Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - Problem (1)

Su Jinbei only stayed in the hotel for one night, and the next day she asked her agent and assistant to go through the hospitalization procedure, she secretly lay back in the ward.

    "Big star, you are finally back, I miss you till death." Lin Qingwei exaggerated, "What do you keep running around like this, you might hurt your legs again."

    "There is suddenly something urgent." Su JinBei raised an eyebrow at him. "Didn't I come back? I'll definitely recover completely before I leave."

    "It's a must, eh, right. You didn't tell your family about your discharge yesterday? They came to see you for nothing."

    Su Jinbei coughed twice, "Oh, you saw, what did they say."

    "I didn't say anything, but Senior Brother talked with your family for a long time."

    "Dr Zhou?" Su Jinbei was surprised, "What did they say?"

    "Why would I know, they talk privately, your family is very enthusiastic about Dr Zhou, and then they happily left after talking to him, did you not meet with them after?"

    "Happily left?" Su Jinbei leaned on the pillow and tapped on the bedside table with one hand. "Where is Dr Zhou, I want to talk to him."

    "His surgery should have just ended."

    Su Jinbei nodded and said to the assistant who was packing her luggage, "Xiao Wai, help me push the wheelchair over."

    "Ok, Sister Beibei."

    Lin Qingwei, "You are going now?"

    "Yeah." Su Jinbei was helped by her assistant over to the wheelchair. "Xiaowei, why haven't you left, are you free?"

    "I didn't arrange anything to do today, let's go, I will push you to find him."

    Therefore, Su Jinbei pushed out the ward by Lin Qingwei.

    The Vip Ward area had relatively few people, and together with Su Jinbei's disguise, she did not attract attention.

    "Xiaowei, why do you called Dr. Zhou, "Senior Brother"?" Idle and bored, Su Jinbei talked about it.

    "Because my senior brother and I graduated from the same university, I am two years younger than him," Lin Qingwei said. "My senior brother was famous in school, so I recognized him as soon as I arrived at this hospital."

    "Famous?" Su Jinbei murmured, "Yes, is it impossible not be famous with looks like that."

    "That's not entirely because of his appearance and ability. His brother always placed first in school. Anyway, he was the apple of every teacher's eyes."

    "Ha, he looks capable, but his personality is just a bit weird."

    Lin Qingwei smiled, "This is true, Senior Brother does not like to talk, and his temperament is cold. I haven't seen him interested in anything not medical related. But it doesn't affect his popularity."

    "Yeah." Su Jinbei came in with interest. "A lot of people chase him?"

    "Of course…" Lin Qingwei suddenly gave a sudden smile on his face, "Hey, look, there one right now."

    Su Jinbei looked forward along Lin Qingwei's line of sight. Sure enough, a man and a woman stood facing the corner of the stairs.

    The women wore fashionable clothes, obviously not a hospital staff, probably patients or their families.

    At this moment, the woman looked at the male doctor who was clearly distracted and said timidly, "Dr. Zhou, can you give me your mobile phone number."

    Su Huangbei stretched her neck and wanted to hear how he would answer.

    Lin Qingwei looked at his brother indifferently, but shook his head sadly, "This isn't the first few …"

    Sure enough, Zhou Shiyun lived up to Lin Qingwei's expectations and looked at the girl alienatedly and uncertainly. "Your younger brother's injury is all right. If you still have problems, you can contact the hospital."

    "Then, can't I contact you directly."

    Zhou Shiyun paused, "It should not be necessary."

    The woman bit her lip and opened up, "Dr Zhou, actually, I actually want your phone number not because of my brother, but because of, because of myself."

    Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, "Are you sick?"

    "… not ill."

    "Then why do you need my number?"

   The woman stiffen.

    Not far away, Su Jinbe tried to control herself from laughing out loud. This man is so disinterested and tactless, the only reason why a woman asks you for a number is because she is sick?

    The woman spoke again, this time she said in a huff, "Dr Zhou, I like you, I really like you, so I want your number, I hope we can contact more in the future."

    Lin Qingwei wow, she is quite brave, I don't know what excuse brothers will use to shut her mouth this time.

    The next second, Lin Qingwei heard Zhou Shiyun said lightly, "Oh, unfortunately, I can't contact you more."


    "Because I am engaged."

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