Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 8.2

intense love

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Chapter 8.2 - Recognised (1)

    Little Wei frowned, "Sister JinBei, what's wrong with you?"

    Su Jinbei turned to look at her, "Bring me the wheelchair."

    "Do you want to go out?"

    "I'm going to see Dr. Zhou, no, Zhou Shiyun ..." It may be a coincidence, if it is really that person, how could he not know who she is.

    No, with her and Zhou Shiyun's interactions so far, she should have understood his temperament. This strange person pretending not to know her is normal. Maybe he was just like her and had an indifferent attitude towards this marriage.

    Su Jinbei felt a little funny, it turned out that she had always despised and been annoyed at, the Zhou family’s 2nd grandson, had always been by her side.

    No wonder her mother came that day and went away happily ...

    No wonder Zhou Shiyun said that he had a fiancee.

    Su Jinbei sat in a wheelchair and was pushed by a small wai to the place where Zhou Shiyun was.

    When she arrived at the door, Zhou Shiyun was stitching his wound, and the doctor who stitching the wound was talking to him, "Shi Yun, you will give me such a big gift the moment I come back. You are too kind."

    Zhou Shiyun's faint voice came, "Yuansong, the patient yesterday ..."

    "You take care of yourself first. I heard about the patient yesterday. He was so badly injured that he couldn't have survived. Don't blame yourself."

    "No, I don't blame myself." Zhou Shiyun frowned, "I an just thinking that if there is such a patient in the future, is there a better way to save him"

    The doctor who sutured the wound was obviously a little helpless, "Can't you put anything else in your head, you medical nerd."

    Zhou Shiyun did not speak.

    At this time, Su Jinbei motioned to Xiao wai to push her forward. After entering, she could clearly see Zhou Shiyun's face. The upper part of his forehead was knocked, and blood flowed down the right cheek, looking very scary.

    "That man hit you so heavily," Su Jinbei said distressingly. Of course, she distressed for his beautiful face. And the man with that face ... Su Jinbei's was so mad at the moment.

    The man who dared to not show up at the engagement banquet, and the man who dared to blatantly despise her! How can Su Jinbei, who always prides herself as the beauty of the heavenly gods,  not get angry!

    As soon as she opened her mouth, both doctors looked up. Zhou Shiyun's tone was cold, "Why are you here?"

    Su Jinbei's hands were on her chest, her eyebrows slightly raised, "I saw the scene just now. I'm just here to see if Dr. Zhou is okay. If your face is ruined, how sad I would be. "

    Zhou Shiyun, "..."

    The doctor who sutured the wound chuckled softly. "Sure enough, as Qing Wei said, Miss Su is a wonderful person."

    Su Jinbei only looked at the person who spoke, with a gentle look and elegant temperament, "You are?"

    "Xiao Yuansong, Miss Su, I have been admiring you for a long time." Xiao Yuansong said that he cut the satire thread.

    Su Jinbei, "I remembered that Xiao Wei said that he still has a senior brother oversea during this period of time.That must be you."

    Xiao Yuansong nodded. "Miss Su specially came to see Shi Yun's injury. It seems that you have a good relationship."

    Zhou Shiyun looked indifferent, looking like he denied it.

    Su Jinbei looked at Zhou Shiyun's eyes narrowed. It’s fine that he hadn't seen her before, but even after seeing her. Zhou Shiyun, what with your attitude? Do you find me that unbearable? I don't believe you are such a heartless monk!

    "Of course it's great," Su Jinbei turned her wheelchair to Zhou Shiyun's side, hooking his arm particularly warmly. "He was the doctor who saved my life. I can’t thank you enough. Doctor Zhou. "

    Xiao Yuansong's mouth twitched, looking at Zhou Shiyun's eyes a little surprised, "I've been away for two months, Shi Yun, the situation has changed so much.

    Zhou Shiyun calmly pulled Su Jinbei's hand away, "Miss Su, please go back to the ward."

    "I'm fine, I have nothing, but I was very worried about you so I came to see you." Su Jinbei lowered her eyes, the haze flashed in her eyes, but when she looked up again, her eyes were flowing and charming, very charming, "Don't refuse it, Zhou, Shi, Yun."

    Zhou Shiyun looked stagnant and looked at her unexpectedly ...

    In the evening, He Di came to the ward and found that Miss Su, her family, was sitting on the bed with a smile on her face.

    "What's wrong with you, what expression?" He Di put down the food in his hand and sat down beside the bed.

    Su Jinbei's puzzling peachy eyes raised upward, "He Di, do you know who Dr. Zhou is."

    "Ah? Dr. Zhou is Dr. Zhou, who else can he be>"

    "I mean, do you know what his name is."

    He Di was stunned. "I didn't pay attention to this. Anyway, we usually used to call him “Dr. Zhou”. What's wrong, if you want to ask someone's name, then you can directly ask the staff of the hospital. What are you planning, Su Jinbei? Let me tell you first, don’t butt your head into the hospital’s business. Dr. Zhou is good looking, but he is an outsider, an ordinary person ... "

    "Do I need to do anything to him," Su Jinbei interrupted He Di, "this man is mine from the start."

    "Fine, everyone is yours."

    "He is Zhou Shiyun, tell me is he is mine?"

    "Oh ... ah ?!" He Di stared, "Zhou Shiyun? You said, he is Zhou Shiyun, the fiance who ditched you at the engagement banquet?"

    "You are looking for a fight, what ditched me, and I also ditched him!" Su Jinbei controlled her face, unhappy. I am no means ugly when it comes to figure or looks. That person is so rude, and my heart hurts when I think about it. You say, why would he do this?

    He Di pondered for a while, "Dr. Zhou is really capable, if you look at his family background, let alone his looks, he ..."

    Before hse finished, He Di listened to Su Jinbei's eerie voice, "He Di, whose side are you on?"

    He Di choked and made a zipping gesture.

    Su Jinbei leaned down on the side of the pillow, and the fine long white leg that was not injured hung on the side of the bed swayed for a moment. "But indeed, I didn’t expect my fiance to be so suitable to my appetite. I almost couldn't bear to blame him, but fortunately I calmed my mind. "

    He Di, "..."

    "But don't worry, I won't just forget about him ditching the engagement. Down the road, I must make him admit that he was wrong."