Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 4

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Our Bei bei finally see her fiance's beautiful face behind that mask!


Chapter 4 - Mask

In the evening shift, Zhou Shiyun and another doctor Lin Qingwei came out of the VIP ward next door. Su Jinbei was bored and sharp-eyed, and quickly stopped Zhou Shiyun passing by the door of her ward.

    "Dr. Zhou!"

    Zhou Shiyun steps halted and looked in from the door.

    The woman inside waved at him with a smile.

    Lin Qingwei pushed Zhou Shiyun's arm, "Go in, I'll go with you."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at Lin Qingwei, who was shining brightly, and his annoyance was clear.

    "Dr. Zhou, my legs are a little bit uncomfortable. Come and see me." Except for the legs, Su Jinbei other parts were only slightly injured. After so many days it was more or less recovered. So she can only talk about her leg.

    "She's call you." Lin Qingwei outside the door snorted and he felt that it was necessary to be on call as a doctor, so he has to be very "professional and ethical" and enter Su Jinbei's ward.

    "Miss Su, what's wrong with your legs." Lin Qingwei's baby face looked at Su Guibei with a smile on his face. However, Su Jinbei smiled at him and glanced the man standing at the door of the ward, "Dr. Zhou, Dr. Zhou?"

    Zhou Shiyun at the door finally came in. He stood in front of her hospital bed, the eyes above the mask were calm and cold, "What."

    Su Huangbei did not answer him, but asked inexplicably, "Doctor Zhou, you wear a mask all the time during your work?"

    Zhou Shiyun have yet to answered, before Lin Qingwei at the side enthusiastically replied, "My senior brother has mysophobia ."

    Su Jinbei was surprised, "If a doctor has mysophobia, what about during surgery?"

    "We all wear gloves. But senior brother," Lin Qingwei suddenly turned his head to look at Zhou Shiyun. "You don't always wear a mask? What happened recently?"

    Su Jinbei supported her chin and said slowly, "Yeah, He always wore it when he comes to my ward."

    Zhou Shiyun was stunned, and under the doubtful eyes of the two people, he lightly explained, "Slight cold."

    "Cold, senior brother, are you okay?" Lin Qingwei asked earnestly.

    "… It's okay."

    Su Jinbei touched her chin. He didn't wear a mask when Xue Ying saw him. Well, maybe because he went to wards with patients who were infectious.

    "Miss Su, you haven't said what happened to your legs yet." Zhou Shiyun pulled them back to their original topic.

    Lin Qingwei was stunned, "Oh, yes, right, seeing a famous TV Star I almost forgot , sorry about it."

    Su Jinbei glanced at Zhou Shiyun, and what kind of appearance could make Xue Ying, who is completely doesn't care about looks, particularly praise him in front of her.

    Su Jinbei was a bit disappointed, the a special breed of handsome guy is in front of her but she couldn't see it. But he already said that he had a cold, so she felt bad for inconveniencing him to take off his mask.

    "Miss Su?"

    "Yes?" Su Jinibei recovered, looked at the two doctors waiting for an answer, and quickly and gracefully replied, "In fact, there is nothing, it just feels a little itchy in the plaster."


    Many days later, Zhou Shiyun discovered that the woman was keen to ask him about his physical condition.

    Passing by occasionally.

    "Doctor Zhou, is your cold better?"

    Regular Checks.

    "Dr. Zhou, are you in good health? You can recover better if you rest more."

    Even when she was eating with the young actor, she had not forgotten to give her gracious smiling face. "Dr. Zhou, after so many days, your cold is still not better. Isn't it uncomfortable to always wear a mask?"

Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor


    Towards Su Jinbei's inexplicable concern, Zhou Shiyun was slightly shocked at the start but soon began to silently accepted it.

    Often his answer is only two words, "Still unwell." "Thank you."

    Su Jinbei asked him so many time until she forgot her original intention. In the end, she just wanted to tease this unsmiling attending doctor. Anyway, she was also very bored. She was so bored that she can play for half an hour with an ant climbing up the table.

    Later, Xu Jiawei was discharged. Su Huangbei's body is also much better, she can already move on one foot. But He Di still worry about her and never let her out of bed. Even if you have to leave the bed, you must sit in a wheelchair. So, Su Jinbei often asked her assistant Xiaowei to push her out to see the sun.

    On this day, assistant Xiaowei pushed her out to wander around.

    There were patients and doctors coming and going on the road. Su Jinbei wore her medical gown, cap and mask, and covered the medical gown with a blanket, so it was not easy to get recognized.

    After shaking outside for more than half an hour, Xiaowei was about to push her back to the room.

    "Xiao Wei, I want to eat roasted chestnuts."

    "Sister Beibei, then I will send you back to the room first, and then go down and buy you."

    "No, you go first. I want to sunbathe here. Hey, I'm dressed like this. You're still afraid that others will recognize me."

    Xiaowei hesitated, "This …"

    "The ward is right in front. There are doctors and nurses are nearby. You are still afraid of what will happened to me." Su Jinbei waved at her. "Hurry and go"

    "Okay, then." Xiao Wai didn't insist after thinking about it, took her wallet, and hurried down the stairs.

    Su Jinbei pulled the blanket, basking in the warm sun, and looked at the scenery outside the glass comfortably.

