The Love Equations舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Angry

In the following week, Zhao Fanzhou always appeared from time to time, silently following Zhou Xiao, completely playing the role of a transparent person.

At noon on Sunday, Zhou Xiao went downstairs to buy herself brunch. She is someone who is very good at sleeping, as if she has a switch on her body. If she wanted to sleep, she just need to off it. In the past, Zhao Fanzhou always laughed at her for being like a Doraemon, whose tail can turn on and off, and it can turn off when it wants to sleep. Hey, why did you think of him again. Thinking of it, why haven’t you seen that forever lingering person today? There was a cold wave yesterday, did that person die. When he stood downstairs, he only wore a thin sweater …

When she returned to the dormitory, her phone was ringing and she glanced at the number she didn't recognize. She hesitated to answer it. She was scarred by a madman when she was a freshman, this person called her nonstop. And kept saying: "Sister Ling, forgive me." No matter how many times she explain, he still didn't listen and kept saying that I recognized your voice, don't lie to me, I know it is my fault I'm wrong. But it was strange, if is it really someone you loved, how can you even recognize their voice? At first, Zhou Xiao felt very pitiful tfor him, and she explained to him continuously, and later down she just used the Chaoshan dialect to scold him. Later, she immediately saved his number, and the name given was "Don't answer". Once she took a bath, there were more than 20 missed calls from "Don't answer". And 20 messages with content that make no sense? Once when I was with Zhao Fanzhou, the phone rang suddenly, and “Don’t answer” continuously flashed on the screen. She smiled embarrassingly and then pressed "reject" on the phone. Zhao Fanzhou looked at her strangely: "Don't tell me you are a wife having an illicit lover?" "I also think, I haven't trained the wife having an illicit lover technique well yet." "Be careful, I break your leg." "You wouldn't bare to." "You can give it a try. "Cut ~ ~ so fierce.

The ringing stopped, Zhou Xiao shrugged, now she need not worry about whether to pick it up. The sound of the text message rang and she opened, "I have a cold, fever, buy me medicine. Zhao Fanzhou. "Aha, this world really has everyone. It's good you caught a cold, who tell you to act cool! Ignore him, ignore him, ignore him, ignore him.

An hour passed and Zhou Xiao, who had been watching the ceiling for a long time in bed, finally couldn't help but sit up. Take the phone and press reply, "Where are you?"

Half an hour later, she was standing in front of a very beautiful district with her medicine, tsk, the rich are really perverted. Entering the elevator and exiting the elevator, she was depressed again when she stood at the door. Why did she come? Does his life or death have anything to do with me? Yes, go back, when she was about to turn around to press the elevator, the door opened suddenly, Zhao Fanzhou leaned against the door, his face pale. "Come in." The voice is a little hoarse, he seems to be really sick. Zhou Xiao handed the medicine to him. He didn't reach for it. "Come in?" Did she hear it wrong? His sounded very careful. She went around him and enter the door, and put the medicine on the table. She knew that his eyes followed her all the time. She signed and said, "Eat the medicine." This is the first sentence she told him after the reunion. "Okay." There was an unstoppable excitement in the voice. Are you so happy eating medicine? Humph!

Someone looked at her silly after taking the medicine. She had never seen him with such an expression before. It was silly enough. It seems that taking too much cold medicine will make people silly. "Look what! Haven't you seen a beauty? Go to bed." "Don't want." Yo ~~ Someone still know how to protest.

"If you don't go to sleep, I will go back." "If I go to sleep, you also will go back." It seems that some people who don't study Chinese also knows different means of achieving the same end.

"I won't go back when you go to sleep." He looked at her for a while, "Then I wake up, can you listen to me explain everything?" Scholars are indeed treacherous, not everyone can use this trick, So well practiced.

Opening the door gently, he fell asleep because of the medicine. Zhou Xiao stood in front of the bed and looked at him quietly. He was thinner because of illness, his face was pale, his eyelashes were long, and the corners of his mouth were always kept a half smile on his face … Gee … Gee … This child looks really good, thinking back she had always been addicted to his beauty.

The love equation

In the library, he was reading books intently. His eyes were beautiful, not big or small, his eyes were clear, his nose was very straight, his mouth was very sexy. The more Zhou Xiao looked, the more she felt like drooling
"Hey, how did your mother give birth to you? Looks so humanoid?"
"Anyway, it's different from your mother's way of giving birth to you." Is this the legendary curse without dirty words?
"Your mouth is poisonous."
"I haven't seen you poisoned after trying so many times."
"Are you telling me a suggestive joke?"
"… You can't be quiet for two seconds?"
"Who made you look so beautiful?"
"You have to protect your face, I don't want you if you become disfigured."

Standing beside the bed, there were two noises in Zhou Xiao's head.
"Do you really want to hear him explain? It is not like you don't know how convincing he is."
"But you don't want to keep dragging on like this, right?"
"Then do you want to forgive him?"
"Not necessarily."
"You just want to forgive him. Did you forget that time when you cried at the airport and telling him not to leave, how he left without even looking back?"
"But he may have some hardships."
"Bitter? Do you think you are making an idol drama? Do you want something like he has cancer and wants to go abroad for treatment or something?"
"Maybe it really is."
"Okay, what about Jia Yichun who boarded with him?"
A arrow shoots, "Whoosh---------" it hit the center of the heart.
Zhou Xiao stared at his sleepy face and suddenly felt angry. She leaned down and pinched his face fiercely, "You wake up!"