Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2 - An Unlockable Past (Part 3)

    "I've been in love with the same person since I was fifteen years old. With my personality, I liked him first and chased him foolishly for many years. When we came here that day, he said that if we threw the key of the lock away, then we can never be separated.

    "It's silly, naive, and ridiculous, isn't it? When you're in a relationship, your IQ seems to decrease. Later, I went to Dongshan many times, but I didn't dare to come here. But last night I thought about it again, and I thought, come and see. Let's see if that thing is really still there."

    After listening to her words, Ai Jingchu turned his eyes away and did not speak for a long time.

    Zeng Li smiled bitterly, "I really..."

    She regretted that she was being blunt. Usually, she seldom talked about it with others, even with Ma Yiyi and the others, but she complained to Ai Jingchu under such circumstances.

    Some people have already walked from the cliff one after another, and some people later walked towards the Sun Viewing Cliff, which is the only way to go to watch the sun on foot. Occasionally one or two passing tourists looked at Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu curiously, but most of them were in a hurry to go to the eastern cliff, wanting to catch the last-minute scenery, and didn't care about anything else.

    "It always trouble everytime you meet me," she said. "I'm sorry."

    At this moment, the sun has completely escaped from the cover of the clouds, and jumped out, emitting a fiery red light, soft and warm. Ai Jingchu stood opposite Zeng Li, with his back facing the sunrise. His entire face was turned against the light, so she couldn't see his expression clearly. After a long time, she heard him sigh and say, "Show me your hand."


    "The sprained one."

    Zeng Li raised her left hand to Ai Jingchu's eyes.

    Her skeleton is thin, so her fingers are thin and long, which is very beautiful, but the second knuckle of her ring finger is bulged like a pimple on a tree trunk, which looks out of place.

    He took it and look it over and over again.

    At this moment, her hands were pitch-dark and wet, making his hands dirty too.

    "It should be a ganglion cyst." He came to a conclusion after letting go of that hand.

    "It's been many years, other than it being ugly, it is really nothing major."

    He didn't speak any more.

    Suddenly, Zeng Li saw Wu Wanxia and a few colleagues swaying upward, getting closer and closer to her and Ai Jingchu. Zeng Li suddenly became nervous. Wu Wanxia is the most famous gossiper in the whole unit. As soon as something comes to her, the influence of the gossip can be doubled. If she sees herself crying here, she doesn't know what she will ask, not to mention there is also Ai Jingchu next to her.

    Either one is enough for her. Married and unmarried women in government units, the fun of killing time during work, the first is to introduce people to people, and the second is to spread gossip around them.

    Zeng Li quickly rubbed her face, wiped away the tears, and then said to Ai Jingchu, "Where are you going?"

    "Up the mountain."

"Then I'll go down the mountain." After saying that, she walked in the opposite direction.

    It wasn't even eight o'clock when she got back to the hotel, she felt sleepy, so she took off her clothes and went to sleep, but she fell asleep until Ma Yiyi knocked on her door.

    "God, are you here for vacation or sleep? The sun is going down, you haven't gotten up yet?" Ma Yiyi frowned at her messy hair.

    "What time is it? Is it dark already?" She yawned while rubbing her face. The curtains are so thick that you can't see the outside at all.

    "Boss, the sun is going down is just a metaphor."

    "Oh." She was still a little confused.

    "It's already lunch time. Your colleagues asked me to invite you to hurry down."

    Zeng Li slowly got up and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face, and go to the toilet.

    "When will the handsome guy come back?" Ma Yiyi asked loudly while sitting on the bed outside.

    "What handsome guy?" She wondered, holding the toothpaste foam.

    "My God, Zeng Li, how did you end up like this after you escaped my sight for a day?" Ma Yiyi used this word for the second time, then jumped up and said, "Don't cover up, before I went upstairs, i heard last night's glorious deed, your boyfriend saved the world!"

    "Pfft—" Zeng Li spurted out a mouthful of water.

    She wiped the foam on her mouth with her hand and rushed out to ask, "What did you say?"

    So, Ma Yiyi vividly repeated to her what she had just heard from Zeng Li’s colleague .

    Zeng Li screamed, "Wu Wanxia's big mouth, I admit that I know Ai Jingchu, and the other sentence is not true."

    "They also said that you went down the mountain mysteriously by yourself, just to pick him up and come to Dongshan to accompany you."

    "I'm there to pick you up!" Zeng Li was angry.

    "Yes," Ma Yiyi recalled, "but didn't you say that there are many colleagues with you?"

    "This matter will be explained later."

    "They also said you were going to see the sunrise together."


    "They also said..."

    "say what?"

    "You hide it, and you don't introduce such a handsome, rich and handsome boyfriend to everyone. If it weren't for the unexpected situation yesterday, you would have fooled them again. It's no wonder that so many people were introduced to you before, but you didn't like it. The famous flower has its owner."

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