Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 3

                       Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor


Chapter 3 Lipstick

The observation was not over yet. A nurse who took medicine went into Su Jinbei's ward and whispered to the nurse who was originally in the ward. "I saw Xu Jiawei coming here."

    The little nurse looked surprised, "Really?"

    "Really ?!" The high voice came from Su Jinbei.

    The nurse who took the medicine saw that it was Su Jinbei who asked her, and she immeditely blushed agitatedly. "Well, it seems that he is going to come and visit you …"

    Su Jinbei blinked her peachy eyes, while struggling to sit up.

    Zhou Shiyun frowned, extended an index finger to hold her shoulder, and said in a deep voice, "Don't move."

    Of course, Su Jinbei knows that she cannot anyhow move now, but her present image is too miserable.

    "Where's my bag?"

    Su Jinbe looked around and found that her handbag was on the sofa. At the moment, the nearest doctor was this doctor in white, so she said smoothly, "I have a cosmetic bag in my bag, there's a lipstick inside, please help me get it! "

    Zhou Shiyun looked at her very faintly, and she couldn't understand why she suddenly instructed him.

    "Lipstick! Lipstick!" Su Jinbei slightly pulled the clothes of Zhou Shiyun.

    Zhou Shiyun frowned slightly and looked at the little nurse on the side. This look obviously made her handle the matter.

    The nurse was stunned for a moment, and then quickly turned around to take out a black bag from the bag, and then took out a lipstick from the bag, "Is this … it."

    Su Huangbei nodded affirmatively, she took the lipstick and quickly applied it twice. As a result, the lips that had lost their blood color immediately became bright, and the pale face lined with that color became a few degrees more delicate.


    "Here." The little nurse handed her obediently.

Su Huangbei pursed her lips and stretched her hand to fix her hair. After all of this, she finally put the mirror down with confidence. He Di beside her squeezed her brows silently and habitually.

    Meanwhile Zhou Shiyun looked at her as she transforms, showing no expression while watching her behavior …

    A minute later, Xu Jiawei walked in with his assistant.

    Seeing Xu Jiawei walking with a broken leg, Su Guibei's heart was broken. How could her handsome and obedient boy become like this!

    "Why are you here?" Su Jinbei pretended not to know, "Hurry up and sit down, you haven't even fully recover, how can you move around."

    Xu Jiawei's assistant moved him to the seat and helped him sit down.

    Xu Jiawei waved his hand, "I'm okay, just to see how you are." He pursed his lips and looked at Su Jinbei. He was very guilty, "Sister Beibei, I really dragged you down , If I hadn't to ask you for help, you wouldn’t be like this. "

    Su Jinbei's eyes turned bright, and looked at Xu Jiawei's eyes like a big wolf looking at a little white rabbit, "Cannot blame you for this, but if you really feel guilty, remember to come and see me, I going to die of boredom here in this ward. "

    "Of course, of course, tomorrow I will ask my assistant to make a lot of delicious food for you."

    Su JinBei gave a plesant smile, her pale eyebrows showed a bright color because of her smile, "Then can you accompany me for this meal? Look, my right hand is injured, I can't hold my chopsticks."

Xu Jiawei looked at her with a smile, and scratched the back of his head with some embarrassment. "Then I will help you, You became like this because of me, I should help …"

    Zhou Shiyun closed the folder and glanced at someone's confusing smile, and said flatly, "Miss Su, your right hand is only slightly injured, so you can eat freely."

    Su Jinbei smiled stiffen, and slowly stared at the doctor with a mask, this doctor who is know to be a very powerful doctor.

    Zhou Shiyun looked at her lightly, seemingly having no idea that he is spoiling someone love life. Su Jinbei gritted her teeth, "But doctor, I think the hand holding the chopsticks will hurt."

    "Oh, then you can try using a fork, the fork won't hurt." He said, and added, despite Su Jinbei's obvious black face, "And now you should move your hand joints more, this will help recovery . "

    Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes and chuckled dryly, "… I see, thank you SO much doctor."

    "No problem." Zhou Shiyun nodded slightly, "Ok, rest more."

    After that, he walked out of the door of the ward.

(illa: Way to way Dr. Zhou! He successfully stopped his bei bei from getting fed by another man!)

    Behind him, Su Jinbei glared at him fiercely. Can't he say such words now? Must say when her family Weiwei is still there! Now how can she use this excuse to make her family Wei Wei to feed her!

    Xu Jiawei looked at her dark face and said, "Sister JinBei? Are you unwell?"

    "Ah?" Su Jinbei recovered, "No, I'm very well now!"

    "That's good then that's good."

    Xu Jiawei sat down and chatted with her for a while, and then went back after fearing that it would disturb her too much.

    For Su Jinbei, who always likes to sway with wind, lying in bed for a few days is a very difficult thing. She really missed the days when she wore high heels and went shopping in the store, and days where she was shining on stage.

    One day, Su JinBei was spread out on the bed with boredom while answering the phone, "Ah Ying, help me bring some roasted chestnuts when you come, actually even popcorn will do."

