The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Sweetness overload

"Sweet smile so the flowers blooming in the spring breeze..." (a song called 甜蜜蜜)

"Hey! Stop behaving like a nympho early in the morning? We need to sleep." Xiaolu said. It seems that there is such a person in every dormitory, that behaves normally most of the time, but they never know how to keep their volume down, and always wake the others up unintentionally. To maintain a peaceful relationship for years to come living in the same dorm, a sense of humor while voicing out complaints is always a better idea. How fantastic would it be to put that kind of people in the same dorm?

The person who sang was Tao Ling. Tao Ling is the only child in her family. She has the bad habits that most children without siblings have, or stigmatized to have to be more accurate. Selfish, not independent, self-centered... Actually, as long as she can stop her habit of waking Zhou Xiao up, she would have thought that Tao Ling is an adorable little girl. Tao Ling is a typical well-protected girl from young. She is a simple person and therefore, it’s difficult to get angry with her.

Tao Ling skipped happily to Zhou Xiao's bed: "Xiao, let me tell you something. My boyfriend and I did that thing already."

"Which one is it?" She was so sleepy, god, save her.

"What?" It was Xiaolu’s voice, with some disbelief.

Zhou Xiao suddenly opened her eyes wide, "Is it the one I am thinking about?"

Tao Ling smiled, blushing: "Yeap that one…"

The room fell into silence, almost everyone was up and conscious.

"What's wrong? Why aren’t yall talking?" what do you want everyone to say, madam?

"Did… did yall take protective measures?" Xiaolu asked.

"What protective measures?" Tao Ling looked innocently at Zhou Xiao who was still sitting on her bed. 
Zhou Xiao read her expressions and understood it at once, sh*t! She is old enough to at least know about sexual education.

"Well, your boyfriend has to where... condom." Zhou Xiao said.

"I don’t think he did." Tao Ling’s innocent face turned to Zhou Xiao.

"Did you take pills then? The contraceptive." Xiaolu almost screamed.

Tao Ling was startled and looked at Zhou Xiao with puppy eyes. Zhou Xiao sat up and turned to the leader in the dorm. The leader also sat up. Her name is Luo Wei, the tone-deaf who sang "Painting Heart” in the past.

"How long has it been?" the leader asked.

"Last night." Tao Ling said.

"Last night? Weren’t you sleep here last night?" Xiaolu asked.

"After you fell asleep, he texted and said he missed me, and I missed him too, so..." Tao Ling started.

"Stop! Let's talk about it later, you should take birth control pills now. There is a kind of contraceptive pill 
that can be taken after doing it, it should not be too late to take it." Zhou Xiao interrupted Tao Ling.

"You are so knowledgeable, you know so much." Tao Ling admired.

Zhou Xiao rolled her eyes, this is common sense.
The four girls arrived at the pharmacy. No one dared to approach the counter to ask which kind of pills to buy.

"What should I do? I don’t dare to ask." Tao Ling said nervously, her teeth tightly biting on her lower lip.

"You dare to do it but don’t dare to ask!" Xiaolu scolded.

Tao Ling turned to look at Zhou Xiao, please, don't use that puppy eyes to ask for help, god, what crime did she commit in the past to have such a friend?

"Don't be so fierce to her, I'll help her ask." Zhou Xiao said to Xiaolu. It feels depressing to be too soft-hearted.

Zhou Xiao slowly walked to the counter, and she felt sweat in her palms.

Standing in front of the counter was a middle-aged woman, "Auntie, may I ask if that..."

"What are you doing here? Are you sick?" Zhou Xiao was startled by the familiar voice. Goodness... She turned back to find roommates, damn it! They’ve all ran away.

Zhao Fanzhou approached her, waiting for her to answer.

"My, my belly hurts, I came to buy medicine." Zhou Xiaoqian smiled.

"Stomachache?" She smiled dryly, the kind of smile when she feels guilty.

"I'll accompany you to see doctor. Don’t take random medicine." Zhao Fanzhou held her hand, "Why are your hands so sweaty?"

