Autumn's concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Prologue

Starting this novel as it is one of my dearest childhood drama series. Will update new chapters in the upcoming days, thank you for your patience and support!


He is-Ren Guangxi!

It was the man she had loved deeply. After six years, he no longer looks like that big boy. Now, he seems mature and cold. Even when he is sleeping, there is a gloom between his eyebrows. .

In the past six years, has he been okay?

Although she has separated from him, she still paid attention to the news about him. She knew that he had become a young and promising lawyer, and he also had a beautiful and smart fiancee.

"You are very happy now, right?"

Liang Mucheng asked in a murmur, staring at the man lying on the bed with nostalgia. For the past six years, she has always thought that she has learned how to stop her heart and not make waves again.

But when looking at him like this, her heart could not help but accelerate to the rhythm of the beat.

Not sure what he would say to her when he woke up? When she broke up with him at that time, he jumped like thunder. She saw a lot of hatred in his eyes. Now, does he still hate her? Or has the ship passed the water without leaving traces?

She hoped to get along with him peacefully and wished she could chat with him happily like the sweet time before...

A slight disturbance awakened Liang Mucheng's thoughts. She bit her lip hard, watching Ren Guangxi slowly open his long and deep eyes, and looked at her silently.

Her heart beats like a drum, and all her courage bursts into a smile. "Hi, Guangxi."

He narrowed his eyes and frowned slightly. "who are you?"

"What?" She was stunned and couldn't believe it.

"Who are you? Where am I?" He asked indifferently, so cold, looking at her with no tenderness or nostalgia.

He doesn't remember her!

Liang Mucheng suddenly felt cold on her chest, and her whole body trembled.

Unexpectedly, the man has been on her mind for so many years, has forgotten about her...