    "Aren't you the most afraid of being fat in the past, why still eat such things."

    "I'm so free now that I'm lying in bed, eating something will help to pass the time, aiya just bring it to me."

    Xue Ying carried a large bag of things while walking along the corridor on the side of the wards, "I have arrived at your level, let me come in to put things first, then I will go down and buy it for you."

    "Can can, A Ying, or you're the best. That He Di won't let me eat."

    "All right, don't be greedy, I'm reaching soon, hang up first."


    Xue Ying hung up the phone and quickly walked forward while carrying large bag of staff. Turning around a corner, the same person accidentally bumped into some, the bag in her hand fell, and the tonics brought for Su Jinbei slipped out.

Xue Ying was stunned and squatted down quickly to pick up.

    "Sorry." The person who collided with her also squatted down to help her pick up the other things in the bag.

    "It's okay, I was walking too quickly." Xue Ying looked up embarrassedly, but at first glance, she was stunned. From her perspective, she saw the long lashes, the straight nose, and the delicate lines of his chin.

    Xue Ying's eyes widened slightly, this man was wearing a doctor's uniform … Doctors in this hospital, have such high-valued face? (illa: Very handsome)

    Zhou Shiyun picked up the bag for her and handed it to Xue Ying at the same time, nonchalantly repeated, "Sorry."

    "It doesn't matter …" Xue Ying quickly took it over.

    At this time, the nurse not far away walk up his side, "Dr. Zhou, the patient in 101 bed has a situation."

    The man in front nodded slightly at her and walked towards the end of the corridor.

    Xue Ying secretly stunned. She always see overseas doctors with high-valued face on the Internet. But she didn't expect to encounter an even higher one in China today.

    However, this doctor is good-looking and beautiful, but the kind of closed off vibe from in his behavior is really obvious. The kind of coldness in his bones makes her dare not say a word.

    In the ward.

    "A Ying, did Xia Lu call you, did you tell her I met with an accident?" Su JInbei asked while eating what Xue Ying had brought.

    "I didn't say it, aren't you the one who told me not to say it."

    "Yes, that's good. I'm afraid she will be worried. You see, she is filming a movie in Northwestern China. What if she had to rush back for me." Su Jinbei said, "This movie is very good, she can't treat it hastily. "

    "That's right, but by the time the paparazzi reveal this, she will know about it."

    "The signal over there is so bad. She is busy so she won't see it. As long as you don't say then it is fine."

    "Okay, okay, all listen to you."

    Su Jinbei smiled with satisfaction, and looked at Xue Ying's gaze very "lovingly".

    Xue Ying and Xia Lu are her good friends. Xue Ying is a classmate in her high school and an outsider. Xia Lu is her college classmate and an actor. Xue Ying and Xia Lu only knew each other because of her. Later, the three of them became a close small circle. In this car accident, Su Jinbei could not hide from Xue Ying, who was in this city, but she could still hide from Xia Lu, who was filming far away.

    "Eh, you said on the phone that Xu Jiawei had the accident with you?"

    "Yeah, my family Weiwei hurt his leg, poor thing."

    Xue Ying gave her a white glance, "You are already like this, who is more miserable."

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, "This can't be compared. Wei Wei is hurt and my heart pain for him. Do you understand?"

    "I understand I understand." Xue Ying shook her head.

    This kind of Su Jinbei is way too familiar to her. She has been obsessed with beautiful things since high school, especially in high heels, cosmetics, and men's faces.

    But her obsession has a time limit, and it can only last for a while no matter how good-looking it is. For example, she liked the Taiwanese rapper in the first half of the year, and now she is obsessed with the new small fresh meat (illa: Young handsome man) Xu Jiawei.

    "Eh, I don't see how Xu Jiawei is handsome."

    Su Huang gave her a white look, and she clearly said, "Xue Ying, are you blind?"

    Xue Ying replied, "I don't like such a childish type anyway."

    "Yes, yes, your Mr. Gao is the best." Xue Ying just got married a month ago, to a white-collar boyfriend whom she had been dating for two years. On the wedding day, Su Jinbei and Xia Lu both became bridesmaids. They even made it to Online Hot search.

    Xue Ying mentioned that her newly-married boyfriend with a sweet expression on her face, "My family Mr. Gao's appearance will not even qualify in your appearance association. Oh yeah, I just saw a very handsome doctor outside, have you seen him. "

    Su Jinbei yawned, "I've been lying where you want me to look."

    "Haha, that's really a pity for you, well, what was the doctor's name, I heard people seem to be calling him Dr. Zhou."

    Su Huang stun for a moment, "Dr. Zhou, my doctor in charge, Dr. Zhou?"

    "Ah, the surname of the doctor in charge of you is Zhou, mean you see him before, He isn't handsome?" Xue Ying felt unbelievable.

    Su Jinbei touched her chin and murmured, "I really haven't seen what he looks, he is always wearing a mask all day long.

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