Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 - Chapter 2

Our Dr. Zhou and Su Jinbei finally meet in this chapter!
Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor


Chapter 2 - Doctor

When He Di received the phone call and hurried to the hospital, Su Huangbei was still in the operating room. After waiting for a long time at the door with a bright red light, the surgical door finally opened.

    "Doctor Doctor! How is it, how is the people inside!" He Di grabbed the headed doctor anxiously.

    "Eh eh, you can rest assured, the patient's condition is not serious, she has a broken leg, slight brain shock, and some bruises, and other than that her life is not in danger." The nurse next to the doctor said quickly.

    "Really!" He Di relieved, "Can I go and see her?"

    Nurse, "You can visit when you get to the ward."

    "That's good …" He Di looked behind them, but she forgot to let go of her hand and kept pulling on the surgeon's arm.

    "Miss." Very cold voice.

    He Di paused and looked up. The light blue mask covered most of his face, but those eyes made her forget to look away, light brown, unsurprised, extremely beautiful.

    "May I trouble you to let go first." He spit out a few words, not an impatient look, but He Di felt embarrassed, "Sorry, sorry, thank you, doctor."

    "No need," he said. He walked past He Di and walked towards the end of the corridor. He Di glanced back. She didn't see the man's full face, but she was inexplicably surprised. But she didn't think about it for long and turned to the nurse to ask Su Jinbei's ward number.

    "That woman just now is a big TV star right?" The anesthesiologist took off his mask and asked gossipily.

    "Yeah, yeah, I think the headlines are going to burst tomorrow, you guys tell me if a reporter is coming."

    The older nurse shook his head. "Make sure the confidentiality work is done well. Don't let the reporter disturb the patient."

    "Can this even be hidden? The other person who was sent here with her is Xu Jiawei, the hot and popular Xiao Xian Rou."

    "Huh, there seems to be a storm coming up."

    "Eh eh, but I just … cough, I just accidentally glanced a few times. Although there are blood stains on her face, she is indeed a great beauty, really beautiful … ouch!" The person was taken back from being hit in the head by another person, "Do your surgery! Don't be distracted!"

    "I'm not distracted! I said that I accidentally took a few glances! As a doctor is normal to see the patient too! Not to mention, Su Jinbei is my goddess. I definitely will be careful.

    "You good for nothing."

    "Who are you talking about?" The assistant doctors and nurses murmured, then suddenly the voice that had never been in their conversation rang.

Several people were startled, realizing that it was Dr. Zhou who was walking in a few steps ahead of them who asked them.

    Just now they seemed very unprofessional, wouldn't it make Dr. Zhou unhappy? Everyone panicked, "Emm, it's nothing."

    Zhou Shiyun didn't ignore it as he usually did. He turned around, and his calm eyebrows has a rare surprise. "That person just now is Su Jinbei?"

    "Ah, yes, yeah." The little nurse said in a huff, "You didn't notice?"

    He indeed didn't notice. All patient was the same for him. He never paid attention to their appearance. What's more, the woman's face was covered in blood…

    Zhou Shiyun silently glanced at the operating room in the distance. Was it really Su Jinbei? The woman was appointed by the Zhou family.

    "Dr. Zhou? What's wrong?"

    Zhou Shiyun withdrew his gaze, and his eyes returned to the cold and indifferent look again. "It's nothing." He said, without stopping, he turned and walked away.

    After Zhou Shiyun left, the people behind whispered again, "Dr. Zhou specifically asked about Su Jinbei? Ah! Is Dr. Zhou also a fan of my goddess!"

    "You crazy, you think Dr. Zhou will go around chasing celebrities like you? Our Dr. Zhou is not that type of person."

    "Hey, hello, what do you mean?"

    "I don't mean to mean to defame your goddess, I just mean to say, Dr. Zhou's breezy figure is like a warm deity, while Su Jinbei is too sexy and hot, and their style is totally incompatible!"


    When Su Jinbei woke up, it was already noon the next day.

    Dizziness, and pain all over the body.

    "Hais …" She moaned a little, and Su Jinbei found that she could not move at all.

    Her vision slowly became clearer, and she felt a person quickly fall to the bedside, "Jinbei, Jinbei, you are awake! Is there any pain! Anywhere not comfortable ?!"

    "Be softer, my ears are going deaf." Su Jinbei said in a faint voice.

    He Di's was anxious, so her voice was higher than normal.

Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor

    He Di saw that jinbei could talk, and she felt so happy, "You can still give me the cold shoulder, which means you are okay. Eh! The doctor is here, the doctor is here, let the doctor see you."

    It was Zhou Shiyun and two nurses who came in for a routine inspection.

    Zhou Shiyun walked to the bed and looked down at the person on the bed. The tone was exactly like the ordinary patient, "Dizzy?"

    Su Huangbei only glanced at the doctor with a mask, and she was doubtless, "a little."

"Do you feel like vomiting?"


    "Can you still remember how you got to the hospital?"

    Su Jinbei blinked, "Car accident."

    After three seconds, Su Jinbei seemed to realize something suddenly, and reached out to He Di, "Yes! Car accident! Xu Jiawei! Is he alright?"

