Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 5

Intense Love Fall in love with my doctor

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Chapter 5 Reporter

"Why." Zhou Shiyun glanced at her with some doubts.

    Su Jinbei froze, feeling that this beauty was a bit dazzling, so she settled her mind and avoided his eyes, "Because there are journalists outside."

    Zhou Shiyun's expression narrowed slightly, his eyes clearly said, "so?"

    "They all came for me. If you open the door, they will take pictures of me. Do you know what this means?" Su Jinbei said seriously, "This means that my current ghastly look will be online and I will have to receive criticism from audience across the country! "

    Ghastly look? Zhou Shiyun heard her words and patiently scanned her from top to bottom.

    Without makeup, Su Jinbei did lose a bit of the glamorous charm on screen, but it did not look as ghastly as she said. She, who has no makeup, still has the same face, which can still easily stand out from the crowd. Moreover, she has a clean and pure aura now.

    "Dr. Zhou, please, don't open the door." Su Jinbei stretched out her hands and tried to hold his hand, trying to act coy. But before she touched his palm, Zhou Shiyun escaped.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that Dr. Zhou is a bit clean freak." Su Jinbei jumped to the door on one foot, blocking the doorknob. "Dr. Zhou, let's wait for the reporter to go before we open the door, shall we?

    Zhou Shiyun paused, turned around, and took out the phone in his pocket.

    "Qing Wei, what's going on outside."

    "Senior Brother, are you in the office? There are many reporters gather outside your door one after another. They said that Miss Su is in your office. I said how is that possible, how could you let her into your office, but they wouldn't listen to me "Lin Qingwei talked to reporters while talking to him." This is a hospital. Please be quiet. Please don't disturb the patients. Miss Su is really not here. You made a mistake. "

    The reporter, "I clearly saw her going in, doctor, we will interview just a little bit, and leave after the interview."

    "Impossible! You all hurry leave, otheriwse we will call the police!"

    "But Su JinBei she …"

    "I already said that she is not inside. This is my senior brother's office!!"

    Zhou Shiyun listened to Lin Qingwei ’s righteous words outside the door, pursed his lips, and felt that it was necessary to tell him the truth, “Qingwei, Su Jinbei is here.”

    Outside the door, Lin Qingwei voice which was aruging with the reporters stopped, "… ah?"

    In the office.

    "Dr. Zhou, can you help me, I want to sit there."

    Zhou Shiyun hung up Lin Qingwei's phone and turned to look at her.

    Su Jinbei pointed down at her feet, "I can't stand it anymore."

    Zhou Shiyun was silent. Actually, he didn't like people entering his office very much, and he didn't like others touching this things. He genuinely wanted to reject Su Jinbei's request

    But in this situation, and she was also his patient …

    Therefore, Zhou Shiyun could only frown, meditated on the good qualities that a doctor should possess, and indifferently faced Su Jinbei who had a cheeky smile.

    Su Jinbei quickly thanked him, lifted her arm to his arm, and staggered toward the small sofa nearby.

    "Ouch." Su Jinbei stood on one foot for too long, and now she can't hold it anymore, and she is about to fall again. Zhou Shiyun frowned, and quickly reached out again to support her body, but … this time the position was not appropriate.

    Two seconds later, Su Jinbei stared at the hand across her chest, dumbfounded, speechless with her mouth open!

    Zhou Shiyun also realized something was wrong, he quickly withdrew his hand, and quickly grab Su Jinbei's back collar.

    "Cough … let go." before Su Jinbei could even respond that she has been violated, he has already pinched her by the collar, "Hey …"

    Zhou Shiyun carried her to the sofa like he was carrying something terrible, and loosened his grip. Immediately, he said, "Sorry."

    Su Jinbei coughed again, and said in a mocking and angry manner, "Which one are you sorry for, for strangling me or for touching my chest."

    Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips and lowered his eyes. It was only a momentary thing, but he still remember the temperature and outline of the fabric, "I didn't mean it."

    Su Huangbei raised her eyebrows and looked at him, of course she knew that he was not intentional, but he said this apology without any change of expression on his face, this person really is not a normal man!

    Zhou Shiyun felt that Su Jinbei's gaze were a little strange, so he just turned his eyes away and sat down in the swivel chair behind his desk.

    Su JinBei snorted, "Oh."

    Zhou Shiyun didn't talk much, and Su Jinbei's mobile phone wasn't with her, so she could only sit. Because it was too boring, she looked at the environment of this small office.

    Needless to say, the entire room is clean and spotless. Everything is neatly arranged. On the shelf next to it, the books are arranged methodically from high to short, meticulously.

"Dr. Zhou, Xiao Wei said that you have mild OCD. Looking at your office today, it really looked like it." However, it took him several seconds to digest the fact that "Xiaowei" should refer to Lin Qingwei.

    "Dr. Zhou, you didn't wear a mask today. You have recovered form your cold?"


    "Then I am really lucky, and I am fortunate enough to get to appreciate the beauty of Dr. Zhou." Su Jinbei found a good posture and looked at him with a slightly raised eyebrow. This gesture was a bit like how she seduced the male star on the show. , "Dr. Zhou, you look so beautiful, there must be many women chasing you, hey, I think you look even better than those male stars."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, and suddenly there was a doubt in his heart, why would his traditional grandmother accept this woman, even if the spiritual master said that the eight characters of their birth align … but he really couldn't see where it could align.

