Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 2.2


Chapter 2.2 - Good Times (2)

    So Baili's guidelines for women's independence have never been implemented. Every time she cried, she failed to control it within ten minutes, nor did she show any moderate softness and strength, only the despised part gets thoroughly practiced.

    However, being despised is often because it is so common that everyone forgets that they will become one of them if they do not pay attention. After all, if most girls see their boyfriend walking on the road with their arms around another girl’s shoulders, yet can still can boldly claim that that is their younger sister, I am afraid they will also shout like Baili "Get out of my world with your sister! "and then plopped on the bed and have a big cry.

    Luo Zhi actually can understand her, she likes Belle's honesty. Many people are willing to control them their emotions calmly. But in reality, when they are all alone, aren't they crying on the bed just like her?

    Or, like Luo Zhi, who it doesn't seem to care about anything. In fact, the most important thing is face/reputation, and one can even refuse to be honest facing himself.

    If she said she likes to live in a dorm with Baii, no one would believe it.

    Luo Zhi and Jiang Baili have never taken the usual road on the road of sisterhood. Girls who have just gone to university generally start with a friendly room-like glue, and continue their high school habits. Girls in the same dormitory are scheduled to get up at the same time every day, go to the cafeteria to eat together, and take up seats together in professional classes … slowly everyone's habits and personalities can no longer keep everyone in sync, there may be conflicts, or may not, most of the dorms finally return to their own individual habits.

    Therefore, the eccentricity of their dorms became famous as early as freshman.

    Before the freshman midterm exam, the girl in the dormitory next door forgot to bring the key, knocked on the door and asked Luo Zhi if she could sit in their dormitory for a while, as she waited for her roommate to come back and open the door. Luo Zhi invited her into the door and asked her to sit at the desk, then sat on the bed and picked up her notebook and looked at something seriously. The silent scene lasted for a while, the girl felt embarrassed, and finally brought up a few warm-up topics with a smile, the responses were all "oh" "ok" "yes", she did not know the style of Luo Zhi, So she didn't know if she should be frightened or angry.

    While she was thinking in her mind, the door opened suddenly, Jiang Baili rushed in, brought in a gust of wind, and made a loud noise with the "Bang" behind her.

    "What else do you have to say?" She yelled into her cell phone and completely ignored the extra person in the dormitory.

    After a few seconds, the phone was thrown on the table, and it rumbling a few times before stopping. The slightly longer phone chain became tangled with the fuselage. The owner just climbed to the upper bunk and cried on the bed in an exaggerated posture. A gust of wind caused the edge of the sheet to flutter a few times with the bangs of the girl sitting below.

    The girl sitting at the table can already be described as pale, she looked at Luo Zhi inquiringly, and Luo Zhi did not lift her eyelids from beginning to end.

    Looking at that expression, sher must have been angered by Jiang Baili. The relationship between these two people must be so stiff, which is so unlike our dormitory … The girl's psychological activity hasn't complete, Baili suddenly raised her head, with a nasal voice in her breath and Say aloud, "Let's play some music."

    Luo Zhi slowly raised her head to look at the bed board above her head and said softly, I was watching One Piece.

    "Then make a sound, please!"

    Luo Zhi unplugged the headphones, and the dormitory was immediately filled with Japanese language. The exaggerated dialogue entered her ears, Luo Zhi, who was immersed in the show with an expressionless and serious face, lay on the top of the Baili like a zombie …

    The girl heard the footsteps in the hallway and quickly stood up and said," Sorry for disturbing, my roommate has came back."

    Luo Zhi nodded and did not forget to smile politely, saying, goodbye, "by the way, help me to take the door to the door. I am too lazy to move."

    In the hallway, I could hear girls exaggeratingly exhale, saying, "You finally came come back. I was in their dormitory just now, those two are too strange …"

    Luo Zhi heard, her mouth slightly raised.

    If you have a baby, hide it. she thinks. If "The Strange Duo" get well-known, there will lesser trespasser who love to come for gossips.

    Baili suddenly raised her head, after crying for a long time, it made her voice dull, as if she had a cold. "Luo Zhi, is your laptop open, can you play some music?"

    Whenever Belle is sad, she is particularly afraid of being quiet. In her own words, it takes courage to live with a person like Luo Zhi, a "still life sketch".

    Luo Zhi swiped twice on the touch screen of the computer with her fingertips, and waited for the dormant computer screen to light up, and chose a playlist. The music that sounded was actually "Light Cavalry", and she couldn't help grinning silently. This scene is really not in harmony.

    In the music class in elementary school, the teacher will always play a famous song to let everyone actively speak about what this music describes. Her answer always differs from the standard answer by a thousand and eighty miles, which makes her class leader, who is always so enthusiastic to answer, lose face. However, it is ridiculous that she always believes in her "talent" in musical appreciation.

    "Horse Cavalry" is probably the only famous song whose main theme has not been misunderstood by Luo Zhi, perhaps because the composer wrote the melody too plainly. In junior high school, she served as the vice representative of the violin in the City Student Orchestra. When rehearsing this tune, they performed one of the classic passages back and forth for the first violin, the second violin and the viola part together. The temporary conductor is a small The famous Beijing musician praised Luo Zhi by name -------- so the right violin head representative ignored about her for a week.

    It was a small and famous amateur student band in the country. It used to provide free placements for primary school and junior high school selection and five points for junior high school exams for the selection of musicians. It attracted a large number of talented children and their parents. Of course, it also attracts a large number of well-off parents and their children.

    Luo Zhi naturally belongs to the former. It is her being boastful, but simply ------ because she is clearly not the latter.

    This is also the reason why she can be vice representative, but vice representative is the highest she can go.

    But now thinking about it, head representative was just a pure junior high school kid. She couldn't lose face, so she stare at her with a cold face ------it is better than a smiling tiger anyway.

    Luo Zhi thoughts wandered far before coming back to reality.

    She found that Jiang Baili brought a trace of vitality back to her panic. It’s still that scene that repeated many times: She still need to listen to music whenever she is crying, and when she is immersed in her joys and sorrows, her best roommate rarely disturbs her. There are still fluorescent lights dangling on my head, everything never changed.

    She glanced at the new diary protruding a little above the bookshelf and smiled lightly.

    An accident means nothing. No need to panic.

    This small room with frequent crying and phone quarrels is actually a quiet place. She has never had such a quiet space since the day she entered elementary school.

    Just go on like this, she thought, the so-called secular stability, but so be it.

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