Under The Power 锦衣之下 Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Two days later, Jin Xia and Yang Yue escorted Cao Ge and Qi Qiu back to Beijing before they entered the Department Six. They wanted to hand over the criminals to the prison of the National Defense Department. They met Tong Yu on the way. Tong Yu has been a constable for five years, but he is a man who is accustomed to flattering his boss. He has no achievements in those five years.

"You guys are finally back! You took five full days to arrest two criminals. How can you be lazy all day long when you are so young?" Tong Yu shook his head in dissatisfaction. "This is Cao Ge and Qi Qiu?"


Jin Xia didn't like him, but she forced herself to pull a polite smile, and then dragged Cao Ge away.

It is a pity that Tong Yu wants to make his presence felt.
He reached out a hand to block her way and said, "just hand me over to me. Cao Ge is also involved in another case of conspiracy against the enemy. He must be sent to the North Town Protection Department for interrogation. You just came back so I will escort him over for you."

Hearing the words "North Town Protection Department," Cao Ge was so scared that he trembled and wanted to find a place to hide. "No no...no no...I don't want to go to that place..."

North Town Protection Department was under Embroidered Uniform Guards Guards and is Embroidered Uniform Guards’ Prison. Even the prison of the Criminal Department is like heaven as compared to the Embroidered Uniform Guards’ prison. As soon as one enters the prison, he will be tortured with poison and caning. The criminals are treated cruelly and tortured to their last breath.

Seeing Tong Yu reaching out to pull Cao Ge, Jin Xia was pissed.

According to her temperament from the past, she would have kicked Tong Ge until he fell three meters away from her. But in the past two years, she started working for the officials, and she knows that she should not infuriate officials ranked higher than herself. Though two silver pennies per month was not a lot, it is better than nothing.

She shoved Tong Yu’s hand away and dragged Cao Ge behind her with one hand. She barely smiled, "Sir Tong, Me and Dayang pulled all-nighters to chase after them and put sweat and tears on the horses’ back before catching them. It ain’t fair for us to give him to you when we haven’t even brought him to the Official Criminal Department right?”

Tong Yu looked angry, "Let me tell you, this is the Embroidered Uniform Guards’ dignitaries, if you deliberately delay me, you will be treated as accomplices, do you want that?!"

"It's not appropriate for you to say that. We worked hard to do our jobs. We finally caught these two people and brought them back after days of hard work. And now you say we will be treated as accomplices." Jin Xia laughed dryly. She was holding her temper, so low that she felt she was suffocating.

It's a pity that Tong Yu didn't get her feeling at all.

“Stop arguing, quickly give me Cao Ge."


Seeing that Jin Xia is about to explode, Yang Yue quickly came up and said: "Sir Tong, Cao Ge committed a murder case and was just arrested. He has not gone for trials, it is better to wait until the case is convicted before giving the person to you." He has a calmer temperament than Jin Xia. He knows that Tong Yu is cunning and has a small heart. if you offend him it is inevitable that he will secretly take revenge.

"So what? The Embroidered Uniform Guards wants him without delay. Stop arguing, otherwise, you will offend them and everyone will not have a good life."

As he was saying, Yang Chengwan, the Department Six’s commander, limped in with a big knife swaying around his waist. Yang Yue hurriedly came forward and called, "Dad."

In front of Yang Chengwan, Jin Xia quickly bowed to him respectfully and said, "Leader."

"Sir Tong!" Yang Cheng Wanxian greeted Tong Yu, "what do you need?"

Although Tong Yu has the same rank as Yang Chengwan, he always feels that Yang Chengwan being the leader is a shameful thing for Department Six as he is lame. "These two people are suspected of betraying the country. I’m about to send them over to the Embroidered Uniform Guards’ and your officers are delaying it..."

Jin Xia interrupted anxiously: "We brought them back."

Yang Chengwan raised his hand to stop Jin Xia, and said lightly: "I saw the Embroidered Uniform Guards waiting outside, quickly hand them to Sir Tong."

"Leader!" Jin Xia was indignant.


Jin Xia did not dare to defy Yang Chengwan. She backed away.