The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Can't see through

The weather is getting colder. Of course, the winter in the south is a little witch compared to the north, but Zhou Xiao is a person who is particularly afraid of the cold. When the air is a little colder, she wraps herself into a big dumpling. The coldness in this city is wet and cold. No matter how many clothes you wrap, that coldness comes out of your bones. Like her relationship with Zhao Fanzhou, cold from the inside, leaving both of them helpless.

    Zhou Xiao stood on the school road, holding a cell phone in her hand, and hesitated for a long time to call Zhao Fanzhou. She met Jia Yichun at the library yesterday. She was still so beautiful, soft and weak as if she would vomit blood at any moment. Even as a girl, she couldn't help but want to protect such a person.

    "Let's fight, but what do you want to say after fighting, say you met Jia Yichun, and he didn't tell me she was back. But her coming back is none of my business? Still, I only have two days before I start tutoring, I don’t really have much time to accompany you?” Zhou Xiao was thinking before the phone suddenly rang, scaring her, and looking down. It was her student — Li Duyou, a Korean student, slender and tall, she looks a little like Jin Zaiyuan, her hair is slightly long and curly, she has a lovely dimple when she smiles, and she looks very cute. She is very curious about whether Koreans love to make themselves almost the same.


    "Hello, teacher? I'm Li ..." She suddenly paused and couldn't remember her Chinese name again.

    "Yes, I know who you are Li Do you, what's the matter?"

    "Teacher, class, when starting?" Koreans' object and subject will always be reversed.

    "I haven't arranged a time yet. I’ll inform you after I've arranged." She hasn't told Zhao Fanzhou yet.

    "What? I don't understand."

    "I text to tell you." Almost forgot her broken Chinese.

    "SMS? Oh, Hai." Hai your head, you are not even Japanese.



    After hanging up the phone, the thought of ​​calling Zhao Fanzhou disappeared. Forget it, go shopping with friends, isn't it just a man, let him die by himself.

(illa: Our Zhou Xiao is really Savage HAHAHA)

   Her roommate was trying on clothes, Zhou Xiao sat idly waiting outside, flipping her phone from time to time, and always waiting for his text message. He had been looking for her continuously when he first came back, and now suddenly he was cold again as if he had returned to him before going abroad. She used to be full of enthusiasm but after he suddenly went abroad without a sound. It really hurt her, just like the burning carbon was abruptly poured a bucket of cold water, "Swosh--" just a sound, but no sight of any smoke.

    "Do you think this looks good?"

    "Quite nice."

    "Don't you think it makes my legs look fat?" Zhou Xiao looked at it very carefully and wanted to slap her, skinny brat, still dare to say her legs were fat. Girls are so dense. They feel fat even when they are thin. The society really puts too much pressure on women. It seems like it is a sin to grow a bit of meat.

    "No, so skinny."

    "Really? I always think my legs and arms can be skinnier." She pinched her bare arms and thighs.

    "Miss, kindly leave a path for us to survive." Zhou Xiao finally couldn't help rolling her eyes.

    "Okay, then I’ll buy it." She ran to pay the bill. If I read correctly, the suit cost more than 600 yuan. The rich are really perverted. Zhou Xiao suddenly remembered that the previous time she lamented that the rich man was abnormal, she was in front of the district where Zhao Fanzhou lived. He has moved back to school now. What about the house in that district? Is it rented or bought? If it is bought, is his family rich? He never seemed to mention his family's affairs, but this time she came to know that he had a grandma in Canada.

    She suddenly felt a little panicky. She didn’t seem to know anything about him, who was in his family, where he grew up, what school she attended, what cartoons he loved to watch when she was a child, what idol he admired, and what age he had his first love ... And she almost gave her genealogy to him on the first day of dating him. Even told him the story of when she was a child, in order to let the teacher praise herself for picking up money, she gave her own fifty cents to the teacher and buried the money in order to be realistic. When he finished listening to this story, he laughed and said that she was already so strange as a child. The focus is on childishness, not strangeness, this dead person with no childhood!

    After visiting the street, she lay in a daze on the bed after taking a bath. Her roommate was humming with her headphones. Zhang Liangying's "painting heart"-"I can't see through it is the colour of your pupils. ... what your heart is bewitching ... "Suddenly there was a feeling of time and space disorder as if the soul was pulled out with the intermittent singing. I don't see it, I can't guess. Does everyone in love feel this way, or is it just me?

    Standing in front of the window, Zhao Fanzhou held a cup of tea in his hand, and hot tea was smoking white smoke, and his thoughts drifted with the white smoke.

    It's been so cold these days, should someone be so angry that they were cold? She is a person who often loses her temper when she is cold. She hasn't been looking for him recently, shouldn't he be angrier? They wanted to calm down, and see if they can find out where the problem lies. The result is that he feels more and more lonely. He is used to seeing her when he turns around, and he really can't recall how he spent the half-year without her. It seemed that he knew the problem. Previously, in their relationship, she was always the one taking the initiative, and since he returned, she seemed to be no longer willing to take the initiative, and then their relationship fell into a quagmire, making it impossible for them to move forward. He also tried to take the initiative, but he felt that something was wrong, maybe it was when she took the initiative, he was very cooperative, and when he took the initiative, she was not. Why didn't she take the initiative? Why doesn't she cooperate?