Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 7.2 - Problem (2)

The woman froze, "Wh... what."

    Zhou Shiyun still has a light and breezy look, "It may cause unnecessary trouble and may give you a bad reputation. Let's not contact each other privately."

    The woman's face is pale, and the bad reputation …. like a mistress?

    Ashamed and angry … The woman glared at him, turned around and stumbled away.

    Su Jinbei finally laughed out loud at this time, "Xiaowei, did you hear Xiaowei, your senior brother is really superb."

    Lin Qingwei quickly went to cover her mouth, but it was too late.

    Zhou Shiyun spotted them and walked towards them. Lin Qingwei was slightly embarrassed, "Senior brother, we are not eavesdropping, we accidentally passed by here."

    Zhou Shiyun didn't say anything, just looked down at someone who was over the moon.

    Su Jinbei was still drunk in the scene just now, "Dr. Zhou, do you all refuse girls like this? Engagement can also be made up blindly."

    Zhou Shiyun, "Blindly?"

    "Otherwise, is it true? Xiaowei told me that you are a single dog."

    Lin Qingwei quickly shook his head, "I said single, single! Absolutely a single dog!"

    Zhou Shiyun, "…"

    Su Jinbei shook her head, "I said Dr. Zhou, anyway, you are so good looking, how can you have such a strange temper, and the woman's luck will be exhausted by you."

    Lin Qingwei was taken aback, and quickly pulled Su JinBei to prevent her from talking nonsense, his senior brother is not someone who can be teased casually like this.

    To his surprise, Zhou Shiyun did not respond with dissatisfaction.

    Su Jinbei pulled Zhou Shiyun's clothes, "Hey, to be serious, I heard that my family talked to you yesterday, what did you tell them."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, "Condition of the patient."

    "That's it?"

    "What else do I need to say?"

    Su Jinbei pouted, "Okay, but I was in a car accident anyway, how did you manage to make my mother's leave happily like that."

    Zhou Shiyun remembered what Zhao Xueyan said yesterday, "With you there, I feel relieved for Jinbei".

    This is probably why she left happily?

    "Dr. Zhou?"

    Zhou Shiyun recovered and said, "You did not die from the car accident and your injuries are not serious. In addition, it is about to recover. Shouldn't your mother be happy?"

    Su Jinbei was stunned for a while, that seems reasonable.

    Zhou Shiyun was too lazy to care about the two and walked past them. Su Jinbei quickly made Lin Qingwei turn around. "Eh, Dr. Zhou, I have more to say."

    However, Zhou Shiyun did not stop, "Sorry, I have a surgery."

    After Zhou Shiyun left, Lin Qingwei only scratched the back of his head and muttered, "Isn't this surgery just over."

    The little nurses found that Miss Su liked to ask questions that others did not dare to ask. As colleagues who have been with Dr. Zhou for a long time, they tend to squeeze a sweat for this big star.

    They all know the temper of Dr. Zhou, this temperament is cold, and he didn't like to communicate. If you make any professional mistakes, he will not reprimand you but will make you ashamed and angry with his gaze. If you want to gossip with him during break time, you will end up with a long silence.

    Everyone knows that in this hospital, apart from Dr. Lin Qingwei and Dr. Xiao Yuansong who went abroad during this period, very few people can talk to Dr. Zhou. Therefore, the inexplicable topics that Miss Su said in front of Dr. Zhou always surprised and dumbfounded them.

    On this day, the little nurse change Su Jinbei's dressing.

    When she was wrapping up Su Jinbei, she heard Su Jinbei looked curiously at Zhou Shiyun, who was recording down things at the side, "Dr. Zhou, can I ask you what secret you have to fair skin, what do you usually eat?"

    The nurse was stunned for a moment, and her hands almost moved.

    "You are a doctor, you must know a lot of internal self-care tips, right?"

    Zhou Shiyun looked at Su Jinbei, who was full of smiles, and spit out two words, "I don't know."

    "Don't know? So you mean you are naturally handsome."

    The little nurse kept her head down silently to continue her work, and at the same time, she a chill behind her.

    "Eh, where are you going." Su Jinbei looked at Zhou Shiyun who was about to leave the ward and yelled at him quickly.

    "Nurse Liu will attend to you, it is fine that I am not around next time."

    As the patient's doctor in charge, Zhou Shiyun was originally obliged to answer the patient's questions, but he also felt that Su Yunbei's questions were too surprising and he was unwilling to answer, so he simply took the best policy.

    "No, we haven't finished talking yet."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced back at her, "Were we talking?"

    Su JinBei pursed her lips, "I thought we were?"

    Zhou Shiyun paused and resolutely left the ward.

    Early in the morning the next day, Su Jinbei woke up to a series of loud noises. There seems to be very little reason that there can be such a noisy situation on the VIP ward.

    "Xiao Wai."

    "Eh Sister JinBei." The assistant came through the door. "You woke up, would you like something to eat."

    "I'm not hungry yet." Su Jinbei sat up from the bed. "What's wrong outside, so noisy."

    Little Wai, "I just saw several people coming in here. I heard the nurse say that it was the family members of a car accident patient yesterday. The patient died and the family members came to make trouble."

    Su Jinbei motioned for Xiao Wai to come over to help, and then limped into the bathroom to freshen up, "Why come to make trouble, is it a problem with the doctor?"

    "I don't know. It is said that the car accident patient was already dying when he was brought over. After several hours of rescue, it only allowed him to survive a few more hours. He died in the early morning."

    Su Jinbei frowned lightly, "So it doesn't conern the hospital. Is there anybody in taking charge of the situation?"

    "Early early in the morning, most people haven't come to work yet. Sister Jinbei, I think the family is too sad and muddled. How can they put all the blame on the doctor." Xiao Wai shook her head and sighed again, "Dr. Zhou and his team are too unlucky."

    "Cough cough cough." Su Jinbei was almost choked by mouthwash, she exclaimed, "You said, it was Dr. Zhou who performed the surgery yesterday? The same doctor who also operated on me?"

    "There were several doctors at that time, and Dr. Zhou was also one of them. At this time, not sure if Dr. Zhou had come to the hospital yet. If he came, he would be hit by those family members, and I don't know what would happen."

    "Quickly, get me a mask. I'm going to check it out."

    "Eh JinBei, there are too many people, it is not good if u go."

    Su Jinbei didn't care about this, "I must go and see, what if my family Dr. Zhou gets bullied."