Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2 - Can be considered a dream come true (2)

"Thank you for inviting me to drink coffee, but actually I extorted to get this coffee. In fact, I deliberately helped you, I saw you guys were in a deadlock so I can’t stand still, and acted like a hero and muddled in your business. Fortunately, you remember who I am, Otherwise, I may really not have face to pretend to act coy and hit on you. The next time you encounter this kind of thing, it is best not to solve it at the entrance of the supermarket. People come and go, although you may be unperturbed, but it is not good for the girl. Well, even if she is impulsive and does not mind at that moment, being watched by so many people, she will be embarrassed and regret it afterwards. Of course, I am not qualified to warn you anything, I just want to explain the reason why I interfered, I hope you don’t mind.” Luo Zhi pours out of her mind and then smiles at him calmly.

    This is her only real smile for today.

    Sheng Huainan's smile was also obviously sincere, "Thank you."

    "No need to thank," she smiled and said, "It's your own cleverness. Your excellent reaction ability probably comes from the accumulation of many actual past battles."

    His smile was even brighter, but he did not refute her. Suddenly out of nowhere, he said: "It's a pity that I didn't know you when you were in high school."

    Luo Zhi smiled when she heard this.

    "There are still many things that are a pity." She turned around neatly and left.

    Sheng Huainan stood and looked at her back for a while, and looked silly for a while with both hands in his hands. He didn't notice that the girls who came in and out of the dormitory were stealing glances at him from the corner of their eyes. Then he whistled, shrugged, and turned to the direction of the supermarket,---- the washing powder has not been bought yet.

    After two steps, he stopped, took out his phone and went to the contact list, input "L", the screen immediately showed a long list of names. He found "Luo Zhi".

    When I entered the school at that time, he borrowed the list of the Affiliated High School Alumni Association from his senior sister and recorded all the phone numbers and email addresses of all P university classmates he knew or not knew.

    Anyway, it will be used one day.

    Luo Zhi felt the phone shake. "A message from Sheng Huainan".

    "I asked for your mobile phone number from a classmate who knows you. This is my mobile phone number. Sheng Huainan"

    In fact, she already knew the mobile phone number of Sheng Huainan, when she entered P university, she told a senior sister that she wanted to know more about her classmates from Zhenhua P. so that they could help each other in the future. Senior sister didn’t really care, immediately took out the contact book and handed it to her, while eating an apple.

    She kept only one person's phone number. She has never used this number, but it is listed as a group in the contact list.

    Despite the thought of Sheng Huainan asking other people for her mobile phone number, she felt a little bit happy ----- would they ask him teasingly, "Hey, what are you asking this for, are you attempting?" However, that happiness quick got overshadowed by a deep sadness.

    That's it, she got to know him just like that

    She waited so long, imagined for so long, but she is not happy now. Luo Zhi raised her head and looked at the high sky without a trace of clouds in autumn, thinking, I realized my dream just like that.

    When she realized her dream, the other party was distracted.

    Let's end here, forget about it.

    Is it really an "I love you but I want nothing to do with you"?

    Luo Zhi always felt that this sentence was a clever excuse to save the face of countless people including her.

    She saved the text message and put the phone back in her pocket, without replying to the text message.

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