The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 1

The love equation

Chapter 1 - Still have face to show up

Annoying! What is there to test for Standard Mandarin, isn't it just that? It is fine as long as it can be understood. Tell me, why Standard Mandarin cannot have Hong Kong and Taiwanese accents. I grew up watching Hong Kong and Taiwanese films. If I don't have Hong Kong and Taiwanese accent then what can I have, Dongbei Accent? I'm from Chaoshan, SO? My front nasal sounds are not distinguished from nasal sounds, SO? We just love to call "Tiananmen" as "tiang ang mem", what's wrong with that? Ah ~~ I'm going crazy!!!" Zhou Xiao complained while walking.

The roommate next to her couldn't help rolling her eyes. "You have been swearing all the way, are you almost done?" The roommate nicknamed Xiao Lu, because of her immense height, there is an extra "lu" in her name.

"I haven't swear enough. Chinese as a foreign language, this name sounds so good, bright and clear, who will come to care about our future work?? In order to teach Mandarin to a foreigner, I even have to take a PhD! I don't see foreigners teaching us English having to take a PhD. If I pass Standard Mandarin, better get me a job, so even if I spit out my's heart and spill blood I also need to pass stupid test … Hey, why don’t you move? "

Zhou Xiao looked up and stared at Xiao Lu. People who grow tall are so annoying, damn, even from talking to them, your neck will hurt. Looking along her line of vision ----- a bolt from the blue seem to be the right phrase to use for such a context.

Zhao Fanzhou actually had the face to show up in front of her, he is so annoying!

Xiao Lu frowned, did she need to pinch her so hard? She looked down at Zhou Xiao hands which were holding her arm, tightening its grip until it became a little bit white. Missy, the one you have a grudge with is him not me?

"Shall we talk?" Zhao Fanzhou said expressionlessly.

Zhou Xiao's hands tightened even more, and she bypasses Zhao Fanzhou without saying a word, like bypassing a trash can placed in the middle of the road. Xiao Lu was literally dragged away by her. This little one is really strong.

Fan Zhou glanced at the exam admission slip in her hand, the footsteps that initially wanted to follow stopped. Fine, You can hide from me for a moment, but you can't hide from me your entire life.

In the waiting room, Xiao Lu carefully watched Zhou Xiao, who was deadly silent, "Are you alright?"

Zhou Xiao looked at her innocently: "What not alright?"

Xiao Lu no longer spoke, fine you just continue pretending.

After the Standard Mandarin test, Zhou Xiao said that she wanted to go to the library. The path of the library and the road to the test room were in the opposite direction. Xiao Lu said nothing, anyways, it was a tacit mutual understanding.

When they came out of the library, it was almost dark. They prepared to go back to the dormitory to get a meal card to eat. Along the way, Zhou Xiao's hand was still tightly holding Xiao Lu's hand, shaking slightly. When they returned to the dormitory, Zhou Xiao sighed, not knowing whether she was relieved or disappointed.

After taking the meal card, they hurried downstairs, and it was almost time classes were ending. At that time, the canteen can be described with the phrase not one drop can trickle through (illa: impenetrable, crowded). 

When they came downstairs, they saw Zhao Fanzhou. He was always like this, with no expression in front of everyone, like a statue.

"Shall we eat together?" He looked straight at Zhou Xiao. Uh … Uh … Uh … This standard mandarin is good. But to Zhou Xiao, who has just finished her standard mandarin exam, any mandarin with very articulate pronunciation 
is the last thing she wants to listen to, especially coming from his mouth.

Bypass him, bypass today's second trash can.

He said nothing more and followed them quietly. Zhou Xiao can feel that he has been behind her, not far or near, just about two meters. That right as long as he acts like he is queuing in line at the bank. He sat next to her when she was eating. She wanted to change her position, but she thought about it and stopped moving. After eating a meal in silence, Zhao Fanzhou followed them and came to the girls' dormitory. When they were going upstairs, he said: "Zhou Xiao, let's talk." Zhou Xiao's footsteps paused and went upstairs without looking back.

"You really don't intend to talk to him?" Xiaolu finally couldn't help asking Zhou Xiao.

"There's nothing to talk about, it is enough to be foolish once, and …" Zhou Xiao's expression is sloppy. "… I'm so clever, and that year I stumbled cause I was possessed by a ghost." Xiao Lu rolled her eyes. Forget it, one should take personal responsibility for one's action.

Zhou Xiao collected clothes on the balcony, her eyes drifting downstairs from time to time, he was still there. Xiaolu was calling her boyfriend, and the voice came intermittently, "Don't … so disgusting who want to say … um, then you say first … Okay …" The voice lowered, but a small voice could still be heard "Lao gong (illa: Husband)". Zhou Xiao made a vomiting expression, and then laughed. There is always such a small world between couples. It is bright, but people who are accidentally next to them will want to die.
Zhou Xiao used to make trouble with Zhao Fanzhou before, "Hey, Xiaolu's boyfriend calls her wife, why are you calling me by my name?"

Zhao Fanzhou lifted his head from the book and glanced at her. He was too lazy to care about her expression, and then lowered his head to read.

"Hey, why are you ignoring me? … Hey … you're too rude … hey …" She said while pulling his sleeves, he couldn't bear it, he said angrily: "You also call me "hey"." Ohh … Someone has been thinking about it.

"Well, what do you want me to call you?" Zhao Fanzhou just glared at her.
She has an innocent look: "How about it ~~ I'll call you Xiang Gong (illa: old form of address for one's husband) , at least more retro than her Lao gong"

 Zhao Fanzhou was helpless, "I won't call you a Niang Zi (illa: old form of address for one's wide)."

"Then how about wife, lover, if not dear, baby, Darling."

"Should I call you my humble wife?" So lame, someone just likes to play cool, poker face, stool face, zombie face.

Fine! I see how long you can pretend. Zhou Xiao walked over and rubbed his shoulder with her face, "husband … dear … husband … husband".

Haha, someone's ears started to turn red, then came the neck, then the face -----this is how one trains for public relations.

Zhao Fanzhou's head turned suddenly and quickly. Zhou Xiao felt his lips warm. When she recovered, Zhao Fanzhou turned back and read the book casually. Very good, the role of public relations change to another person.

"Well, okay, I already ate, bye-bye." The sound of Xiaolu hanging up the phone brought Zhou Xiao back to reality. She restrained the urge to look downstairs and hurriedly returned her dormitory to keep her clothes.

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