Fall in Love With My Doctor (Intense Love) 情深不可医 (韫色过浓) by 六盲星 Liu Mang Xing

Sweet Teeth (A Speck Amid the Dust of the World ) 世界微尘里 by 木浮生 Mu Fu Sheng

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南
by Ba Yue Chang An

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 by 棋子 Qi Zi

The Love Equations (The Sweet Love Story) 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) by 赵乾乾 Zhao Qian Qian

You Are My Happiness 你是我的小确幸 (我的小确幸) by 东奔西顾 Dong Ben Xi Gu


Loving You is the Best Thing (Falling in Love With You is The Best Thing I Have Ever Done) 爱你,是我做过最好的事 by 笙离 Sheng Li

Autumn Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness 下一站幸福 by 梁蘊如

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