Autumn's concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 1.1

Autumn's Concerto

Chapter 1.1 - The 1st stop: Young Master and Bento girl * Encounter (1)

He wanted to go, but Mucheng refused to give in. "Sir, you can't go. You still haven't solved the problem. Not everyone is like you. Have time to spare to pique, date, and hinder others..."

Where did this messenger of justice come from?

"Miss, do you know? Minding other people’s business can bring you trouble."

[Fish market]
After moving from boxes to boxes, Liang Mucheng rushed to the boss immediately, ``Boss, hope you didn’t forget the thing I specifically ordered yesterday?''

"Of course!" the boss smiled. "I kept for you one of the best wild grouper."

"Boss you told me that I get the employee discount, so it is exactly two thousand, right?" 
Saying, Liang Mucheng took out the money from her carry-on bag and wanted to give it to the boss, but he shook his head. "You are doing well working for me. Consider these two thousand dollars as extra bonuses for your work.''

"Really?" Liang Mucheng's eyes lit up. "Thank you, boss, thank you!" She kept thanking him and carefully put two thousand dollars back in her bag. The entrance fee for the general examination is finally settled. This is great.
She happily took a bag of live fish from her boss and ran out in a hurry. In order to keep the fish fresh, she had to rush back to the school restaurant within an hour.
When she ran to the bus station, the bus just came. She jumped into the car neatly and found a seat in the last row to avoid the sun.

Holding a bag of fish, she inevitably emits a smell of fish, and nearby passengers cast disgusting glances at her. But she has become accustomed to it and does not care. She took out the English reference book and revised the words.

The bus was standing close to the station, a group of children happily got on the ground, humming some kind of tune in a mess, Liang Mucheng was stunned, she could hear that the melody was [C string song]. It was a song she loved to play when she was a child, and also her father’s favourite song. She unknowingly went into a daze, listening, tapping her fingers on the reference book, pretending to be playing the piano, and turning a row of black and white keys into magic…

Why do you still play? Your dad spoiled you too much! You had everything from a young age. But he is dead now. He’s gone! But only left me a pile of debt, you will have nothing in the future just like me! Do you understand? No piano, no birthday party, nothing!

The little aunt's hysterical screaming resounded in her mind, she stopped, staring blankly at her hand. Although her hands were more slender than they were when she was a child, her hands were no longer tender, and her fingers were covered with frostbite marks.

This is a pair of hands are not worthy of the piano. From a long time ago, she gave up her dream of playing the piano. It was really a long long time ago…

Liang Mucheng gritted her teeth and forced herself to continue to recite words. What dreams and memories are in vain. Now for her, it is the most important thing to pass the general exam.


The bus swayed in vain for a while, the driver stepped on the brakes in a hurry, all the passengers in the car turned upside down, Liang Mucheng’s hand couldn't help but slip, and she watched the fish bag slide out...


"Get out"

A bright and beautiful sports car listened unrestrainedly in the middle of the road, blocking the way in front the bus, and a pair of handsome men and women were on the car, totally disregarding the inconvenience their behaviour caused to others, arguing continually.

"Why should I get off the car?" The beauty protested squeakily. "Are you jealous? Well, for you, I can lose everything!" As she said, she removed the brand-name earrings and diamond watch, even the high-heels on her feet. "Is that all right? I’ll throw away all of the things I got from other men. Can you stop being jealous?"

"Who said I'm jealous?" The handsome man sneered, his eyes squinting evilly. "I'm giving you the opportunity to leave the world's worst man, which is me, Ren Guangxi! Now get out."

The beauty was stunned. When she saw that he was serious, she immediately changed her attitude and acted wronged and coquettish: ``Guangxi, don't treat me like this, I really like you.''
‘Like me? Okay then, shed a tear for me within the next ten seconds to prove how much you like me.''

The beauty blinked desperately, but her eyes were very dry. She couldn't squeeze tears sadly. She was annoyed suddenly: ``Ren Guangxi, are you playing me? I tell you, no matter what you say, I will never break up with you!''

No, is it necessary to hang on him like this?

Ren Guangxi is so arrogant but funny, obviously, he is a world-class rotten person, why are these women hanging onto him one by one? He sneered at the lips, just about to speak when a disgusting smell rushed into his nose, he frowning in disgust, his eyes turned, and saw a young girl standing in front of the sports car. She has quite the looks, delicate and pretty, but it was a pity her dressing was simple and old fashioned, and she held a bag of smelly fish in her arms.

She is indeed Liang Mucheng, ``Sir, I don’t want to interrupt your conversation, but can you please drive the car to the side for a while, let the bus through and you guys can continue talking?''

Ren Guangxi sneered: "I'm sorry, she wanted to talk, but I am not interested." Then, he jumped out of the car door dashingly, and threw the key to Zhang Aili behind him, "I don't want the car anymore, take it. Think of it as a parting gift."

He wanted to go, but Mucheng refused to give in. "Sir, you can't go. You still haven't solved the problem. Not everyone is like you. Have time to spare to pique, date, and hinder others..."

Where did this messenger of justice come from?

"Miss, do you know? Minding other people’s business can bring you trouble. For instance, guy might suddenly be interested in you." He said as he approached Mu Orange evilly.

Mu Orange retreated back intuitively.
Zhang Aili saw that her boyfriend was flirting with other girls and became more violent. She also got out of the car and shouted at Mu Mucheng: "hey, we are in a relationship, what’s your problem? Go away!"

"It's you who should get away?"

A bunch of three aunts and six wives on the bus watched Ren Guangxi and Zhang Aili's overbearing unreasonableness, and couldn't help but refute her.

``These two young people are really unreasonable! Miss, dont waste your breathe trying to reason with them, you should just beat some sense into people like this! Yeah just give him a slap.'' A group of people clamoured for Mu Orange to show justice.

But how could Mu Cheng beat someone for no reason? She was hesitating, but Ren Guangxi whispered in her ear: "Miss, I admire your courage, but you’re hurting my pride a little. You should give me a way to save face. How about this, can you help me with something?"

"What thing?" Mu Orange wondered.

Ren Guangxi just smiled, reached out and pushed her onto the sports car, then grabbed the car key from Zhang Aili and inserted it into the keyhole for her. "Well, if you want this car to move, drive it away yourself."

"But I don't know how to drive."

"It's very simple, I will teach you." He spoke softly. "First step on the brakes, then step on the accelerator, and then start the engine... yes, that's it."

Mu Orange followed his instructions, which seems to have a motive, but when she found something was wrong, the sports car has suddenly backed up and hit the bus ---.