Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1 - Can be considered a dream come true (1)

The coffee cup looked familiar.

    Suddenly she remembered when she was a child, her mother was on the verge of being laid off and took her to the human resource department auntie to give a gift. She was sitting in the auntie’s room touching a cup made of Lego, and it was just like this.

    Does the cup look good? A young sister asked while twitching her mouth.

    She nodded politely.

    It looks good, right? Can't afford it, right? This set is very expensive. Break it and I’ll make you pay. As soon as she raised her head, she went out with a snort and left Luo Zhi in the house.

    Good-looking? Xiao Luozhi whispered to the ceiling, obviously looks like poop.

    "It really looks like poop." The grown-up Luo Zhi said to himself warmly. The coffee cup in her hand is dark brown and spiral.

    Sheng Huainan was obviously unable to carry the situation, choked a sip of water, laughed, and awakened Luo Zhi.

    He gasped and asked, "You said the cup? The shape or the colour?"

    Luo Zhi was stunned for a while before slowly reacting.

    "Both." She also smiled with eyes curled.

    "Actually, I thought the same way when I first saw this cup. They said I was low-level."

    "Do you want to say that I am low-level?" Luo Zhi was between laughter and tears.

    The atmosphere eased without knowing.

    They casually talked about the classmates and teachers they knew and evaluated the selected elective courses, but they did not gossip. They were always polite and cautious.

    Not only afraid of the awkwardness but also afraid of saying the wrong words.

    The person in the light is divided brightly and deeply by light and shadow. Luo Zhi faced him, she felt that even smiling felt unnatural. In fact, he always seems a bit detached, three parts of his soul seem to have left. She can feel it.

    When he said he liked violin music, Luo Zhi was very excited and began to tell him that she didn’t like practising when she was a child, and she even set up piano scores and piano stools at home and forged the scene to cheat her mother. His eyes deviated once, he smiled bitterly, then shook his head, and finally smirked.

    She stopped, and for a long time, he was still immersed in his own world, with all kinds of smiles.

    At that moment, she felt a bit angry and insulted, but soon, her eyes were filled with Sheng Huainan rendered golden by the sun, his serene breathing and the undefeated happy smile on his mouth.

    She didn't know how she felt. She tried so hard to find a topic but was neglected, she felt frustrated but she was also embarrassed to be awestruck by the handsome calmness of the other party, and just sit still opposite, watching his humble happiness?

    She kept watching him with a wry smile until he woke up and tilted his head to look at her, and she couldn't say a word.

    This felt like that time when he was addicted to playing PSP in class. He looked up and found that he was being stared at by the teacher. He was embarrassed, a little flustered, and dared not take any action rashly. Roll call to answer questions? Luo Zhi wondered if she should blame with the phrase "Were you even listening to me?" At least give her an apology.

    She raised her hand and called the waiter for the bill.

    "Thank you so much, don't be renege on a debt." She smiled sincerely and cheerfully. She is best at disguising sincerity.

    This is enough. she thought.

    "Let me send you back to the dormitory." Sheng Huainan scratched his head and said with a smile, "Which building do you live in?"

    "No need, in fact, I just went out and want to walk around. I dont intend to go back yet." 

After saying this, a tanned boy walked over and lightly punched Sheng Huainan and said, “who are you secretly dating this time, this is number what?” Sheng Huainan smiled casually and told him to stop saying nonsense.

    "Instant noodles boy?" Luo Zhi remembered that this man was the boy eating noodles while riding a bike on the road. She has a highly retentive memory.

    The two boys looked at her with a confused look at the same time. She waved her hand and said, I’m leaving, bye.

    "Oh no, did I disturb your date? Beauty, you two continue, I will disappear immediately!"

    Luo Zhi's anger that had been suppressed in her heart seemed to finally find an exit. Slowly raised her eyes and stared at the boy's chuckling face, said with a smile, "Although I am neither dating him nor a beauty, I still think you should disappear immediately." 

The tanned boy froze. Her sharp gaze scared him out of his's wits, smirking and saying sorry, sorry, and ran away. Sheng Huainan focused his attention on her this time, her eyes sharp and calm. He paused for a moment as if thinking about something serious. A long while later he said, "I'm sorry." 

Luo Zhi shrugged, "Thank you for inviting me to drink coffee, goodbye."

    She turned around and walked a few steps, but turned back.

    Sheng Huainan's back was still upright, a few light hairs shook, dazzled slightly in her vision.

    He seems a little different from the person that walked in front of me every morning in high school, but there also seem to be no different.

    "Sheng Huainan."

    Luo Zhi heard her voice clearly, and she finally shouted his name against his back.

    Today is a historic day. Although it cannot be considered to be a happy day.

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