The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - Not Familiar

“I have a boyfriend again. Although it is still the original one, I just like him very much."

After Zhao Fanzhou came back, there were a lot of things that kept him busy: going through the formalities of re-entry and boarding, re-starting the work of the student union, making up for the lessons that had been dropped, and "Get familiar" with Zhou Xiao---- she did not expect to be a casual word to cause her so much trouble. Like now, she was waiting stupidly downstairs the administrative building, waiting for him to finish a stupid meeting. The past Zhou Xiao used to stick to him. As long as he was free, she would make use of every second and every inch, but it was also because he didn’t have much free time too. 

Now, he has even lesser time, but under the pretext of “familiarity”, she always has to accompany him everywhere, self-study, formalities, purchase of daily necessities, meetings. Others are okay, but she really can't stand the meeting, because other things are still with him, as for this, she is just loitering outside waiting for the meeting to end. She wants to go back to watch her Taiwan variety shows. Before clearly answering her phone, she repeatedly told herself not to agree to go to the meeting with him, but she didn't know why. When she hung up the phone, she had already started changing clothes and preparing to go with him.

Zhao Fanzhou came out after the meeting and watched her wait with her mouth pouted. He actually didn’t want her to wait. He doesn't know why. Because of her “unfamiliar” sentence, he was always uneasy and always wanted to know what she is doing at every moment. He wants to see her as soon as he turns around.

"Okay, let's go eat."

"Ok." She looked listless.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Anything." How serious she used to be about eating, but today she seems so casual about it.

During the meal, Zhou Xiao ate one bite at a time and poked the rice from time to time. In fact, she was quite depressed. She used to stick to him. She used to wait for him for a meeting. She often even waited for several hours, she would still endure
hardship gladly. But now she felt angry simply after waiting for more than half an hour.

Zhao Fanzhou bowed his head to eat, but the afterglow of his eyes aimed at her from time to time. Seeing her so absent-minded, he was also a bit powerless. Recently, it seems that there is no way to get the two people to get along well, or the sweetness and happiness of the past. What is the problem in the end?

The meal was silently finished. He sent her back to the dormitory. There are always a lot of couples bidding farewell downstairs, hugging, kissing each other, this seems to be the fixed pattern of couples----- each time they say goodbye it seems like life and death.

"I’m going up."

He looked at her deeply and nodded.

She fled upstairs as if she was escaping, she could not bear the atmosphere any longer. Obviously decided to forgive him, to be together. However, she just can't get through the hurdles in her heart. After half a year's indifference, how many people can bear it? And in the six months, she wasn’t there, there was a beautiful girl with him. Although she trusted him as a man, but ... how sad he must be when his grandma passed away, in such a moment of fragility, feelings are particularly easy to invade? Moreover, when he was most sad, she didn't spend time with him, or it was more of the fact that he didn't give her the opportunity to accompany him at all. This should be the thing that made her most angry, he gave the rights of his girlfriend to others.

Zhao Fanzhou stood downstairs for a while and then looked at the stairs. She went upstairs without looking back. It really doesn't look like her style. She used to ask him to go upstairs reluctantly.

"Go up," he said.

She didn't move, she has a face of grievance.

"What's wrong? Is there anything?" He used to be a wooden man before.

"No." She stood still with a face of grievance. He didn't know what was going on, so the two were there for five minutes, and she finally couldn't help it: "You won't hug someone ~~" It was the first time she used such a coquetry way of talking to him, he remembered that he still stared blankly for a while, before giving her a soft hug.

They had just only been dating for a while then. Zhao Fanzhou smiled bitterly at the thought. He remembered returning to the dormitory. He could still feel her body temperature for a long time.