My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 1.2


Chapter 1.2 - New Neighbor is a weirdo

Cong Rong glanced down at the hand, it looks familiar. She glanced up, the face looks familiar too.

She nodded lightly, "Thanks."

The person from behind responded casually, "Welcome."

Cong Rong came out of the supermarket with a few boxes of yogurt only to see that a familiar Samoyed was sitting at the door. It stayed obediently like it’s waiting for the owner. His fur was as white as snow, and two children stood beside him looking at him curiously.

The two children stretched out their hands to carefully touch the Samoyed's hair, screamed in excitement upon succeeding and scampered away in happiness.

Cong Rong smiled and envied at how happiness could be so simple to kids.

After that day, Cong Rong had not seen the man for days. His doors were shut all the time and she wondered if the guy was just a dream of hers.

However, Zhong Zhen started visiting her more and more often.

As soon as she opened the door of her house, she saw Zhong Zhen lying on the sofa, eating snacks and watching TV.

Cong Rong walked over and lightly kicking away his leg that was blocking the way. After sitting down, she looked at him intently. "Why are you here again, are you expelled from your school?"

"No!" Zhong Zhen drew back his legs. "My boss is having a meeting in another city, so I am free these days."

Cong Rong felt so tired after work, both physically and mentally. She was staring at the TV screen blankly and suddenly realized Zhong Zhen staring at her. "Yes, what?”

Zhong Zhen asked carefully, "Cousin, why don’t  you find a boyfriend?"

Cong Rong frowned, "What are you up to?"

Zhong Zhen laughed, "it’s nothing important, it’s just that your mum was asking me about you and I accidentally told them that you are into women."

Cong Rong immediately sat up and asked seriously, "What’s your exact words? Did you say 

Cong Rong likes women or what? Did you use my name on my ID card? Also, did she record that down?"

"Uh ..." Zhong Zhen was speechless about her habit of interrogating ever since she became a layer. "No ... I just said that cousin might like women."

Cong Rong sighed in relief, leaning into the sofa, "That's okay, the subject and time in your statement are ambiguous, and everyone can have a different interpretation of the word "like", so this statement cannot be used against me. My mother teaches the law, she should know that well."

Zhong Zhen shook Cong Rong vigorously, "Cousin! Wake up already! You are off work!"

Cong Rong jostled him away, "If you dare to talk nonsense again next time, I can let you die a hundred times without getting caught!"

Zhong Zhen looked at the pillow in horror and rolled around on the soft sofa to change the topic, "Cousin, I am hungry!"

Cong Rong opened the takeaway app on her phone and threw it to him, "Order yourself!"
While waiting for the takeaway delivery, Zhong Zhen went to the study room to surf the internet, and Cong Rong continued doing her work.

Zhong Zhen looked at her, pointing at a shortcut icon on the computer screen and asked, "Cousin, are you still playing this game?"

Cong Rong didn't raise his head, "No."

She really didn't play anymore, she just kept it as a  memory.

Zhong Zhen was at a loss for words. He wanted to say something but could not find the right words. She frowned, "You are a grown-up man and you cannot find words to speak your mind?"

Zhong Zhen stared at her and asked: "Cousin, was it because of him that you never find a boyfriend?"

Cong Rong immediately refuted: "No!"

Zhong Zhen pouted, muttering softly, "I didn't say who the person is ..."

Cong Rong grabbed a pillow near her and threw it at him fiercely, "Zhong Zhen, do you want to die?"

"No. I don't want to ..." Zhong Zhen rushed over like a dog with a wagging tail, "Cousin, cousin! Let me introduce you to my boss? I think you two can be a match!"

Cong Rong looked up lazily, "A doctor?"

Zhong Zhen nodded heavily, "Yeah, yeah!"

Cong Rong held her chin and carefully thought for a moment before speaking solemnly: "Well, it's really quite a match, he can dismember me inconspicuously, or we can divorce with him leaving without a penny, is that what you want to see from our marriage? "

Zhong Zhen was speechless, "Cousin, don't be so pessimistic, my boss is a really good man! He also has a cute white..."

The next second, Zhong Zhen was kicked out of the house by Cong Rong. It frightened the delivery uncle whom was walking towards their unit. The delivery uncle passed the bags of food to him and looked at Zhong Zhen with sympathy“young man… you still have a long way to go (in this marriage)"

Zhong Zhen quickly explained: "She is my sister!"

The uncle shook his hand, “Hey, you don’t have to be embarrassed, being kicked out of your house by your wife need not be something that is shameful. I’ve been there done that, I have used this excuse before too.”
Zhong Zhen was speechless, "..."