Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2 - 1st stop: Young Master and Bento girl * Encounter (2)

This jerk is terrible! Actually tricked her into reversing and hitting the bus.

Mu Cheng was so depressed, seeing that the live fish in the bag was sickly and barely breathing, and even more depressed at her ignorance, which caused her to played by that detestable jerk.

What benefit does he get from doing things this way? Is it fun for everyone to go to the police station?

The problem is that he seems to really find it fun, sticking up his leg sloppily, while facing the police's interrogation, his face showed that he could not care less.

"I told you, Mr. Policeman, why do you ask me so many times? The one who drove the car is the justice lady over there, she crashed my car, shouldn’t I have the right to ask her to compensate me?"

What? Want her to compensate?

Mu Cheng was dumbfounded. "It's clear that it was you who wanted me to drive..."

"Lemme think ." Guangxi ignored her, "One bumper, a new coat of paint, the interior... at least a few hundred thousand."

"Sir, stop messing around." Mu Cheng was angry and anxious. She didn't want to fight with a lunatic, lest things become more difficult to clean up, so she had to persuade him. "Please tell the police that it was you who wanted me to reverse the car."

``I'm not stupid. If I said that, the insurance company isn’t gonna reimburse me.''

"Please stop messing around, I only have fifteen minutes left to send this fish back." She anxiously looked at the live grouper resting on the table, Guangxi noticed her sight and went to grab the fish and shoot it in a beautiful arc towards the trash can.

Mu Cheng was shocked, and finally could not bear it: "You are selfish, thoughtless jerk! I bet you don’t have a care in the world, huh? That’s why you’re messing up people’s lives as you please! But you should know this, all you are ruining is yourself. Because you’re just degrading yourself into a piece of garbage that should be thrown away!

What a lengthy speech, curse well done!

Guangxi deliberately ignored the strange tightness in his chest and applauded arrogantly: ``Bingo, I am a piece of garbage. Since I lost my father at the age of eight, I got PTSD, My troubled childhood caused traumatic psychological disorder, understand? I just can't control my emotions, I am a troublemaker with no principles and living like a piece of garbage, so you are satisfied now?''

Mu Cheng stunned, he lost his father at such a young age? Isn't that the same as her?
She was a little confused, and she didn't know what to say. Shi Shiran, a middle-aged man in a suit, walked into the police station.

"Are you giving me a new challenge? Guangxi." He seemed to laugh. "Disrupting public safety? Hitting a public bus? I never expected to handle this kind of case."

When he saw him, Guang Xi's face changed, but after a while, he recovered his annoying expression. "In fact, you don't need to come, Attorney Lin, I can handle this myself. The story you created about my childhood traumatic psychological disorder really come in handy. You can ask this woman. She totally believed me just now?"

He lied to her? Mu Cheng frowned.

"Not admitting that you have the disease is one of its symptoms. I have a medical certificate issued by Mr. Ren's doctor to prove Mr Ren’s condition" Attorney Lin seemed accustomed to his absurd words, with a calm expression, handed a document to the police. “Sorry, my client has problems with emotional management and is still receiving medical treatment, so I am here to handle legal procedures on his behalf.''

The police took the lawyer’s certificate and glanced unpleasantly. "Lawyer Lin, no matter what, please persuade Mr. Ren, coming to the police station from time to time is not funny. To tell you the truth, we are also very worried. If he was not the son of the chairman of Sheng De University..."

``Yes, I understand, everyone is working hard.'' Lawyer Kobayashi cut off the policeman's complaint neatly.

It turned out that he was the lawless son of the chairman of Sheng De University.

After figuring out Guangxi's identity, Mucheng turned to look at him with a little disdain in her eyes.

Guangxi was immediately annoyed: "What are you looking at?"

``Nothing.''She looks away coldly, too lazy to argue with him any longer, anyway, since from now on she won’t cross path with him, there is no need to be involved with this kind of people.

* * * *

``Mu Cheng, you said you crashed a car today, what happened? Are you okay?''

A student's dining room at Sheng De University, during the afternoon break, a young boy rushed in.
Mu Cheng was helping the little aunt to wash the dishes in the kitchen. When she heard this familiar voice, she froze, washed her hands, dried her apron, and walked out.

The person coming is Hua Tuoye, a good friend of Mu Cheng, currently studying in the Department of Horticulture at Shengde University, one who is devoted to the flowers, and see protecting Mu Cheng as his responsibility.

``Tuoye, why are you here?'' she asked in surprise, didn't they just talk on the phone?

"I'm here to see you!" Hua Tuo also put down the potted flowers in her arms, anxiously grabbed Mu Cheng's shoulders, and examined her whole body. "Are you okay? Did you get injured?"

"I'm fine." Mu Cheng smiled and pushed him back down to his chair comfortably. "No injuries, you don't have to worry."

"That's good." Hua Tuoye also breathed a sigh of relief. "You don't know when I heard your call saying you crashed into a bus, how nervous I was..." He looked at her worriedly: "What the hell is going on? Why did you drive and even crashed into a bus?''

* * * *

`All because I met a lunatic, and got played by him.''When she mentioned the disaster in the morning, Mucheng who was always gentle, can’ help but feel irritated. The playboy not only lied to her to crash into the bus but also caused her to lose a fresh live grouper, she even has to spend money to buy another one so that she can give it to Aunt Xiao and Uncle A Cai.

``Lunatic? Who the hell is it? I want to find him to settle the accounts!'' Hua Tuoye clenches his fists in frustration. Who dares to mess with Mu Cheng, they are messing with him.

"Forget it, it's in the past." Mu cheng shook her head and didn't want her friends to provoke the rich and powerful young master. "Anyway, I won’t cross path with that person in the future, this time just count it as I'm unlucky."

``Hey, Mu Cheng, you are too soft-hearted.'' Tuoye also sighed and looked at Mu Cheng's eyes, unable to hide his admiration.

She is not soft-hearted, just didn’t want to look for trouble.

Mu Orange smiled bitterly. ``Unfortunately in the morning, I lost the book "Language English Grammar" that I borrowed from the library. I'm sorry."

``It doesn't matter, at most I just buy one and pay it to the school, it doesn't matter.'' Tuoye comforted her.

``Mu Cheng, lass stop being lazy! Come over and help!'' Aunt Xiao's sharp voice came from the kitchen.

Mu Orange shivered. "Sorry, Tuoye, I can't talk to you any more, thank you for coming to see me."

"ㄟ, wait a minute!" Tuo also saw her turn and was about to leave, hurriedly shouted at her, he picked up the potted flowers on the table nervously and handed it to her. "This flower is for you."

"It's so beautiful." Mu Cheng took it. "This is a Bellflower, what does it mean?"

``Uh, yes, it means unchanging heart. For you, I’ll wait.'' Tuoye stammered as if he had a deep intention.

It's a pity that Mu Cheng didn't hear it, but thanked him happily, waved at him, and smiled.
Tuoye also stretched out his hands to protect his chest, only to feel that the sweet smile was like an arrow, shoot exactly at his heart.