Under The Power 锦衣之下 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Tong Yu dragged Cao Ge angrily and Qi Qiu too, because she fled with Cao Ge and was regarded as an accomplice.

Jin Xia followed for a few steps, and watched them disappear behind the gates. She vaguely saw people in red uniforms with big fishes sewn on them. They are the Embroidered Uniform Guards. Sure enough, once she reached the city, the Embroidered Uniform Guards had already received the message. There must be someone spying on them when they enter the capital.

She gritted her teeth resentfully and watched Tong Yu hand over the two to the Embroidered Uniform Guards. The Embroidered Uniform Guards’ commander was facing away from her. She could only see him standing tall but could not see his face, but she clearly saw Tong Yu flattering him.

Jin Xia turned away dejectedly and glanced angrily at Yang Chengwan: "Leader, why do you allow him to do that. Who do you think he is working for? Everyone knows he is trying to please the Embroidered Uniform Guards."

Yang Yue sighed: "At least he was right, if we offended the Embroidered Uniform Guards. everyone will not have a good life."

Jin Xia sighed, "A criminal department is sufficient. Why is there a need for an Embroidered Uniform Guard to hinder and interfere with catching criminals. Then what for we have the criminal departement? It becomes useless!"

Yang Yue was about to cover her mouth in a hurry but Jin Xia docked away.

"My lord, you need to stop! This can't be heard." Yang Yue gave a knock on her head.

"Now the offender has been taken away by him before he enters the trial. Did we did all this work for nothing?!" Jin Xia was disappointed. "We were originally told that if we caught Cao Ge, there will be rewards. If we know that we did this for nothing, we would have saved our energy to do other things!”

Yang Chengwan said lightly: "It's okay as long as you came back safely. Your brother came and asked to see you several times. Go back and see your family."

Jin Xia was really worried about her family, and learning that his brother came to find her several times, she wondered if something happened at home. Jin Xia looked at Yang Yue and said: "Forget about the rewards, but Yang Yue, you must go and get our trip subsidies back. This is a big deal. Don't mess it up."

Yang Yue nodded.

Jin Xia hurried back.

It was spring, the trees were green, the capital city was crowded, and the market was bustling. There were a lot of shops on both sides of the road. The noodle shop sells plain noodles, water-boiled noodles, and all kinds of noodles. The pastry shop has steamed buns, oil cakes and desserts. The more refined pastry shops include marble cakes and tofu crisps and peach blossom dimsums. Jin Xia smelled the blended scent of various foods and walked briskly in the crowd.

When passing by the confectionery shop, her steps stopped. She figured out how much money she had left. After hesitating, she took out three copper pennies and bought a small packet of sweets and placed it into her pocket.
Walking past the lively market, she turned into a deep alley. The first half of the alley was like a gourd with a crooked mouth. The entrance of the alley was as narrow and small as the mouth of the gourd. After passing the narrow path, she reached a broader alley.

Jin Xia, I walked to a mottled wooden door on the east side of the alley. She pushed it and knocked.

After a moment , the door creaked open, and a young man with newly grown hair and brown round collared clothes smiled at her: "Sister! You are back!" He is the younger brother of Jin Xia, called Yuan Yi.

Jin Xia reached out and stroked his short hair above his forehead. He walked inward and asked, "Did anyone bully you recently?" In the small yard, a stone mill was entrenched on the west, and there was a vinegar pot at the corner. There’s a sauce jar next to it, the beany smell was unable to disperse.

"No, since you warned the three kids, they no longer dared to tear my book." Yuan Yi followed her in.

Looking at her younger brother, who was weak but timid, she sighed. At his age, Jin Xia was already the child king of Quanxi Feng Street. She goes into fights with whoever she did not like. However, she was often beaten by her father and mother because she was fighting outside.

It's a pity that this man's glorious era of her childhood has ended, and the days after that… She sighed rather melancholy and asked: "Father and mother are not back yet?"

Yuan Yi made a shush gesture and pointed his finger at the room, lowering his voice: "Daddy went to sell tofu, and the mother fell asleep inside. Last night she went to Xinfeng bridge to sell braised dried bean curd, and she came back very late. "