Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1 - Actually, You are quite a Jerk (1)

When it was time for dinner, Luo Zhi walked out of the dormitory and went straight to the no.3 canteen. Although it is mealtime, because it is a weekend, there were not many people. She bought a meal first, and then slowly looked for an empty seat by the window.

    "Luo Zhi."

    Following the voice, she saw Baili sitting opposite her boyfriend by the window table.

    About an hour ago, Jiang Baili received a call.

    This narrative is here relatively simple. In fact, the specific process is that the ringtone of the mobile phone rings and Baili hangs up; the ringtone rings again, Baili hangs up again; the third time the ringtone rings, Baili simply keeps it ringing and ringing...

    Then the phone perseveres and keeps ringing again and again.

    Luo Zhi initially didn't mind, but the key issue was, Baili's ringtone was some Korean electronic dance music she didn't know, and it was a terrible song. She looked back and Baili was squinting her eyes at her cell phone, as if doing a fierce psychological struggle.

    Luo Zhi sighed and decided to give her a way out.

    "Either shut the phone or answer the phone."

    Baili bit her lip and picked up her phone and went out to the corridor to answer the phone.

    Then she didn't come back until now Luo Zhi met her in the cafeteria.

    Luo Zhi was not surprised that they make up in such a fast speed. She lifted the rice bowl as a courtesy and looked away to continue looking for a seat.

    Baili then waved, as if she had to be seated next to them. "Please, come and eat together."

    Her boyfriend raised her lips and smiled, looking at the window and saying nothing to Baili. Luo Zhi keenly smelled the atmosphere between the two, knew that she should go to the rescue, and nodded.

    Baili’s boyfriend is Gobi, a very handsome boy with slender eyes, a handsome nose, and two thin lips, delicate but not feminine. In contrast, Belle's appearance can only be considered passable.

    They are the couple who once ranked third in the school's BBS best couple hot board. Luo Zhi has been unable to avoid it since the day she reported to the school.


    Jiang Baili appeared in the dormitory with Gobi. The two people threw their suitcases and two large bags on the ground and leaned on the table to drink and fan themselves. Luo Zhi was making her bed. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, she twisted to say hello to them, reported each other's name and place of origin, and then turned around to continue with her work. 

Baili has been chattering the boys beside her since she entered the house, her voice is a little bit coquettish and whiney. For example, this dormitory is small but it is rare that only two people live in it. The Ximen nearby only has KFC no McDonald, how can people live. Mineral water or Nongfu Mountain Spring is better than Nestlé... Luo Zhi thought sadly that she should change her preternaturally good hearing, otherwise her eavesdropping nature may exhaust her out in this dormitory.

    Suddenly Baili recalled something like, "Yes, by the way, Luo..."

    "Luo Zhi." The male voice helped.

    "Oh, right, Luo Zhi, right? Luo Zhi We just bought a new mobile phone card, you tell me your phone number."

    Luo Zhi is busy grabbing the corner of the quilt and put the quilt inside. Said, without looking back, "Sorry, I haven't got a new phone number yet. I'll write down yours first. Wait a minute." She took out her phone, Baili started to read the phone number, and she entered it into her phone.

    "Change the last two of hers from 35 to 36, then it is my number. My name is Gobi."

    Luo Zhi raised her head in surprise, and then took a serious look at the handsome lad beside Baili. At that moment, he was leaning back against the window still and nodded at her meaningfully.

    Even more shocking than that, Jiang Baili, who was standing at the side, unabashedly gave her a cold look.

    Luo Zhi nodded, turned around and found the corner again to continue making her quilt.

    In the next two weeks, Baili hardly spoke to Luo Zhi, and Luo Zhi fully responded to her strategy. In the meantime, she was often able to see the two of them in supermarkets and other places. But she never once greeted them, pretended to be invisible, even when she bumped into them in a narrow road, she would only look up and give Balili a nod, completely ignored the existence of Gobi.

    During this time, it laid the basic path for her and Baili to get along. Jiang Baili is not a vengeful person. When the Gobi met the real "little fox" during the vigorous student union two weeks later, she had no hostility and guard against Luo Zhi, but naturally accepted Luo Zhi's dullness. Unlike her other classmates who often accused her of being arrogant or asked her if she was unhappy due to her personality.

    Luo Zhi later thought about it, thinking it is really a profit from a disaster.

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