    He Di gave her a glance. "You think about him when you are like this. He hurt his leg slightly. Just need to stay in the hospital for a few days and he'll be fine"

    Su JinBei breathed a sigh of relief, "Frightened me, I thought I cause trouble for my family (illa: an affectionate way of calling someone) Wei Wei."

    He Di rolled her eyes when she heard the words "My family Wei Wei". The two little nurses next to them froze for a moment, squeezing their lips and holding back their laughter. Zhou Shiyun glanced at her again. But the face behind his mask was still expressionless, and he handed the file he had to the nurse next to him, "Pass to Dr. Lin later."


    "Eh, wait." Just when Zhou Shiyun was going out, Su Jinbei hand which was originally holding He Di's and turned to grab Zhou Shiyun's white robe.

    Su Huangbei slightly aggrieved when he saw him standing, "Doctor, my face hurts a little."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced down at her hand pulling his white robe, long and white finger, and bright red paint fingernails. He calmly lifted her hands away, very professionally explained, "The glass scratched your face."

Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor

    "Scratch?" Su Huangbei was shocked. "Is it serious? When will it be gone? Will it leave a scar!?"

    Zhou Shiyun frowned slightly. Both her feet were wrapped in plaster casts yet he didn't see her asking if she would be crippled, or whether the concussion was serious. But a scratch on her face made it seems as if was the end of the world.

    "Pay attention to your diet, take your medicine well then there will be no problem."

    "That means no scars, right," Su Jinbei said eagerly, "Doctor, I use my face to feed myself, and I haven't married anyone yet, you must not let me have a scar, please please. "

    Zhou Shiyun paused a little when he heard the words "I haven't married anyone", and finally spit out a word, "Ok."

    Zhou Shiyun went out.

    Su Jinbei raised an eyebrow and casually said, "Now the doctors in the hospital are so serious and so indifferent? No matter what I am considered to be pretty popular, but he doesn't seem to want to see me at all."

    The little nurse on the side laughed, "Don’t say so, Miss Su, there are a bunch of doctors out there who want to see you, but Dr. Zhou was the doctor who performed your surgery last night, so he is in charge of you. In addition, this is just our Dr. Zhou's personality, don't see him as a bad talker, but his skills is the best in our hospital. "

"Really." Su JinBei pouted, "fine, it is enough that he is professional."

    The little nurse did a good job and went out.

    Su Jinbei's head is a little dizzy, and she needs more rest, but she is still worried about what happened after the car accident, "He Di, what the outside world said about the car accident."

    "The news has been blocked, but I can't hide it for a long time, but you don't worry about it, take a good rest for the next few days."

    "Then is Xu Jiawei really all right, why don't you let me make a call."

    "Hey Jinbei, his injury is much lighter than you. I think he can even come to see you tomorrow." He Di stared at her, "I asked about your situation from Xu Jiawei ward yesterday morning, why are you noisy and busybody? Race with paparazzi, you don't want your life anymore?"

    Su Jinbei was too lazy to listen to her, "Ouch, I have a headache. Don't talk, I want to rest."

    "You! Well, you rest, you rest." He Di was helpless, "I'll go back to the hotel to pack some daily necessities for you, and you go to sleep."

    "En, thanks."

    Su Jinbei sleep and wake, sleep and wakes in the ward until the next day.

    At noon the next day, Zhou Shiyun came over as usual to observe her post-operation.

    "Doctor Zhou, right." Su Huangbei looked at his beautiful eyes and said with interest, "I heard that you are very skilful, then, I should be able to recover soon, when can I be discharged?" "

    Zhou Shiyun wrote a pen to write something on the document, his eyes did not lift, and his tone was plain, "Doctors are not Gods, we are unable to let you quickly recover."

Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor

    "Oh, is there a specific time?"

    "More than two months."

    "Two months!" Su JinBei worriedly looked at He Di, who is cutting an apple a the side, "What about the show, how can I record it now."

    He Di, "I have already told the director of the show, there is nothing we can do now. What I am more concerned about now to is how you tell your family about your condition, Jinbei, I think it is better to inform your parents about this. "

    "Please don't!" Su Jinbei hurried to stop her, "If my mother knew that I was in a car accident, she would cry and make a fuss and start blaming me for blindly entering the entertainment circle again. You believe it or not, she may even find an excuse to drag me back home, oh, maybe she will even conveniently marry me off along the way? "

    Su Jinbei coughed, thinking that there was a doctor and nurse in the ward and stopped. She just said, "Anyway just don't tell my family."

    He Di grimaced. She was specially assigned as Su Jinbei's agent. She did not take care of any other entertainers except herself. Not only did He Di help her at work, but she also had to take care of her in life. Otherwise, how could the Su family let her go? Now that this is brought up, she didn't know whether to tell them or not.

    After Zhou Shiyun listened to what she said, he paused slightly and looked at Su Jinbei with an inexplicable meaning. He rarely squeezed a space in his mind to think about things other than medicine.

    Hmm, it seems that she really dislikes this marriage arrangement.

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