Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 3.2


Chapter 3.2 - In this lifetime, May we meet in a narrow road (2)

    She followed his steps decisively, turned too quickly and hit the passerby, she hurriedly apologized, lowered her head to brush up her hair, and touched her left earlobe with her fingers, it was hot until scary.
    Luo Zhi was a bit cautious while sitting in the cafe. She push back her hair with her fingers, kept her back straight, and felt as if she was a little stiff, moved her buttocks, and finally found a relaxed posture on the soft leather sofa. After finishing this set of movements, she hurriedly raised her head and smiled at him, but what she saw was that Sheng Huainan staring aimlessly at the teacup pad on the table.
    Luo Zhi's smile froze on her face. She felt a little embarrassed and immediately tilted her head to avoid the dazzling sunlight coming from the side.
    I can't break the silence with my brain. At this time, what should she say? It’s not that no one has chased her before, and it’s not that she has never chat and eat with boys, but at the moment, the one opposite was Sheng Huainan.
    It was Sheng Huainan.
    All of this came too suddenly, which was really unexpected, even though she caused it upon herself.
    Sheng Huainan recovered from his wandering spirit, and said with ease, "Yes, do you … know me? My name is Sheng Huainan."
    He introduced himself to her. He introduced himself to her for the third time in this lifetime.
    The first time was too long ago, she dared not look back.
    The second too formal and official, but not just to her only.
    It was the 88th anniversary celebration of the second year of high school. As a student representative, he took the floor to speak on behalf of the school students. Self-introduction said: "Hello everyone, my name is Sheng Huainan, from the second grade (3)."
    At all the stylized and lengthy opening ceremonies from the elementary school to the present, the student representatives mechanically presented pre-written manuscripts, but only this sentence could not be forgotten in Luo Zhi's heart. She who was standing on the side stage and could not see the the owner of the voice, and the youthful and deep voice sounded unexpectedly in her ear. She grabbed the railing next to her in a panic, raised her breath gently, and then lowered her head in the excitement. Despite this, her face was still calm and expressionless.
    "I know you." She nodded.
    Should she continue to say how she know him? Say he is very talented and famous, everyone knows him? It would be strange that he would be happy to listen to such annoying words.
    Sheng Huainan seems to have nothing to say after giving an opening speech, but it seems that he did not find this kind of scene uncomfortable, nor did he bother to find a topic, but just looked leisurely out of the window, his leisure and Luo Zhi's pretentious just now formed a sharp contrast.
    The moment of leisurely stabed Luo Zhi, the faint pain for so many years became sharp at this moment. How long more do you want to be afraid?
    She put her cup down and cleared her throat, saying, "I heard of you in high school, but I rarely saw you. Many people around me are like this. They know the person's name, but never the person. However, you are really quite famous. Whenever you pass by, I will hear people shouting 'Look, it's Sheng Huainan' ---- so I know you. "
    Sheng Huainan smiled, showing good teeth, and said, "Yeah, I am also like this. In the same school for three years, always see a familiar face, and sometimes even start a conversation because of this. For example, if you step on the other person’s foot on the bus, if you don’t have any change, you will borrow a bit from a schoolmate who looks familiar, or … "
    "Or accidentally sprinkled on the other party in the cafeteria while fetching water, no discord, no concord." Luo Zhi connected, she saw Sheng Huainan's leisurely expression stiff there, which was all in her expectation.
    No discord, no concord. Just like you and your ex-girlfriend.
    This sentence is more lethal to Sheng Huainan than Luo Zhi imagined.
    She didn't know why she said that, knowing that it might offend him. However, when she spoke, seeing his reaction, she suddenly felt a little bit happy, secretly happy, and her revenge succeeded.
    What revenge? Because just now he is more free and at ease than herself?
    Luo Zhi could not tell clearly.
    It seemed that another Luo Zhi was floating in the air, while another was gritting her teeth in a grudge against Sheng Huainan, and sneering in embarrassment at Luo Zhi's pretentiousness.
    She rubbed the coffee cup in her hand, her thoughts drifting further and further away.

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