Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1 - Recognised (1)

Su Jinbei put on clothes, put on a mask, and walked out of the ward with the help of Xiao Wei.

    In the hall in front of the nurse's station, the patients' families were making a mess. A woman in her fifties was sitting on the ground, rebuking the hospital, and her scolding was also accompanied by a anguish wailing. The family members standing near her were all scolding the nurse.

    Su Jinbei frowned slightly.

    At this moment, she saw Zhou Shiyun in casual clothes appear in the hall.

    Su Huangbei's heart tightened, and she felt that his appearance was not good timing. She just wanted Xiao Wai to secretly remind Zhou Shiyun that the family members in the hall had recognized him.

    "It's him. It was the same person who operated Mingming yesterday!" The middle-aged man yelled.

    The family members looked at the other people, and another woman said, "Lousy hospital and lousy doctor! My nephew even looked at me after the operation and smiled at me! If the operation obviously went well, how can he pass away early this morning! Do you even know how to treat patients! "

    "Yes! Hope then disappointment! You are a quack doctor!"

    "You return my son to me, return my son to me!"


    With such overwhelming cursing and mourning, Su Jinbei saw Zhou Shiyun stunned. Obviously, he did not expect the situation at this moment. "Dr. Zhou, they were the family members of Ge Shanming's patient yesterday." The little nurse explained with a pale face, somewhat frightened.

    Zhou Shiyun, "Last night's car accident patient?"


    "Yes, we are obviously family members. We came for an explanation! Why did he pass away today!"

    Zhou Shiyun frowned, "The patient suffered a chest injury in a car accident, which caused a rib fracture and hemorrhagic pneumothorax. A lot of bleeding caused secondary hypertension. In addition, the brain was seriously injured. He was still in critical condition after yesterday's rescue. He probably wasn't able to make it. ”

    "Don't tell me so many words that I don't understand, I only know that he obviously died in your hospital!"

    Several nurses hurriedly said, "We have already tried our best to rescue the patient. A dead person can't be resurrected. Please restrain your mourning."

    "I don't care, you return my son to me, my Ge family has a single male descendant, you return my son to me." The middle-aged man yelled.

    Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips. He had performed many operations, saved many lives on his hands, and sadly also lost some lives. For death, he has long accepted it. But towards medicine, he has an almost obsessive attitude. If he can't save that person, he also feels very lost. Watching the patient's family curse him at the moment, Zhou Shiyun was slightly lost. Perhaps last night, there might be better treatments, but he hasn't reached that ability, so he ultimately wasn’t able to live that life?

    "Dr. Zhou !!"

    "Shi Yun !!"

    Zhou Shiyun only lost his mind for a moment, and an overly agitated middle-aged man suddenly lifted the glass sign in front of the nurse's station and slammed it into Zhou Shiyun's head.

    It happened so suddenly that the little nurse next to him and a doctor running in the distance exclaimed.

    Su Jinbei was also shocked. She subconsciously wanted to rush forward, but her feet did not allow her to do so at all. Xiaowei pulled Su Jinbei who nearly fell, "Sister Jinbei, be careful!"

    Su Jinbei was supported by Xiao Wai and barely stood firm. She looked at the front with a stunned face, and suddenly she was in a trance.

    At this time, the security personnel and police from the hospital arrived. Although the scene was a mess, the crazy family members were controlled.

    "Sister Jinbei, let's go back to the room first, the police are all here, and Dr. Zhou will be fine."

    Su Jinbei reacted slowly. She slowly looked up, a little shocked and a little dazed. "Little Wei, did you hear that?"

    The assistant wondered, "What I heard."

    "Shi Yun?" Su JinBei looked at the crowd, but the figure in the crowd was gone. "Someone just called, Shi Yun?"

    "Ah, it seems to be, it should be Dr. Zhou's name." Xiao Wai said, "Sister Jinbei, the situation is so messy now, let's go back quickly."

    After Xiao Wei finished her speech, she found that Su Huangbei's expression was a bit strange.

    It was a look of unbelief, incredulous, and extreme absurdity.