbei stepped on the accelerator without saying anything, "Get rid of these people, no problem, let's go!"

    When she drove the car, she saw from the rearview mirror that there was a car following her. "The car behind you?"

    Xu Jiawei, "It it probably a reporter."

    Su Jinbei wondered, "What about your agent and assistant? Why are you alone?"

    Xu Jiawei's face was a little embarrassed, and pondered for a long while before saying, "I also just realised that there were paparazzi following her, we almost got caught by the paparazzi, if they succeed, there will be so much trouble tomorrow."

"She?" Su Guibei raised her eyebrows, her eyes flashing curiously , "Who is it?"

    "… Qiqi."

    "Yao Qiqi?" Su Guibei raised her voice, "You guy are sneaking around, are you together?"

    "No, no." Xu Jiawei quickly denied, "We were was classmates before, a little personal relationship, but the company does not let me have this kind of gossip, so I hurried left when I realized that there was a reporter , fortunately I ran into you. Otherwise, I wont be able to leave the garage. "

    Su Huang was stunned for a while, "No, I understand that you don't want to have a scandal, but instead of being photographed with her, you got on my car, what should we do if we get photographed instead."

    After five seconds of silence in the car, Xu Jiawei stared blankly at her and did not know how to respond.

    Just now she was just in a hurry to escape and totally forgot to ask this question.

    Su Jinbei looked at his stunned face, and she couldn't help but say, "Okay, okay, I'll try to quickly ditch them, it should be fine as long we don't can photographed."

    Xu Jiawei was embarrassed, "Sorry for the trouble."

    "No trouble, no trouble, who told you to be my Nan Shen* (Male Idol)."

    The reporter followed closely, and determined to photograph the person who had a private meeting with Yao Qiqi. Su JinBei drove while paying attention to the vehicles behind her. She many experience ditching reporters before, so she was very experienced.

    She speed up, made several turns, turning east and west, choking the car behind.

    After ten minutes.

    "It's finally gone. These reporters are like dog skin plasters. (very persistent)"

    The car drove to an intersection, and Su Jinbei was in a good mood because she got rid of the paparazzi. She planned to slow down the speed slowly, but at this moment, Xu Jiawei beside her suddenly screamed, "Be careful!"

    A strong light from the side suddenly illuminated, Su JinBei heart jumped, and turned the steering wheel hard.

    But it was too late.

    After a violent crash, the car is no longer under human control.

    The sound of broken glass, the harsh sound of the wheel rushing across the road rushed in an instant. Suddenly, sharp pain came upon her body, Su Jinbei's eyes widened, and she lost consciousness before she could say anything.

    The First Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical College.

    The little nurse hurried to the door of the doctor's duty room at night. She stood at the door and stopped, took two deep breaths before knocking on the door of the duty room.

    With the permission of the person inside, she pushed open the door and said respectfully, "Dr. Zhou, there is a car accident patient."

    Behind the desk, the man who was writing was looked up at her. He had no expression, and the frameless spectacles show no sigh of shock, and replied her words nonchalantly, "Okay."

    He stood up, took the white robe from the side and put it on, then walked to the nurse.

    He didn't stop when he passed by her, only said, "Keep up."

    The little nurse nodded again and again, telling him the patient's details while following him closely. After brief introduction, the nurse walked to the operating room, the door opened, and the man walked in.

    After the little nurse completed her task, she watched the man's back silently for a while. Don’t look at her calm appearance just now, but in fact, her heart is full of excitement. Finally, it was not easy for her to be arranged for the same night shift with Dr. Zhou, she even got to talk to him, and she was so happy to the point of dying.

    The white shirt, black tie, big white robe, and the simple doctor's standard outfit on Dr. Zhou made it looked like a model wearing it. The nurse smiled faintly and muttered, "Hais, Dr. Zhou is too handsome …"

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