The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 6

The Love Equation
(Pic Credit: Tencent)

Chapter 6 The Wrecked Ship

It’s been a week since they had dinner together and in that particular week, Zhao Fanzhou completed all his applications for readmission. Zhou Xiao has started to give Li Duyou an hour of lesson every afternoon. She texted Zhao Fanzhou about this but his reply was simply: Okay, noted.

During dinner, Zhou Xiao was picking out the carrots on her plate absentmindedly. She hated carrots, but she liked the minced meat in the dish. If it wasn’t for the coincidental encounter at the entrance of the cafeteria just now, is he ever gonna come and find her?

"Why do you choose this dish if you are not eating the carrots?"

"You can have it if you don’t want it being wasted." She blurted out like how she would have spoken to him in the past. She has tentatively forgotten how awkward her relationship with him was, just yet.

He reached over and scooped a spoonful of the shredded carrots. She flustered and thought: whatever, you have always been eating my saliva… why does it sound so erotic?

As they walked out of the cafeteria, he turned to her, “Come home with me, I wanna go get something.”

"Home?" She was slow to react and asked. She has the bad habit of repeating the last word of the sentence when she needed more time to react.

"The place where you came to visit me previously."

"Oh." She had a lot of questions for him but did not know where to start.

Upon entering Zhao Fanzhou’s house, she heard a "click" sound. Zhao Fanzhou had locked the door, advancing towards her. Zhou Xiao flustered, what is he trying to do? Seems like it is finally the time to have a serious talk about their relationship.

"Why did you lock the door? You are not trying to do anything to me aren’t you?" Distract him, distract him.

He glared at her, "Start talking."

"Say what?" Does it kill him to say a few more words?!

"Why are you avoiding me?"

"I am not avoiding you. I came out when you wanted me to and I won’t appear if you don’t want me to. What else do you want?" Her words were strong and powerful. But her eyes dodged his.

"You know what I'm talking about!!" I am not the book “One Hundred Thousand Whys” to know everything, she thought.

"I don't know put it." She said frankly. It’s simply too difficult to be indirect to him.

"Tell me straightforward." Straightforward huh, then don't blame her for the rudeness.

"What is with you and your fake wine childhood bestie?" Yikes, that was ruthless.

"Fake wine?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Jia Yichun ... fake ethanol (same pronunciation in Chinese) ... fake wine ..." Her volume softened.

"Nothing." He was helpless.

"Nothing? No fake wine?" She needs time to react.

"Nothing!!!" Oh, someone was angry and his voice was so loud that Zhou Xiao jumped slightly but quickly lowered her head.

Looking at his girlfriend, Zhao Fanzhou sighed, "I have always regarded her as a sister, and we definitely don't have the kind of relationship you thought we had." Yeah right! Every man loves to call their secret lover their sister. If you really want a sister so much, why don’t you go beg your mother to give birth to one?!.

"You are distracted!" He slowly played with her hair.

"Oh..." she continued to act like a frightened kitten.

"Tell me everything you want me to answer!" He knows her tactics.

"Is this house rented or bought, what does your family do? Who is there in your family, where did you studying, when’s your first love ...?" Phew….it’s so tired to ask so many questions all at once.

"The house was bought by my dad. My family is made up of me and my parents. My dad is a businessman. My mum too. They both had clothing businesses. I grew up studying in City H. I had my first love at 19 years old.

19 years old? Such a late bloomer? Wait, he is 20 years old now, 19 years old means it was a year back. Wait, he and his first love have been together for almost a year, so-19 years old?
"19 years old? Is it me?" She started laughing O (∩_∩) O Haha ~~ No, no, she must hold it back, otherwise, someone will be angry again.

His face was crimson. Seeing a boy taller than 1.8m blushing, so cute.

"What else do you want to know?" He cleared his voice.

"What kind of cartoons did you watch as a kid?"

"Dragon Ball." He has long been accustomed to her habit of asking random unlinked questions.

"I liked watching Doraemon, and last time my friends use to nickname me after that. I still think that nicknames we had when we were young were cuter and  ..."

"Shut up!" Someone said impatiently.

"Why?" She was unhappy to be interrupted.

"Because I want to kiss you."

"That's it? Okay, come on!" She’s in a ready looking posture, her “thick skinned” personality is back.

"Since you like to give people nicknames, how do you address me behind my back?" He asked as they separated from the kiss.

Sh*t! Hmm, don’t swear… She lifted her head that was leaning on his chest, "Nothing. Are you still hating on me for calling that girl fake wine? Are you standing up for her?"

"Stop changing the subject, what do you nickname me?"

"Um ... it’s... since your name sounds like Fazhou (rafting in Chinese) ... ah rafting will mean... rowing ... so ... so..."

"So?" His tone rose, from a phonological point of view, that was a threatening tone.

"Wrecked ship." She needs to face the consequences no matter what. And if that is so, she should face it early.

"You're dead!"

"Ah--" The shrill was so loud that it echoed through late-night and the neighbourhood for days.