Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 6.2

Intense love

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Chapter 6.2 - Discharged (2)

  "Mom, I told you that Jinbei is fine. You didn't have to rush over like this." Su Yundong rolled his eyes. "Now rest assured, can we go back."

    "Nurse, wasn't it serious when she was sent in? How long will it take to recover, will there be any after-effects?" Zhao Xueyan asked, not assured.

    The little nurse was a little embarrassed, how would she know. At this moment, she saw that the doctor in charge of Su Jinbei came out of a patient's ward. As if seeing a saviour, she quickly said, "Dr. Zhou, there are family members of a patient here!"

    Not far away, Zhou Shiyun heard the sound and pass the medical kit to Lin Qingwei beside, and raised his foot to walk towards them.

    Mr.Zhou? Zhao Xueyan turned to look.

The man who walked over was wearing a doctor coat, his face were cold and delicate, and his temperaments were proud and outstanding. Zhao Xueyan was a little more sure.

    Mrs. Huo's second grandson never attended the occasion held by the family, so almost no one knew what he looked like. But she has seen the photos given by Mrs. Huo. Although the photos are of a child aged twelve or thirteen, she can see that he is certainly not ordinary when he grows up.

    Now seeing this person, Zhao Xueyan feels that this face is a bit similar to the twelve-year-old face in the photo.

    She greeted him with a look of joy, "Shi Yun, it turns out that you are the doctor in charge of JinBei, very good, very good."

    Zhao Xueyan's behavior, and familiar tone, not only stunned the surrounding nurses, but frightened Lin Qingwei as well, and even Zhou Shiyun, who had always been calm, did not react.


    "Shi Yun, I'm relieved if you are here, that brat Bei Bei will not mess around anymore." Zhao Xueyan looked adoringly. "You tell your auntie, is JinBei is really all right?"

    Zhou Shiyun narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at the unfamilar woman in front of him, spitting Jinbei's name every now and then, and what her attitude towards him was obviously showed that she knows his relationship with Su Jinbei.

    Zhou Shiyun calmed down. This person is either Su Huangbei's mother or relatives of Su Jinbei.

    "Madam, let's speak elsewhere."

    Zhao Xueyan looked at the lively crowd next to him and nodded, "OK, Yundong, you come too."


    Lin Qing saw the three leaving, he was puzzled. He walked to the nurse's station and said, "Who's that?"

    Little nurse, "Miss Su's family."

    "Su Jinbei's family." Lin Qing's made a strange expression. "Then why do they seem so familiar with Senior Brother?"

    The little nurse tilted her head and thought for a while, "Is it possible that Miss Su mentioned that she was Dr. Zhou's doctor, so the family wanted to express gratitude."

    Lin Qingwei touched the back of his head, "Is it so?"

    After more than ten minutes, Zhao Xueyan and Su Yundong walked out of the reception room next to them.

    "Shi Yun, since you said she was okay, then I'm relieved, now that you two have met, then I will hand my JInBei to you, I won't care about her anymore." Zhao Xueyan said with a smirk.

    In her mind, she have determined that Su Jinbei and Zhou Shiyun are already together.

    Zhou Shiyun smiled politely, and did not refute her, only saying, "Have a safe trip back."


    Su Yundong looked at Zhou Shiyun suspiciously, "Hey, my sister didn't want to see you before, now she likes you?"

    Zhao Xueyan glared at Su Yundong, "What do you not want to see, watch your words."

    Su Yundong snorted coldly, "Also, my sister is superficial beyond belief. It's not surprising she likes you, but just don't know how long it would last this time."

    "Su Yundong!"

    Su Yundong didn't care about the eyes of his mother's eyes, but he smile in contempt and turned away.

    Zhao Xueyan adjusted her expression and looked at Zhou Shiyun lovingly. "Don't listen to Yun Dong's nonsense, then auntie will leave first."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded.

    Zhao Xueyan followed in Su Yundong's direction. Lin Qingwei saw from afar and quickly came up to him, "Brother, what is going on?"

    "There is nothing going on." Zhou Shiyun said and closed the door.

    "Hey Senior Brother!" Lin Qingwei was miserably left outside the door. He looked at the closed office door, and his face was depressed, was there really nothing going! But the Su family was way too warm with his brother.

    When Zhou Shiyun returned to the office, he changed his original robe and put on his clothes. Actually, he didn't say anything in the office just now. He just explained the situation of Su Jinbei honestly, just like what he would say to any patient's family.

    As for why he didn’t tell Zhao Xueyan that Su Jinbei didn’t know who he was, it was only because he was lazy … He don’t think much about any kind of thing that had no relations to the medical field, much less talk about it.

    On the other side, Su Jinbei was uncomfortablely eating a fruit salad in the hotel room.

    "Eh Hedi, haven't my mom called me?"

    He Di came in from the door, "She just called, I answered …"

    "What! You answered, didn't I tell you not to answer it!"

    "Don't worry, your mother didn't say anything."

    Su Jinbei froze for a while, "She didn't say anything? Are you sure?"

    "I also feel weird. She told you not to run away and go back to the hospital to recuperate. She won't bother you."

    A piece of kiwi fruit stuck in her throat, "Cough, is this really true?"

    "Really, your mother and your brother have gone back."

    Su JinBei raised her eyebrows, "Such good luck, it seems that the company has something to do, or it's something at home. My mother can't be bothered with me anymore."

    He Di, "It doesn't matter, JinBei, then you see if you want to go back to the hospital or stay in the hotel."

    Su Jinbei supported her chin, remembering the unsmiling Dr. Zhou, "How boring it is to stay in the hotel, of course I have to go back, there have Xiao Wei to play with me."

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