Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 3.1


Chapter 3.1 - In this lifetime, May we meet in a narrow road (1)

The next afternoon, Luo Zhi picked up a transparent document bag with a copy of the registration form and transcripts, and went out to apply for a double degree in the office building of the Law School.

    She walked forward along the path, always paying attention to the persimmon above her head, and finally reached the sunny open area. Many bicycles came and went on the road, then she suddenly heard the exclamation of the girls around her, and looked in the direction of everyone's gaze ----- a boy was riding a bicycle slowly, without a handlebar, holding a Master Kang noodle bucket in one hand and a fork in the other. Ride while eating, leisurely and steadily advancing at a uniform speed not far in front of Luo Zhi. The slow speed convinced Luo Zhi that it is not that he didn't have time to eat, but just being a SHOWOFF.

    Every time he passed a pedestrian, he asked with a smile on his face: "Have you eaten, want a taste? Master Kang, this is the taste!" A group of sneaky boys not far behind took pictures with a mobile phone video. Luo Zhi was more certain that he had lost his bet so he did such a thing.

    She thought so and laughed. The boy turned back and saw a pair of smiling eyes, and his hand slipped, noodles sprayed all over his body.

    His little brothers clapped their hands together. Luo Zhi grinned awkwardly and quickly escaped from the scene.

    She walked too quickly, and when she looked up, she found that she had deviated from the direction of the law school and walked to the small supermarket in front of the office building in Dongmen. She suddenly felt a little thirsty, so she went in to buy water.

    Just like that she saw Sheng Huainan.

    Luo Zhi even looked up at the hypothetical persimmon tree in fear at that moment.

    A person who seldom seen, suddenly apprears frequently within two consecutive days. She knows that it must be that God's little finger is starting to provoke trouble-whether it is a blessing or a curse, if it is a curse she cannot escape.

    It was the third time I saw him for a whole year in college. They grabbed the same bottle of afternoon tea ------- in fact Luo Zhi grabbed it deliberately. She didn't know where the guts came from. In short, she reached out without thinking. However, Sheng Huainan just let out an apology and let go, grabbing another bottle. When she panicked and smiled and said "It's okay", he had turned and walked towards the payment office. She didn't even hear his apology, but just logically judged that it should be a "sorry."

    It turned out he didn't know her. He really don't know.

(illa: Cries my heart broke for our Luo Zhi)

    When she was in high school, she quietly speculated in her heart for three years, and guessed what the other party thought of her. After all, she always thought she was a not big and not small famous person — until this day, she finally got the answer.

    What famous person, she was only a person name.

    She grinned at the freezer, couldn't grin, then grinned again, and finally laughed.

    But this may be a special day, and she greeted him for the first time—although she was facing his back.

    The cashier shook her finger in front of her eyes before she recovered and hurriedly handed out the black tea in her hand.

    The bottle of black tea was her closest contact with him in her lifetime, but there was no description in the literary and artistic works such as "He has a cool finger and a dry touch when he brushed the back of my hand"--- her brain is blank and she can’t recall anything.

    The black tea couldn't be opened for a long time, even all the way till she walked to the front of the law school building. Her left and right palms were red, and her right hand was stamped with a thin vertical strip of the bottle cap.

    It was three o'clock when she finished the formalities from the law school. She loved this time, the sun was shining but not dazzling. Luo Zhi looked at the black tea in her hand as she walked, and then raised her head, and her ghost went back to the supermarket in front of the office building in Dongmen.

    Do ghost hit a wall? She smiled dumbly and accidentally glanced in the direction of the doorway. At one glance, she saw a girl in a red jacket and black ponytails. She was very beautiful, and it was difficult not to pay attention to.

    Even more striking is the people around her.

   Because of "ghost hitting the wall" Luo zhi revealed a self-deprecating smile on her face.

    Sheng Huainan, wearing a V-neck black cashmere sweater, hands in his pockets, expressionlessly faced the girl, stood on the steps. The girl grabbed his sleeve and didn't know what to say, watching her movement looks as if she could not stand still.

    This is really a ghost hitting the wall, after going in circle, she saw him again.

    Luo Zhi felt suffocated for a moment, and then took a deep breath without any hesitation. She walked over, lowered her head and pretended not to see the good show in front, and bump into the girl’s shoulder on the crowded steps, and then raised her head. Gave shocked face and say, "Oh, I'm so sorry."

    She must be crazy. what is she doing?

    Sheng Huainan quickly instinctively replied at this time: "Luo Zhi?"

    Before Luo Zhi nodded in surprise, Sheng Huainan immediately smiled and said to the girl: "My classmates and I have something to discuss, please go back first."

    It was obvious that the girl’s self-esteem holding onto Sheng Huainan’s cuff was withdrawn when another female appeared. She paused, controlled her expression, and said with a smile: “Well, let ’s talk about it later, as for senior Brother Chen’s form I sent it to you too. "

    It is estimated that the preface of this sentence does not match the postscript, Sheng Huainan's face appeared a trace of embarrassment. The girl turned away, her slightly raised head with a little natural arrogance, her gaze did not deviate towards Luo Zhi.

    Luo Zhi looked back at Sheng Huainan after she walked away and smiled and said, "Oh, that, no wonder … Ha, shouldn't you thank me?"

    As soon as she finished speaking, she wanted to bite her tongue down. Calm down, Luo Zhi, what's wrong with you? Calm down!

    Sheng Huainan looked a little surprised, but Luo Zhi was very happy to see that the other party did not choose to act blur, but nodded generously and said, "Then please let me treat you to coffee. Thank you."

    This is Sheng Huainan.

    So she can't panic.

    Luo Zhi nodded her head: "Then I shall accept it."

    It just that she doesn't seem to feel very happy.

    Perhaps its because of her long-awaited first encounter with him, was too fake and too pretentious .

    Don't think about it, she tells herself while walking, just take it as opportunity goes to people who are prepared ----- her preparation time, was indeed too long.

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