My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1 - The Heavenly Cycle (1)

The temperature was low outside. Although it was almost noon, Cong Rong still felt cold after sitting down for a while. Cong Rong tightened her scarf and sat there without any expressions, though in her mind she is planning to move house. With that plan in mind, Cong Rong couldn't sit still, she raised her hand to glance at her watch, and looked at the person next to her, "By the way, why did you not go to work today on a working day?"

"Rang Yi Rang is sick, I took leave to bring him to see a doctor."

Cong Rong looked puzzled, "Aren't you a doctor yourself?"

Wen Shaoqing looked at her speechless, "I am not a veterinarian."

"How different can they be?"

"That’s a specialization, it's vastly different." Wen Shaoqing watched her as she moved uncomfortably on her seat, "Let's have lunch together?"

Cong Rong shook her head, "No, I am meeting a client this afternoon." After she stood up, she said goodbye and felt relieved.

Wen Shaoqing sat still, and suddenly stopped her: "Cong Rong."

Cong Rong paused, "Huh?"

Wen Shaoqing said, "Do you still have contact with Lin Chen?"

Cong Rong’s heart shook, "No, we haven't been in touch for a long time."

Wen Shaoqing looked at her. She has a broad smile on her face but he can tell that there is something else in her expression. "Me too." he said.

His smile was so gentle, but Cong Rong’s heart dropped. She wouldn't be silly to ask why! Of course it was because of her! A man confessed he likes a girl, but the girl falls for his best friend. This kind of story from a badly written soap opera has happened to her!

Cong Rong turned around and left, tightening her windbreaker again. She must have been sitting outside for too long, and she was cold!

Wen Shaoqing stared at the silhouette who “fled”, and raised the corner of his lips to a smile. He is in a good mood.

Cong Rong called Zhong Zhen once she stepped out of her neighbourhood. He opened the door and asked: "A few days ago you told me that you rented a house near the school?"

Zhong Zhen had classes today, and since his rented house was also very close to the school. Cong Rong planned to take a look at noon.

Zhong Zhen stood waiting for her at the gate. Cong Rong stepped into it and had a bad hunch. Chong Rong sighed uncontrollably until Zhong Zhen opened the door and let her in to his apartment with a showy look.

Zhong Zhen took her for a tour and asked with a smile: "Not bad isn’t it?"

Cong Rong glanced at him, yes, yes... but this is too coincidental! This is the house that Lin Chen rented when she first met Wen Shaoqing!

Cong Rong asked: "Where did you rent this house?"

"My boss's house, he is a good guy! The house is so good but he rented it with a cheap price!"

It is the teacher's house? That makes sense. There are many teachers in X University who have a house nearby, and it is not surprising that they rent them to students. Probably Lin Chen also rented from that teacher, right?

Cong Rong was a little skeptical, but after thinking about it, she still made a determination, looked at Zhong Zhen, and decided to fish out some details from him.

"The environment is pretty good, daylight is great too, it should be very hot in summer though. I will install an air conditioner when I am free!"

Zhong Zhen immediately stood upright and went to the corner.

Cong Rong was surprised, "What are you doing?"

Zhong Zhen replied in a decent way: "Pretend to be the air conditioning, I am free now."

Cong Rong sighed, "Cousin, it's so cold...I don't need air conditioning, I will cool myself..."

Suddenly she remembered something, "My dear little cousin, I will help you install your air conditioner!"

Zhong Zhen nodded and let the corner out, "Then stand in the corner to pretend to be one."

Cong Rong was speechless and walked over to devastate Zhong Zhen's head for a while before he was relieved. "I mean air conditioning for real!"

Zhong Zhen looked at his cousin who has a particularly friendly attitude today, and he felt suspicious, "Then what?"

Cong Rong's smile deepened, "How about I come to live with you for a while?"

"But where do I live?"

"You can live in my house instead."

"Your house is a bit far from the school and the hospital."

"You can drive in my car."

"I'm still a student, and being too showy can be a bad influence."

Cong Rong ran out of patience and smiled, "Then you sleep in the study, that's it!"

"Why, cousin?"

"No, I still have something in the afternoon. I will bring the luggage over later, and give me a key."

After that, she took the key and left. Zhong Zhen stood stunned, not knowing what had just happened.

Cong Rong took a few steps and walked back, shoving Zhong Zhen's head with her feet, "Relax, during my stay, I will pay the rent."

Zhong Zhen quickly returned to his head, escaping from the devil's claws with his hair in a mess. Cong Rong looked at his hair that formed a henhouse shape, smiled and left.