Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 6.1

intense love


Chapter 6.1 - Discharged (1)

After He Di said this, Su Jinbei suddenly remembered that her uproarious mother-in-law had probably seen the entertainment news today, and might also appear in this ward tomorrow.

    The image of her mom crying and throwing tantrums cause Su Jinbei's scalp to feel numb. So early in the morning the next day, she called He Di to let her go through the discharge procedure to avoid the disaster.

    "JinBei, this is not good."

    "What's not good, do you want her to see me lying on the hospital bed? Didi, If i am discharged from the hospital now this will show that I'm not as serious as what the news says, so she will be more at ease and you don't have to worry about being involved." Jinbei was sitting in a wheelchair, and looking at this He Di hesitated, so she urged her determinedly. "Quickly help me! Anyways other than my legs, the rest of my body is all well! If you are still worried, can can just wait until my mom leaves and we will go back the hospital. "

    He Di gritted her teeth, "Fine, it is worse if you quarrel in the hospital. If you want to quarrel, go back and quarrel."

    Su Jinbei, "You can rest assured, we won't even meet, much less quarrel."

    When Zhou Shiyun came to work, Su Jinbei was already discharged. He looked at the empty ward and looked at the nurse with some surprise.

    The little nurse quickly explained, "Miss Su said she has an urgent matter so she discharged in advance."

    Zhou Shiyun frowned lightly, discharged from the hospital with a leg cast?

    "Dr. Zhou, Miss Su said before leaving to tell you not to worry about her."

    Zhou Shiyun paused, feeling a little tickled, why would he be worried.

    Zhao Xueyan made several phone calls to Su Jinbei in the car, but the receiver was always off. She called He Di again, but no one answered.

    "Does this girl have anything against me? I wouldn't even know about the car accident if I didn' to watch the news!"

    "Mom, the news could be exaggerated. I think JineBei is fine." Su Yundong was pulled from the bed by Zhao Xueyan early in the morning, and he entered in car half-asleep. He was still very sleepy.

    "I have to see for myself if there is anything wrong." Zhao Xueyan said, "An accident with a male star? Why can't be more well-behaved? Every day there is a new gossip. How bad would it look to our in-laws.

    Su Yundong yawned, "Since the Zhou family is determined that this their daughter-in-law, they have to accept her occupation. As a celebrity, it is normal to have a scandal, anyways, it is all false."

    "How do you know it is fake! What if it is true this time!"

    Su Yundong hooked his lips, "Well … maybe, this celebrity called Xu Jiawei looks very much like Jinbei type."

    "Hey! You're talking nonsense!"

    "Didn't you start it first."


    "Ma'am, Master, the hospital is here," the driver said respectfully.

    Zhao Xueyan gave Su Yundong a glance, "Get out of the car and see what happened to your sister."

    Su Yundong shrugged and opened the door.

    Zhao Xueyan also got out of the car. She stood at the door of the hospital and looked at the hospital nameplate above with some surprise. "The First Affiliated Hospital of Jingli Medical College? Is Jinbei hospitalized here?"

    The driver nodded, "Yes, Madam."

    "It's so coincidental?" Zhao Xueyan's originally angry face suddenly showed a smile. "The two of them are really destined."

    Su Yundong gave her a strange look, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

    "Yundong, do you know who else is in this hospital."

    "How would I know."

    Zhao Xueyan smiled unpredictably, "Zhou Shiyun, Mrs. Huo's dearest second grandson."

    Su Yundong was surprised, "You mean, Jinbei's fiance?"


    Zhao Xueyan and Su Yundong came to the ward area and went to the nurse station to ask.

    "Hello, which ward is Su Huangbei in?"

    "Not here …" The little nurse looked up and froze. Looking at the man with red lips, white face and jade face in front of her, the nurse blushed, "She, she, she was discharged."

    "What?" Zhao Xueyan changed her complexion. "Why did she suddenly get discharged!"

    After being shouted at, the little nurse finally noticed that there was an elegant and noble woman next to the handsome guy, "Excuse me, who are you to Miss Su?"

    "Family." Zhao Xueyan stepped forward, "When did she leave the hospital."

    "Just this morning."

    "Isn't it a car accident, how can you let her out of the hospital?"

    Zhao Xueyan's serious attitude made people inexplicably flinch, and the little nurse intuitively felt that she could not afford to offend this person, and whispered, "Miss Su has been in hospital for a while, except for her left leg, there is no problem elsewhere …"

    Upon hearing this, Zhao Xueyan was relieved, but the next second, she was even more angry, and she was discharged from the hospital with her leg in a plaster, obviously hiding from her! This dead girl!

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