Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 11.3

Chapter 11.3 - An Unlockable Past (Part 3)

    After Ma Yiyi finished speaking, she saw Zeng Li quickly combed her hair, dressed and changed her pants.

    "What are you doing?"

    "I'm going to Ai Jingchu to testify for me and make it clear to them."

    "He's gone." Ma Yiyi said.


    "Yeah, check out after breakfast."

    "How do you know?"

    "Oh, it's another story." Ma Yiyi smugly betrayed her.


    "He came back from outside to eat breakfast, and he met colleagues from your unit in the restaurant. A group of aunts gathered around him to ask for his mobile phone number, saying that they would no longer have to get up and line up before dawn when they registered for a slot at A Hospital as they have acquaintances in the A hospital. In order to express their gratitude, they promise to take care of you for Ai Jingchu and not let you suffer in the unit, but guess what he said?"

    Zeng Li thought for a while and replied, "I don't know Zeng Li!" Especially with Ai Jingchu's expression and tone, the dignity and hope of the aunts must have been shattered instantly.


    "Who is Zeng Li?"

    "Wrong, wrong, wrong."

    "What did he say?"

    "He said 'thank you'."

    "Thank you?" Zeng Li was stunned.

    "So, you plead guilty and accept punishment." Ma Yiyi pinched Zeng Li's cheek with a smile.

    Ai Jingchu walked back to the place where he parked last night alone. There were staff from the scenic spot removing snow along the way. When he got to the middle of the mountain, he saw his car.

    There was snow on the hood and roof.

    He don't know which child drew a big heart on the snow on the hood, and a few tourists who looked like students next to the heart also added an arrow that passed through the heart. He walked over slowly, and a girl with big eyes noticed him. When he took out the key and pressed the remote control, the car beeped and the lights in the car came on. Only then did the tourists realize that Ai Jingchu was the owner of the car, so they exclaimed one after another and ran away.

    The girl with big eyes didn't react so quickly, she stayed where she was, and was caught.

    After running a distance, a few people looked back and found that Ai Jingchu didn't intend to ignore them at all, so they stopped in place, pointed at the girl, and laughed happily.

    A boy who seemed to be her boyfriend laughed and pulled her unresponsive, "Nan, let's go."

    Only then did she regain her senses and hurried away.

    As soon as she moved, the phone in her pocket fell out. After running a few steps, she realized it. When she turned around, she found that Ai Jingchu had already picked it up for her.

    "Thanks," said the girl, "we didn't touch your car."

    Suddenly, Ai Jingchu asked something inexplicable: "How old are you?"

    The girl was stunned, "Nineteen."

    Ai Jingchu stood for a while, then opened the door and got on the car.


    It is a very far age from him.

    Most of the graduate students he brought were in their twenties, and some were even on-the-job doctors sent by lower-level hospitals for training, so some were much older than him.

    He is smarter than the average person in school and spends less time, but he has no time to think about anything else. What are the other nineteens doing? The age of freshman and sophomore is the age when you can fall in love at will.

    And fifteen years old?

    When wearing the seat belt, Ai Jingchu turned around and saw the mineral water on the passenger seat. One bottle was full, and he drank half of the other.

    He couldn't help reaching out and picked up the half bottle of water and looked at it.

    Like many of his peers, he has a slight obsession with cleanliness, whether eating utensils or otherwise. For example, when Zeng Li got his hands dirty in the morning, the first thing he did when he got to the top of the mountain was to go to Dongshan Temple to pick up a basin of cold water and wash his hands. As for the overnight water, it is never imported, so he hardly drinks the bottled water after opening it.

    However, at this moment, he unscrewed the cap of the bottle and raised his head to take a sip.

    The clear liquid slowly flowed into the mouth from the mouth of the bottle, and slid into the body along the esophagus following the swallowing of the throat.

    It’s cold~

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