"My stomach hurts, it hurts." She continued.

"Why didn’t you call me?" He sounded furious. Oh oh, when someone is getting angry, never ever challenge him.

"Wait for me here." Zhou Xiao shook his hands away and ran out to find roommates. The three girls where hiding behind the door of the entrance, peeping out carefully to take a glimpse of the situation. "Are you okay with Zhao Fanzhou knowing?" she asked Tao Ling, "then let him buy it for you?"

"Will he be willing to that?" Tao Ling was a little hesitant. She had asked her boyfriend to buy it for her before but he said he would be embarrassed and they had quarreled about it.

"Yes, I think he will." Zhou Xiao said, wondering how she should begin her sentence to tell him about it.

"Okay." Tao Ling's said determinant. Why doesn’t she utilize that kind of determination to buy the meds for herself? Zhou Xiao thought.

"Hm?" Zhao Fanzhou placed a hand on Zhou Xiao’s shoulder after she ran to him. Zhou Xiao pulled him to a corner, "Do you know Tao Ling?" He nodded and waited for her to continue. "She did... that thing with her boyfriend", his face was expressionless, but gestured her to finish talking.

"We didn't dare to ask the lady which medicine to take, so..." she peeked at his face, but there was still no expression. "Can you help her buy it?" She lowered her head and looked at her toes after saying her request. "Where is her boyfriend?" Zhao Fanzhou asked, his tone not carrying any emotion. "I think they are quarreling," she tugs at his sleeve, "please?" He glared at her. "Wait for me outside." She sighed in relief and hurried out of the pharmacy to find her roommates. They watched him walk to the counter from afar and the auntie in the pharmacy seemed to be talking to him. He then paid for the medicine.

"Your boyfriend is so handsome." Tao Ling said suddenly.

Xiaolu interrupted, "Not as handsome as your irresponsible boyfriend."

Zhou Xiao nudged Xiaolu, "Don’t be mean." "Humph!" Xiaolu snorted.

Ten minutes later, he came out of the pharmacy and threw the box of medicine to her hands and walked away. How embarrassing was that? The auntie in the pharmacy has just told him that he should not let his girlfriend take medicine for his own comfort because it is bad for her health……

After Zhou Xiao gave the medicine to her dorm mates, she quickly followed him, holding his palm. His expression tells her he was pissed...So pissed...

"By the way, why did you go to the pharmacy just now?" Zhou Xiao suddenly remembered.

"You still remembered to ask about me huh?" He’s so sour...

"Of course, I care about you the most, tell me." She shook his hands.

"Buy band-aid." He said coolly.

"Are you injured? Where’s your wound?" Zhou Xiao stopped and looked at him nervously.

"No, the band-aid in the wallet is used up, and I pass by the pharmacy and thought I should buy some 
more." In reality, he went in because he saw them in the pharmacy acting suspiciously.

"They all said you are so handsome, are you proud." Zhou Xiao flattered.

"Pleasure." His attitude... She wanted to beat him up!

"I also think you are handsome and love you so much... what should I do?"
The corner of his mouth rose slightly, and he still said angrily: "Pleasure." You better feel honored!

"Well, well. Shall we go for breakfast? I didn't eat breakfast and I'm so hungry." 

"Its already so late and you haven’t eaten your breakfast? You don’t have morning classes today. You were going to sleep until noon, aren’t you? I called you in the morning your phone was turned me off." He said. 
His assumptions were spot on. Of course she would have turned off her phone. Or she would have an unwanted morning alarm from him.

"Nah” she dismissed it. Let's go get some breakfast. I’m starving to death. You are so naggy." She yawned.

"What to eat?" Naggy, did she just called him baggy?

She heaved a sigh of relief at his change of topic. This person interrogates like James Bond. She smiled, "I want steamed dumplings with chive stuffing."

He thought for a while and said, "Don't eat chives."


"Your mouth will stink."

"It’s my mouth that stinks, not yours. It’s my freedom."

"You don’t kiss yourself but I do." Oh, it makes sense to say so.