Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5.2 - Actually, You are quite a Jerk (2)

 "You are just gonna eat this much?" Baili interrupted her in a daze.

    Luo Zhi's tray contained only a bowl of chrysanthemum oatmeal and a plate of fried kale. "I'm not hungry," she said.

    "Losing weight? Isn't it." Gobi raised his mouth, his voice prolonged, and his tone was a little teasing. Luo Zhi bowed her head and smiled politely without explanation.\

    "If she really is fat, you guys will not have the same attitude. Do you think I don't know you? A few days ago at the preliminaries of the campus singer contest, a few of you guys joked about the contestants on the stage one by one. Just look at your buddies, he looks much uglier than other contestants. Instead of judging others, why not look in the mirror at himself." Baili bit her chopstick head and said disapprovingly.

    "Hey, as if you didn't participate in the conversation at the time." Gobi smiled brightly, but his eyes were fixed on Luo Zhi.

    "I...I just think it's not good to leave your buddies conversation hanging."

    "Actually, it is you who is afraid to be left hanging by us."

    "You are seeking death, aren’t you!" Baili still had chopsticks in her mouth and her face quickly redden,  glaring at Gobi. Seeing that the two were about to fight again, Luo Zhi took a moment and began to seriously fulfil her responsibility of sitting here, "Baili, did you buy this? Is the spicy duck neck in the cafeteria delicious?"

    Baili turned around and said, "There are two pieces left. You eat it. I'll buy a cup of Coke. Would you like one?"

    She rushed out before Luo Zhi even spoke.

    "This change of topic is not well done." Gobi sneered.

    Luo Zhi lowered her head and took a bite of the duck's neck. She didn't laugh or speak.

    "I heard you also had a cold a while ago?" She heard the word "also" that Gobi specifically emphasized.


    "Okay now?" He has so much nonsense. She frowned slightly and looked up at him.

    "You are a quite jerk." Her tone seemed as calm as she was describing the duck neck being too salty.

    Before Gobi responded, he heard Baili shouting in the distance to came to help her, she couldn't hold three cups.

    He didn't move, Luo Zhi put down her chopsticks and went to take two cups of cola from Baili. Baili immediately put the cup in her hand straight in front of Gobi.

    Afterwards, Jiang Baili continued to talk as if she was afraid of the awkwardly silent. As Luo Zhi replied her with a few words indiscriminately, Gobi still did not speak but stared continuously at Luo Zhi who was drinking porridge.

    Luo Zhi ate quickly, without letting the two of them wait too long. The three of them stood up together to return the dishes. Baili walked to the front and return some first.

    "This is my second time speaking to you, do we have any enmity? Why are you always saying that to me?" Gobi narrowed his eyes, and he was a little pretentious in his anger. Luo Zhi greeted his eyes plainly to see his familiar smile and gesture.

    She swallowed everything that came to her mouth. Although she only spoke to him two times, she knew that people like Gobi, like it when girls fight with him, so she should keep calm and all would be well.

    "I never heard that Baili and you are close friends? But you are quite protective of her." He was unwilling to back down.

    I've also heard that you unable tell good from bad. Luo Zhi meditated in her heart. Then she pushed the plate onto the rack, took out a tissue and wiped her hands, and shouted at Belle, "Hey, I'm going to the supermarket, I'm leaving now."

    She forgot to fasten her coat and push open the door, thus she was hit with the cool breeze. After walking a few steps and looking back in their direction, Baili didn't wear a coat, and she held onto Gobi’s back, looking very thin in the autumn wind. Luo Zhi felt a little sad. In her memory, the few times she saw two people together, they never held hands. It was always Jiang Baili who was holding on to Gobi, tightly.

    A week ago, Gobi suffered from a cold and said that he wanted to eat hot things in the middle of the night. She went to Jiahe Yipin, a distant place to buy pork liver spinach porridge and fried bean curd, packed it and brought it back to his bedroom. But for him, he actually had the guts to ask her roommate teasingly with a pretentious expression of interest ”I heard that you also had a cold, better now?”

    Jerk. Luo Zhi shook her head again.

    However, she won't bother with the effort to tell Baili that this man is unreliable and it's best to break up with him early. Jiang Baili has dealt with a lot of Gobi's rotten suitors in the past year and walked through wind and waves and yet she still clings on to him, not willing to give up. So it is pointless for her to overdo it to further test Baili’s patience.

Luo Zhi may be a bystander who sees the whole picture, but Jiang Bali is not a case of those who are involved cannot see the big picture clearly --- she is just willing to be blind.

    Patience is a kind of wisdom, Jiang Baili said so herself

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