    At this moment, a man's lowered voice suddenly came from behind, "Vip901 room, are you ready to ask questions." Su Jinbei stunned, isn't vip901 her room …

    "Ready. Reporter Liu, we are the first to come to the hospital. This is absolutely exclusive."

    "Nonsense, Xu Jiawei has been discharged from the hospital so we can't shoot it already, but Su Huangbei is still there. We are the first to know that if we get a picture, it will surely be exclusive."

    "That's great."

    "Isn't it? Insiders revealed that Su Huangbei and Xu Jiawei were sent in on the same day because of the same car accident. The car accident is still a trivial matter. The point is that the two of them were in the same car in the middle of the night. , once we report this, it will surely blow up"


    "Okay, let's go."

    The two peope whispering behind left, Su Jinbei bowed her head and pulled her cap. Damn, the a car accident a trivial matter? This Sister's life is a trivial matter? This dead report must have lost all his conscience!!

    But in the end the news leaked out, and they managed to get into VIP wards to find her. She could not afford to bump into them at this time.

    Su Jinbei sneaked a glance at the traces of the two and pushed the wheelchair in the other direction with her hand.

    "Hello, do you know which ward Su Jinbei is in."

    Not far away, a man and a woman stopped a nurse to ask. Su Jinbei stopped the hand pushing the wheelchair and quickly turned her head.

    Oops, it's a reporter again, a reporter who is blatantly asking for directions.

    Su Jinbei thinks of her own appearance now, without makeup, sickly face, and wearing oversize hospital clothes. For someone who has always been glamorous in front of the camera, such an appearance is simply shameful! She could not tolerate headlines of her looking like this!

    Su Jinbei heart beat repeatedly and leaned against the wall next to her. She stumbled twice with one foot, looking for a place to hide.

    But who would have expected that the two reporters who went to the ward to find her turned around when they could not find anyone. Su Jinbei has always faced this direction in order to hide from the two reporters. As a result, the reporter who came out of the ward saw a covered Su Jinbei.

    "That person? It's Su Jinbei!" One of them said surprised.

    "Really! Come on!"

    The two reporters behind him and heard looked up in surprise, "Su Jinbei! It's Su Jinbei!"

    The corner of Su Jinbei's mouth is slightly twitch, and what more is there to live for …


    The door next door suddenly opened from the inside, Su JinBei froze, as if to seeing God opened a path for her! So she threw herself in without thinking and exclaimed, "Close the door !!!"

    Because of her one-legged posture, Su Jinbei's balance was completely lost, and she could almost expect that she would directly hit the ground. But the expected collision did not strike. With her tilted at a 45-degree angle, a pair of strong hands circled her waist.

    Su Jinbei breathed a sigh of relief, but she didn't have time to see who the owner of this hand was, because she quickly reached out to lock the door the next second.

    Outside the door, reporters gathered.

    The reporter’s voice, the nurse ’s voice, and the lively people ’s voices. In short, it’s noisy outside.

    Su Jinbei looked at the closed door with satisfaction, and she finally avoided these reporters.

    "What are you doing." There was a magnetic and cold voice behind her, Su Jinbei paused, hmm … This voice sounds very familiar.

    She looked down at the arm pressed by her as a brace, the doctor's white robe, and a small white shirt sleeve was exposed at the cuff.

    Su Jinbei remembered who it was, and she looked back at ease, "Dr. Zhou, it turned out to be you, thanks to you …"

    The voice suddenly stopped suddenly, just after Su Jinbei saw that Dr. Zhou, who always wore a mask and appeared in her sight, not wearing his mask.

    Doctor Zhou without a mask? !

    A jade-like face, indifferent light brown eyes, soft and red lips … This is a such stunning face, although it is attractive, but it does not look piercing. Good-looking but not aggressive, and there is also an aura of intimidation. He looks down calmly and this inexplicably adds a trace of aloofness.

    Su Huangbei looked into his eyes, and for a moment she had no words. She has seen too many good-looking people, but she still lost her thoughts when she looked into Zhou Shiyun's eyes …

    The color of his pupils was light brown. She always knew that, although he wore a mask it did not prevent the two eyes from looking at her indifferently. But she never these eyes on this face would be such a good match. After watching for a long time, she felt that she could indulge in this illusory beauty.

    "You are Dr. Zhou?" Su Jinbei finally knew why Xue Ying was so exaggerated. It turned out that it was really amazing.

    Zhou Shiyun also realized that he was not wearing a mask now, but looking at Su Jinbei's reaction, he found that it didn't matter if he didn't wear a mask.

    It turned out that she had never seen him. She knew him much less than he thought.

(illa: Our Dr. Zhou is sad that his fiance never went to find out how he looks like)

    "Wow, Dr. Zhou, indeed a real person doesn't show his face." Su Jinbei was very careful when she said this. Zhou Shiyun didn't pay attention to what she said and looked down, said calmly, "Are you performing acrobatics."

    "Huh?" Su Jinbei followed his gaze and saw her standing difficulty on one foot, and suddenly realized, "No, I was just to hide from people. I was in a hurry and left the wheelchair."

    "Oh." Zhou Shiyun reached out and lifted her hand, and put her hand on the cabinet next to it. "Then you continue, I still have something to do."

    With that said, he was about to open the door.

    "You wait !!" Su Jinbei grabbed his hand, "Don't open the door!"

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