    "Huh, Dr. Zhou, why aren't you talking, don't tell me you already have a girlfriend? Or you are married?" Su JinBei asked with great interest.

    Zhou Shiyun wanted to say, it can be considered "yes". But the door of the office was suddenly knocked hard, "Senior Brother, the reporters are gone."

    After Lin Qingwei shouted this, Su Jinbei realized that the noise outside had disappeared, and her eyes lit up, "The reporters are gone ?!"

    Zhou Shiyun nodded and got up to open the door.

    Outside the door, Lin Qingwei and anxious Xiao Wai in front, and behind them, there are several doctors and nurses looking with gossip and curiosity. Zhou Shiyun turned sideways, "Help her out."

    "Okay!" Xiao Wai hurried in.

    Lin Qingwei glanced inside and smiled at Zhou Shiyun ambiguously, "Senior Brother, be honest with me, how did this star get to your office."

    Zhou Shiyun gave him a strange look, "How do I know."

    "Yeah, you don't know." Lin Qingwei stunned him with a light punch, "There's something fishy."

    At this time, Su Jinbei was also helped out by Xiao Wei, and Lin Qingwei quickly moved the wheelchair on the side for her to sit, "Miss Su, you suffered."

    "Xiaowei, those reporter were willing to leave?"

    Lin Qingwei was already used to what Su Jinbei called him. After all these days, she met him so often.

    "We are in a hospitals no matter what. They have to be willing to be arrested if they don't leave." Lin Qing said triumphantly. "After my intimidation and threats, will they dare not leave."

    Su Jinbei patted his arm, "Yes, well done, Xiaowei."

    "Pft." a certain nurse could not help laughing at this foxy nickname.

    Lin Qingwei didn't mind, but this nickname was given by his goddess. Whatever given by his goddess was good, "Laugh at what, what are you doing here, do you have nothing to do, still not leaving!"

    After being yelled at, the lively group of people watching left reluctantly.

    "Miss Su, tell me secretly, why did you go to my brother's office without staying in a your ward," Lin Qingwei was still gossipy, curiously moved his eyes between the two of them, "You two … eh? "

    Su Jinbei glanced at Zhou Shiyun, who was perfectly calm so it seemed to be meaningless to explain. Su HJinbei hummed, and said deliberately hesitated, "This … is indescribable."

    Lin Qingwei, "Well?"

    "Xiao Wai, let's go."

    "Yes, Sister Beibei."

    Su Jinbei was pushed away by her assistant. Lin Qingwei asked Zhou Shiyun in a daze, "Indescribable? Brother, have you done anything indescribable?"

    Zhou Shiyun's brows were lightly wrinkled, and he lowered his eyes to the palm of his hand. Does this count?

    That night, Weibo exploded.

    The top three searches are: #SujinbeiXujiawei, #SuJinbeihospital #, #Xujiaweicaraccident.

    According to media reports, Su Jinbei and Xu Jiawei departed from the hotel together. They had a private meeting at night. Later, they suffered a car accident and the two were sent to the hospital for surgery. Xu Jiawei has been discharged from the hospital with minor injuries. Su Jinbei is still being treated at the hospital and her injuries were serious …

    Su Jinbei lay in bed and scroll Weibo while eating an apple.

    "He Di, it seems that I was having a romance scandal with my family Wei Wei?"

    He Di gave her a blank look. "The two of you were in a car accident together. Moreover it's was midnight, how can it not cause a scandal?"

    "Ok, I finally made a scandal that I am satisfied with." Su Jinbei took another bite. "It's much more better than those previous ones with tycoon and director asking for favors."

    "Don't talk nonsense, Xu Jiawei certainly don't want to have such a scandal, he just got in the limelight, and his fans can't tolerate you you."

    Su Jinbei laughed twice, "Don't mention it, Wei Wei's fan club is already trashing me, hey, I am also a fan of Wei Wei, both have the same root, why must fight."

    He Di took her mobile phone, "Don't watch it, it's getting late, have a good rest."

    "Eh eh, it's wonderful," Su Jinbei snatched it back in dissatisfaction, "I'm am looking out for bloggers who say that I'm match well with Xu Jiawei."

    "Look, Xu Jiawei is a popular xiao xian rou, but I am not bad, our positions is evenly matched, and so on … In the end the conclusion is that we don't match? What the hell, where do we not match?" Su Jinbei was very upset and went on to reread the article again, from the start to the middle.

    He Di supported her chin, "Don't look at it, it is just saying that you are seductive and charming, and Xu Jiawei is pure and lovely. You two are one heaven and one earth. Everyone thinks that you and Xu Jiawei together just don't make sense."

    Su Huang Bei stared at her, "Have you seen it ?!"

    He Di put away her mobile phone, "I don't need to look at it and I know it will be this kind of evaluation."

    "No taste." Su JinBei sneered, "Forget it, if it doesn't match, it doesn't matter. I have something that is an even better match."

    "What better match? Stop thinking about what is better match." He Di pulled her quilt. "Hurry up and sleep, I have to think about how to explain to your family."

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